Why you need a Facial Cleansing Brush

Why you need a Facial Cleansing Brush

The cosmetic market is flooded with tons of comedogenic cleansers supposedly meant to clean the pores, serve as an acne treatment and exfoliate dead skin cells. One of the active ingredients used in achieving this purpose is Benzoyl peroxide. This chemical works as a bacteria destroyer and through a continuous process, rids the face of acne.

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For optimal result, usage needs to continue to prevent the recurrence of the acne. Experts have nonetheless maintained that such products have the tendency to dry out the skin when used continuously. Other side effects that could arise from the usage of comedogenic cleansers include rash, itching, swelling, or burning.

At this juncture, it becomes pertinent to know if any other skin care tool can perform the thorough cleansing process without any side effect. Although there are a number of exfoliating scrubs and creams that can do this, they might, however still have their negative sides. Exfoliating ingredients found in most anti-aging creams are good but since they are not naturally obtained substances, the chemical reaction they have with the skin can have effects in the long term.

Facial cleansing brushes are not novel to the beauty community. They are very common skin care tools used by most women. So what comparative advantage do they have over other options highlighted here?

Firstly, they offer a deeper cleansing experience with their ability to unclog pores and exfoliate dead cells while the scrubbing the face. They are more efficient than facial wipes because they do not just bring debris out of the pores; they go the extra mile of rinsing this debris to give you a clear skin. The human skin has a natural process of exfoliating itself within the period of a month or roughly every 28 days. Complementing this process with a good facial brush brand such as K-Skin facial brush can help speed up the process.

Facial brushes help in the better absorption of other products. Moisturizers will penetrate easily because the pores are already unclogged.

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As good as facial brushes are, they could also cause harm when they are not used effectively. Dermatologists recommend exfoliation once a week. Anything beyond that can make your skin dry out over time and you may begin to rue why you used it in the first place. Secondly, the hygienic condition of your brush matters greatly.

Facial brushes can be breeding grounds for bacteria when they are not washed properly. If you do not want your face to be the recipient of acne breakout, wash them after use with alcohol or simply soap and water. If you are the type who believes in getting rid of germs through heating, you may put the facial brush in a microwave.

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