Best Water Filter Pitcher in 2023 – Water Filter Pitcher Reviews and Ratings

Best Water Filter Pitcher in 2023 – Water Filter Pitcher Reviews and Ratings
We spent 34 hours researching and testing 14 different kinds of water filter pitchers and found that purity, filter capacity in cups, and features were most important. The MAVEA ELEMARIS water filtration pitcher scored high marks in all categories, making it our top pick. This 5 cup water filter pitcher makes filtering impurities out of your water simple and easy. The attractive pitcher is clear with black rubber accents that look great in any kitchen. This product is BPA-free and reduces water contaminants such as heavy metals, agricultural chemicals, and industrial pollutants. It minimizes chlorine taste inyour water as well.


Best Overall Water Filter Pitcher

5/5 Product Rating
The MAVEA Elemaris Kompact has a innovative and easy to use design that is internally activated by water flow. The overall appearance of the pitcher is soft and minimalistic, with rubberized accents that make the glass pitcher comfortable to hold and use. It’s also perfectly safe on tabletops and countertops because it will never scratch. This new generation of design also features a great Smart Meter filter change indicator that can indicate the level of hardess in your water, as well as water volume and length of use.

The unique design of the MAVEA is distinctly European, being functional as well as stylish. There is also a smart pour-through lid that uses water pressure to open the lid, and then automatically closes shut when water ceases to flow. This smart design makes this water filter pitcher a no-brainer. It’s a nice additional touch that the pitcher is made of glass. Even if you’re afraid of this being a problem, you should still consider the fact that this makes the water infinitely safer than a plastic pitcher. There are so many countless harmful substances in plastic, that the water you consume at home should definitely come from a pure glass pitcher.

The German-made filtration system on the MAVEA is as good as it gets, using the highest quality materials including BPA-free plastics. The whole design is geared towards health and convenience, with superior filter components for the best tasting water. Also, all MAVEA water filter cartridges are certified by WQA to NSF/ANSI 42 and 53 for their ability to significantly minimize chlorine taste in water, while also reducing other water contaminants, including heavy metals, industrial pollutants, and agricultural chemicals.

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2. Brita Everyday

Best Overall Water Filter Pitcher – Runner Up

4.9/5 Product Rating
Brita is perhaps the most trusted name in at-home water filtration, and for good reason. This handy 10-cup pitcher is the clear choice for providing great tasting, healthy water for an entire family or office. It’s easy to clean and refill, and features a smart design that is easy to hold and pour. The pitcher is completely BPA free and includes a filter that reduces unwanted tastes and odors that are the result of chlorine being present in your tap water. The extra large 10 cup capacity makes the Brita Everyday Pitcher a cost-effective alternative to purchasing bottled water.

The filter within the Brita is made from an activated carbon and ion-exchanged resin that reduces unwanted flavors, as well as harmful zinc, copper, mercury and cadmium that are often found in tap water. One Brita filter can help to eliminate up to 300 standard water bottles, not only saving you money, but greatly relieving a load of trash from the planet. Not only that, but the pleasing oval design of this pitcher is pleasant to look at, and fits into any kitchen decor.

The design of this Brita is geared towards ease of use, and features a removable lid. When it’s time to refill, simply pop off the lid and place the pitcher underneath the tap. The sticker filter indicator helps you to keep track of when it’s time to change the water filter. The filter is also certified to reduce the amount of copper and mercury in your water, and should be replaced after every 50 gallons of water, or approximately every two months for the average sized family.

All in all, this is an exceptional at-home water filtration pitcher from the name that so many consumer have come to trust: Brita.

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3. Brita Grand

Best Budget Water Filter Pitcher

4.8/5 Product Rating
When it comes to filtering your water at home to achieve the ultimate clean, refreshing results, there’s no name more trusted than Brita. This Grand Water Filter Pitcher, certainly lives up to its grand name, while reducing undesirable tastes in your water. The handy electronic indicator is what sets this pitcher apart by reminding you when it’s time to change your filter. The extra big 10 cup capacity is the perfect size for most families and office environments, and provides a convenient and cost effective alternative to purchasing bottled water.

