Top 50 Dog Training Bloggers

Top 50 Dog Training Bloggers

Dog training is a very popular industry that has grown substantially over the years. Dog owners often look for training information to take care of issues they may be having with their animals. Thoroughly Reviewed gathered a list of the top 50 dog training bloggers on the internet. We review a lot of different pet products from dog gates to pet insurance companies. We wanted to recognize bloggers in the dog training industry for giving their time to share their expertise.

There is a wealth of information in these blogs as well as stories of pets or dog clients they have had and other useful information. If you’re a dog lover and want to find some good dog training bloggers to follow, you’ll find a large selection to choose from in this list. They are listed in alphabetical order.

Featured Dog Training Bloggers

Canis Blogus
Author: Laure-Anne Visele
Author: Darcie Jennings

Dog Behavious Blog
Author: Con Slobodchikoff, Ph. D.
Happy Dog Training
Author: Joanne Lekas

The Pooch Coach
Author: Beverly Ulbrich


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Aall things dog blogAll Things Dog Blog –  Carrie Lee Johnson is the owner of All Things Dog Blog that is dedicated to offering tips, inspiration and lots of great ideas to readers that will make life easier and stress free.  The objective of the blog is to help dog owners solve any training and behavior problems they have going on as well as preventing any new ones from cropping up.  Carrie does all this while reminding pet owners to include fun and variety too.  Pups are prone to certain problems and the pages of this blog have been designed with the reader and their problems in mind.  The methods concentrated on are time-proven methods that work.  Many of the articles on All Things Dog Blog are related to solving behavior issues.  Readers will find a lot of valuable information here.


canine behavious counselingCanine Behavior Counseling –  Readers will find a plethora of dog training information that spans dozens of categories.  Judy Moore has the distinction of being the only Associate Certified Consultant on dog behavior in the Portland, Maine area.  She has tons of experience training dogs and working with them to modify undesired behavior in dogs. Whether it’s learning about clicker training or getting advice or tips about leash frustration, readers will be able to find information about the issues they are facing with their dogs.  Judy’s vast experience allows her to be a real help to dog owners and readers all over the world.  Reading all of the information that Judy has offered her readers would take weeks if nit months.  There is a lot here to love and many reasons to come back often.

canis blogusCanis Blogus –  This blog, written by Laure-Anne Visele, was created to spread thought-provoking and fact based information on dogs. Her goal is to promote responsible dog ownership among her readers.  She has a valuable talent of taking a technical subject and writing an article about it that readers can easily understand.  Laure-Anne’s blog focuses on training, ethology and first aid for canines.  Readers will be able to learn a lot from the pages of this blog.

carries dog blogCarrie’s Dog Blog –  Carrie Galvan is the voice behind Carrie’s Dog Blog.  She is a certified professional dog trainer and has other extensive experience training dogs and helping dog owners with understanding how to communicate with their dogs effectively.  Although the blog is not very busy, there is some information on there that readers will find helpful.  It is definitely a blog to watch.  Carrie is also one of the owners and trainers of Side Kick Dog Training Academy where time is devoted to teaching shelters, humans and rescues how to communicate effectively and end up with a dog that is happy, well adjusted and that understands what is expected of it.

communicanineCommuniCanine –  Darcie Jennings has provided a place for dog owners to come learn about methods that will turn their dogs into pleasant, integral members of the family.  She is a professional dog trainer with a passion for learning as much as she can so she can be the best trainer she can. She passes on this knowledge to readers in the form of excellent, informative articles that the reader can really learn from. She fosters the belief system that there is no such thing as one size fits all.  She teaches readers and dog owners that it is important to look at each dog individually to come up with the right training and behavior solutions for the dog specifically.  Readers will find a lot of great advice and tips here.


denise fenzi pet dogsDenise Fenzi Pet Dogs –  Denise Fenzi is a professional dog trainer that specializes in competitive obedience training. She also is dedicated to spreading quality information about motivational or no force dog training to dog owners everywhere.  Readers of this blog will find a wealth of information about this type of training and how to correct certain behavior issues such as your dog stealing your things. Denise also travels the world, teaching dog owners about different dog obedience and motivational training through seminars as well.  If you are a dog owner and want to get some great information from a highly respected professional, this is the blog to read.   You will come away with a lot of new information and things to work on with your own dog.

