Top 100 Hiking and Camping Bloggers

Top 100 Hiking and Camping Bloggers

Blogging has become extremely popular over the last several years and new bloggers showing up on a regular basis. With so many bloggers around how do you know which ones are the best to follow? At Thoroughly Reviewed we have an extensive outdoors section and we wanted to recognize the top bloggers in the outdoors space. Here’s a small sample of some reviews in our outdoors category. We review insect repellents, family tents, inflatable kayaks, hiking boots, backpacking tents and camping chairs to name a few.

We’ve put together a list of our favorite hiking and camping blogs for 2016. These blogs cover every aspect of hiking and camping that you can imagine. Our purpose for compiling this list is to provide you with the knowledge and inspiration you need to confidently tackle any hiking trail or camping scenario you can think of. They are listed in alphabetical order. There is so much great information on this page so to narrow down to your interest you can search this page. For Windows hold down CTRL + F. For Mac COMMAND + F.


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4 All Outdoors4 All Outdoors –  Visiting this blog will bring you tons of information in the form of gear reviews, how to articles, and large amounts of general articles on all kinds of outdoor adventures.  4 all outdoors is staffed by a handful of terrific writers that all share a common passion for the outdoors and a commitment to bring it to their readers.  There is a lot of information to be found on these blog pages. The reader will learn a lot and be able to start their own outdoor adventures as well and be prepared for different situations.  Gear is always important and 4 all Outdoors has provided plenty of them for the reader to benefit and learn from.


A Wandering KnightA Wandering Knight – Follow Kenneth Knight on his amazing travels all over and get his perspective of some of the most incredible hikes around. Kenneth is an amazing writer, considered legally blind but that hasn’t slowed him down one bit. Share his journeys, read about his experiences and enjoy the beauty of what he has experienced with breathtaking photography of his adventures.  This is a great blog for anyone who wants to get some motivation that no matter what it seems like, there’s nothing you can’t do with the right passion.

Across and AbroadAcross and Abroad –  Whether it’s reviewing outdoor gear or talking about his travels, David Webb’s blog, Across and Abroad is a resource for outdoor enthusiasts who are looking for information on various hiking destinations.  Webb is a Canadian based travel writer, adventure photographer and magazine editor. Readers will enjoy a bevy of review videos, travel advice, photos and tips that will take their hiking adventures to new levels.  There is information about many different countries including Africa, Asia, USA, Australia, South America, Europe, and many others.  Enjoy seeing the world from this well traveled writer/photographer and learn about them from the point of view of a hiker.

Adam PaulAdam PaulFrom bird watching excursions to hikes to seeing some of the country’s most beautiful wild flowers, Adam Paul, nature lover and amateur photographer, shares his adventures with his readers through his gorgeous photography.  Readers will get to marvel at the beautiful animals, scenery and wildflowers Adam has seen during his adventures over the years.  In addition, you can get valuable reviews on gear, fascinating personal hike reports and other information as well.  If you love breathtaking nature photography, as well as reading about incredible hikes in a way that gives you a real, part-of-the-action feel, you will want to bookmark this blog.

Adventure ParentsAdventure Parents – It’s not a secret what Adventure Parents blog is about. Mark and Brooke, the parents behind the blog, have the goal of bringing fun and adventure to families through their own adventures.   This blog is packed full of recipes and food, blog articles about daily outdoor life, great reviews on a variety of excellent outdoor gear, and an excellent and very interesting section about other outdoor families and how they have raised outdoor-loving kids.  This blog is definitely a must read for any reader that has a family that loves the outdoors or a reader that wants to raise a family that spends as much time outside as they do inside.  There’s a lot to look forward to in this blog.

Adventures of ScatmanAdventures of Scatman –  Craig “Scatman” is an outdoor enthusiast with a love for hiking, biking, fishing, running and backcountry skiing to name a few.  His blog is a mixture of helpful tips for being ready for your own outdoor adventures to reviews on the best gear.  His trail reports give insight into many different hikes that will provide readers with pertinent information that they can use when they head out.  There is plenty of visual appeal as well with great photography of his adventures.  If you’re an outdoor lover, take a look at what this blog has to offer.

Alastair HumphreysAlastair Humphreys Expeditions such as cycling around the world, rowing the Atlantic and walking across India are all part of Alastair Humphrey’s day to day life.  This National Geographic Adventurer of the Year provides readers with a vast amount of information that they can use to get motivated and get moving.  This nine time book author educates the hiking and camping community on the joys of microadventures: close to home, inexpensive and short adventures that make a real difference in a person’s life. But that is only part of what this exciting blog offers.  He will also provide ample information on putting together an expedition equipment list and much more. Readers will find a wealth of exciting information and motivation here and will want to come back to read again and again.

Andrew SkurkaAndrew Skurka – Readers that come to Andrew Skurka’s blog will find a wealth of information on backpacking, hiking, ultrarunning and other outdoor adventures.  Gear reviews are plentiful and give the reader much needed information on choosing the right gear. Andrew Skurka is known for his solo long distance backpacking trips including his 4,700-mile Alaska Yukon Expedition that spanned 6 months. He has backpacked the equivalent of 1.2 times around the Earth’s equator.  Readers will enjoy reading about his adventures, learning about the right gear and can get some valuable How-to information on many different topics.  If backpacking is your passion, Andrew Skurka’s blog is one resource you will want to keep handy.