The beautiful green color of this pitcher is also quite unique, and reminds us all how important it is to live a more green lifestyle. The pitcher comes with one activated carbon and ion-exchange resin filter that will reduce the taste of chlorine, as well as unwanted odor, zinc, copper, mercury, or cadmium that is often found in tap water. And thanks to the electronic indicator you’ll always know when it’s time to change your filter, so you’re guaranteed the freshest tasting water at all times. The indicator features a simple light system where a blinking green light indicates that the filter is good and the blinking yellow light reminds you that the filter will need to be changed soon. Once you see red, it’s time for replacement. It’s that easy.

The smart design of this pitcher features a smart grip handle that is comfortable to hold and an easy flip-top lid that makes it easy to refill. The shape of the pitcher is sleek and space-efficient, and it’s easy to store the Brita Grand on any countertop or easily in the fridge. All in all, this is one of the best water filter pitchers that Brita manufacturers, and will be a healthy and stylish addition to any home or office.

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Water Filter Pitcher Buying Guide

Water Filter Pitcher Reviews

What is a Water Filter Pitcher?

So what are you looking for in your water filter pitcher? Advanced technology and innovations? Sleek design and durability? With all the innovations in these pitchers, you’re likely going to be able to find a model that has all these characteristics in spades.

Manufacturers of these filters realize that customers really want it all these days, and they take that into consideration when marketing their products. These filters are big business, and no one knows this better than Brita, with over $5 billion in sales. In fact, seven out of ten pitchers sold today bear the Brita name, but there are still so many other brands on the market.

Water Filtration Pitcher1Following closely behind the popularity of Brita is MAVEA, manufacturing some of the highest quality water filters that are still affordable. But those aren’t your only two choices. Consider other high quality brands such as GE, Culligan, and PUR. Each of these brands offers something unique with their pitchers, so with this many options, how will you know what’s right for you?

  • What’s in your water? All pitchers reduce chlorine and chlorination byproducts, but there are also pitchers that reduce microbiological cysts, pharmaceutical traces, heavy metals, and agricultural and industrial pollutants. Get your water tested.
  • Pick your price: Most people are looking for a pitcher that is affordable, but you have to decide for yourself how much you’re willing to spend before going to purchase the right pitcher for you. Ask yourself how much you’re willing to take out of your wallet for pure water.
  • Find the right design: Everyone has different needs when it comes to a quality water filtration system, so look for a design that works with your unique requirements. Perhaps you have an extra small refrigerator, or an extra large family. All these circumstances will call for a different pitcher. Are you going to be using your pitcher for entertaining guests socially? Ask yourself how much the appearance of your pitcher matters to you, and how much ease of use is a priority.

Top 10 Benefits of Water Filtration

  1. Water filters significantly improve the taste and smell of your drinking water by removing unwanted chlorine as well as bacterial contaminants.
  2. Filters will remove lead from your drinking water just prior to consumption, thereby preventing any harmful substances from entering your body.
  3. A countertop filter provides an incredibly convenient way to produce clean, healthy water that costs much less than purchasing bottled water.
  4. Use of a water filter greatly reduces the risk of colon cancer, rectal cancer, as well as bladder cancer because it removes chlorine and its byproducts from your drinking water.
  5. Any solid block carbon filter will effectively remove contaminants from your water while still retaining the healthy mineral deposits that serve to balance the natural pH of drinking water.
  6. Exclusively drinking filtered, clean water protects the body from disease and improves overall health.
  7. Use of a water filter provides the highest quality water for cooking by simply converting your tap water. It’s convenient and hygienic.
  8. Use of a water filter reduces the risk of gastrointestinal disease by as much as 33% because it removes cryptosporidium and giardia from your water.
  9. It’s especially important that children drink pure water, and water filters are the healthiest option for protecting the child’s developing immune system.
  10. A quality water filter is your last line of defense between your body and the 2100 known toxins that could possibly be present in your drinking water.

