Wedding Shower Gift Ideas for the New Couple

Wedding Shower Gift Ideas for the New Couple

Wedding showers are a common gathering that precedes the wedding. Decades ago the shower before a wedding was typically a bridal shower with the women gathering with the bride and giving her a party with refreshments and presents to help her get started in her new life with her new husband.

Over the years, things have changed and it is not uncommon to have a wedding shower that includes the bride and groom together and their friends, both men and women. The basics are the same for a joint wedding shower as it is for a bridal shower. The friends and family of the bride and groom purchase presents and attend a party to celebrate the upcoming wedding and help the couple get ready to start their married life together.

Choosing the perfect wedding shower gift isn’t difficult if you keep several things in mind when you are looking.  We have listed 10 great wedding shower gift ideas below that make terrific presents for a married couple to be.  If none of the suggestions below appeal to you, use the ideas as a spring board for your own ideas so you come up with something that the couple loves and can use in their together.

Customers love the thick, soft feel of these elegant and plush hand towels.

The happy couple will love these two simple yet elegant His and Hers hand towel set.  They are made from 100% genuine Turkish cotton with a natural dobby weave border. These towels are extra thick and soft.

The white, plush terry is accented with gold embroidered lettering.  These towels are the kind that are made for five star hotels and are the perfect gift for the new couple.

Every wash makes these towels even more soft and absorbent.  There are two hand towels in this set that are machine washable.  These elegant, soft towels are the perfect gift for the new couple to use in their Master bathroom.

Customers love the elegance and simplicity of this decorative metal frame.

This sweet metal photo frame by Malden is the perfect setting for a picture of the new couple.  The frame has “Mr.” on one side and “Mrs.” on the other.  There is a heart in between the two words.

That heart is a space for a 2” x 3” wedding photo…  The silver finish gives this frame a classy yet elegant look that looks great on the mantle, side table, dresser, desk or anywhere else you want to display it.

The pretty, decorative frame makes a terrific wedding present for the new couple and gives them a beautiful keepsake of their wedding.

Customers love the beauty of this keepsake album and relish the opportunity to save wedding day memories forever.

This beautiful wedding album is the perfect way to memorialize the best day of your life as a couple so you can relive it again and again.  The faux leather cover is elegant and durable so it can withstand lots of “looking”.

The words “Our Wedding” are inscribed on the front in silver, giving it the special title it deserves.  On the front of the album, there is a space for a photo of your choice and inside the album will hold 160 photos on 40 pages.  Each page will hold two photos.

Photos can be added and removed easily due to the convenient pockets. Each page has a memo space where captions can be added or time stamps so you know the date of your memories.  The pages are acid-free and have no PVC or poly-vinyl chloride.

This is a great wedding gift to present to the couple to keep all of their wedding day memories as well as the events leading up to the wedding day in one place.

Customers love this quaint little wishing well that will keep all of the gift cards in one place.

This sweet decoration is the perfect decoration for a wedding, shower or anniversary party. The wishing well gift card holder keeps the gift cards contained so they don’t get lost.

The wish well can be decorated to match the wedding theme by adding colorful ribbon, silk or real flowers and pearl accents.  It is constructed from white corrugated cardboard.

This sweet decoration measure 3o ½” x 16” x 14”.  It makes a perfect decoration for the cake table or the wedding party’s table.  It is easy to assemble.

Customers love this durable, sturdy sign that makes a perfect decoration or wedding keepsake.

This cute Mr. & Mrs. Sign is perfect for use as a wedding decoration for country style, rustic weddings and then it can be put up on the wall in the couple’s home.

The sign measures 11 ½” x 3 ½” x .75”.  It is made from solid cedar, in the USA by local artists.  It is available in many different fonts, color options and sizes.

It comes with brackets that are used for picture hanging.  It is a cute and special gift that the happy couple can use for decoration on the wall of their bedroom or in the kitchen or bath.

Customers love the healthy, oil free popcorn they can effortlessly make in this popper.

Popcorn is a favorite snack to munch on while watching movies or television. This convenient and fun pop corn maker is made from 100% pure silicone that is FDA approved, dishwasher safe, BPA free and meets European LFGB standards.

The stay cool handles allow the popper to be taken from the microwave safely and gives you something to hold while tossing the popcorn in the seasoning.

This popcorn popper provides much healthier popcorn due to the fact that no oil is needed. The silicone bowl makes this possible.  The Colonel Popper is available in blue and neon green.

Users can make popcorn anytime they want, any way they want in 2-4 minutes.  When not in use the popper collapses to about 2” in height for easy storage. This makes a great gift for any new couple to use for making popcorn on regular basis.

Customers love the antimicrobial and antibacterial properties of this attractive cutting board.

Cutting boards are always a good kitchen item to have on hand for chopping vegetables, slicing cheese and other food prep tasks. A new couple may not have one of these time and counter savers.

