Top 25 Fitness Bloggers

Top 25 Fitness Bloggers

At Thoroughly Reviewed we have a big sports & fitness section that reviews weight benches, resistance bands and exercise balls to name a few. We wanted to take some time and recognize fitness bloggers who are producing great content. Take a look at our Top 25 Fitness Bloggers that you should follow.


All Out Effort

all-out-effortAuthor: Sam Yang

Sam refers to himself as a martial artist, entrepreneur, information geek and fitness nerd.  He believes that fitness is not about looking a certain way but about feeling a certain way and he feels that education and mindset play a big role in this.  Through his blog he hopes to teach new habits and to help readers optimize their fitness journey.  He also helps to teach clients that the only way to make lasting changes is to change yourself.  You cannot remain your old self and expect to see a long-lasting change in your health and well-being.  Sam currently works as a personal trainer in Los Angeles, California.

Beyond the Bathroom Scale

beyond-the-bathroom-scaleAuthor: Karen Oliver

Karen began writing her healthy lifestyle blog, Beyond the Bathroom Scale, in March of 2012 while she was studying for her undergraduate degree.  By October of that same year her blog was shortlisted in the Cosmopolitan Magazine Blog Awards for ‘Best Lifestyle Blog’.  The inspiration for her blog was her own personal journey.  Karen had gone from being obese to being healthy and in the process rescued herself from diabetes and hypertension.  She chose the name of her blog because she believes that health and well-being go beyond the actual weight on the scale and in fact, she has developed an entire workbook dedicated to teaching people alternative ways to measure health.


cuckoolemonAuthor: Nicole

Nicole is a self-proclaimed “goofy gal” living in New York City.  She aspires to write a realistic blog that is fun and that most people can relate to.  She says that she doesn’t have a razor sharp competitive edge and cannot do low splits, but she does have a closet full of spandex workout clothes and she loves to try new things.  Her lighthearted and easy-to-read blog includes inspirational articles as well as articles on some of her extreme sports experiences and reviews on New York City fitness studios.  Nicole has run two half-marathons and improved her time between the two by nearly 25 minutes.

Dai Manuel

dai-torso-shotAuthor: Dai Manuel                                                                                             

Dai is first and foremost a father, a husband and friend.  He is also an accountability coach, a toastmaster, a CrossFit coach and soon to be published author.  He lives in Vancouver, B.C. with his wife and two children and his goal is to inspire people of all ages to engage in healthier living and to have a more active lifestyle.  Having grown up an obese teenager, he knows well the stigmas of obesity and how traumatic they can be.  He is committed to providing inspiration, education, equipment and training to combat childhood obesity so that it will no longer be an issue.  He lives out his passion for health, writing and sharing fitness practices through his eponymous blog, Dai Manuel.

Daily Routine Fitness

daily-routine-fitnessAuthor: Rachel

Rachel’s passion and dedication to her work comes from a very personal place.  As a young girl she constantly struggled with insecurities about her body which led to poor decisions on her daily food intake and eventually, a harmful eating disorder.  She was ultimately diagnosed with Hypo-Thyroidism and a heart murmur due to the stimulants she had been taking.  This was the day she changed her life. Because of her past experiences, she is determined to see women freed from the destructive lifestyles that plague them as they try to have what society deems the ‘perfect’ body.  She hopes she can inspire women to reach beyond what they thought they were capable of, to live a healthy lifestyle and discover true happiness with their bodies.

Eat Pray Workout

eat-pray-workoutAuthor: Amy Darcy

Amy is an Australian lawyer, socialite, traveler, Jesus lover, army wife, gym junkie wanna-be and healthy cook.  Her beautiful and inspiring blog is filled with information on health and wellness which is supported by her nutritious and body-nourishing recipes.  She gives sage advice on healthy eating and living and is inspired to share her real-life experiences on pregnancy, women’s health and birth with her readers. She currently lives in Canberra, Australia with her husband Reis and their new baby.

