Top 20 Yoga Bloggers

Top 20 Yoga Bloggers

Yoga is an ancient spiritual discipline that has existed for millennia. It not only calms your mind and body, but can increase flexibility and strengthen muscles.  It is a gentle, all-natural, and calming way to become one with your inner self and stave off angst.  The following Top 20 Yoga Bloggers are dedicated to helping others find the healing life path they’ve found. A path filled with health and happiness that also includes being present in the here-and-now.  Read about their journeys and be inspired.  Whether you are contemplating your first class, or are a seasoned yogi, you will enjoy sharing in their journeys. Also, take a look at our reviews to help you select the best Yoga DVD, Yoga mat and yoga book.

Anacostia Yogi

Author: Sariane Leigh

Sariane describes herself as a modern-day revolutionary who is tackling health issues and disparities in her own, unique way.   Her journey began when she started teaching free vinyasa classes to a small group of interested students at the local community center.  Slowly she started noticing that more and more people were coming to her classes and reaping the benefits of having yoga in their lives.  They were ready to change and ready to act.  She came to realize that her yoga practice was meant to share as an act of service and her goal today is to show people how radical changes in health can bring radical changes in wealth.  She can be found teaching in her studio, east of the Anacostia River in Washington D.C. and is dedicated to her life of service.

Ashley Josephine

Author: Ashley Josephine Zuberi

Ashley first discovered yoga on a DVD in high school.  However, it took her a few years before she tried group classes at her college gym.  As a self-described A-type personality, her constant overachievement was causing her an excess of stress and physical pain.  The physical pain was causing even more stress and she was stuck in an endless cycle.  She turned to yoga to calm her mind and body.  By dedicating herself to yoga, she has managed to eliminate her pain and reduced her worries to a healthy level.  Today her goal is to help other A-type personalities gain back control of their lives, to help them live without pain and to love their life.

Big Sky Yoga Retreats

Author: Margaret Burns Vap

Margaret always said that her husband’s home state of Montana would make a great place for a yoga retreat.  This seed was planted when Margaret, also the founder of Georgetown Yoga in Washington, D.C., dreamed of a retreat in a place where you can get away from it all and clear your mind.  The Big Sky state of Montana was her answer.  Today she offers you Big Sky Yoga amongst the beauty of Montana with its fresh mountain air and abundant wildlife that helps declutter your mind, body, and soul. She believes that yoga can help you do EVERYTHING better and that daily practice is paramount to this. Her retreats will show you how to take advantage of the natural rhythms for your body and how to transfer the relaxation of your practices into your everyday life.

Breathe Hot Yoga

Author: Suzie Allan

Suzie knew immediately, after her first yoga class in 1999, that she would someday own her own studio.  Fast forward to 2010 when she decided to take that plunge and the rest is history.  While still working at her “real job” she spent a year of research, study, design, and planning – often waking at 2 am to get her work done.  She was answering a calling to follow her dream to help others enrich their lives.  Today, Breathe Hot Yoga, in Calgary, Canada is her labor of love that has grown into a notable yoga studio that employs over 60 teachers and therapists. They have been named Calgary’s top yoga studio for three consecutive years: 2015, 2016, 2017.  She always has the best interest of her students and employees at heart and is constantly analyzing and working to make everyone’s experience all that it can be.

Classic Yoga

Author: Celestine Lau

Celestine first encountered hatha yoga as a young adult and was surprised to discover the calmness and stillness it instilled into her life.  However, due to her busy life she was unable to regularly attend classes and her practice dropped off.  After a long hiatus, she decided to return to her practice and this time found the true union of her body and mind.  This ignited her passion to study the art of yoga and she enrolled in a 200HR Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training Course.   She consequently founded, and now works at, Classic Yoga in Singapore.  He main interest lies in yoga therapy and how practicing yoga can positively affect and heal the body.  Her goal is that her readers can come to experience yoga in a deeply enjoyable way that benefits both their mental and physical health.

Curvy Yoga

Author: Anna Guest-Jelley

Anna started practicing yoga over 20 years ago, when it wasn’t nearly as popular as it is today.  At the time, she says she was almost always the biggest person in the room.  She found herself listening to the teacher say things like “bend forward and put your belly on your thighs” and would think “hmmm”.  She feels that there are others out there like her who are interested in yoga but think they could never do it.  She’s here to show that ANYONE can reap the benefits of yoga which include connecting to and loving your body.  Teaching that the deeper power of yoga comes from its ability to keep you in an ongoing and evolving conversation with your body – coming to know and accept yourself.  Check her out for some truly inspirational posts that you’re sure to love.