Andy Howell   If you enjoy backpacking and trekking activities, the Andy Howell blog may be just what you’re looking for. With information about good products related to backpacking and trekking as well as important tips and strategies on dealing with certain ailments that can befall backpackers to having your first TGO challenge.  Andy has participated in many different TGO challenges and has crossed Scotland, coast to coast five times now.  The lessons he’s learned and information he has gathered he shares with his readers and encourages readers to leave their comments and add their own experiences as well.

Anywhere at HomeAnywhere at Home –  Angel and Michelle are an outdoor loving couple that has a real heart for the new outdoors-y person who may be a little confused as to where to start since that was Michelle when they first met.  Angel’s love for the outdoors and Michelle’s willingness and desire to learn spurred them to start Anywhere at Home. Their blog is user friendly and full of information that can help anyone get started with their own outdoor journeys. There is plenty to see on this inspiring blog, from reviews to great videos that really help you to feel like you personally know Angel and Michelle and share in their adventures.

Appalachian TreksAppalachian Treks – Appalachian Treks is all about exploring the Mountains of Northeast Tennessee, Western North Carolina and Southwest Virginia.  Readers will get to learn all about the different waterfalls and trails that he has traveled over the years.  There is also some incredible photography that goes along with the articles about these treks so readers get to see the incredible nature and landscape that he is discovering.  There are tens of dozens of beautiful places for the reader to experience on the blog. Seeing these may inspire readers to venture out on their own to see these places for themselves.

Appalachian TrialsAppalachian Trials –   Zach Davis had a vision when he started Appalachian Trials.  The original purpose was to inform people about the book Appalachian Trials.  Now the site is focusing on the hikers’ journeys.  There are more than 100 thru-hikers sharing their adventures on this blog right now.  With all of the information available on this site from experienced and knowledgeable writers, a future hiker can also find anything they want to know about this great activity.

As the Crow Flies –  There is a variety of information in this blog that is very beneficial to outdoor enthusiasts that are interested in long distance and primitive dwelling.  The author of this blog, crow, provides tons of information on everything from reviews on adventure gear and various hiking/camping techniques to wilderness medicine.  There are plenty of informative, interesting articles on this blog that will keep readers interested for a long time.  This blog was started back in 2010 and is still being added to currently.  Outdoor lovers will find a lot of really great information here.


Backpacking NorthBackpacking NorthCreated by Mark Roberts, Backpacking North has become one of the most popular blogs in Finland when it comes to hiking.  The focus of the blog is primarily ultra-light and lightweight hiking in the Nordic region which includes Sweden, Norway and Finland.  Content offered to readers include gear reviews, trip reports, techniques for ultralight hiking and philosophy as well.  The reviews provided are of products that have been purchased by the author but they will do reviews for other companies if asked.  This blog has a lot to offer the ultralight backpacker.

Bald HikerBald Hiker – Paul Steele’s passion for travel, photography and storytelling are prevalent throughout his blog, Bald Hiker.  He has been all over the globe and shares his information with his readers and social media followers.  Readers will find tons of Paul’s personal travel stories of him and his friends from all over the world.  Whether it’s a beautiful beach trek or a mountain hike, Paul will share his personal perspective with readers in a way that makes them feel like they were along for the adventure.  He also provides information on the gear and kits he uses as well as the food they encounter and love along the way.  A definite must read for any hiker or camper.

Bay Area Hiker –
This isn’t a terribly active blog, but there are still some good articles here that the reader will enjoy.  These hikes are in the Bay Area so if that is where you live, this blog is a great way to get some information about the area you live in.  There are a number of interesting articles in this blog, such as the 60 hikes in 60 miles in 60 weeks’ series and others.  Don’t let the number of articles stop you from enjoying these interesting posts and beautiful photography.

Bay Area Outdoors and BeyondBay Area Outdoors and Beyond – Dave Miller, CPS Map correspondent for BACKPACKER Magazine, father, and Royal Rangers Leader brings his outdoor experiences to his readers through his blog.   The goal of his blog is to provide hikers with in depth detail on the many hikes that he has taken over the years so that they are better informed. He also shares plenty of photos and writes of his experiences as well. If you live in the Bay area, this is a blog you will really enjoy.

Best HikeBest Hike –  Best Hike Blog is a grand index of all of the best hikes and treks all over the world. If you’re a hiker and love finding new places to hike, Best Hike can help.  It’s a valuable resource that can help readers create their own hiking excursion goal lists and much more.  The majority of the hikes listed on this site are multi-day challenges, but there are some great day hikes included as well.  The overview page for each hike provides the technical information an avid hiker wants to see.  Take a look of the top 10 lists that include the best hiking towns, top ten coastal hikes, top ten trekking peaks, and much more. These top 10 lists are an excellent way to see what is really out there.

Beyond the TentBeyond the TentBeyond the tent is run by Ryan Cunningham, outdoor enthusiast and avid     camper/traveler that has traveled all over the world.  Readers will be excited to see the amount of great information that is on this blog.  He makes navigating the site simple by have a “start here” tab for newcomers to the site to begin with.  He also has food and recipes information, gear reviews, trip information and offers readers a free eBook – The Free Family Camping Guide.  This informative guide definitely needs to go on your favorite’s list.

