Top 25 Cooking Bloggers

Top 25 Cooking Bloggers

At Thoroughly Reviewed we have quite an extensive Kitchen and Cooking product review list. The list includes everything from finding the best travel mug, food steamer or a hand mixer to name a few. We wanted to take some time to recognize those bloggers who are inspiring people to cook healthy, wholesome meals. Whether it be vegetarian, gluten-free, or classic down-home cooking, we appreciate all of the time and hard work that goes into creating these recipes. Check out our Top 25 Cooking Bloggers and see what they’re up to.

A Beautiful Plate

Author: Laura Davidson

a-beautiful-plateLaura has loved food all of her life. She grew up in a family that sat down to dinner almost every day and who sometimes even took pictures of their food before cell phone cameras existed! She is inspired and challenged by working in the kitchen and loves to share her passion for food. She is a trained chef, having graduated first in her class, from L’Academie de Cuisine where she blogged about the experience almost every single day. After graduating, she worked at a fine-dining establishment in Washington DC but eventually transitioned into marketing and communications for a specialty foods company. Today you can find Laura living in Chicago, Illinois with her husband Connor, where she works as a full-time freelance food blogger, recipe developer and food photographer/stylist.

Alexandra Cooks

Author: Alexandra Stafford

alexandra-cooksAli has loved cooking since she was a young girl watching her mother work magic in the family kitchen. She was so inspired by her mother’s love of cooking that after college she further developed her culinary skills by enrolling in cooking school.  From there it was on to catering then eventually she worked her way up to sous chef in the Philadelphia restaurant, Fork.  She attributes her time at Fork as instrumental in teaching her many of the skills she uses in creating and preparing her recipes today. She is passionate about her local food systems and loves to “buy fresh, buy-local”.   She currently lives in upstate New York with her husband and four children.  Check out her recipe archives to learn how do make a delicious Vegan Chocolate Mousse.

Belleau Kitchen

Author: Dominic Franks

belleau-kitchenDominic was born and raised in London where he learned to love both food and cooking.  He grew up watching and being influenced by both his mum and Delia Smith, the UK’s best-selling cookbook author.  Their simple and classic styles serve as his standard as he creates is straightforward and delicious recipes. These days he can be found living in Belleau, Lincolnshire where he delights in a slower, easier way of life and is thrilled to be surrounded by a bounty of incredible farms and produce.  He writes a monthly recipe column for a local magazine and is also regularly featured on a local BBC Radio channel. Be sure to check out his Honey Banana Blueberry Upside Down Cake recipe.

Bottom of the Pot

Author: Naz Deravian

bottom-of-the-potFrom the unique experience of living in some of the world’s most interesting cities, Naz has created her own eclectic style of cooking that she calls a tapestry of the tastes and smells of her childhood.  She was born in Tehran, Iran and grew up in both Rome, Italy and Vancouver, Canada.  She currently resides in Los Angeles with her husband and two young girls who all proclaim to love cooking and eating…a lot!   The family savors their time around the kitchen table which is filled with lively conversation that often revolves around food.  Her blog was born out of these conversations as a way of sharing their love of food with others.  Don’t miss her Orange Blossom-Yogurt-Saffron-Shio-Koji, Roast Chicken recipe as a great example of her cooking prowess.

Bright Bird

brightbirdAuthor: Sonia Raga

Sonia’s native country is Spain yet she currently lives in and writes her blog from Germany where she is working as an architect and studying for a degree in nutrition.  She also has the unique background of being a makeup artist with 10 years of experience. She is very passionate about good nutrition and believes wholeheartedly in its ability to not only heal but reverse common diseases. Personally, she eats a vegan diet, rich in vegetables, grains, legumes and roots with a small amount of nuts and seeds. She loves the benefits of her plant-based diet which include clear skin, better digestion, higher energy levels and lower cholesterol. Her goal is to reach and help as many people as she can with her healthy vegan recipes.

Cheater Bites

Author: Ali Rendulic

cheater-bitesAli’s blog name, Cheater Bites, is a tribute to her fond childhood memories of sneaking into the kitchen during the holidays for “cheater bites”, tasty bites of food that she and her cousins snuck before the meal was ready.  Ali grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with the kitchen as a source of warmth and comfort in her family.  She feels that her mom’s kitchen is the best kitchen on the planet.  Even while studying abroad in Italy, she emulated her mother as she cooked comfort food for herself and her roommates.  She still loves to cook for family and friends and says that you should always leave a kitchen feeling full of both food and love.