Daily Downward Dog

Author: Maria Santoferraro

Maria, E-RYT 200 / RYT 500, comes to us from Vermilion, Ohio, a town on the beautiful shores of Lake Erie.  She is a former marketing executive who now loves to spend her time building yoga brands, teaching yoga on the beach and sharing yoga information on her blog, Daily Downward Dog. She also currently teaches at Yoga Bliss Akron in Akron, Ohio and enjoys filming her Hang Ten Meditation videos with which she hopes to help viewers go from stressed out to blissed out.  The meditation videos are filmed on the beach, and in only 10 minutes she hopes that the soothing sounds of the waves can help to destress your mind.  Maria also focuses her teaching on women’s health issues and offers Yoga for Menopause classes as well as women’s workshops and retreats.

Do Yoga with Me

Author: David Procyshyn

As the founder of Do Yoga with Me, David always looks back to his first yoga class and how uncomfortable and unpleasant it was.  However, he also remembers that once the class was over his back pain had finally subsided.  This relief was reason enough for him to continue with yoga.  Once his practice became regular, he found that his back pain had totally gone away.  Today he hopes to help others become interested in yoga and learn of its transformative abilities so that one day they too can be present in their bodies and have the strength to face inner challenges.  His site offers information on poses, meditations, breathing, and has hundreds of free, streaming yoga videos to help you become your best.  His blog even includes an article for those new to yoga that includes everything you need to know before your first yoga class.

EveryDay Yoga Ireland

Author: Liagh Miller

Yoga has long been a part of Liagh’s life as she was introduced to it at a young age by her mother.  She practiced throughout college as well as during a busy career in Financial Services and more recently to help ease both the side and after effects of cancer treatment.  She relishes the joy and friendship that yoga has brought her and loves sharing her experiences on her blog and in her studio in her home town of Dublin, Ireland.  She teaches classes for all levels at her studio, EveryDay Yoga and delights in being able to help others by offering adaptive yoga classes at two cancer support centers.   She feels privileged to be able to help others as she was once helped.

It’s All Yoga, Baby

Author: Roseanne Harvey

Backed by a mission to spark an investigation into the relationship between the body, yoga and popular culture, Roxanne provokes us to look at things with a new and sometimes alternative view.  With her blog, It’s All Yoga, Baby, she looks at the “yoga body” with a feminist perspective that covers yoga, weight loss, body image and sexualized advertising and marketing.  Her blog was voted #6 Best Local Blog in Montreal in a 2012 Best of Montreal poll.  She is a writer, editor and self-proclaimed geeky girl who recently relocated to Victoria, BC.  She loves supporting progressive yoga projects and is not afraid to call out hypocrisies of modern yoga such as high class fees and designer products.  You’ll find her on board supporting community, service, creativity, innovative and independent teachers, and general awesomeness!

Lexi Yoga

Author: Lida Padro

Lida came to yoga after years at a stressful and unfulfilling job.  She had always had an active lifestyle with cardio and weight training a few days a week but she still felt that something was missing. She decided to try one of the yoga classes that her gym was offering and her life was transformed.  She found it to be the only hour of the week that her mind was quieted and her body was light, calm, and happy.  These feeling made her realize the toll that her job was taking and she decided to jump.  She became healthier right away and in April of 2009 launched  She now devotes all her time and energy helping it grow and become a beacon of light.  She is thrilled to be able to inspire others who are looking for an outlet to calm their stresses.

Lucia Yoga

Author: Antonio Escobar & Patricia Villegas

Lucia means First Dawn Light and is what Lucia Yoga, in Andalucia Spain hopes to provide – the light that our bodies and minds receive from yoga.  Antonia and Patricia spent two years traveling the world and became inspired to bring the treasures and beauty of their own backyard to the world.  Today they offer three retreat centers in Andalucia, complete with special diet options, free instructors, and a variety of yoga equipment.  Their blog includes educational information and articles on topics such as Beach Meditation and the Multiple Benefits of Yoga for Cancer Patients. Head on over to check out their calendar and be inspired by a retreat within the beauty of southern Spain.

My Yoga Blog

Author: Ursula Preiss

Ursula writes her blog from her home country of Germany and shares with us the chronicles of her daily Ashtanga practice.  She peppers her writings with happenings in the local Ashtanga community as well as her own, daily-life experiences.  She blogs often about her home practice and even shares YouTube videos of the poses she’s working through.  She is very helpful in describing her challenges and how she works to overcome them, showing us that perseverance can made you stronger both mentally and physically.  Her picture project includes a picture of every asana of the standing sequence and she describes how she is able to stay motivated to continue, even down to the music that helps her get back into an even flow, when she’s feeling off.  Join Ursula to get a positive boost of motivation.

Rachel Yoga

Author: Rachel Scott

Rachel is an educator who loves to share her knowledge in an environment that is supportive, rigorous, authentic and also hilarious!  She enjoys supporting others’ personal growth to help them to become joyful and to effectively share their knowledge and passion with others.  She currently lives in Vancouver, Canada where she is YYoga’s Director of Teachers’ College and Development. She has also written the book Wit & Widsom from the Yoga Mat which was published in November of 2016.  In her writings and practice she hopes to inspire people to embrace mindfulness and to help them alleviate anxiety as they integrate the philosophy of yoga into their daily lives.

