Top 12 Amazon Beauty Products (All 5-Stars)

Top 12 Amazon Beauty Products (All 5-Stars)

Every woman needs a beauty product for every part of the body, and Amazon has just what you need. With its affordable prices and easy to get products, Amazon is the best online store to get products in catering to your beauty needs. Amazon offers you a wide range of products alongside reviews that are honest and reliable; so if you come across a 5-star product, rare as it may be, best believe it is authentic, and that product deserves to be purchased. Just so you don’t have to, we’ve gone ahead to compile 12 products chosen by the internet people of Amazon as must-haves. Each of the products collected below serves different parts of the body—the face, full body, feet, hair, nails, and teeth.

Amazing products for the Face and body

1. Dr. Bronner’s Pure-Castile Liquid Soap – Peppermint (Body and Face Wash)

  • This product is infused with peppermint; one of the most popular products found in body washes. It is therapeutic and used to stimulate the body, and clear the mind.
  • This product is organic and vegan.
  • It is used as a face and body wash.
  • It can also be used as a laundry wash.

Amazon Reviews:

Revitalises and rejuvenates.  “The first thing I noticed is that it just smells clean. It builds an impressive lather and feels almost tingly clean when you wash with it.” —Julie

Extremely versatile. “I got this to clean my beautyblender, but now I use it as a body and face wash. Just make sure you dilute it with water because it’s extremely strong.” —LayLay 

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2. Pure Biology Night Cream (Night Cream)

  • This product is an amazing night cream. It contains anti-aging properties like retinol and hyaluronic acids.
  • Reduces wrinkles and fine lines with the fusion wrinkle-fix formula.
  • Firms and tightens the skin.
  • The formula is lightweight and suitable for sensitive and oily skin.

Amazon reviews:

Suitable for all skin types. “Most of my life, I didn’t use any skin care items. My face has always been super sensitive and I’m always afraid of how my face would react to chemicals. This is a nice soft creamy texture. The smell is pleasant too.” —Elvia

Hydrates and reduces fine-lines. “I bought this night cream for my mom because she has sensitive skin but it dries out easily. I have noticed the difference in her skin as far as firmness and reduction in lines and wrinkles. She has too.” —mints&candy 

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3. EltaMD UV Physical Broad-Spectrum SPF 41 Tinted (Day Cream)

  • This product is specifically designed as a day cream, to protect your skin from sun damage.
  • It contains natural ingredients like zinc oxide and titanium dioxide.
  • It is lightweight and water resistant.

Amazon reviews:

It is nifty. “I love the tinted aspect to this sunscreen. I wear it on days that I don’t wear foundation! The consistency is perfect—not too thin and not too clumpy.” —Sefoz

Suitable for oily skin. “Hands down this sunblock is my absolute favorite. It works great, it’s not greasy/oily, and does not break me out which is amazing considering everything breaks me out.” —MHWiley

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4. Leven Rose Organic 100% Pure Cold Pressed Unrefined Natural Jojoba Oil

  • It treats a wide range of body and face conditions like cysts, eczema, sunburn, and acne.
  • It has anti-inflammatory properties.
  • It is an all-rounder. It is used on toenails, hair, face, wrinkle, and fingernails. You can literally swim in this oil to cure all your infections and conditions.

Amazon reviews:

Suitable for acne prone skin. “I have rosacea, hormonal acne, combination patches of oiliness and flakiness, sensitivity, and aging with dark spots. Sounds lovely, right? This is my first time using Jojoba oil, and I did a lot of research before settling on one. I’m not always happy with online products, but this oil works beautifully and consistently.” —Calluna13

Useful for makeup. “I use this oil twice a day. I mix three drops in with my liquid foundation. The foundation blends in better and gives a flawless finish.” —Amanda

Vitamins for youthful appearance. “I started using this almost five years ago and I’m very pleased with how my skin looks at 47. People are surprised at my age and to hear that I use oil in place of an expensive skincare line.” —Terieri

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Amazing Products for Hair

5. Coco & Co. 100% Raw Coconut Oil For Hair & Skin

  • It is useful for the skin and hair.
  • 100% natural, high grade, and organic.
  • Versatile for every hair and body condition like itchy scalp, and anti-fungal.
  • It does not clog pores.

Amazon reviews:

Worth the price. “I have used many different brands of coconut oil [but] this one is by far the best. People may balk at the price however if you want pure raw (no additives) coconut oil, buy this one.” —Robyn

The consistency is smooth and fluffy. “Upon opening the jar and taking a small amount of oil onto my fingers I noticed how soft and fluffy this coconut oil is in comparison to others I’ve used. I felt it was safe enough to apply to my newborn’s face and scalp.” —Jem2387 

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6. Pura Dór Advanced Therapy System Shampoo & Conditioner

  • This product is rich in vitamins and minerals that revives damaged and frizzy hair.
  • Sulfate and paraben free. This means that it does not contain harmful chemicals.
  • It contains Argan oil that nourishes and combats thin hair.