Blue PeakBlue PeakBlue Peak blog is run by Rogier Gruys, a photographer originally from the Netherlands who grew up in Canada from the age of 17.  Blue Peak is a great site for learning about the many different adventures, hikes and treks that Rogier has been on in his life so far.  There are many different categories down the side of the blog that readers can click on and learn about. There is a combination of articles, photos and videos that combine to be a great site to get some interesting information on.

Brett on StuffBrett on Stuff –  England native Brett Marl is an outdoor lover that has been backpacking for over 20 years. He has a passion for Ultralight backpacking and also engages in mountain biking, snowboarding, and climbing. No matter the season, Brett has something outdoorsy he is doing. His blog is full of trip reports and valuable gear reviews as well as interesting and helpful food reviews as well.  Readers will find this down to earth dad of two personable and helpful in the information he provides.  Hikers will find his trip reports informative as well and they can get a lot of great ideas for trips they might want to take.

Brian’s Backpacking BlogBrian’s Backpacking BlogCharlotte based backpacker, Brian Green has lived in the United States for 15 years.  He is a Southampton, England native and settled on North Carolina as his US home.  Readers will be drawn into his colorful and energetic blog that covers everything from backpacking to finding the right gear. A self-proclaimed gear junkie, there are tons of great reviews on Brian’s blog that can give readers the insight they need when searching for their own gear.  This blog is a backpacker’s dream, with plenty of great information that will keep readers coming back repeatedly.  Bookmark this site because you won’t be able to read it all in one visit and there are tons of jewels here for the backpacking enthusiast.


California Through My LensCalifornia Through My Lens –  If you like visual documentation of places to hike, this is the blog for you.  Josh is a photographer and outdoor lover. He has been documenting his travels and discoveries about California for the last five years on his blog with the help of his wife.  There is a wealth of information her for the reader to enjoy such as information on different hiking trails including his popular post, Top Hiking Trails in Southern California, a visual pictorial of National Parks and many others.  If you want to know about California from the point of view of an avid outdoor lover check this blog out. You will find a lot to enjoy on this blog.

CalipidderCalipidder –  This site offers readers trip reports, gear advice and information on exploring the Country’s National Parks and backcountry.  There is plenty of useful advice on this site for readers to benefit for.  Articles are added to the site on a regular basis that are focused on hiking, climbing, adventuring and backpacking.  There is a lot to see and read about here that can be a real inspiration and preparation for your own travels.

Camo is the New BlackCamo is the New Black –  This simple yet entertaining blog is mostly populated with guest bloggers but that doesn’t change the fact that there are great pieces of information on there for readers to enjoy and learn from.  Their news tab is interesting for those who want to learn about the latest news regarding certain outdoor sports, and the Hunting and Fishing tabs are filled with tips and tricks and other things too.   This is a good blog for any reader that has a passion for hunting or fishing.

Camping BloggerCamping BloggerRoy Scribner, outdoor enthusiast, father of three, photographer and blogger started camping blogger in the fall of 2008. The purpose of his blog is to share with his readers the adventures and even mis-adventures that he has encountered along the way.  He and his wife Lisa have taken their three children camping for years and included them in the outdoor way of life.  Readers will find reviews, camp cooking tips, outdoor news, family advice and tips, and camping tips as well. It is a very informative blog that can help readers take their own trips.

Chris Townsend OutdoorChris Townsend OutdoorChris Townsend has a passion for photography and writing as well as the outdoors and he shares it all with you on his blog.  With a recently updated design, this is a great blog for anyone who is interested in long distance hikes.  The photo gallery is full of breathtaking nature photography that Chris has taken along his walks.  This is the perfect blog for readers that love to see gorgeous nature photos.

Cutter’s BlogCutter’s Blog – There are many different topics that readers can enjoy on Cutter’s Blog.  These topics include long distance hiking trip reports, destinations, backpacking, bicycling, lightweight gear, and much more.  With all of these topics available, readers can learn a lot about Cutter’s excursions as well as other information that will inspire readers to get out and have their own adventures.  Be sure to check out the category listings. They will make it easy to find exactly the information you’re looking for.


Dan WhiteDan White Dan White has been all over the United States discovering the American Wilderness and shares it with his readers in his books.   His adventures have ranged from crashing a girls-only adventure for urban teens to being attacked by wildlife while glamping.  Whatever he is doing, readers will get to enjoy his humor and view point.  While this blog isn’t about gear reviews and trail reports, it is a great site for enjoying the humorous side of being an outdoor enthusiast.

Dan's OutsideDan’s Outside –  Dan’s Outside was an active blog several years ago, and although it states on the site it is not active anymore, the valuable information that was posted to this blog years ago has been preserved in the archives. That is where the gems lie so don’t let the lack of active posts stop you from benefiting from the vast amount of tips, advice and information that it offers.  From incredible information on cooking and eating outdoors, to specific information on certain trails, readers can go through the large list of archives and find truly helpful information that will make them better and safer hikers, campers and backpackers.