Eat Well NZ

eat-well-nzAuthor: Nicola

Nicola is a registered nutritionist, lover of food, runner and a believer in holistic well-being.  She does not believe in dieting but instead believes in (and also teaches) an intuitive eating approach.  Her blog is a healthy living blog to help guide you through a world of confusing and sometimes extreme nutritional advice.  She feels that you do not need to quit foods, follow strict rules or go to the extreme to be healthy.  She likes to help others with nutrition through her online nutrition shop and finds happiness in helping clients find solutions that work for their lifestyle.  Nicola lives in rural New Zealand with her husband, cat and dog where she loves the relaxed pace of the countryside.

Father Fitness

father-fitnessAuthor: Paul Stainthorpe

From an early age Paul loved to play sports.  Anything from football to basketball to tennis and beyond.  However, his 20s took a toll on his body as he slipped away from his healthy lifestyle.  His blog is based on his own personal journey from fit, to unfit and then, after the birth of his son in 2009, back to fit again.  He is now a fit and healthy father to his two children and he tries to set a good example for them through his lifestyle.  His training includes TRX, kettlebells, boxing, running and traditional weight training.  He is also a writer for several health and fitness blogs. Visit his blog for information on fitness, nutrition and weight loss.

Fit Bits

fit-bitsAuthor: Tess Langley

Tess calls herself an internet-addicted, fitness-obsessed social butterfly.  She writes her blog from Brighton, England and is an SEO/Social Media Marketer and Copywriter by day who becomes a limit-pushing fitness freak during the early mornings and at night.  However, it wasn’t until a few years ago that she completely changed her lifestyle to include health and wellness.  Prior to loving fitness, she says she was a binge-eating ex-smoker who also loved to guzzle beer.  Now she finds herself on a never-ending quest for endorphins and loves her new lifestyle as she pushes her limits, faces her fears and challenges herself as she soaks up all she can from life.

Fitness Blender

fitness-blenderAuthor: Daniel and Kelli

Fitness blender is a blog created by the husband and wife team of Daniel and Kelli.  They started their blog because they believe that fitness should be accessible to everyone, regardless of income.  Daniel has a degree in Food and Nutrition and has worked in the fitness industry since 2000.  Kelli has degrees in both Psychology and Sociology and has been in fitness since 2006.  Both have been active and involved in sports since an early age.  They are dedicated to promoting good health and teaching their readers that appearance is not the only factor in gauging a healthy body.  They believe strongly in the benefits of a clean, wholesome diet and regular exercise.

Food for Fitness

profile-pic-1Author: Scott Baptie

Scott writes his blog, Food for Fitness, from Aberdeen, Scotland in the U.K.  His purpose is to provide simple, individual, enjoyable and healthy nutrition as well as fitness advice to help people move, look, feel and perform better. He teaches his clients and readers about what is good to eat versus preaching to them about what foods they can’t.  He feels it is important to maintain consistency and to avoid fad diets and bad eating habits.  Moderation and focus are key to good health and nutrition and they can also help keep you from feeling frustrated by a lack of progress.  Check out his blog for recipes, free meal plans and podcasts to help you on your way to a healthier you.

Inspired Health

inspired-healthAuthor: Rachel Grunwell

Rachel Grunwell is a professional writer and magazine columnist, yoga-teacher, run-addict and professional healthy-recipe-creator.  She is also a wellness columnist for two magazines and regularly writes for a number of top media titles in her home country of New Zealand.  Her goal is to inspire others to live well by moving more, eating well and living an inspired life.  Her blog contains fitness and event directories so that fellow Kiwis can find health and fitness things to do and be inspired to live a life they love. Her philosophy at Inspired Health is to live a life with balance, not perfectionism.

Jill Will Run

jill-will-runAuthor: Jill

Based on the name of her blog, Jill Will Run, it will come as no surprise that Jill is a runner, a distance runner in fact.  Professionally she is a Director of Web Services and she is also certified as a running coach with the Road Runners Club of America where she coached four seasons for Team Challenge, the endurance fundraising branch of the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America.  She started blogging in 2001 with a personal blog and started Jill Will Run in 2008 to share her passion for running and health.  She loves to test new running, health and fitness products and often reviews them on her blog.  She lives with her husband, young daughter and their boxer, JadeTheBoxer.