Tips for Using and Maintaining Your Pitcher

How often should you change the filter?

Every model of pitcher is different, so be sure to refer to the instruction manual to learn when you need to change the filter for optimum performance. That being said, to maintain the flavor of your water it is often suggested that you change the filter about every 40 gallons, or every two months. Some models will have an electronic monitor that will tell you when to do this, thus eliminating the guesswork.

What is the shelf life of my filter?

If your filter is unused and still in its original packaging then the shelf life is indefinite. Be sure to keep filters in their sealed bag until it is time for their use, and you’ll want to place it in a dry place that is cool in temperature. That being said, until the bag is opened, there’s no reason why your filter should expire in any way.

Where can I purchase a water pitcher filter?

There are a vast number of retailers online that sell every imaginable water filter pitcher design. It’s also possible to walk into your local Walmart, Target, or Bed Bath and Beyond to choose from a smaller selection than you’ll find online. All in all, it should be quite easy to find that model that you’re interested in.

How do I prepare and change my filter?

Some older models will require you to presoak the filter before installing it into the pitcher, however the more modern versions do not require this anymore.

  1. Flush or soak filter per the manufacturer’s requirements
  2. Insert filter into reservoir
  3. Add cold water from your tap
  4. Replace filter per the manufacturer’s suggestion or when light indicates

How do I clean my water filter pitcher?

Most water filter pitchers are quite low-maintenance these days. You can simply hand wash your lid and reservoir using a mild detergent. Be sure to use a soft sponge when cleaning models that have a chrome pitcher to avoid any scratching. Be sure to read the instructions to learn whether or not your pitcher can be placed in the dishwasher.

What happens if my pitcher breaks or cracks?

Pitchers are made from various different materials, and sometimes an unfortunate event will occur and the body of the pitcher will be compromised. If this happens to you, first check the warranty on your pitcher to see if you can be compensated for this accident. There’s almost always a way to receive a replacement part directly from the manufacturer, so you should visit their website to check out your options. The following parts are often replaced by a manufacturer:

  • Lids
  • Reservoirs
  • Pitcher Bodies

Water Filtration Pitcher2How long can water be stored in my water filter pitcher?

When your water filter pitcher is stored in a cool, shady place, and not in direct sunlight, you can keep water in it for a number of days. Do be sure that if you’re going out of town you keep your filter out of the light as this encourages algae to grow inside the pitcher. Anytime that you see condensation beginning to build you can be sure that it’s time to replace the water inside.

How do I assemble my pitcher filtration system?

Many water filter pitchers come pre-assembled and you can use them practically right out of the box. All you have to do is simply insert the filter per the manufacturer’s instructions and you’re well on your way to some of the best tasting water you’ve ever had in your home.

What are the black specks that I find in the reservoir?

With many filter pitchers, especially Britas, you’ll find black specks in the reservoir. These are carbon particles, and you really only get these with the older filters. The newer filters have advanced features that eliminate the black specks.

So Much Water to Choose From

There are so many different kinds of water out there and various methods of filtration that it can be hard to find what’s the right solution for you. Everyone wants to save the planet and reduce their use of plastic bottles, but people also don’t want to deal with the harmful chemicals that are found in tap water. Lets explore all the options that are out there:

Tap Water

  • Plain tap water is easy and convenient but almost all tap water is contaminated with a number of pollutants that can increase your risk for serious health problems.
  • Potentially contains arsenic, especially in the US. This is a powerful carcinogenic which has been linked to all kinds of cancers.
  • Potentially contains aluminum, which can increase the incidence of Alzheimer’s disease. Aluminum also can lead to learning disabilities, skin problems, and liver disease.
  • Other potential contaminators include fluoride, prescription and OTC drugs and disinfection byproducts, otherwise known as DBPs.