Endless Streams and ForestsEndless Streams and Forests –   This beautiful blog has been left up as a tribute to the blog owner, Jenny, who tragically passed away due to a hiking accident in 2015.  The focus of her blog was her passion which was hiking in the late 1800s/ early 1900.  There are some really great posts here from Jenny during her travels and experiences.   Readers will find a lot to embrace here and can honor her memory by keeping her words alive.

Explor8ionExplor8ionThis amazing blog is owned and run by Vern Dewit.  It is more than anything a personal account of all of the outdoor activities that he loves including backpacking, camping, biking, canoeing, hiking and other activities as well.  He also offers trip reports that include photos, stories and stats too.  Vern’s blog is incredibly detailed and he takes stunning photography. Check out this blog entry:


Feed the HabitFeed the Habit –  Feed the Habit has been providing outdoor enthusiasts with fantastic gear reviews and trip reports of trails and backcountry destinations in the Utah area since 1999.  Owner and Chief Editor Jason Mitchell, a Seattle native has a passion for trail running, mountain biking, skiing and road biking as well.  He shares his passion and his expertise with his readers here at Feed the Habit along with a handful of other contributors.   Readers will find plenty to read and gain knowledge from on this blog.  If you are looking for great gear reviews and information on excellent destinations to visit, check this blog out.

Feral HikerFeral Hiker –  This blog is all about day hikes in the Seattle area.  Readers will be able to benefit from trip reports, information on different hikes, and other random thoughts.   From tips and advice on sharing the trails with other users to learning about some of the gun restrictions in National parks, the Feral Hiker will help any outdoor lover understand how to safely go on outdoor hikes safely and enjoyably.  The Feral Hiker even provides a list of its favorite outdoor blogs too.  It hasn’t been updated for a while, but there is plenty of information here that can benefit the new or experienced day hiker.

Flirty n Dirty –  The Bay Area is known to the outdoor community for its massive amount of trails.  This blog is all about one trail running enthusiast with a passion for running on dirt.  Victoria lists all of the trails that she has been on which means that readers can peruse tons of different trails that they may want to run on as well.  Even though this blog has not been active for some time, it has more than enough content to keep readers busy for a really long time.

Florida HikesFlorida Hikes –  There is so much to see on the Florida Hikes Blog that you may be a little overwhelmed at first, but only in the best of ways.  This all-inclusive website has all kinds of information for its readers on Florida area hiking, biking., camping, paddling, trip information, gear reviews, how to articles and much more.  There is a newsletter that readers can sign up for as well.  Whether you are interested in the dozens of beaches, miles of trails, or National parks, Florida Hikes blog will have great information for you.  This is a great site that to use to get ready for a vacation or outdoor adventure.


Gear JunkieGear Junkie – Gear Junkie has been around since 2006 when it was launched by founder Stephen Regenold. It has since become one of the top online publications for reviews and news in the outdoor industry.  Readers will find thousands of pages of great content including travel and adventure stories, photo galleries, giveaways, videos, gear reviews, news and a lot more.  Grab a cup of coffee and get ready for some power reading…you’re going to want to be here for a while.  This fabulous site has something to offer everyone regardless of their skill level.

Get Going NCGet Going NC –  Whether it’s hiking, climbing, paddling, camping, or cross country skiing, Get Going NC has information that can help anyone interested in these activities by providing important information that includes tips, personal experiences and much more. There are valuable greenway guides that provide descriptions of the Greenways and give those interested in going some information on what to expect. If you like walking along the greenways and participating in other outdoor activities, take a look at this blog. There is sure to be information on it that will interest you.

Go Camping CanadaGo Camping Canada –  Rod and Heather are the owners of Go Camping Canada blog.  On this blog, readers will share in their camping stories, learn about great gear and products from their product reviews and learn about different trails and camping sites.  They hope that readers who read the blog will be inspired to take their own camping and hiking trips and make their own adventures.  Categories on the site include camping with your dog, fishing tips and gear, camping gear and reviews and much more.  Readers will get a lot of great information on this blog that they can apply in their own real world camping and hiking adventures.

Going Places QuietlyGoing Places Quietly – Sam Haraldson, owner of Going Places Quietly blog, was basically born into a camping family.  In his 20s he became interested in backpacking and later ultralight backpacking.  His blog shares some great information with readers including detailed gear lists that a hiker/backpacker would need on certain excursions.  He also offers a links and resources page for readers to take advantage of and photos to enjoy.  Take some time to peruse this site.  You will definitely enjoy it.

Great Wild OutdoorsGreat Wild Outdoors –  If camping is a passion of yours, you will love the Great Wild Outdoors blog.  There are many things on this blog that make for great reading for a camping enthusiast.  Readers will enjoy reading about different camping spots, get information about what you need to bring with you on your camping adventures, and read gear reviews on various camping gear.  With all of this valuable information available on this blog, campers, new and experienced, will learn plenty of valuable information that will take their camping excursions to the next level.

Griffis Family OutdoorsGriffis Family Outdoors – If you love reading about families that are getting out and exploring the wilderness through outdoor activities, you will really enjoy reading the Griffis’s blog.  This large family of nine lives in rural Idaho, but they have a love for nature and the outdoors and are sharing it with all of their readers. This is not a hiking how to blog, although they do share some important tips and advice on camping and hiking with kids.  Readers will enjoy the beautiful photos and interesting stories about their adventures. Reading about this family’s outdoor excursions just may inspire you to get out and have your own.