dentlers dog trainingDentler’s Dog Training –  With archives that go back 4 years and new articles being added frequently, Jeff Dentler brings dog owning readers the information that will help them understand their dogs a lot better and that will help them train their dogs as well.  Jeff has been training dogs for over 30 years and has dedicated the pages of this blog to providing excellent information that can really benefit the dog owner.  From articles about teaching children how to behave around dogs so they don’t get bitten,  to reinforcing training tips that the reader may have already taught the dog, Jeff makes sure that there is plenty for the dog owner to read and learn from.

dog behaviour blogDog Behavior Blog – Con Slobodchikoff, is the creator of the Dog Behavior Blog and Animal Communications, LTD, which specializes in educating dog owners about the behavior of animals. He shares his knowledge on his blog for readers and dog owners to learn from. The blog has been active since 2007 and is still going strong.  Readers can discover things like if dogs have a language that makes communicating with them easier and many other things.  If you’re looking for a blog where you can learn some great information, this is the blog to keep track of.

dog training basicsDog Training Basics –  Dog Training Basics is a unique training website that offers tons of articles on training issues and problems of all kinds.   Readers will find answers for all kinds of problems including create training the right way, teaching your dog not to jump up on people, dog training collars and whether they are good or not and even how to become a dog trainer yourself if that is something that you have a passion for.  All the articles are credited to “Junior” the resident top dog.  This blog is entertaining and more importantly, informative. Readers will come away from time spent here with valuable knowledge that will help them become better dog parents.

dog training bloggerDog Training Blogger –   Wayne Booth provides dog owners with helpful information on dog behavior, training and health.  The reason that he started the Dog Training Blogger originally was so his clients could utilize his advice but now it has grown to include readers and dog owners from all over the world.  Wayne has been training dogs for over 30 years and his knowledge is extensive.  He is a Master Trainer, Canine Behavior Specialist and founder of a famous dog training academy.  He has also started the Canine Behavior Specialists Network for to offer his knowledge and help dog owners all over the world become better owners. Readers will find a lot to love about this blog that has been a long standing mission for Wayne for decades and cab use the list of resources he provides there as well.

dog training nationDog Training Nation – Learn all about training dogs in the best, most effective way possible with Dog Training Nation Blog.  Fanna Easter, a professional dog trainer with 22 years training experience fills the blog with helpful articles and information that will help readers become the best dog owners they can through learning the best training methods and advice.  Topics that readers will learn about include what to do if your new puppy won’t walk on the leash to how to reward your dog with the ultimate dog training reward.  There is a lot of excellent information here that will keep readers busy for a long time.


Eileen and Dogs –  Eileen Anderson may not consider herself a professional dog trainer, but she has a passion and a knack for helping people understand how to get over a specific problem they may be having in understanding and executing training problems.  The purpose of her blog is to help dog owners with their dogs’ behavior issues.  By sharing her own experiences and stories, as well as providing tips, insight and information, readers can see a “in the trenches” viewpoint from someone who is working with their own dogs and that has years of experience and wants to share that with them.


fannys clicker dog blogFanny’s Clicker Dog Blog –  Fanny Gott is a professional dog trainer and Border collie breeder. She specializes in clicker training and dog sports.  The blog is dedicated to fulfilling her goal of helping readers get the results they want to get in agility, obedience training and other dog sports as well. Fanny focuses on reward based training methods and teaching dog owners to have fun with their dogs while teaching them important skills.  Fanny’s Clicker Dog Blog will provide readers with lots of articles and videos that will help them learn all about reward-based training methods and become more effective at training their own dogs properly and with lots of fun along the way.

fearful dogs blogFearful Dogs Blog – Debbie Jacobs started the Fearful dogs blog due to her own experiences with one of her own dogs that she acquired, Sunny, a border collie mix that had serious fear and insecurity issues.  Through extensive patience and work, she turned him around in significant ways.  Readers will find tons of great information via informative articles that she provides on the pages of her blog.  The archives go back to December of 2008 so there is plenty there for dog owners to keep busy with for a long time to come.   Readers are sure to love these articles and this blog that is still being added to periodically.