Author: Deena Chanowitz

charcu-by-chef-deenaDeena was born the first of eleven children and has been cooking since she was five years old.  Her love of cooking and her realization that the body can work miracles with the proper nutrition has brought her to her current passion of healing through food.  She enjoys preparing fresh, wholesome foods that nourish the body and feels that the best ingredients can bring healthier bodies, minds and souls.  She has witnessed this transition first hand through her experiences working with new moms, people diagnosed with cancer and those who suffer from food intolerances.  You can find her cooking up a storm in New York City which she calls home.

Chef in Disguise

Author: Sawsan Abu Farha

chef-in-disguiseSawsan and her husband live in Ras Al Khaima in the United Arab Emirates.  She is passionate about food and passionate about sharing authentic middle eastern recipes with the world.  She loves that her readers can get a view of what life is really like in the middle east and loves sharing an insider’s view to being a woman living there.  She prepares recipes that show how the food is authentically prepared, just like her mother makes it.  She cooks based on the seasons and her recipes are inspired by the fresh, regional fruits, vegetables and spices that are readily available to her.  She hopes that you come away from her site with a newfound knowledge and interest in the middle east and its food.

Chic & Gorgeous Treats

Author: Joanna Tham

chic-gorgeous-treatsJoanna lives in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and is a self-proclaimed food-oholic!  She is an IT consultant by day and a chef-in-the-making and food blogger by night.  Knowing that cooking was a big part of her life her friends suggested she start a food blog.   Food was all she ever wanted to talk about.  She is passionate about creating recipes that make your mouth water and that are packed with wholesome goodness.  She takes pride in using only the finest ingredients to make each treat a simple pleasure and finds joy in sharing her creations both through pictures and words.  She feels that photography is an important part of her work and she loves taking unique and cheerful photographs to share.

Coco de Mama

Author: Francesco Romano

coco-de-mamaBorn in Italy, Francesco was blessed to live with two chefs under one roof, his nonna Sara and his mama, Francesca.  As a small boy he sat in awe of the meals they made from scratch and was delighted when they would allow him to taste and to help make the fresh pasta.  Eventually he moved to the United States where he impressed his friends with the simple and authentic meals that he made.  Nowhere but in his own kitchen could he find the delicious food of his childhood.  This lack of good, simple, Italian food inspired him to start his own business cooking authentic Italian cuisine.  He is thrilled to be sharing his love of food that he experienced growing up and looks forward to you enjoying his recipes.

Coconut and Lime

Author: Rachel Rappaport

coconut-and-limeRachel originally started Coconut and Lime as a way to keep track of her own personal recipes and to be able to share them with friends. She fell so in love with creating recipes and blogging about them that she now finds herself a professional recipe developer, full-time food blogger and cookbook writer.  She prides herself in the fact that every recipe she posts is personally developed (and eaten!) by her.  She lives in Baltimore, Maryland, where she has an expansive fruit garden that includes figs, berries, plums and apples, among other fruits.  She is well-respected in the food world and has developed recipes for dozens of national companies and brands including General Mills and Dole.

Delightful Crumb

Author: Stacy Ladenburger

delightful-crumbStacy is a native of Michigan who now lives in California.  She has always loved both food and writing and, after college and during her days as a nonprofit editor, would find solace from the day by writing in her kitchen.  Inspired by her personal views that food is woven into the fabric of all life’s experiences, her writings eventually turned into a food blog. She loves cooking for family, friends and her husband Ben and delights in sharing her recipes and stories of their dinner conversation.  In reading her blog, you’ll feel as if you just enjoyed dinner with Stacy and will come away feeling full in more ways than one.

Eat the Love

Author: Irvin Lin

eat-the-loveIrvin is a self-proclaimed jack-of-all-trades.  He has worked numerous jobs over the years including one at a non-profit art gallery in St Louis where he also studied graphic design.  Despite his many jobs and work experiences, baking has remained a constant and always brought comfort to his life.   He is so passionate about it that in September 2010 he took a leap of faith and quit his day job to focus on his blog, food-writing, and freelance design projects.  He is an award-winning baker, photographer and graphic designer.  He loves to be active and is great at multi-tasking. You can be sure that wherever he is hilarity will ensue.  He currently lives in San Francisco where he can be found a various food events throughout the city.

