Top 25 Beauty Bloggers

Top 25 Beauty Bloggers

At Thoroughly Reviewed we have quite an extensive health & beauty section that helps consumers find the best lipstick, pore minimizer and foundation makeup to name a few products we reviewed on the site. We wanted to take some time and recognize beauty bloggers who are producing great content. Check out our list of the Top 25 Beauty Bloggers.


Beauty & the Beat

beauty-and-the-beatAuthor: Margo Francois

Despite a full-time job in digital marketing, Margo loves finding time to blog about beauty and fitness.  She started as a freelance journalist covering beauty, style and entertainment but soon she felt the need to share her expertise with others and so her blog, Beauty and the Beat, was born.  She calls it a one stop shop and loves personally testing and reviewing products and new beauty techniques.  Recently, she added yoga to her healthy living routine and began to share that journey on her blog as well.  Margo is also a beauty contributor to publications such as Essence, Popsugar, and Jones Magazine to name a few.  Writing is her passion and you can find many fabulous interviews and reviews on her blog.

Beauty & the Best

beauty-and-the-bestAuthor: Shreya Kulkarni

Shreya writes her Indian Beauty and Makeup blog from the beautiful city that she loves, Mumbai.  She calls herself a beauty and fashion addict and devotes much of her time to testing and reviewing beauty products.  She has a strong social media following and her posts are inspirational.  Her aim is to catch the latest beauty buzz, hottest makeup looks and skincare tips and share them with her followers. She likes to intersperse positive and inspirational comments on her blog and hopes that you come away feeling upbeat, happy and with a bit of new-found inspiration.

Beauty Geek UK

beautygeek-ukAuthor: Sascha

Sascha is an award-winning beauty blogger and mom who currently resides in London, a city which she loves to write about and share with her readers.  She considers herself both a lifestyle and beauty blogger and loves all things food but says that of all of these, her heart belongs to beauty.   Sascha’s main love, her son Teddy, is the inspiration for the instructive section of her blog that is dedicated to babies and children.  Here you can find reviews on many great and all-natural skin care products for children. She also enjoys sharing her ideas and views on new and up-and-coming make up products.  She looks forward to you visiting her site and to sharing her findings with you.

Blog for Beauty

blog-for-beautyAuthor: Renee Lorentzen

Renee is a freelance makeup artist currently living in Singapore.  Her main focus is bridal and wedding make up as well as special events and fashion shows.  She has penned an e-book to help those just new to makeup with the fitting title, Makeup for Beginners.  The book began as a 6-part series of blog posts that were written in 2008.  When she decided to update the series with new information, she realized she had enough material to create the book.  She feels that the number one beauty tip for beginners is to get your eyebrows professionally done and continue to fill them in afterwards.

Cassandra Myee

cassandra-myeeAuthor: Cassandra Myee

Cass has always been drawn to all things beauty but it wasn’t until she started reading international blogs and watching YouTube videos that she started to embrace and somewhat obsess over it!  She ultimately wanted to review and share her own information and so her eponymous blog was born.  She lives and writes in Auckland, New Zealand and often features New Zealand products but, as an avid online shopper, reviews brands from all over the world.  She delights in beauty talk and hopes that her blog encourages you to try out a new beauty item or technique that you might not have tried before.  You can find her on all her social media platforms at the same address @cassandramyee

Chic at any Age


Author: Josephine

Josephine delights in being a fashion and beauty resource for women over 50.   Being a woman of mature years herself, she noticed that the over-50 sector was underserved on the internet and wanted to fill a niche.  Her background in fashion and beauty began in Fashion PR and as a trained Image Consultant.  Later she worked in the corporate world running seminars, doing private coaching and speaking at conferences.  Her extensive fashion background serves her well as she collects, reviews and shares her findings.  She is the proud mother of two grown children and three grandsons. She and her husband currently spend their time between London and St. Tropez.