Lifting Makes Me Happy

lifting-makes-me-happyAuthor: Mindi Friedland

Mindi’s blog follows her own personal journey of finding freedom from depression through exercise.  Her posts are meant to be honest, practical and helpful to both your soul and your health.  Although her blog periodically talks about her past struggles, it is mainly filled with hope, joy and love.  One of her goals is to try and help others work through their struggles using natural methods.  She also posts about personal development, goal-setting, self-esteem and even money management.  She believes that focusing on yourself can help your all-around well-being.  She is a wife and mom in a blended family of 6 people, 3 bulldogs and 1 cat.

Lisa Runs for Cupcakes

lisa-runs-for-cup-cakesAuthor: Lisa

Throughout her life Lisa has always turned to running as a way of centering herself.  After high school she experienced many stressful changes in her life including moving to different cities for school, getting married and job changes for both her and her husband, Jake.  In fact, one stressful job change occurred on the same day that she found out she was pregnant with their daughter Cora, who was due to be born the month her husband Jake was due to be deployed.  Luckily he was able to be a part of their daughter’s birth. Throughout all of this, her running ebbed and flowed but was always a constant.  She blogs to share with her readers her love of running and to also keep herself accountable to her own fitness goals.

Love Sweat and Fitness

love-sweat-fitnessAuthor: Katie

Katie believes that good things come to those who sweat!  She is a certified trainer and fitness instructor whose passion is to help others live fit, healthy and balanced lives.  With her inspiring blog she hopes to help readers discover THEIR perfect body and to stay motivated in that endeavor.  Her own fitness journey began as she was finishing college and wanted to get in shape.  She began watching her portions, cutting out unhealthy foods and taking her workout routines seriously.  She ultimately lost 45 pounds and was inspired to help others do the same.  She feels it’s time for everyone to love their bodies since we only have one life to live and one body to cherish.

Mariah Dolan

mariah-dolanAuthor: Mariah Dolan

Mariah’s blog focuses on showing busy moms how to include fitness and wellness into their lives. Mariah knows all too well the effects of being a busy mom and after the birth of her fourth child she found herself to be 50 pounds overweight.  She started her move towards a more-healthy lifestyle one small step at a time.  At first she didn’t even have the abdominal strength to do a sit up and yet nine months later she had shed all of the weight. Today she works as a physical therapist, is a fitness expert and an author and the mother of four children.  She believes wholeheartedly in moderation and dedication without fad diets or restrictive eating habits.

Natalie Jill Fitness

natalie-jillAuthor: Natalie Jill

Soon after the birth of her daughter, Natalie found her life falling apart.  She had lost her house, her retirement and even her marriage.  She had also gained a lot of weight.  She found herself depressed, hungry, grumpy and wishing her life was different.  She could have made a lot of excuses but she didn’t, she decided to turn it all around and to fix things.  Her first step was to create a vision board of what she wanted her life to be and she worked towards those goals.  She stopped eating processed foods and started thinking positively.  Filled with inspiration, she shares on her blog the ways that worked for her that she knows will also work for you.

Nikki Fitness

nikki-fitnessAuthor: Nikki Glor

Nikki got her start in fitness at Syracuse University where she was a university cheerleader.  Today she finds herself living in New York City and working as a freelance fitness writer and the star of 11 fitness DVDs/Videos/Apps.  She is also the author of The Slimnastics Workout.  Her Slimnastics exercises have been featured in over 100 media outlets including the New York Times and Live! With Kelly and Michael.  She is a certified NYC personal trainer and a 200-hour RYT YogaFit/Yoga Alliance trained yoga instructor. Her blog is filled with inspirational tips and tricks to help women in all stages of life find ways to add fitness to their lives.

