Unique Gift Ideas that Break Out of the Gift Rut

Unique Gift Ideas that Break Out of the Gift Rut

There are a lot of occasions that come up throughout the year to purchase gifts for the special people in your life. With all of these gift buying occasions, it’s understandable to want to find some truly unique gifts that will stand out among the others.

Unique doesn’t have to mean gag gift nor does it have to mean things that are not useful or beautiful. We have put together a list of 10 unique gift ideas that step outside of the traditional gift giving box and take things to a new level.

If none of these ideas appeal to you, let these suggestions ignite your own creativity and see what kind of unusual and unique gift ideas you can come up with.

Customers call this a whimsical yet practical gift that the recipient will love.

If the person you are looking for a gift for wears glasses, how about getting them this carved wooden sculpture that holds their glasses in an unusual way? This wooden sculpture is made from hand carved Rosewood from India and measures 6” high.

It is perfect for the dresser or nightstand and holds the recipient’s glasses safely.  They can even keep it on the desk at work.  It is a practical gift that has a touch of whimsy and novelty that they will enjoy.

It comes in a regular box that is all ready for you to wrap up and present to the gift recipient. It is a good choice for a birthday or stocking stuffer gift at Christmastime.

Customers report the wonderful craftsmanship and sturdiness as well as its obvious beauty.

This beautiful and unusual Tree of Life pendant will get all kinds of comments when the person you give it to wears it. This is a chakra necklace that is a perfect gift for anyone that loves crystals and understands the benefit and powerful effect they have on the human body.

The length of the chain is 18+ inches. Whoever wears this necklace will benefit from the beauty, healing, health and good luck it promotes. It comes in a simple yet elegant black velvet bag.  There is a 1.9” extender that can be added to provide a little extra length.  The lobster claw clasp is easy to work and stays secure.

The main stone of this necklace is Quartz Crystal and there is also a pink crystal, amethyst, Green Aventurine, blue veins stone, red agate, redstone. The shape of the pendant is round. The design of this unique necklace will appeal to the one wearing it and those who see it.

Customers love the many different things they can do with this bottle.

This tough and durable bottle will not leak thanks to the twisting cap infuser drinking cup that is 100% leak proof and spill proof.  The design of this water bottle makes it easy to infuse regular water with all kinds of delicious fruits.  It is recyclable and reusable as well and is carbonated water friendly so it won’t explode out the top.

This special water bottle is shatterproof and made from durable TRITAN plastic. It is 100% completely leak proof even on its side.  This is perfect for going to the gym, yoga, camping, hiking, traveling and other activities.

There is a guarantee on this product that will get your money back if you are not thrilled with the bottle.  The fun of using this infusion water bottle will encourage any who use it to drink more water.  If the person you are purchasing a gift for is a fitness enthusiast, this gift will thrill them.  The plastic is 100% BPA free and it features an integrated handle in the lid.

This bottle holds 24 ounces of liquid and will fit easily in the car holder.  Included is a great book of recipe ideas.

Customers love the heft and construction of this wine glass. No cheap glass here, this one is built to last.

This cute wine glass is the perfect way to unwind after a long, stressful day.  This funny wine glass has the words “My Therapy” on the side with a picture of a person on a couch.

The glass is simple in design and makes a cute and funny gift for a friend or family member.  It comes in a nice gift box, ready to wrap and give as a light and humorous gift for any wine lover.

The glass holds 13 ounces of liquid and has a good weight to it so it doesn’t feel cheap or flimsy.  It is made in the USA and has a sturdy bass with a secure stem.  The words on the side are dishwasher safe and are guaranteed to last without rubbing or washing off.

Customers love the versatility and elegance this piece provides, and all of the color choices it comes in.

This elegant and graceful necklace is unique in design and will look fantastic with a multitude of different looks. It comes in 5 different color selections for you to choose their favorite or you can get them all 5 if you want to give a bigger gift and give them fashion choices as well.

This necklace can be worn for casual situations and also worn for more dressy nights out as well. It is the perfect gift for a mom, sister, girlfriend, grandmother or wife.  The unusual design will catch everyone’s eye as they wonder (and will probably ask you) where you got it.

Customers like this lamp than no others and you should like it too.

This unusual and striking Himalayan rock salt lamp has a lot of health benefits that make it a very popular gift for anyone who loves crystals.  It is hand crafted from natural Himalayan salt crystal and when lit, radiates a mixture of red, orange and pink.

It is the perfect size and light strength for a night light in the bathroom, bedroom or other room in the house that extra light is beneficial.

The negative ions that are produced from the salt crystal work as an air purifier. They are also beneficial in neutralizing the radiation that comes off of all electronic devices and computer screens as well.

This comforting lamp is a perfect gift for anyone and the soothing light will make any space warm and inviting.

Customers love the unusual design and look of this woman’s prayer oil lamp.