credo-beautyAuthor: Lydia Harter

Credo is Latin for “I Believe” and the company firmly believes that transparency in products and brands is important.  Credo vows never to carry products with known harmful ingredients or animal byproducts and does not carry products that are tested on animals.  They review and test products from around the world to find the very best, clean beauty products that use safe, sustainable and ethically sourced ingredients.  They assure you that you need to only view their product line to find the best products from around the world.  Credo is based in San Francisco and pledges to guide its readers to become more conscious about what we put on their skin and encourages us to pay close attention to the ingredients found in all skin and body products.


eleiseAuthor: Eleise

Eleise is a trained make-up artist having studied at beauty school in London.  Her love of makeup began when she was a teenager and received her first Bobbi Brown beauty book.  She quickly came to be in awe of what she could create using makeup. Eventually her friends began asking her for beauty tips and makeup help which inspired her to start her blog.  For family and friends, she had always been the go-to person to ask about what products to buy and how to use them.  With a blog she realized she could use this knowledge to help everyone who had the same questions and her site, Eleise, was created.  She currently lives in Brighton, England.

Eleventh Beauty

eleventh-beautyAuthor: Matilda Martinez

Matilda is an organic beauty blogger who believes that natural beauty glows from within.  She sees it as a simple reflection of one’s heart, soul and inner wellness. She has a deep passion for holistic, natural beauty and promises to research and review products with honesty and integrity.   Through her blog she hopes to help others find direction and make conscious beauty choices which are kind to both their bodies and the planet.  She has lived on three continents and can speak Spanish but is a Melbournian through and through.  She currently lives in Melbourne, Australia with her husband and two little boys.  Matilda can be found blogging on the train as she commutes to her “real” job.

Glow Recipe

glow-recipeAuthor: Sarah Lee & Christine Chang

Sarah and Christine have a combined experience of over 20 years working in the global beauty industry.  The have spent time in New York City, Seoul, Hong Kong and Paris and have curated a blog that they hope will be a destination site that makes natural Korean beauty products and the latest skincare trends accessible to women around the world.  They believe in endorsing all-natural and harsh-free products, so nothing laden with chemicals such as parabens, triclosans, BPAs or phthalates, and pledge to share only the best and most up-to-date skincare trends, tips and tricks.  They promise to only advocate for products that they absolutely love themselves.  They currently live in New York City and their blog has been featured in several magazines including New York, Marie Claire, Forbes, Vogue and Elle.

Hot & Flashy

Author: Angie

Angie is an over 50 beauty and style blogger who brings anti-aging, beauty, style and health to women who want to maintain a little “hotness” in their hot-flash years. She has a delightful and positive way of sharing her knowledge and showing her readers how 50 can be the new 30. Her blog is filled with wonderful advice such as anti-aging skin care products and techniques as well as recipes and exercise tips to help promote health and well-being. Along with her blog, Angie is a prolific vlogger and has a strong following on many other social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Jessica KG

jessica-kgAuthor: Jessica

As a blogger, Jessica is often reminded of the importance of finding her niche.  She has always loved beauty and therefore her blog is her passion, written in words.  She finds it important to be open and honest with her readers and she promises to personally try every product she writes about and to review it with her genuine and impartial opinion.  If she reviews a product and finds elements that she doesn’t like, she will truthfully report her findings.  She encourages you to read through her blog and contact her if you have any questions or just want to say “hello”.  Engagement is hugely important to her and she looks forward to open dialog with her readers.

Living Pretty Naturally

living-pretty-naturallyAuthor: Kate Murphy

Kate’s beauty blog is filled with information on how to optimize your own natural beauty.  She believes in beauty from within and therefore believes in products that are natural and good.  She avoids chemical-laden products that she feels will create future problems with internal organs or feed cancer cells and says to remember that what goes on, goes in.  Her first beauty inspiration is her mom whom she calls a true, natural beauty and who worked for a naturopath in her early days.  Kate is a Canadian living in Norway who holds an MBA and is also a yogini and certified yoga instructor.  She declares her blog to be a culmination of knowledge, trial, and error and hopes you enjoy it and learn something from writings.