The attractive and durable bamboo cutting board comes with a 3 piece set of wood cooking utensils: a 12” flat spatula, a 12” wide spoon, and 12” versatile tongs.

The cutting board is two-toned and has a drip groove all the way around it to contain any drippings from cutting messier foods.

The bamboo construction makes this cutting board antibacterial, antimicrobial, BPA and Toxin free. The cutting board measures 14 ½” x 11 ½” and provides plenty of room to do your cutting and chopping.

Customers love the recipes and color photos of this iconic cookbook that can easily become an heirloom book.

Betty Crocker is a well know name in the kitchen and cooking industries. This beautiful cookbook is specifically for Newlyweds and is a wonderful book to give a new couple, especially if they aren’t super confident cooks.

There are hundreds of new recipes that reflect today’s cooking; over 1500 total and a valuable cooking guide. There are also plenty of beautiful, color photos to help the cooks see how the recipes should look.

If the bride or groom wants to learn to cook, this book will thrill them and become a kitchen bible for them as they start their life together.

Customers love this solid stoneware mug set that is dishwasher and microwave safe too.

The newlywed couple will love sitting down to morning coffee with these wonderful Mr. & Mrs. Stoneware coffee mug set. These are a perfect wedding gift for the new couple.

The black mug with gray/white has Mr. and the White mug with gray/black has Mrs. These mugs hold 16 ounces of liquid and come in a gorgeous box that is perfect for gift giving.

Both mugs are dishwasher and microwave safe and the lettering is safe from coming off.  Both of the newlyweds will love opening this gift and seeing these attractive and sturdy mugs.

Customers love the durability and roominess of the useful tote bag.

This cute 100% cotton canvas tote bag is the perfect item to carry groceries, picnic supplies, library books or anything else you want to carry.

The sweet saying on the side states “And so the adventure begins darling.”  The zipper closure keeps all your belongings safely inside the tote.

The dimensions of the canvas tote are 22” x 15” x 5”, providing a roomy interior that can hold a lot of things, from diapers and wipes to your laptop and school books.

It is a great wedding gift for a newly married couple and the sweet sentiment reminds them that they have just begun a whole new chapter of their lives as husband and wife.

Choosing the Right Wedding Gift

All of the wedding shower gift ideas listed above would be excellent gifts for a newly married couple. The idea behind choosing the perfect shower gift is that it is useful or beneficial in some way to the newly married couple.  If you keep several points in mind when you start searching, you will not end up choosing something that could very easily be duplicated by other wedding guests.

It is far more enjoyable to watch the wedding couple open your gift and be truly excited about it, than to see that your gift is the 3rd toaster they have gotten.  If none of these wedding shower gift suggestions strike a chord with you, take the ideas behind these suggestions and come up with other, new ideas on your own.

We have listed some tips to keep in mind when you start your search for the best gift you can find.  These tips will help keep shopping fun and stress-free.

Dos and Don’ts to Remember


  • Find out if the couple will be combining households or moving into a new place together after they get married. This will help give you an idea of things you can give them that will be for the house. Some great suggestions are towel sets, bedding, dishes, pots and pans, art work or frames, etc.  Anything they can use to decorate their home.
  • Ask if there is a registry that they have signed up for.  Registries are great ways to see what the couple wants and what they have already gotten.  A well done registry can give you all the information you need about what the couple is looking for gift wise and also show you what the couple has already received if the gift buyers are doing their job with updating the registry.
  • Look for wedding gifts that will appeal to and be used by both of them. Super fluffy towels, wonderfully soft sheets, kitchen items, etc are all excellent ideas for wedding gifts that both of them can enjoy and use in their new life together.


  • Grab the first thing you see. You want to put some thought into the gift so the likelihood of purchasing a duplicate is reduced. Think about what you would want as a newly married couple and look for those types of gifts.
  • Purchase gag gifts as a wedding shower gift. There are far too many excellent and useful ideas out there to waste it on a gag gift.  There’s a time and a place for fun, gag type gifts, but not when a couple is getting married.  Save the gag gifts for the Bachelor or Bachelorette party or for some other fun time, like the housewarming party.
  • Assume that just because you like it, they will like it. This is true of particular color themes, patterns, etc. Try to find out what colors they like and what theme their home is decorated in, such as country rustic, oriental, or some other type of style. If you know they love country chic, don’t purchase an oriental throw rug for their floor.  Try to match their likes, color schemes, and decorating style as much as possible.

Purchasing wedding shower gifts is a lot of fun, or it should be. It’s a time to celebrate a new beginning between two people who love each other.  It can be an exciting time of new starts and firsts and all kinds of learning how to make a life with someone. When choosing the right wedding shower gift, don’t forget the most important tip of all and that is to have fun looking.

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