Sadie Nardini

Author: Sadie Nardini

Sadie is a fierce advocate for health and wellness – even beyond all odds.  She knows firsthand about building your life from the ground up and can help you tackle any challenge that life throws your way. As a teen, she was nearly paralyzed by an un-definitively diagnosed illness of her central nervous system.  She fought against the doctors’ prognosis that she would never heal from the disease.  Instead of investing in a wheelchair, she invested in whole foods, yoga, and mind-centering techniques and created a miracle.  Today she is one of the fiercest yoga and wellness leaders in the world and has mind, body, and spirit that is healthy and capable of anything. Her goal is to help you take charge of your own future by living honestly and fully, right here – in the present moment.


Author: Gloria Latham

Gloria worked for almost 10 years as a licensed pharmacist before discovering “true health” through yoga and meditation.  She is the founder and director (ERYT 500) of Semperviva Yoga Studios in Vancouver, British Columbia and she and her team are worldwide leaders in yoga education.  Semperviva offers certified Yoga Alliance teacher training in Europe, Asia, Mexico, and Canada.  However, she is best known for her week-long transformation programs which help students to powerfully break through barriers.  Her blog is filled with articles that inspire and educate her readers on ways to keep themselves healthy and happy.

Siddhi Yoga

Author: Meera Watts

Although Meera’s yoga teacher-training center, Siddhi Yoga, is based in Singapore, her studio offers unparalleled yoga retreats in Goa, Dharamshala and Rishikesh, India as well as in Bali, Indonesia.  They are an officially registered yoga school that not only offers teacher trainings, but they also offer Yoga Workshops, Yoga Retreats, and Yoga for Beginners.  Their mission is to impart teachings which foster optimal health throughout the body and soul and which help students find harmony and reclaim life’s natural balance, all while cultivating peace of mind.  They also aim to teach students to master the art of a healthy life balance as they work through the mental, spiritual, and physical aspects of their lives.

The Yoga Connection

Author: Jane Lowe

Jane writes from her beautiful country of New Zealand with the main goal of bringing people together, sharing, and connecting through yoga.  She says that yoga got has changed her life in so many ways and wants it to also be a positive influence on others. She has created an online hub to be used for all aspects of yoga and yoga-related topics for the New Zealand community.  Check out her site for teacher training, events, classes, studios and even a job board for the best kind of employment opportunities for bendy people (as she refers to them!).

The Yoga Lunchbox

Author: Kara-Leah Grant

Kara-Leah is the founder of The Yoga Lunchbox, New Zealand’s most popular yoga website.  She has been practicing and teaching yoga for over 10 years and has found that it has taught her how to bring the tools of yoga into her daily life on an emotional, spiritual, and physical level.  With this inspiration, she created the Forty Day Process which helps users change unwanted habits that occur in their daily lives.  She offers retreats, seminars, presentations, and workshops to help people wake up to their potential as unlimited human beings.  She knows all-to-well about self-healing as she did so herself to avoid back surgery.   When she looks back on her journey, she feels that it was inevitable that she became a yoga teacher.  Both of her parents were teachers and she also had experience teaching dance as a teenager.

The Yogini from Manila

Author: Jane Uymatiao

Jane originally started her blog to chronicle her own, personal journey as a yogini.  She was one of the first few people to practice yoga in the Philippines and wanted to share her experiences.  At first, she practiced vinyasa yoga and loved it for many years.  However, in 2011 she took a yin yoga class with Dona Tumacder-Esteban which set her life on a new path.  She fell in love with its healing effects and went on to receive certification as a yin yoga teacher in 2014. Today she incorporates yin yoga, traditional Chinese medicine, nutrition, and body energy into her teachings.  She hopes that her writings will inspire her readers on a path to a longer, healthier, and more meaningful life.

Yoga Journeys

Author: Ulrika Engman

Born in Sweden, Ulrika came to Los Angeles, California in 1991 to study psychology and dance. That same year she was introduced to yoga practice at Yoga Works studio in Santa Monica.  She instantly fell in love and has been a dedicated yoga practitioner ever since.  Today she teaches classes at Yoga Works (yes, the same studio that she started at) and workshops at various locations in the northern Bay Area and at Esalen Institute in Big Sur.  In addition to her teachings, she leads annual Yoga Journeys to sacred destinations such as Bali, Peru, Sweden, Iceland, the Grand Canyon, and Thailand to name a few.  She offers a fluid style of teaching which is inspired by her study of anatomy, psycho-somatic movement, and arts and dance.  Join her for a unique experience as her classes are always new, fun, and challenging.

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