Lola’s Secret Beauty Blog

lolas-secret-beauty-blogAuthor: Lola

With academic training in art and art history, Lola has a unique view on the meaning of the word beauty and how it transforms into art.  She looks at beauty with a deep curiosity about our inner desire to adorn and transform ourselves.  She sees beauty as art and believes that the artiface and skill with which we apply make up to enhance our features to resemble nature is not unlike the philosophy of idealizing Renaissance portraiture.  Because of this belief, she chose Botticelli’s portrait of Simonetta Vespucci as the face of her blog.  She feels that a “good canvas” requires good skincare and is forever looking for skin care products of the highest quality.  She enjoys the fun of blogging and also the fact that it helps her to catalog all of the products that she’s come to believe in.

Makeup Reviews Hall

makeup-reviews-hallAuthor: Prerna

Prerna writes her delightful blog from her home country of India.  Her blog is filled with information on everything from hair care to healthy living to home remedies.  The home remedies section offers hand-made help on how to deal with simple beauty issues and needs.  Many of her home remedies stem from the beautiful and rich culture of India and are based on natural oils and foods that are readily available to most everyone.  Prerna also loves beauty products and cosmetics. Because her friends are always looking for her to review the “next best thing”, she decided to start her blog and share her findings with everyone around the world.

Memorable Days

memorable-daysAuthor: Elisa Lee

Elisa created her blog, Memorable Days, in 2012 as a way of sharing her thoughts about beauty and fashion.  It was originally started as a hobby but blossomed over time into her full-time profession.  She currently lives in Amsterdam but her Korean heritage keeps her focused on Asian beauty products.  In the past she has worked with European fashion companies such as TALLY WEiJL, NEXT and Zalando and Asian beauty websites including Jolse, W2Beauty and Wishtrend.  Check out the Product Release section of her blog for new and up-and-coming products.

My Beauty Bunny

my-beauty-bunnyAuthor: Jen Mathews

Based in Los Angeles, Jen started her award-winning blog as a way to connect with other animal lovers who are looking for cruelty-free beauty products.  She began her blog in 2009 and it has become a huge hit with both men and women looking for products not tested on animals.  Her blog is organized into sections for makeup, body, skin and hair (among others) and she even has a category for Vegan products.  Her blog has been featured in People Style Watch, KTLA Los Angeles and Shape Magazine, to name a few.  Most recently she founded the Beauty Blog Coalition which is a group of beauty bloggers connecting to help each other grow.

No Nonsense Beauty Blog

no-nonsense-beauty-blogAuthor: Deborah Chase

Deb’s smile and her love of fashion and beauty is contagious.  She delights in talking and writing about beauty and specifically wants to share her knowledge of anti-aging techniques on her blog.  During college at New York University, she worked as a lab assistant to a research dermatologist who was studying aging.  This planted a seed in her and she went on to write 12 books on health and beauty including, The Medically Based No-Nonsense Beauty Book and Fruit Acids for Fabulous Skin.  She has also created a collective of 10 lifestyle blogs for women over 40 called Fashion Flash.  Today she sees aging as the ONLY beauty issue for mature women and is devoted to helping readers learn ways to combat it.

Politics of Pretty

politics-of-prettyAuthor: Kara Manos

Kara writes her blog from her home in the Washington DC area in the United States.  She is a graduate of Towson University with a degree in journalism and new media. She is a marketing manager by day and lifestyle-blogger extraordinaire at night when she scours the nation’s capital searching for the latest news, events and products.  Her blog concentrates on Makeup, Hair, Skincare and Nails and she has contributed content to Washington Life and Bethesda Magazine.   She dedicates her blog to both beauty junkies and newcomers alike.