fern dog trainingFern Dog Training – Fern Camacho is a trainer that believes that the training should fit the dog and that there is no ONE way or one method to train.  His blog is full of great advice and information on many different training and behavior issues that dogs commonly have.  His articles are warm and full of personality as well as real, tried and true value when it comes to improving the behavior of your dog and building the relationship between dog and owner. Not only will the reader learn important skills and training tips, they will be encouraged to focus on their specific dog and not get locked into a specific way.  Fern does focus on positive reinforcement training and feels it is the best way to interact and get the best results from the dog.  This is a great blog from a highly knowledgeable trainer.


happy dog behaviour trainingHappy Dog Behavior Training –  Joanne’s passion for teaching and her love of dogs has led her on a journey where she has helped countless people understand proper training techniques so they can teach their dogs what is expected of them.  Readers will find articles about separation anxiety, interacting with fearful dogs, teaching puppies to tolerate grooming and much more.The blog was started in 2010 and is still going strong.  Readers will find a lot of information to go through that can help them become the best dog owners they can be which will in turn help their dogs be happier, well behaved members of the family.


kiss dog trainingKiss Dog Training –  Mike Deathe has been training dogs since 2008. His mission has been and continues to be training dog parents to communicate with their dogs in an effective manner that lets the dog know exactly what is expected of them.  His is the name and voice behind the KISS Dog Blog and shares his experience and knowledge with readers about all kinds of training and behavior issues.  His thought process is one that is very prevalent among the top trainers and that is, it is more important to train the dog owners to teach their dogs than just to concentrate on training the dogs.  Readers will find a lot to love about this blog.

kristi bensonKristi Benson –  Kristi is a professional dog trainer with 10+ years experience and a graduate of the Academy for Dog Trainers.  On the pages of her blog, readers will find an array of valuable information on all aspects of dog behavior and training.  Articles like Let Sleeping Dogs…Lie?  that discusses waking a dog from sleep and many others can be a real help to a struggle dog owner. If you are having behavior problems with your furry kid such as them stealing things, you’ll find tips and information in Kristi’s blog.  Readers will have a lot to go through and learn from that will make returning to this blog often a benefit to their own relationship with their dogs.


labrador training hqLabrador Training HQ –  Labrador Training HQ is devoted to Labrador owners and focuses on the training and correction of behavior issues.  Mark Jenner is the owner of the blog and created the mission of creating an exhaustive resource for Labrador owners to find the information they are looking for in regards to helping their dogs become excellent and comfortable members of the family.   Mark makes sure that the blog is laid out in a way that makes it easy for the readers to find exactly what they are looking for.   In addition, his goal is to make Labrador Training HQ an all in one stop for Lab owners.  Readers will find tons of valuable information for training their Labradors and getting a bond with their dogs that will last a lifetime.

little dog tipsLittle Dog Tips – Little blog tips is a great blog with plenty to see and learn about dog training.  The visually appealing blog has tons for the reader to browse through.  Lindsey Pevny started Little Dog Tips blog as she was getting to know her little dog Matilda, a mini pincher Chihuahua mix.  Her examples have always been dog trainers that follow the positive reinforcement method of training. Originally the blog was to document her escapades with Matilda as she taught her new tricks and trained her so she would be safe.  As Lindsey learned more and more about training little dogs, she wanted to share her knowledge and tips with the world…her blog was born and now readers can benefit from all of the great information that is available.


michael baughMichael Baugh – There is plenty to read here on Michael Baugh’s personal blog. He is a professional dog trainer that specializes in dog behavior related to fear and aggression. He’s been training dogs professionally and been a behavior consultant for dog owners since 1999 when he started North Coast Dogs.  Readers will find a large selection of categories to choose from that he has organized by source and subject. Michael has worked hard to make the blog as reader friendly as possible.  He even has videos available that are under the video section.  If you’re looking for some great information on dog behavior, training, how dogs learn and much more, take a look at this blog.

mutt about townMutt About Town – This blog by Maureen Backman offers dog owning readers a lot of information on training their dogs the best and most positive way.  She is dedicated to the education and training of dogs and their owners and has the credentials to back up her training.  Readers will learn all kinds of information on various training tips and behavior traits and how to improve them.   It is a very informative blog that shows Maureen’s dedication to the subject and to dog owners.