Hike, Bike, TravelHike, Bike, Travel –  Leigh McAdam is the founder behind Hike Bike travel, a blog for the great outdoors that provides the readers with tons of resources and information.  She left a career as a dietician and other career endeavors to follow her passions for traveling in the great outdoors. As she went through adventure after adventure, she fell in love with photography and doesn’t go anywhere without one now.  Readers will enjoy the beautiful photos that go along with her blog. She offers books, adventure guides, travel tips, gear reviews and even hotels that she recommends.  You’ll find a lot of great information and advice here.

Hike, Blog, LoveHike, Blog, Love – Readers will enjoy reading about the outdoors from a different perspective in this family friendly blog, Hike, Blog, Love.  The author, known as the Hiking Mama, is an avid hiker and chemistry professor.  She is also mom to her three boys, 2 of which are adopted.  She writes about her experiences and adventures to share and inspire others to get outside and live their own adventures regardless of the perceived obstacles that may be in the way.  Readers will find tips, recipes, and information on numerous trails on the pages of this inspiring blog.

Hiker to HikerHiker to Hiker – Danny has been hiking since she was in her early 20s…in her words “a long time ago.”  Hiker to Hiker is an informative and enjoyable blog that provides readers with the inspiration and motivation to do some hiking on their own.  Her mission is to get people out of their cars and into the woods, hiking.  Readers will find plenty of resources, tips and information that they can apply whether they are experienced hikers or just getting started.  She is the author of 4 great books.  One of the most notable items on her blog is a 71 item list of National Parks of the South.  Each park has information from Danny that she gathered when she visited it.  Hiker to Hiker is a fascinating blog that is a great motivator for new and experienced hikers alike.

Hiking ForwardHiking Forward –  Hiking forward is owned and run by Scott Gauvin.  He is a husband and father of two girls that he has passed his love for the outdoors on to.  His vision and purpose of the Hiking Forward blog is to share with his readers the interesting and humorous stories of their family adventures in the woods.  There are also reviews for gear, information on cooking, first aid, and many other topics as well.  Readers will have plenty to look at and learn from here.

Hiking in FinlandHiking in FinlandReaders that come to this blog will enjoy reading about the adventures of Hendrik Morkel, the creator of Hiking in Finland.  This blog was created in 2009 as a result of Hendrik seeing that there was no other blog that provided information about backpacking in Finland that is in English.  He took the challenge himself and created this wonderful blog that showcases the beauty of Finland, Norway and Sweden from the eyes of a backpacker. This is the perfect blog for climbers, bikepackers, cyclists, backpackers and campers. There are also videos, interviews and gear reviews for readers to enjoy as well.

Hiking LadyHiking Lady –  If you love to hike and enjoy being outdoors more than inside or you are looking for the right hiking gear but are just not sure what to get, Hiking Lady blog can help. This blog is full of gear reviews that will help readers decide what gear they need as well as a bunch of How to videos and articles on a variety of hiking related tasks. There are also some fun giveaways that readers can participate in.  Are you pregnant?  Check out Hiking Baby which provides plenty of tips and advice on hiking safely while pregnant.

Hiking Salt LakeHiking Salt Lake –  Hiking Salt Lake provides information for those interested in hiking and snowshoeing in the mountains around Salt Lake City, Utah.   Readers can find gear reviews and information about different places to hike, walk and snowshoe.  Along with some written details of each hike are some excellent photographs to give readers a real sense of the nature surrounding the different trails.  It is a site that can provide readers with some valuable insights to many of Salt Lake City’s outdoor offerings as well as helping them find the right gear for them.

Hiking the High CountryHiking the High Country – Lori Beth and Charles share a love for the outdoors that ultimately brought them together.  They are avid backpackers and hikers and love sharing their knowledge and experiences with their readers on the pages of their blog.  Their posts combine factual information that can help other hikers and backpackers, and storytelling that is designed to inspire the reader to get outside and create their own incredible experiences.  Readers wills find information and stories on easy and hard day hikes, backpacking and much more. They also offer a great resource of other links that they feel are relevant to the information readers will find on their blog.

Hiking the TrailHiking the TrailAdam Nutting has been sharing his vast knowledge with interested readers for over 5 years now. His first blog post was in June 0f 2011. A lot has happened since then including an attempt at an Appalachian Trail-Thru Hike that he documents in its entirety, and many other exciting activities. He’s shared all of it with his readers in this informative and exciting blog that has many valuable resources for the hiking and camping enthusiast. To stay up to date with all of the latest hiking tips, reviews on all kinds of gear and industry news, follow Adam on his adventures here at Hiking the Trail.


Just a Colorado GalJust a Colorado Gal – Heather is a blogger who spent the first 20 years of her life as a dancer but she got bit by the outdoor bug and in 2006 Just a Colorado Gal blog was born. Readers can learn all about her adventures and see gorgeous photography as well.  Readers will enjoy reading her life list goals and may even be inspired to write their own.  Posts will include her adventures, tips and information on hiking and anything else that inspires her.  Readers should be prepared to be awed by the beautiful photography, now provided by her husband Will.