Pretty Connected

pretty-connectedAuthor: Lara Eurdolian

Lara has years of experience in the beauty and fashion industry working for brands such as NARS, Kiehl’s and Jurlique.   After refining her beauty and business expertise with these companies, she moved on to private consulting and partnered with corporate brands such as COVERGIRL, BaubleBar, Avon and Aveeno.  With these companies she helped to develop print advertisement, ambassadorships and social campaigns.  Recently, she partnered with a non-profit company to launch an initiative to collect unused beauty products for women who find themselves homeless or victims of domestic violence. Visit her blog to get insider tips and up-to-date information on what’s happening in the forefront of the beauty world.

Prime Beauty

prime-beautyAuthor: Cindy Ingalls

Cindy writes and edits her blog, Prime Beauty, from the beautiful state of Washington in the USA.  She has a background in fashion merchandising and is a social media manager and a member of the Beauty Blogger Coalition.  Her blog focuses on serving women 40 and over who are in the prime of their life.  It is packed with articles on skincare, makeup, product reviews and makeup tips and tricks.  She hopes to inspire and celebrate women over 40 and her goal is to help keep them looking beautiful and young, long into the future.

Rougepout Beauty

rouge-poutAuthor: Rebecca

Rebecca is a red-lipsticked, Yorkshire lass with widespread knowledge and enthusiasm for beauty.  This unbridled enthusiasm started when she was 7 years old and discovered red nail polish.  At that time she promised herself that she would wear red when she grew up.  Despite being pulled into the “blue” days of the 1980s, she now wears red nearly every day.  She is a former YSL makeup artist and skin care consultant having worked on editorial shoots and events.  She unites all of her experiences and knowledge while writing her blog.   She is now in her 40s and firmly believes that age does not define you when it comes to cosmetics.

The Happiness Blog

the-happiness-blogAuthor: Jazzy Roulhac

Jazzy is a Boston-based fashion and lifestyle blogger who is filled with happiness!  She is a twenty(something) year old writer and former personal stylist who says that when she was younger, she dreamed of being like the YouTubers and bloggers that she followed.  One day after high school, she posted for the first time and the rest is history.  She has been inspired to write, blog and post ever since and has built up quite an impressive social media following.  She sees beauty in everything and dreams of one day being able to generate enough income from her blog that she can do it full time.

Vanity Craze

vanity-crazeAuthor: Anamika Shrivatastava

Although she is an engineer by trade, Anamika is a beauty and fashion enthusiast by heart.  She currently lives in Pune, India and has just recently joined the world of blogging.  She delights in trying new products and giving her honest and pure impressions of them.  Her blog contains information on many natural and Ayurvedic products which is compelling to readers who are looking for healthy, herbal products.  She has thoughtfully provided recipes on her blog to make DIY beauty products such as her Homemade Olive Oil and Egg Hair Mask for dry and damaged hair.  She is always looking out for the best products for her readers and relishes in her ability to write about and share them.

Vegan Beauty Review

vegan-beauty-reviewAuthor: Sunny Subramanian

Sunny has lived a vegan and cruelty-free lifestyle since the year 2000.  She is a fun and happy, pink-haired, wife, mother, vegan beauty junkie, animal lover and self-proclaimed crazy cat lady.  She was the first vegan blogger to hit the internet in 2007 and today has a strong social media following. Through her channels she loves sharing reviews and recipes with her followers.  Most recently she co-wrote and published a book called The Compassionate Chick’s Guide to DIY Beauty which is filled with recipes for vegan, gluten-free and cruelty-free makeup, skin and hair products.

Wit & Whimsy

wit-whimsyAuthor: Meghan Donovan

Meghan’s style and beauty fashion are, in part, influenced by the famous, cosmopolitan cities that she’s lived in.  Originally from Chicago, she has lived in both London and Paris and has spent eight years in California.  She currently lives in one of the most incredible fashion meccas of the world; New York City.  She created her blog Wit & Whimsy in 2006 to use as a platform for sharing her passion for fashion and beauty.  In her blog you can be sure to find fashion inspiration, beauty product reviews, and stories of women doing awesome things in their careers and much, much more.  She is also a photography buff and you can find her beautiful photographs interspersed throughout her blog.

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