muzzle up onlineMuzzle Up! Online –  Maureen Backman is a professional dog trainer and business owner that knows there is a stigma involved in using muzzles to train a dog.  The objective of the Muzzle Up! Online blog is to educate people about muzzle use on dogs and why it is not something to fear or look down on.  The Muzzle Up blog has a multitude of articles on muzzle training that explain it in detail to any dog owner that is looking to learn more about it and potentially use it in their own training.  Maureen is very committed to the Muzzle up Project and the blog reflects that dedication through real, informative blog posts that help to answer the reader’s questions.

my positive dog training blogMy Positive Dog Training Blog –  This informative and jam packed blog has been around since 2013.  It still receives updates periodically, providing readers with a vast amount of information and tips.  Readers have at their disposal tons of articles that can give them some excellent tips and advice on various dog issues and behavior problems.  If there is an issue you’re facing with your dog, you will be able to find an answer here on these great pages.  Linda Trunell, the creator of the blog, is a professional dog trainer and has plenty of other credentials as well.  She has undergone many training seminars and programs to gain the knowledge she is sharing with her readers.  They can be confident in the knowledge they get from the tons of articles that are on this blog and become better pet owners in the process.


natural dog trainingNatural Dog Training –  This extensive blog has a large selection of articles that will appeal to the dog lover/reader that wants to further their education.  The term natural dog training involves identifying what the dogs want and how to get the dog and dog owner synchronized so they work together like a perfectly matched team. With all of the informative articles on this blog, readers can sit down and spend a lot of time learning about effective and gentle training methods that make the dog stronger and happier.  There is also a forum on the site in case the reader wants to get even more involved in the dog training community.


oh my dogOh My Dog – Maggie Marton is the creator of Oh My Dog Blog.  Her purpose for the blog is to provide readers with a dose of positive, dog related material that is posted almost every day.  You will find information on training tips, reviews, stories about her own dogs, DIY pup projects and much more.  She ensures that every post she makes for her readers is directly tied into her core values of service, community compassion, eco-consciousness, and passion.  Maggie is the author of Clicker Dog Training: The Better Path to a Well Behaved Pup.  Readers will come away from this blog with a large array of knowledge on topics that will make them better dog owners and help their dogs be happier, better family members as well.

one happy dogOne Happy Dog – Margaret’s blog, One Happy Dog, is filled with articles and videos that provide the reader with important information, tips and advice on taking care of certain behavior and training issues.  She is a professional dog trainer with a passion for putting the training methods that utilize positive training to the test.   She does not advocate scaring dogs or nagging them but focuses on the strategies that give the dog freedom to choose so they are really learning.  Readers will enjoy the articles and videos this blog offers.

paul owensPaul Owens, Original Dog Whisperer –  Although the blog hasn’t been updated in awhile, there is a great amount of information that is worth looking at and learning from.  Paul still offers his training classes and the advice and tips he offers can help clear up a myriad of behavior and training problems.  There is even a 5 part series in the archives on the best time to train your dog.  Readers will find a lot to enjoy on the pages of this blog and their relationships with their dogs will show the results.


perfect pawsPerfect Paws –  Perfect Paws is a great resource for dog owners that want to learn some goof information, techniques and advice about training their puppies and dogs.  Not all dog need behavior adjustment; sometimes they just need training.  Readers can learn all kinds of tips and tricks to help their dogs become excellent, well behaved members of the family. The blog is separated into 4 segments: Puppy training basics, Dog Behavior Training, Dog Training Problems and then a section for cats.  The focus of the blog is on dog and puppy training and there are lots of gems here.  Readers will love learning different methods to try.

puppy in trainingPuppy in Training – Colby Morita has a passion for training puppies that has been a part of his life for decades.  He is the creator of Puppy in Training blog which is a fascinating account of his experiences training puppies for guide dog training.  Readers will also get plenty of valuable information on how to train their own puppies in a way that makes them well behaved members of the family.  This interesting blog has the answers to many common puppy training problems as well.  In 2010 Colby started Puppy in Training TV which is a series of videos.  The blog tries to update 2-3 times a week so readers should definitely return often to see what new gems have been added.


