What Parents Need to Know About mSpy Technology

What Parents Need to Know About mSpy Technology

What Parents Need to Know About mSpy Technology

Technology has truly changed the world for the better in many aspects. Unfortunately, there are still some downsides to the increasing span of technology. Kids are now more connected and plugged in than they ever have been before. With 4G networks and Wi-Fi everywhere, kids can stay plugged in and connected from just about anywhere with a smartphone or tablet. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but a lot of kids are oblivious to the risks lurking out there. If your social media account isn’t marked as private just about anyone can gain access to your most intimate information and pictures. And, this is not to even mention the increasing problems of online bullying. These are only a few of the reasons why parents should take advantage of mSpy technology.

What Is mSpy Technology and How Does It Work? 

The unique mobile monitoring app was launched in 2010, and it has easily grown to be recognized as one of the most respected and well-known monitoring apps in the world. The software can easily be installed on your child’s cell phone. Once installed you can use this technology to monitor your child’s social media activity, instant messaging, their location, and more. The technology works by running a background check on your child’s phone once the app is installed. After it records all the pertinent information, it then sends it to an online account, which you can access yourself from any browser. The app is virtually invisible, so your child will never even know that this technology is on their phone. There are PC and Mac versions available if you want to monitor home computers as well.

Two Editions Available 

You will notice right away that the mSpy technology is available in two different editions. These are the premium and the basic editions. Both editions do work on iPhones, iPads, and Androids devices, but the premium version offers more exciting technologies and features. You can read reviews to see that this technology is quite a success. It is also suggested that you invest the extra money to get the additional features that come with the premium edition.

What Parents Need to Know About mSpy Technology

GPS Technology 

One of the most impressive features that come with this app is the GPS tracking technology. This is not just your normal tracking technology. Of course, it will show you where your child is at any given time. However, the really neat thing is that the technology will actually record where your child has been throughout the day. You will literally know where your child is 24/7 with this advanced GPS technology.

What Parents Need to Know About mSpy Technology

Text Messaging Technology 

The text messaging technology that went into this app is also equally impressive. Kids are pretty smart these days, and they know how to lock their parents out of their accounts and lives. Even if your child gives you free reign over his or her phone, there is a chance that they could easily delete text messages and you would never know. This is where the mSpy text message technology makes all the difference. The technology not only lets you view the messages that your child has sent and received, but it lets you read the deleted messages as well.

What Parents Need to Know About mSpy Technology

Photo and Video Technology 

Social media is loaded with videos and photos. Not all of them are suitable for children of certain ages. You might find yourself surprised at how young girls are putting themselves out there these days. They might not even be aware of what they are doing, but if the wrong person gains access to these photos and videos, bad things could happen. Predators can also watch these video and photos, and they can learn the general habits of your kids. For instance, if your daughter is posting pictures every day at 4:30 pm with her and her friends at the mall, then a predator can learn her schedule and whereabouts.

The technology in mSpy can prevent all this. It will give you total access to every video and photo stored on your child’s phone.

What Parents Need to Know About mSpy Technology

Apps and Website Technology 

The apps and website tracking technology in this app are impressive as well and don’t just offer you a regular viewing experience. Yes, you can monitor the websites that your child visits throughout the day, but you also can block certain websites and apps, so that your child won’t even be able to gain initial access to them.

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