This unusual oil lamp features three women that have their heads bowed in reflection and prayer. Inside the circle there is place for a votive candle that burns underneath a glass dish with warmed oil in it. The warmth from the candle heats the oil and sets off a pleasing and soothing scent that will fill the room.

This calming and soothing oil lamp will look good on any shelf, table or mantle. It is crafted from glass, stone and resin. It measures 5 ¼” in diameter and 4 ¾” high.

This makes a very unique gift for anyone who loves aromatic oil lamps and also pleases the person that loves this style of artwork.  It makes a great addition to a meditation room.

Customers love the gorgeous solid wood gift box and the quality of the glasses and stones.

If you are buying a gift for someone who has a home bar or who loves to make mixed drinks for their guests, these whiskey stones will be the perfect gift.

They enable people to enjoy their favorite “on the rocks” drinks without having the drink watered down by traditional ice cubes.  The stones are made from 100% natural and pure granite and will never leave flavors in the drink.

Clean up is super easy. Just rinse them off and put them back in the freezer for the next time. They will last forever.

These whiskey stones make a great stocking stuffer for your spouse, friend or family member that is above 21. There are 6 square granite stones in this set along with two shot glasses.

The whole set is packaged in a beautiful wooden box, perfect for gift giving. Just wrap it up and it’s ready to give.  Everything about this set is sturdy and strong. Pair it with a nice bottle of their favorite whiskey and you have a gift they will flip over.

Customers are blown away by the tough and lifetime lasting construction. No flimsy boxes here!

This high quality jewelry box is handmade and perfect for keeping any number of keepsakes in it from jewelry to keys and change to other important small items.

This solidly built, unique box measures 5 ¼” x 1 ½”. The bottom has got black velvet inside and the inside walls are lacquered.

It is made from Rubberwood which is an environmentally friendly wood that will last a lifetime.  Each box is an individual work of art and no two are exactly alike due to the wood grain patterns and colors of each.

This is the perfect gift to place on a dresser, bedside table or even out in the main part of the house.  If you are looking for a gift for a fishing enthusiast, this is what you’ve been looking for.

Customers love the elegance and exquisite beauty of this unique wine decanter.

This beautiful wine decanter is a gorgeous gift for the wine love in your life.  The wide body and long neck is carefully handcrafted to properly aerate the wine fully so all of the flavors and scents are released.

The white glass is accented with a swirl of bright colors at the bottom to make serving wine a truly elegant experience. The design of the bottle was mimicked after a famous cathedral in Barcelona, Spain.

This is the ideal gift for anyone who loves wine. Each decanter is a separate work of art with no two being exactly the same. They will be speechless at the beauty of this piece.

Choosing the Right Unique Gift

If you have gifts to buy but you don’t want to do the same ole’ same ole…then what you want is something unique.  The word unique sometimes has a bad connotation attached to it but unique doesn’t have to mean useless or weird. There are some really beautiful unique items on the market that would make incredible gifts.

The secret to purchasing the perfect unique gift is not being locked into a certain mindset that unique gifts are weird or cheap or even wastes of money.  The 10 unique gifts we have listed above are all useful and very appealing gifts. If you match the type of gift it is to the person you are searching to buy for, you will end up giving them a gift that they will really love and always remember.

Dos and Don’ts to Remember


  • Think outside the box to locate unique gifts that will thrill and please the recipients. Unique gifts can be found in many different places. The secret to finding the right unique gift is to think about what the person you are buying for likes to do or the interests they have and then look for things that will facilitate those likes and interests in an unusual way. An example of this is the whiskey rocks that are in the list above.
  • Avoid truly weird or useless gifts. There’s nothing wrong with a funny gift when it is appropriate but purposely buying someone a gift that has no apparent purpose or use is asking for that gift to be stuck in a closet somewhere until they can figure out a way to re-gift it.
  • Look for quality unique gifts that can add beauty, function or some other positive element to the gift recipient’s life or home.  Another example of this point is illustrated in the beautiful wine decanter listed above. The decanter is both useful and incredibly beautiful but not a common choice for a gift by any means.


  • Mistake “unique” for weird or quirky. Most people don’t want to receive a weird gift that they may never have a use for.   Even though the old adage it’s the thought that counts does matter in some regard, you need to make sure that your thoughts are thoughts that will lead you to a useful or appealing gift and not something that leaves the recipient scratching their heads.
  • Forget that unique gifts can have a real purpose. People love to receive gifts that they can use in their regular day to day lives.  Even if they can only use them during the holidays, it is something that becomes a regular part of their routine.
  • Focus on the cost. The objective is not cheap versus expensive, the objective is to find a gift that suits the person you are buying for.  Some unique gifts can be inexpensive and yet still very useful and enjoyable to receive.  Focus less on the price and more on the value and quality of the gift.

Purchasing gifts can be difficult for some people if you are afraid to let your creativity and imagination go.  Knowing things about the person you are buying for is always an important first step in finding the perfect unique gift to give.  As long as you have some ideas about what the person is interested in and what they like, you will be able to find the perfect gift that they will never forget.

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