Faring Well

Author: Jessie Snyder

faring-wellJessie believes strongly in the benefits of eating a plant-based diet based heavily on whole foods and is passionate about health and nutrition.  In her southern California kitchen, she cooks organically as much as possible and uses gluten-free and spelt flours exclusively.  She has contributed recipes to many healthy living food sites and enjoys helping readers to be as informed about nutrition as they can be.  She loves to go camping, get off the grid and live as naturally as possible.  He recipes reflect her healthy, wholesome lifestyle and her writings are inspirational to anyone looking for a whole foods and organic way of life. She promises to include something for everyone in her blog so be sure to check her out.

Harvest and Honey

Author: Lauren McDuffie

harvest-and-honeyHarvest and Honey was born from Lauren’s desire to go to culinary school.  Although she never attended actual classes, she poured over culinary textbooks and wrote about her efforts along the way.  Through this exercise she realized that the true value of cooking, for her, was learning to appreciate the process of food; learning where it came from, choosing how to prepare it, sharing it with others and hearing their stories while enjoying it.  She is passionate and curious about food and loves to share that with others.  She now lives in Indianapolis but her recipes grow partly from her Appalachian roots. She considers her blog to be part memoir and part recipe bank.

Ladles and Jellyspoons

Author: Lucy Lean

ladles-and-jellyspoonsLucy is a Brit who now lives in sunny California with her husband and two children.  Although she now calls California home, she loves nothing more than whipping up a batch of scones with clotted cream and strawberry jam to call upon the comforts of her childhood.  Lucy has traveled around the US as a food judge for TV show castings and has founded many culinary events including Chef Fest at the Four Seasons Resort Hualalai.   She has written a book on reinventing American comfort food and her award-winning blog is her way of sharing her culinary adventures with the world.  She loves to keep busy and calls her blog a culmination of everything she loves.

Madame Fromage

Author: Tenaya Darlington

madame-fromageTenaya attributes her love of cheese to the state of Wisconsin and to having a Swiss mother.  She now finds herself living in Philadelphia but before moving east, she worked as a food editor and subsequently tasted her first bites of artisan cheese.  It was a match made in heaven.  She now shares stories of her cheese adventures and recipes for cheese-oriented fare through her blog and other writings.  She also loves writing about her travels that often involve tracking down local, artisan cheese shops.  Her free time is spent developing recipes, hanging out with cheese mongers and photographing cheese.  It is a marriage of the two things she loves most, words and dairy products.

My New Roots

Author: Sarah Britton

my-new-rootsMy New Roots is based in Copenhagen, Denmark where Sarah creates her own original recipes for magazines, writes articles about healthy cooking and hosts workshops on cooking.  She is educated in Holistic Nutrition and started her blog as a way to share her knowledge with others.  She feels that blogging is more than just a recipe and after learning invaluable information through her studies, she wanted to show others how to better themselves though diet and lifestyle changes.  Personally, she eats almost entirely organic foods and her diet is 99% vegetables, fruits, whole grains and other whole foods.  She says that nothing can make you think better, feel better or look better than whole foods.

O&O Eats

oandoatsAuthor: Summer Min
Summer loves to create recipes based on the eclectic mix of things she personally likes. Her tastes are varied and stem from the broad range of places she’s lived and loved. She currently lives in Brooklyn but has also spent time in Austin, Texas, Chicago, Illinois and studied abroad in London. Her Asian background adds to her diversified palate as well. She tries to conform to a healthy diet with lots of vegetables and tries to not eat meat too often. Her beautiful photographs aren’t to be missed and help organize her recipes into categories such as “Sweets and Treats” and “Salty and Savory”. She is a self-proclaimed crazy cat lady and, if you were wondering, the O and O in her name represent the two loves of her life, her cats Dr. Oppenheimer and Olivia.

Once Upon a Chef

Author: Jenn Segal

once-upon-a-chefJenn is a classically trained chef and busy mom of two whose passions are family and food.  When her son was born in 2003 she left the restaurant business and began to focus on creating recipes that her whole family would love.  Her challenge was to find combinations that not only the family would eat but that the chef in her would love to make.  She has perfected her recipes so that they will work for you the very first time you try them and she includes step-by-step photos to help you along the way.  She lives in the Washington, D.C. area with her husband, two children and a yellow lab named Miles.

Rasa Malaysia

Author: Bee Yinn Low

rasa-malaysiaBee now lives in Irvine, California, but was born in Penang, Malaysia, which was the inspiration for the name of her blog, Rasa Malaysia. Rasa Malaysia means Taste of Malaysia, but her blog is filled with wonderful recipes that range from Asian, to American home cooking, to baking and sweets.  She is a best-selling cookbook author, social media influencer and has also been a digital brand ambassador.  Her blog and social media sites have over 4 million fans and she is a trusted voice for national brands such as PF Chang’s, Nissin, KitchenAid and more. Via Rasa Malaysia, Bee catalogs over 1,000 recipes that are made with simple ingredients which deliver flavorful results.