Amazon reviews:

It lives up to its name.  “I was skeptical about this product but thought it would be worth a try. Over the last few weeks, I have seen less and less hair around the house after mopping! While in the shower I’m only losing a small amount of hair, nothing like what I have experienced in the past! I do have color treated hair and also have not noticed any fading of the color. I couldn’t be happier.” —Brown

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Amazing Product For The Teeth

7. Bea Luz Teeth Whitening Activated Charcoal Powder

  • It contains xylitol and peppermint for fresh breath.
  • It absorbs plaque and other toxins that discolor the teeth.

Amazon reviews:

Useful for whitening the teeth. “This stuff works great! I use it both on its own and mixed with toothpaste. It gives your teeth a very soft, clean, polished feel, and whitens very well.” —Deena

Mouth cleansing properties. “I am glad that I bought this. It has transformed the appearance of my teeth. I use it before I brush with normal toothpaste and my mouth feels very clean.” —Tisha 

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Amazing Product For The Feet

8. Vena Beauty Foot Mask

  • Exfoliates and peels away dead skin under the feet.
  • Good for a luxurious at-home pampering session.
  • Easy to use.
  • Contains natural extracts.

Amazon reviews:

Leaves the skin baby soft and smooth.  “My feet started peeling after about three days of using it and all my dead skin peeled off within a week. Amazing results!” —Chris

Removes calluses. “After a few days, the crust on my heels start to shed and a day after I had soft feet.” —Tammy

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9. Microplane Pedicure File

  • Removes callused skin.
  • Leaves the skin feeling baby smooth and soft.
  • It works fast as it covers large surface areas.

Amazon reviews:

It is unisex. “I am 40. I am male. I have never removed a callus. I didn’t even know what calluses were until mine got to the point that I could hardly walk from the pain of having quarter inch stalagmites of dead skin driving into my feet. After about 30 minutes of using it on each foot, I had the kind of beautiful, pink baby feet that fetishists dream about. Just shave a little off at a time, and do it over the course of a few nights and not one sitting.” —Reno dad

Removes calluses. “It’s like a huge cheese grater. I took a deep breath and started filing away at one of my horrible heels. I literally had dried, cracked cement for heels and now I have baby soft skin from one use.” —K. Kelley

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Amazing Product For The Nails

10. ILNP Cosmetics Holographic Nail Polish in Rose Gold

  • It does not chip off easily.
  • It gives the nails a luxurious manicure finish.
  • It is long-lasting.
  • Cruelty-free.

Amazon reviews:

Long lasting nails.  “I’m a nurse, so it’s very hard for me to find a polish that doesn’t chip off the first day I wear it, and this stuff has real staying power! After just two coats, it dried relatively quickly and lasted a week before starting to chip! For someone who has to wash their hands hundreds of times a day, that’s really saying something!” —N

“Highly pigmented. My first purchase of anything ILNP and based solely upon this amazing polish I’m ordering more. The sparkle for lack of a better word is like none other I’ve had and puts to shame many prominent indie brands as well as high-end brands I own like Chanel. Opacity is the best I’ve had.” —Kimberly 

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Amazing Product For Makeup Lovers

11. Lime Crime Venus The Grunge Eyeshadow Palette And Wicked Velvetine Lip Stain

  • A perfect palette that combines eyeshadows and lipstick
  • Cruelty-free and vegan.
  • Long wearing lipstick.
  • Matte finish.
  • It does not transfer.

Amazon review

Great value for money. “First time getting Lime Crime products, & this bundle is the real deal! Love the pigmentation of the colors, very vibrant & rich. The liquid matte lipstick ‘velvetine’ is very beautiful as well and rich in color. Feels beautiful on my lips.”—M0rticia13

Awesome packaging. “My 15-year-old had been asking for this set for awhile. I think she loves the packaging more than the product.” —John

Suitable for all skin colours. “The colors are very vibrant and will complement any skin tone. It is an awesome combination of colors, with a lot of variety in the looks you can create.” —Amazon customer

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12. Anjou Makeup Brushes

  • Brushes suitable for eyeshadows, contouring, lipsticks and lining the inner eye.
  • Professional finish.
  • Quality synthetic fiber bristles.
  • Toxic-free.

Amazon review

They are highly affordable. “I was very surprised by the quality of these brushes. They are super soft and they don’t shed. You get a huge selection here for a low price. The handles are nice and strong too.” —DrFox

These products are affordable and easily accessible on Amazon, so try these top rated products out and be sure to give your honest review. 

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