say yes dog trainingSay Yes Dog Training – Susan Garrett is a professional dog trainer that offers a lot of great information in her blog Say Yes to Dog Training.  The training methods that she advocates and uses in her own training classes and books is the application of scientific principles that have the dog’s health and well being at the core of them.   There are dozens and dozens of pages on Susan’s blog that  have great information on dog training methods, behavior problems and other things that will help dog owners get even closer to the dogs as they work with them to get rid of any behavioral issues and training issues as well.

smart dog universitySmart Dog University- Laurie Luck is passionate about dogs and helping families work with their dogs to become integral members of the family.  Her articles are helpful and informative.  She offers readers a newsletter that provides subscribers with top tips on raising a playful pup that is pleasant to be around.  The reader has access to tons of articles on this blog on an array of topics from clicker training to health.  The reader will find a lot to love about this great blog that is written by someone who has dedicated her life to everything dog.

so much petentialSo Much Petential –  Readers will benefit from the experience and advice of Blog Owner Lisa Desatnik.  She is a professional dog trainer that has credentials that are backed up by having more than 300 training hours under her belt.   In this blog, there is plenty of tips, advice, training methods and much more that will help dog owners help and train their dogs to become integral members of the family that are happy, well adjusted and obedient.  Readers will be able to read about topics such as clicker training, dog behavior problems, children and pets and much more.

solution k9Solution K9 –  Luzelle is a head trainer at Solution K9 and runs the blog as well.  Readers will find a wealth of information about a large selection of topics including aggression, behavior modification, correcting your dog and much more.  Readers will learn a lot from Luzelle who has made training animals a lifelong endeavor.  If you are looking for some great articles to increase your understanding and knowledge of the behavior and training issues that can arise with your dog, or you’re looking for tips and advice for problems you’re having, this is a good blog to take a look at.

stale cheeriosStale Cheerios –   Mary Hunter is a professional dog trainer that owns an animal training and consulting business in Texas.  Readers that come to this blog will find an incredible array of information about dog behavior and the science of animal training.   You will enjoy stories of her own adventures training dogs, learn the science behind dog training and behavior and get tips and advice that will help you train your own dog training.  Mary will help readers find the best dog training strategies that create fast learning, enthusiastic, willing animals and effective communication that strengthens the bond between dog owner and dog.  One of the incredible things about the methods that she teaches is that they can be used on other animals besides dogs too, including horses, cats, and even exotic animals.  With all of this valuable information readers will be able to take their training skills to the next level.

steve debono blogSteve Debono Blog – In 2002 Steve Debono started working with dogs professionally.  He moved to  Austin in 2007 and trained at many different dog daycares before striking out on his own with Debono Dog Training. His experience in dog training and dog behavior makes his blog one that is filled with advice, information, stories and tips that the dog owner/reader can really benefit from.  His blog is full of articles that range in topic from overcoming behavior problems using the PAW system to The Power of Options and Choices for Treating Fearful Dogs. This doesn’t even scratch the surface of the fantastic articles and information this blog has.  Readers can rest assured there is plenty here for them to read and learn from.


that muttThat Mutt –  Lindsey Stordahl describes her blog as being for dog lovers who live in the real world.  If you’re a dog owner that is open to different training methods and you’re willing to learn from others and have an open mind, this is the right blog for you. Lindsey’s goal for The Mutt is to provide readers with many articles, tips and training advice in a down to earth way. She offers readers a newsletter as well where they can get regular training tips and training information emailed directly to their inbox.   Dog owning readers will find the pages of Lindsey’s blog warm, friendly and full of valuable training information.

the dog blogThe Dog Blog –   Readers will be thrilled with the vast amount of information that the Dog Blog provides them.  The blog is a labor of love from Nicola Anderson who is dedicated to helping dog owners train, help and enjoy their furry family members.  Readers will find information that will help them train their “best friends” to behave and be integral members of the family. It also has tons of other information that pertains to being a responsible, caring dog owner.  In addition to the excellent pages on this blog, there is an iPhone app that helps dog owners train their dogs whether you are in the park with them or your own backyard. It encourages participation by the whole family.

