Top 25 Automotive Bloggers

Top 25 Automotive Bloggers

At Thoroughly Reviewed we exhaustively review extended car warranty companies and have many auto related reviews. If you’ve ever considered tackling your own automotive repairs or are just into cars we put together the Top 25 Automotive Bloggers which is filled with folks who have already taken these steps and are excited to show you the way.  Their blogs are filled with tips, tricks, how-to articles, and heaps of information on how to get started or do it better.  Maybe you’re just looking for some good car conversation.  Either way, you’re sure to find the inspiration you’re looking for from these top bloggers on our list.

All About Automotive

Author: Steve Johnston

After obtaining a degree in Automotive Technology from Mount Hood Community College, Steve worked as a technician in various Ford dealerships, at an independent shop and also spent some time in Alaska working on heavy equipment.  Yet his dream was to own and run his own shop in his hometown of Gresham, Oregon.  He wanted to provide customers with a quality shop, run with high standards and with excellent customer service.  Together with his wife Karen, Steve opened All About Automotive on October 1st, 2000.  Their blog helps to educate customers on car issues and answers car questions as well as provides good car advice.  Their friendly team is more than happy to help.

Auto Upkeep Blog

Author: Michael & Linda Gray

Mike grew up in the automotive industry helping to diagnose and fix cars at his family’s service station.  He subsequently worked at a parts supply store, at towing companies and at other service facilities before obtaining a Bachelor’s and then a Master’s degree.  He is co-author of 10 books designed for team teaching.  Linda became motivated early on to learn about cars so that she could be self-reliant and save money.  She was often found working on her Pontiac Fiero and reupholstering auto interiors at her family’s upholstery shop. She later designed, built, and tested a hybrid electric vehicle with classmates at the University of Redlands. Together Michael and Linda run the Auto Upkeep Blog which helps readers with basic car care, maintenance, and repair.

Autobahn Collision Center

Author: Tony and Johnny Ananyan

Together, Tony and Johnny have over 20 years of experience in the automotive industry. They honed their skills at various collision, auto and repair shops until their father opened the first Autobahn Collision Center in 1995.  They began working for their father until, years later, they were able to take over the company and start running it on their own.  They built it into such a thriving business that in 2014 they successfully opened a second location in Torrance, California which is located in the South Bay region of Los Angeles County.  Today they continue to build their reputation as experts in the industry and are passionate about the work they do.

Author: Chris Burdick

Chris loves cars and ever since starting in 2006, that love has remained central to his vision for the site. On, readers will find automotive industry news, new car reviews, and editorials on many different topics, including autonomous driving. There is an area of the site dedicated to the Future of Transportation. Today he works with a dedicated, grassroots team that covers as many car events and happenings as possible. Members include Carl Anthony, Automoblog’s Managing Editor, Geoff Maxted, author of the site’s Letter From The UK series, Michael Bellamy who pens the Memory Lane series, and Denis Flierl who handles all of the new car reviews. Other feature writers include Jonathan Orr, Tony Borroz and Jerry Mooney.  Chris currently works full time as the Editor-in-Chief at Gearhead Media, a company he founded in North Carolina.

Bang Shift

Author: Brian Lohnes & Chad Reynolds

Together Brian and Chad run their site, Bang Shift, which they describe as The Car Junkie Daily Magazine. Brian is editor-in-chief and Chad is the publisher.  They love what they do and have created a fantastic destination for gearheads to get their fix.  They cover everything from Trucks, Land Speed Racing, Pro Touring, Drag Racing and even just good old fashioned hot rods.  Brian fell in love with motorized vehicles at a young age when he met his dad’s 8N tractor. Chad grew up riding in the back seat of a 1968 Z28 at the Fremont Drag Strip in Northern California.  They’ve been fascinated by cars, trucks and motors ever since. Today their site has expanded and they’ve launched BangShift 1320, BangShift APEX and BANGSHIFT XL which gives them the ability to provide more content for their readers.   Head on over and share the love.

Car Blog Malaysia

Author: Dhina Darshna Maniam

Dhina has a unique perspective on automobiles as he writes to us from Kuala Lumpur in his home country of Malaysia.  He writes articles and reviews that cover car maintenance, driving culture, automobile history and even games – anything and everything about cars.  Professionally he works for Air India and can always be found in the world of engines.  Connect with his blog to learn about the Asian car world and the differences that exist even within the same car brand.


Author: Caroline Ecklin

Caroline grew up around cars and considers herself a gear head.  She is so comfortable around cars that she started race school in 2010 at Skip Barber and got her race car licenses in 2013.  She wants to help women (and men!) by showing them that cars are not as difficult as they may seem and that you don’t need to be an expert to know what is going on behind the wheel.  She explains everything you need to know about cars and hopes to be able to build female confidence in the male dominant world of automobiles.  Some of her How To articles include, How to Understand (and organize) Your Owner’s Manual and How to Start Your Car with a Dead Battery.  Great tips for anyone!