Pfit Blog

pfit-new-pictureAuthor: Bonnie and Steve Pfiester

The Pfiesters bring a refreshingly honest and relatable approach to maintaining a healthy lifestyle through “pfitness, pfood and pfaith. Steve and Bonnie are the first to share their own struggles, workouts, recipes and experiences to help others. If you are looking for genuine and applicable motivation, you will get it daily if you follow the Pfiesters. Bonnie and Steve have worked in the fitness industry for most of their 22 years of marriage. The “Dynamic Duo” runs Max Fitness and BCx Boot Camp in Vero Beach, Florida where A&E followed them in the weight loss documentary, Fit to Fat to Fit. Featured in popular publications like Fitness Magazine, Shape, Women’s Health Magazine and US Weekly, they’ve helped thousands get fit and stay fit. As Certified Personal Trainers, they help transform bodies and minds in and out of the gym. Whether you are looking for a new workout or you just need some encouragement, will inspire you to be the best you possible – and get ‘pfit’!

PJ’s Fitness Blog

pjs-fitness-blogAuthor: PJ Glassey

PJ holds a B.S. in Science from Seattle Pacific University and is also a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist.  He started personal training in 1987 and for the next 11 years successfully grew his business as he trained clients out of their homes and at local gyms. Using these clients’ results, PJ invented his “multi-protocol” concept that he eventually introduced into the Seattle area’s X Gym.  He continues to study and further improve his methods and his goal is to increase clients’ results while simultaneously reducing workout time.  His blog is filled with information that gives readers ways to permanently increase their health and wellness.

Salads 4 Lunch

salads-4-lunchAuthor: Janice

Janice’s focus is on overall health and well-being and through her blog she wants to share with everybody how she is finding true happiness by living actively, eating healthily and enjoying life.  After years of starving herself on diets and weighing herself three times a day, she threw out the bathroom scale and decided to just eat salads for lunch.  That is when she says she became happier and found true balance in being active, eating healthy foods and enjoying life.  Running is her soulmate and along with a co-host and fellow runner, she posts a #MotivateMe Monday link that shares their meal and training plans and is meant to motivate others.

Science for Fitness

science-for-fitnessAuthor: Hayden-William Courtland

In addition to a B.A. in Biochemistry, a M. Sc. in Anatomy & Physiology, a Ph. D. in Biomedical Sciences – Orthopedics and completing a Postdoctoral Fellowship in Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolic Bone Disease, Hayden has also found time to be passionate about fitness and to become a personal trainer.  He feels that his science background adds nicely to his understanding of the human body which helps him to help clients achieve their goals.  Through his blog his goal is to provide true and accurate, scientifically-based information on what is best for our bodies. He is currently a Senior Coach at Solace New York in New York City.

The Sweat Life

the-sweat-lifeAuthor: Aly Teich

Aly is a native New Yorker who grew up on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.  She left for four years to live in Madison, Wisconsin then lived on both coasts, traveled around the world twice and now finds herself back in The Big Apple.  Aly was active as a child and was involved in many activities such as ballet, horseback riding and high school sports. She also completed three triathlons.   As an adult she worked in television and media for ten years, ultimately changing her focus to health and wellness when her mother was diagnosed with stage IV ovarian cancer.  She now makes it her goal to help people live healthier lives.  Her lovely website is filled with fantastic fitness, food and health advice and is designed to help you find your healthiest life.

Weighty Matters

weighty-mattersAuthor: Yoni Freedhoff

Yoni is an MD, a University Professor, a father, blogger, radio columnist, author and self-proclaimed trouble maker.  He lives in Ottawa Canada where he owns and runs Ottawa’s non-surgical Bariatric Medical Institute.  The institute is a multi-disciplinary, ethical, evidence-based nutrition and weight-loss center where he works with clients to reach their goals without surgery. He is the author of The Diet Fix, a book which helps readers understand why diets fail and how they can make theirs work.  His blog is filled with personal musings and a multitude of ideas he shares about health, wellness and nutrition.















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