Justin LichterJustin Lichter –  Justin Lichter’s blog is full of information that an outdoor lover will find very useful.  He has hiked more than 35,000 miles and shares his experiences and knowledge with his readers on his blog.  Readers can also find some really helpful information in his resources section that include maps and logistics of popular hikes, gear reviews, tips and tricks for hiking successfully, plus information on how to pack for both regular hiking and ultralight hiking.  If you’re an experienced hiker you will get a lot of helpful insight and information to some of the best hiking trails out there.  If you are new, you will gain some important knowledge on how to get ready for hikes and how to pack among other topics. This blog has something for every hiker.


Keith Foskett’s BlogKeith Foskett’s BlogIf you’re looking for a good blog to read about different exciting hikes, this is a good choice.  Keith Foskett is an author with three terrific books under his belt so far. He documents his hiking experiences on three different major trails in his books and his blog has some excellent information as well. The blog isn’t meant to be a hiking how to, readers can gain a lot of tips from reading about his experiences.  Keith’s journeys changed his life and embarking on your own adventures can do the same for you.

Kevin’s Hiking Page –  If it’s hiking information you’re looking for, you’ll find it here on Kevin’s Hiking Page.  The site is literally filled with tons of hiking adventures, car camping expeditions, backpacking trips and much more.  He even provides readers with a long, detailed list of things he brings on his day hikes.  In addition to some beautiful photography, Kevin provides his readers with hiking resources that can help them on their own adventures. There is a lot here for the hiking and camping enthusiast.  Take a look around and see what appeals to you. With this much information there is something for every level of hiker and camper.


Light BackpackingLight Backpacking –  Although Bruce will say that he got a late start backpacking, his first hike occurring just before his 48th birthday, it certainly doesn’t lessen any of his passion for the activity.  Now in his late 60s, his love for the activity has not waned and he has plenty of advice and information for the light backpacker.   Light backpacking is all about being one with the pack and learning how to safely and effectively hike with very little.   Readers will find plenty of information on packs, tents, and other gear that is perfect for the light backpacker.  Check out his blog to stay updated on news, reviews, ideas and advice on a special kind of backpacking that is becoming more popular.

Living on LifeLiving on Life Living on Life is a content rich blog that covers many aspects of outdoor activities and living.  Categories that this blog covers include recipes, camping, Ice climbing, kayaking, travel, pregnancy, motherhood and more.  All of the categories included in this blog have aspects of outdoor activities attached to them.  There are so many great posts and valuable information that this blog shares with its readers.  Michelle, the blog owner, is the heart behind the blog and readers can get a real sense of her passion for the outdoors and what she wants to bring to her readers.


Matt StansberryMatt StansberryMatt is from Akron, Ohio who has a passion for fly fishing and being in the great outdoors.  This personal blog used to be all about his home in Eugene, Oregon and included his adventures in hiking, fishing, etc.  Now he is concentrating on Ohio and bringing readers in depth information about the areas in Ohio that are noteworthy.  His topics are numerous and interesting to read as well as being very personable.   Another bright spot on his blog is the “reading room” tab where he lists the books he is reading and has read that he feels may be of interest to his readers.

MeanderthalMeanderthalIf you live in Western NC or you want to visit there, you will want to check out Meanderthal: A Hiking Blog. This blog, created by Jeff Clark, provides hikers with a series of trail reports that cover a lot of the best hikes available in Western NC.  Because he lives in Western NC himself, most of the hikes that he covers in this blog are located in the Blue Ridge Mountains, Great Smoky Mountains, and the Pisgah and Nantahala National Forests.  He covers other hikes in different states as well for those not in the NC area. In addition to the trail reports, this blog offers gear reviews, interviews, news and offers a beautiful photo gallery as well.

Modern HikerModern Hiker – Modern Hiker is Southern California’s most read and oldest hiking blog.  Readers will enjoy free trail write ups as well as in depth, detailed information on hundreds of trails for the Los Angeles and Southern California area.  These write ups are not your typical hiking guides.  They provide photos and videos of the trails, directions to the trailhead, and even GPX files and Google Earth files for pre-hike preparation.  There are also plenty of gear reviews, news, tips and volunteer opportunities too.  Modern Hiker is run by founder and editor Casey Schreiner. He and the rest of the crew at Modern Hiker are devoted to providing hikers with the most updated information they can find.

Most Casual ObserverMost Casual Observer – Walter Underwood started this expansive blog to chart his observations about the adventures and hikes he took.  The blog was active from 2006 to 2014. Although it isn’t actively being posted on now, there is still so much information the outdoor loving blog reader can enjoy.  He also posted his opinions of books he was reading and anything else that pertained to the passion of being outdoors.

Mount DanaMount Dana Andre and Dana are avid outdoors lovers and spend a lot of time hiking, backpacking running or biking. Their readers benefit from this passion by having access to a large selection of reviews on all kinds of gear as well as detailed hiking guides.  If it is about the outside, chances are Mount Dana will have great information on it that can help the readers.  The blog is filled with gorgeous photos of their adventures, giving readers a detailed account of their outdoor excursions.  If you’re looking for a blog with a lot of helpful information, you will want Mount Dana on your blog roll.