Bottled Water

  • Many people think that bottled water is free from the above harmful contaminants, but this is simply not the case.
  • 40% of bottled water is essentially bottled tap water.
  • Plastic bottles contain a chemical called bisphenol A or BPA, which is a synthetic hormone disrupter linked to major health problems.
  • Bottled water has a horrible impact upon our natural environment.

Distilled Water

  • Many people believe that distilled water is a healthy alternative but this is not necessarily true.
  • The boiling process of this water evaporates it away from its natural mineral content. This makes the water acidic and can even draw minerals out from your own body. There are also contaminants in the plastic packaging of this water.

Alkaline Water

  • There’s been much hype in recent years about the health benefits of alkaline water. This is basically water that uses ionizers and alkalizers to purify it and set it to a beneficial pH level.
  • Long term use of alkalized water can disrupt the digestion of those individuals who experience GERD or ulcers by reducing the healthy acid level of the stomach.

Vitamin Water

  • Drinking water that has been infused with vitamins may seem like a good idea, but there are so many strange and unnatural additives in these waters that they’re truly not a good choice.
  • Vitamin waters are cleverly marketed and contain harmful ingredients such as high fructose corn syrup, and artificial colors and flavors.
  • Most vitamin waters are also created with the use of distilled water, which is not suitable for consumption in the long run.

Filtered Tap Water

Whether you use a water filter pitcher or purchase a filter for your whole home, this is the solution that outshines the rest.

How much water should you drink?

Once you’ve found the perfect water filter for your home, you’re probably asking yourself how much you should drink each day. The rule of thumb is that you want to be drinking enough water so that your urine is light-yellow in color. If it is darker than this, then you can be sure that you’re not drinking enough water at all.

When you are outside on a hot day and doing strenuous exercise then you need to increase your intake to compensate for the fluids that you are losing. Also keep in mind that as you age your thirst mechanism works less efficiently, and you might not be aware that you are dehydrated. That’s why older adults should definitely monitor the color of their urine to make sure that their intake is adequate.

Health Benefits of Drinking Pure Water

Water Filtration Pitcher3There’s nothing more vital and nutritious for the body than filtered, purified water. Here are just some of the myriad of benefits you’ll experience when you’re drinking the proper kind of water, and are fully hydrated:

  • Helps to maintain a healthy body weight
  • Aids in the proper digestion of food for optimal absorption of nutrients
  • Imparts a healthy glow to the skin
  • Decreases inflammation in muscles and joints
  • Increases the body’s circulation
  • Helps to naturally detoxify the body

If you are new to the health benefits of drinking filtered water, then it’s a good idea to read the acclaimed book ‘Your Body’s Many Cries for Water’. This is an amazing resource for learning about how your body reacts to dehydration, and what you can do to improve your health and overall wellbeing by incorporating more water into your life.


Our bodies are made of 70% water, so is it any wonder that putting the right water into your drinking glass and cooking is so vitally important? There are all kinds of water sources out there, but research shows that the healthiest and most convenient can come directly from your tap with use of a good filter.

It’s possible to install an expensive filter for your own home, but the more economical and convenient way to enjoy the benefits of filtered water is to simply purchase a water filter pitcher. It’s incredibly easy to find these pitchers either online or in stores, and once you own one, you will be amazed at how you lived without it. This is one of the simplest steps that you can take to improve the health and wellbeing of you and your family.

That being said, all water filter pitchers are not created equal, and that’s why it’s important to do your homework and find the best filter that works for you. Everyone has unique preferences in terms of size and style, and there are a number of designs out there to suit these various tastes. Be sure to find a pitcher that is constructed from the most durable materials, and comes in a color or style that is well suited to your kitchen decor.

Once you purchase the perfect pitcher, you’ll be well on your way to enjoying delicious, clean, and pure water in the comfort of your own home. Be sure to read all the instructions enclosed with your pitcher so that you take all the proper steps to clean, maintain, and change the filter when necessary. There are slightly different instructions for each pitcher, so do be sure to re-read instructions when you purchase a different model or brand.


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