Saffron Pudding

Author: Fatemah Alhusayni

saffron-puddingFatemah started her blog partly as a way of discovering what it means to be a Muslim woman living in the United States.  She wanted to find her identity and to rediscover her roots and middle eastern traditions.  An online photography course also helped her become interested in sharing her recipes as she took pictures and shared her creations via social media. She chose the name Saffron Pudding because it is an Iranian sweet that is often passed out during ceremonies and commemorations and she felt it set the proper tone for a middle eastern food blog.  She believes in eating unprocessed, natural and raw foods that adhere to her Muslim food rules.

Southern Made Simple

Author: Laura Tucker

southern-made-simpleThere is no better way to learn about simple southern cooking than to connect with Laura, a wife and mother whose roots are planted deep in rural Alabama.  Laura invites you to share her favorite bits of Southern culture and cuisine through her blog and her writing makes you feel as if you’re spending the afternoon on her front porch.  She enjoys sharing the ways of the South where she says things move a bit slower and people know you by name.   Head on over to her blog for a Blackberry Jalapeno Pepper Jelly recipe that was inspired by her grandmother, who knows how to make a mean, fresh-canned pickle.

The Brick Kitchen

Author: Claudia Brick

Claudia is a 19-year-old from Auckland, New Zealand with a passion for food.  She is a baker and photographer who is also currently studying at medical school in Melbourne, Australia.  When she isn’t at school, she is home cooking up a storm for her family which includes her mom, dad and three younger brothers.  She says that the family kitchen is a library of cookbooks that often takes over the countertops.  She likes preparing healthy meals for her family and luckily they are very devoted to sports and exercise because she delights in spoiling them with indulgent desserts.  Her blog is filled with beautiful photography and it includes personal stories mixed with recipes for a heartwarming read.

The Forest Feast

Author: Erin Gleeson

the-forest-feastErin writes The Forest Feast from Woodside, California where she, her husband, and son live in a lovely cabin in the woods.  Her recipes are influenced by her beautiful, natural surroundings and local, seasonal ingredients.  She has written three cookbooks and currently teaches a continuing studies course in photography at Stanford University.  Her first cookbook is a NY Times Bestseller and the second is an adaptation of the first, inspired by her son and meant for kids to cook from.  Her third book, The Forest Feast Gatherings, features 100 simple, vegetarian recipes geared for entertaining.  Her previous work as a food photographer in New York City is evident in her photographic recipe illustrations and inspires the reader to keep coming back for more.

Thyme for Cooking

Author: Katie Zeller

thyme-for-cookingKatie grew up, learning about food, in the states of Minnesota and Wisconsin in the USA.  Most recently, she spent a year in Ireland and seven years in Andorra before settling in France in 2004.  She has always been a passionate cook and her first writing project was a menu-planning service called Thyme for Cooking.  However, she wanted to also share some of her more complex and creative recipes and include her delightful stories of living in France, and so the blog, Thyme for Cooking, was born.  Her unique background provides an interesting outlook into the nature of food and its importance in different regions around the world.

Vermilion Roots

Author: Christine Leong

vermilion-rootsChristine and her husband live in the San Francisco Bay area of California.  Her blog, Vermilion Roots, is written with her unique point of view that stems from her new life in the USA and her background growing up in Kuala Lumpur as a chef’s daughter.  Often, while walking through her new neighborhood to learning her way around, new recipes and food ideas would pop into her head.  She believes in visiting local markets to familiarize yourself with the neighborhood people, food and culture and sees it as a way of finding the things you didn’t know you needed!  He blog is a lovely mix of interesting recipes and adventures as well as her introspective thoughts on life.

Yummy Supper

Author: Erin Scott

yummy-supperErin is a food and lifestyle photographer who has always been obsessed with food.  She believes that the magical combination of joy, freshness and seasonal foods creates the healthiest bodies.  Personally, she has been diagnosed with Celiac Disease and has since become more creative in her cooking.  She removed all gluten from her kitchen and now focuses on a gluten-free diet for her and her family.  The change was nothing short of inspiring as she went on to write a gluten-free cookbook in order to share her recipes.  She feels that cooking does not have to be a chore and can be a simple pleasure that everyone can enjoy, gluten-free or not.

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