My Friends with BenefitsMy Friends with Benefits –  Melissa Dane, owner of this blog, is all about travel, cooking, and having adventures.  Her blog is a good choice for the reader that wants to read about someone’s experiences, whether it’s diving or some other adventure she is participating in. She provides some links to some great outdoor focused sites for anyone who wants to get their own adventures started.


National Parks Traveler –  The National Park Traveler is a blog that provides interested readers with detailed information on all of the National Parks.  The site has park guides, job opportunity listings, information about all of the parks individually, information on excellent gear and a lot more.  Just the information on the parks alone can keep readers busy for a long time. The site also has their favorite links and an extensive electronic library available for the readers as well. This site is full of information and help to educate the reader on hiking in National Parks.

Nature for KidsNature for Kids –  Nature for kid’s blog is just that…nature for kids. This blog has an amazing amount of information for parents and families who love the outdoors.  Owned by Shawna and Damon, they have dedicated the blog to giving families advice, tips, and strategies for creating their own outdoor adventures.  They have categories on camping food, crafts, gear, recommended nature books and so much more. It’s impossible to get everything this great family site has to offer in one visit so parents should plan on coming back for more on a regular basis.  If you want to learn all about having some great adventures outdoors with your kids, you’re in the right place at Nature for Kids blog.

North Carolina WaterfallsNorth Carolina Waterfalls –  The waterfalls of NC are some of the most breathtaking in the East. This blog features numerous waterfalls that can be a part of a great hike.  There are several great things to see on this blog including a gallery, a listing of all the waterfalls in the area, and videos of the beautiful waterfalls that have been traveled to.  There is also a list of resources that hikers can use to get ready for their own hike.

Northern California Hiking TrailsNorthern California Hiking TrailsThe overall focus of this attractive and informative blog is foot travel such as hiking and backpacking.  There is an extensive resources section for the convenience of the readers as well.  John Soares, the creator of the blog, also focuses on different aspects of outdoor activities, from maximizing the enjoyment on the trails, to providing updates on hikes.  He also covers economic, social, political, an environmental aspects of the trails in the Northern part of the state. It is an all-inclusive site for outdoors lovers that will provide them with plenty of information. Readers can also enjoy breathtaking photography of some of the most beautiful trails and hikes in the area.


On the Loose to Climb a MountainOn the Loose to Climb a Mountain –   Jen Van Buren is a hiking enthusiast that has done a lot of hiking in her life so far. This blog is a result of those hikes.  She shares her hikes with her readers and gives them insights to the character of the different hikes she’s made.  While this isn’t a how to site or a gear review site, readers will enjoy the insight and perspective Jen offers as she writes about her experiences.

Out There with TomOut There with Tom –  Every week readers can see what Tom is up to by checking out his blog where he features his weekend adventures.  He is a Great Falls Tribune Associate Editor who has a passion for adventures in the Montana Mountains where he learns all about the communities’ happenings as well.  Lots of photos are on this blog and it is not meant to be a review site.  Readers can get a Tom’s eye view of all these gorgeous hikes and trails.  His inspiring photos may even spur readers to take their own trips.

Outdoors and Nature – Outdoors and Nature is an informative blog that provides readers with a vast amount of information on all kinds of outdoor products.  Their detailed reviews of a large selection of products can be a real lifesaver to a consumer that is having trouble choosing the right gear.  There are also tons of tips and helpful information about a variety of activities from hiking to camping to fishing.  Readers will certainly find all kinds of resources for the outdoor activities they want to participate in.


Play Outside GuidePlay Outside Guide – This detailed site has something for every outdoor lover.  Karen is a Canada-based avid outdoor lover, married to her backpacking sweetheart and mom to two. Readers will find the expansive information on this blog entertaining and highly informative.  From trip reports to where to stay on your outings to where to eat and what to bring, Karen will guide even the greenest of backpackers through the ins and outs of enjoyable backpacking.  She covers short, day hikes as well as longer hikes and camping trips as well.  Every hike she’s taken is listed and documented along with some excellent photography that shows the beauty of the trails.  A lot to see and definitely a must-read blog for any outdoor enthusiast.


RamblingRambling –  Rebecca Bond takes readers on a journey, telling the stories of her own ramblings.  Included is breathtaking photography that provides readers with the visual enjoyment of beautiful outdoor places along with her stories.  Her hope is that people that read her blog will be inspired to seek their own adventures and learn something from her own experiences.

Relaxed Hiking NCGrace and Mitch have a vision to create a blog that focuses more on the character of the trails they travel rather than the technical aspects. That is what they have accomplished with Relaxed Hiking NC.  Most of the hikes featured are in the NC area but there are some that are out of state as well.  Readers can enjoy reading about the different areas that they have traveled and see beautiful photos to boot.  For the reader’s convenience there is an alphabetical listing of the hikes that are featured on the blog.


Section HikerSection Hiker –  Section Hiker is a blog that is geared toward the hiker and backpacker whether they are beginners or experts.  There is a wealth of valuable information on this site including hundreds of gear reviews, and tens upon dozens of how to type articles on anything from 10 ultralight backpacking foods to how to prevent blisters during hikes.  The amount of information on this blog will keep a hiker or camper engaged and excited for weeks.  If you’re looking for a great blog filled with information on every aspect of camping, backpacking and hiking, this is where you need to be.

