What Does RSVP Mean in an Invitation Card

What Does RSVP Mean in an Invitation Card

What Does RSVP Mean in an Invitation Card

At some point in your life, you have most likely been invited to an event and received an invitation card. When invitations arrive, you can determine if you are able to attend the event, or you might need to turn down the invitation due to other commitments. Within that invitation card, you will likely see the letters, RSVP. But, what exactly does RSVP mean?

The initials RSVP are derived from the French expression ‘respondez s’il vous plait’ which is the universal phrase that requests guests to respond to the invitation. In fact, RSVP, when directly translated to the English language, is ‘please respond.’ It is a courteous way of ensuring that those who will be attending the event respond to the invitation. RSVP is also used to help determine who will not be able to make it to the event because the request also requires those who do not intend to come to let the sender know. There is a section of the invitation card, otherwise referred to as the regret section, which is meant for those who will not be attending the event. If you cannot attend, you simply fill this section out or tick the box saying, ‘Unable to Attend’ and send the card back.

What is the Purpose of RSVP?

Many event organizers use RSVP since it is one of the best ways of estimating the number of people who will be attending the event. The rule of the thumb when it comes to RSVP events is that the event organizers can estimate that the people who will attend the event have indicated a positive confirmation on their RSVP card. Equally, the purpose of the RSVP also allows organizers to know the number of people who will not be attending the event. Both of these pieces of information are important to the hosts and the event organizers because it makes it easier for them to plan resources adequately. Resources can include food, tables, chairs, sitting arrangements, and other accommodation arrangements that they might need to put in place, such as reserving a block of rooms at a hotel.

What Does RSVP Mean in an Invitation Card

Forms of RSVP

The host will determine the general form of the RSVP that will be used. In some instances, the RSVP might be in the form of a small card that you are required to return to the host in order to confirm attendance. In other instances, the RSVP method will require you to respond through some form of digital connection. This could include clicking on an email, logging into your social media account, or other electronic means. Finally, you might also be required to respond by giving your contact details such as an email address or telephone number.

Regrets Only are another type of RSVP. This type of RSVP asks for a response only from those people who are not able to attend the event. A ‘regrets only’ RSVP means that only those who will not be attending are required to respond. Those who do not reply to the RSVP are therefore assumed to be attending.  So, in this case, don’t forget that you will be assumed to be attending even if you just forgot to respond!

A Plus One RSVP is another form of RSVP used. The Plus One RSVP, simply implies that you are allowed to bring partner of your choice to the event. In addition to the Plus One, other types of RSVPs will specify whether or not you can come along with your family members, friends and other close people around you. Sometimes a RSVP will even specify that the event is adults only and that children are not allowed to attend.  Be sure to read the details to know who all is being invited.

Whatever form of RSVP you receive, it is important to respond in a manner that is required by your hosts. This will put your host is in a much better position to plan for the event.

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