Chris On Cars

Author: Chris Raymond

Chris loves the fast life and has an appreciation for cars that is second to none.  He loves the shape and styling of cars and sees them as rolling pieces of art.  Growing up he chose to drive a V12 Jaguar because he loved the beauty and styling of the car, something exciting! He is a self-described car nut. He began his blog because he wanted to add to the internet a site with great photos of beautiful cars from around the world.  He also sprinkles his blog with thought, wit and intelligence.  He loves spending hours reading and talking about even the most frivolous aspects of cars.  Check out his blog for some great car discussion.

Classic Automotive Innovations

Author: Pamela Induni

Brian and Pam are a husband and wife team from Portland, Oregon who have a passion for classic cars.  Pam admits that she originally wasn’t as passionate as her husband but says she went from tolerating his passion to being co-founder of their high-tech, classic car business.  She has a passion for getting girls interested in STEM careers and also in getting women more interested in classic cars.  She writes Wire Wheels Wife which is the blog on their site and hopes it inspires both men and women in the classic car community.  She tells women to join her in going from being passengers to being drivers!

Corvette Blogger

Author: Keith Cornett

Keith grew up in the passenger seat of a 1966 convertible Corvette that his father bought new, two years before he was born.  He could often be found at his father’s side going to cruises and car shows.  In 1993 that same ’66 convertible became his and two years later he launched his first Corvette website dedicated to that same car.  In 1996 he started the site and to date has had over 20,000 Corvettes pass through.  His blog, Corvette Blogger, covers everything imaginable when it comes to Corvettes including racing, news, cars available on the market and even a section on Corvette lifestyle.  If you love Corvettes, this is the place to be!

Don’t Get Wrenched

Author: Elayne Kling

Elayne was the owner of a downtown Manhattan auto repair shop for 25 years where her customers included everyone from celebrities to NYPD to FDNY to countless New York City dwellers.  She is one gutsy New Yorker that hopes to instill more confidence in women when it comes to automobiles.  She has prided herself on the special care she offers women whom she feels are often mistreated in the auto repair world.  Today Elayne fills her blog with tips and trick for her readers that she hopes will educate them and save them hassle and money.  She’s even posted an article on how it’s possible to do your own minor car dent repair!

Elite Auto Repair

Author: David Shultz

David was drawn to the car repair business mainly because he feels it has a nice mix of technological and mechanical challenges that can keep him interested long term.  As a young boy, he worked in his father’s repair shop, but at the time wasn’t convinced that auto repair was for him.  After completing his B.S. in business and working in the insurance field for 10 years he decided to do what he never thought he would – open an auto repair shop!  Today he owns both Elite Collision Center and Elite Auto Repair and feels that the key to their success is treating his customers the way his father did, with honesty and respect. His blog contains helpful articles on subjects such as repair tips, new products, and car reviews.

Fiat 500 USA

Author: Chris

Chris’s runs his blog, which he started in 2009, as the unofficial blog of the Fiat 500.  He invites readers to come along with him as he shares information on the origin and making of the car as well as its new release in 2007.  He has long been an Italian car owner and enthusiast.  He has a strong social media following and can be found on sites such as YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest to name a few.  Visit his blog to discover all things Fiat 500!

Grease Girl

Author: Kristin Cline

Kristin started Grease Girl when she bought her 1955 Studebaker Champion with all intentions of turning it into her daily driver, even throughout the unrivaled traffic woes of Los Angeles.  She is drawn to classic cars because of their styling, sleek designs and she appreciates the way that they are mechanically simpler than modern cars.  She was determined to learn how to do all of the mechanical work on her “Stude” herself and that journey gave birth to her site, Grease Girl.  Through her blog she shares articles on DIY, adventures in the field and projects in hopes of recruiting more beginners and women to the garage.

Learn Auto Body and Paint

Author: Tony Bandalos

Tony’s main goal with his blog is to help his readers learn how to apply auto body paint strategies to all of their home projects.  He has over 18 years of collision repair and custom paint experience and has seen it all.  When he was 15 years old he painted his first car by painting his step father’s black car white!  Tony was hooked.  From there he ventured into auto body repair by helping in his father Joe’s auto body shop.  By the time Tony was 21 he had custom painted dozens of cars and had a strong customer following.  With his blog he hopes to share with his readers the best and most accurate information related to auto body repair and painting.


Author: Arun Simon

Otobots is a site developed by Arun and Kuruvilla Simon that connects car owners with expert mechanics. They are based in Oak Brook, Illinois and their mobile service offers anything from brake pad replacement, spare tire installation, pre-purchase car inspections, diagnostics and more. They offer their services in Illinois, Texas and California and come to your home or office at a predetermined price with a certified and experienced mechanic.  Their mission is to deliver a cost-effective, convenience solution to your car maintenance problems.  Read their blog posts to discover the top 5 winter weather essentials for your car as well as winter maintenance tips and suggestions.