the good life dog blogThe Good Life Dog Blog –  Readers will benefit and enjoy all the helpful information that Sean O’Shea, Creator of The Good Life Dog Blog provides on the pages of this dog training blog.   His dog training journey started 12 years ago with his own two dogs that were quite challenging. Due to those challenges, he embarked on a self study that resulted in him becoming the go to person for dealing with dog aggression and dominant dog issues.  He shares his extensive knowledge and tried and true tips and advice with his readers. There are archives that run from 2012 to 2016 and he is still posting current articles that are designed to help dog owners understand and training their dogs by giving them what they need.  Articles include a large array of topics that will help the dog owning reader develop a relationship with their dogs that translates into a harmonious and happy existence together.

the inquisitive canineThe Inquisitive Canine –  Joan Mayer created the Inquisitive Canine in 2005.  She is a certified professional dog trainer and behavior consultant that has a passion for empowering dog owners with the education and means to have a great relationship with their dogs.  That is what this blog is about.  Readers will find information on topics ranging from preparing your dog for 4th of July to upcycling leftovers into high value dog treats for your beloved friend.  There is a ton of information that the reader can use to better their relationships with their own beloved fur babies.

the modern dog trainerThe Modern Dog Trainer – Dog trainer Ines Gaschot is the name and face behind The Modern Dog Trainer blog.  The mission that the Modern Dog Trainer has is to help dog trainers grow their businesses by using modern business practices that work well with dog training blogs.  Her purpose is to help the dog training business owner have the best business they can for their clients and themselves.  This is accomplished by teaching dog trainers the most up to date information on dog training and business ownership that a dog trainer can find.  This blog is for anyone who has or is considering a dog training business.

the other end of the leashThe Other End of the Leash – Dog owners will find a lot to enjoy and benefit from on the pages of Patricia McConnell who has been working with and studying dogs for over 25 years.  Readers will find informative and helpful articles on many different topics pertaining to dog behavior and training that will help the reader understand and work with their own pet better.  Patricia’s passion for dogs and her mission to help dog owners is very evident in the many ways that she offers readers her knowledge and experience.  She encourages blog interaction through comments and responds back as she can. She offers a newsletter to readers as well.

the pooch coachThe Pooch Coach –  Read lots of valuable information on training and behavior from Beverly Ulbrich, dog trainer, blogger and much more.  Readers will enjoy lots of tips, strategies and advice for a multitude of dog training issues and behavior problems.  Not only will she provide training tips, she helps the dog owner learn how to teach their dogs which is one of the most common training problems that dog owners face.  There are also stories of Beverly’s clients that can inspire readers to work with their dogs rather than give up and get rid of them.  Beverly assures readers that it doesn’t matter how big the issue, there are methods and advice that will help. The objective of the information that is on this blog is to help dog owners help their dogs be the best they can be.

three dogs trainingThree Dogs Training –  Lisa Edwards uses her knowledge and experience as well as her understanding of the root of most behavioral problems and teaches preventative exercises that will stop the problems from becoming problems in the first place.  She is a certified behavior consultant that offers her expertise to the pages of Three Dogs Training blog.  Readers will gain advice, tips and knowledge that will help them tackle any problems or issues they are having with their dogs.  There is plenty to learn from on this blog. Readers will want to come visit this informative training blog frequently to learn as much as they can about working with their own dogs and becoming a great team together.


usa dog behaviorUSA Dog Behavior –  Scott Sheaffer has spent his whole life training dogs. He teaches and works with professionals in the dog industry, helping them understand how to train the dogs they are working with.  He is an author and speaker as well as many other important positions in the dog training industry.  Readers will find a lot of interesting and helpful information on Scott’s blog that can help them understand their furry family member much better.  His experience in animal behavior helps him communicate with animals in a way that helps the relationship and bond between dog and owner. It’s that experience that allows him to teach others to effectively work with their dogs.


wades dogmanshipWade’s Dogmanship –   Since 2012, Wade MacVicar has been a professional dog trainer.  His blog is loaded with incredible information that can be a real help to a struggling dog owner.   Wade’s objective is to provide dog owners with the right tools to train and communicate with their dogs in a way that has everyone living peacefully and happy under the same roof.  The blog has numerous articles for the reader to enjoy and learn from including leash aggression, frustration intolerance, why dogs run away and much more.  There is a lot to be learned from the pages of this blog that can help make the reader the best dog owner he can be, which can result in a happy and well behaved dog.

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