Rolf’s Import Auto Service

Author: Mark Simons

Mark is the son of the original owner of Rolf’s Import Auto Service, Rolf himself! Mark has been a part of the company since he was a young child and for as long as he can remember he has been going to the shop.  Rolf’s is based out of Lakewood, Washington and has a second location in Fife.  The mission of Rolf’s is to provide premier services and repairs to import cars such as Audi, BMW, Mercedes, and Porsche.  They provide ongoing training to their professional mechanics and their goal is to service your car with the utmost care and knowledge. Their blog covers everything from spooky car noises to gift and stocking stuffer ideas for car enthusiasts.

Stance is Everything

Author: Dave Thomas

Dave is a true believer that nothing brings a car together more than a great combination of wheel fitment and ride height.  Since 2009, his blog, Stance is Everything, has been THE stance website for customers in both his home country of Canada and abroad.  The team travels every year to SEMA and provides event coverage on their blog, a virtual trip to the show itself, in Las Vegas. They are thrilled to be able to bring their readers all the information they can find on the aspect of automotive styling and customization that they love, Stance.  Their strong Instagram following shows that they’re definitely doing it right!

Standridge Auto Parts

Author: Jody Standridge

Jody and her sisters Stacey and Deedra own Standridge Auto Parts which was founded in 1972 by their late father, Billy Standridge of NASCAR fame.  When he was 17, Billy worked in a salvage yard and before he knew it was starting his own business before he even graduated from high school.  This was the beginnings of Standridge Auto Parts.  Billy was a successful business man with a heart of gold who always worked hard to make things better for himself and his family.  Sadly, Billy lost his brief but hard-fought battle with cancer in 2014.  Today Standridge Auto Parts and its offshoot companies are run by his three daughters who strive to live up to his beautiful legacy.

Subcompact Culture

Author: Andy Lilienthal

Andy created Subcompact Culture, his small car blog, in 2008 to share reviews, events, news, gear, lifestyle, and anything else that pertains to small vehicles.  From his hometown of Portland, Oregon he covers compact, subcompact, micro and mini cars and from time to time even includes vehicles that are a bit bigger.  He is a member of the Northwest Automotive Association and his goal is to create a site where all small-car enthusiasts can check out the latest and greatest news, stories, and culture on subcompact cars.

The Amberlight Garage

Author: Frank Mares

Frank loves reading about automotive history and anything automotive-related – even repair manuals!  He started his blog in 2008 and writes to us from Southern California where the weather is perfect for working on cars!  His blog is a combination of car-related facts, repair tips, opinions. Frank also loves photography and shares with readers some of his own photographs, thrown in for good measure. When he was roughly 14, he got both his first car and first camera, a 1961 Triumph Spitfire and a 35 mm Argus.  He’s been enjoying both hobbies ever since and loves combining them for his blog.  Check him out and feel free to post your comments.  He looks forward to hearing from you.

The Best Car Blog Ever

Author: Siddhesh Thadeshwar

Sid blogs from the city of Mumbai in his home country of India.  He is a car enthusiast and calls himself a 100% Certified Car-Crazy guy.  He has a strong social media following and posts great pictures of both new and classic cars, everything from a 1932 Ford Model B to a sleek, new Bugatti.  Although many people in India have drivers, Sid prefers to drive himself because he loves the feeling of the steering wheel and the gear shift in his own hands.  He loves sharing and talking about cars and looks forward to your comments, suggestions and feedback on his blog and posts.

The Garage Blog

Author: Gary Grant

Gary grew up in Ontario, Canada and because his dad was an active road racer, he was dragged to race tracks all over Ontario.  He says that the smell of hot Castrol R was burned into his brain and left a truly lasting impression!  He spent many of his summers turning wrenches and travelling to race tracks.  In high school, he and his friends built a few VW GTIs to varying levels of tune and he even started a racing career by entering in a few auto crosses and navigational rallies.  Professionally he spent 23 years in the retail side of the auto industry.  Through it all he kept his obsession for cars and car racing alive.  He loves to share his experiences and knowledge with his readers and hopes you enjoy his musings.

The Mechanic Doctor

Author: Jee and Louis

Jee and Louis met in auto mechanic school where their personalities clicked and they found they worked well together.  After school, they unfortunately went separate ways but soon realized they were unsatisfied with the industry and wanted to be back together working.  They hoped to bring back some of the fun they had while working together fixing cars in their backyards.  Their blog is dedicated to both the amateur and pro mechanic who hopes to put a bit of fun into their work while reading tips, advice, and all kinds of useful stuff while reading their blog.  A recent blog title is “Featured Girl Mechanic of the Month” which shows that they definitely have something for everyone!

The View Through the Windshield

Author: Joe Sherlock

Joe is a self-described car nut and says he thinks of everything in terms of automobiles.  He just plain “likes cars” and always has.  He started drawing cars at the age of 4 and drove his first car at the age of 13.  He hangs around with fellow car enthusiasts and gearheads and loves to exchange stories with them.  Although now retired, he has a background in Mechanical Engineering and successfully grew his own plastics company from three employees into the largest manufacturer of acrylic displays in North America.  He started his blog, The View Through the Windshield in 2004 as a way of recording his own personal journal of interesting automobile information that he finds humorous, significant and/or ironic.  His strong following of loyal readers would agree!

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