Sierra Trading PostSierra Trading PostThis well-known site and blog provides outdoor enthusiasts with a vast amount of information that can help prepare for their own hiking, camping, and biking experiences.  The blog is jam-packed full of advice, news, tips, reviews and much more.  If you’re looking for information on outdoor activities, this is the blog for you.  In addition to hundreds of valuable articles, there is a full store as well with plenty of products that any outdoor enthusiast will love.  This is definitely a one stop blog site that provides everything an outdoor lover could possibly want.  Plan on re-visiting this site often because there is so much great information here that you can stay busy for months and still not read it all.

Smoky Scout’s Hiking AdventuresSmoky Scout’s Hiking Adventures –  This beautiful and entertaining blog written by Scout is all about her adventures as a day hiker and backpacker. She started her blog in 2008 and is still adding to it currently.  Her hikes have usually been in the Mountains of North Carolina, Tennessee, South Carolina and Virginia.  She has ventured further at times.  On this blog, readers have, literally, dozens upon dozens of trips to read about and learn from.  There is so much expertise and passion in the pages of this blog.  The reader will definitely feel that as they read about Scout’s adventures.

So Many PlacesSo Many Places –  Kim Dinan has a lot here for the outdoor enthusiast.  From books and guides to trip descriptions of her adventures to her travel school, Kim Dinan has a passion for the outdoors that she loves sharing with her readers.  She provides how to lists and plenty of inspiration to spur her readers to follow their own dreams.  Kim knows all about taking chances.  She quit her 9-5 job and sold all her belongings to travel the world.  Come share her adventures and let her story inspire you to make some decisions about your own life that you may have wanted to make for some time now.

SoCal HikerSoCal Hiker –  SoCal Hiker blog was created as a way to share guides for the best hiking trails all through Southern California and sometimes other places as well.  The creator of the blog, Jeff Hester, hikes all these trails personally and creates these guides and also shares outdoor skills, tips, advice, checklists, how to information and gear information too.  These detailed trail guides give the hiker everything they need to have a fantastic hiking experience.  The site also offers forums, ask a question opportunities and many other valuable treats.  If you’re in the Southern California or plan on visiting, bookmark this site. You won’t find trail guides with this many features many other places if at all.

Southeast CamperSoutheast Camper – If you love the outdoors AND you love cooking, you will have a lot in common with the Southeast Camper bloggers, Dan and Katherine.  Backpacking, hiking and camping are loves of theirs as is cooking. They combined their loves and created a blog that is a real treat to browse on.  Dutch oven cooking is one of their passions and they provide readers with plenty of delicious recipes and tips on bringing great cooking to your outdoor excursions. They also have an event calendar and forum to enjoy as well.  If you’ve never heard of Dutch Oven cooking, you’re in for a mouthwatering experience.

Stingy NomadsStingy Nomads –  Campbell and Alya have been traveling the world together since January of 2014 when they met in the Philippines, staying in the same dorm.  They spent more than two years trekking, hitchhiking, camping and diving while not spending any more money than they had to. Their blog is full of tips and tricks of the trade that they used to travel while spending the least amount of money possible. The information they provide their readers, including their information on capsule hotels, is interesting and helpful.  If you’re looking for a place to learn about some great destinations while traveling economically, this is the blog for you.


The Adventure BlogThe Adventure BlogKraig Becker will provide readers with plenty of news, commentary and insights on the many adventures that he has taken.  In addition to those helpful pieces of information, he provides links to gear he recommends and shares his blog roll too.  He has a large array of interesting and exciting posts including the five part Mongolia by Horseback Series. His adventures come from all over the world and are full of firsthand accounts of hiking on certain trails.

The Big OutsideThe Big Outside – The goal that Michael Lanza has for the Big Outside is to encourage, inspire and inform parents to take their kids on outdoor adventures.  He started the blog to offer stories, advice and knowledge to families wanting to experience outdoor life in a big way.  He is also an expert trip planner and has many posts on his site that are of great value to the parents wanting to set out on their own family adventures such as “Top 10 Family Adventures” and 10 Tips for Raising Outdoor Loving Kids”.   He is also an author of “Before They’re Gone” which is a one-year account of his own family: wife and two kids, and their wilderness adventures in National Parks.

The Blog of trail CookingThe Blog of trail CookingIf you’ve been looking for a huge site that has plenty in it for campers, hiker, and backpackers alike.  She has a ton of content that is helpful for the new hiker/backpacker and the experienced one as well.  The focus of the blog is cooking on the trail and readers will get the benefit of this focus with plenty of recipes and cooking information. In addition to that she has trip reports, a trail library, a store, gear reviews and a whole lot more.  Readers can spend hours on this blog gathering all kinds of great information.

The Broke BackpackerThe Broke Backpacker –  Will has a vision when it comes to his blog The Broke Backpacker.  He has dedicated it to sharing his knowledge and experience that he has gained traveling all over the world for the last eight years.  He uses his own experiences to show interested readers how to live a sustainable life by creating their own business/career and it all involves stepping outside of their comfort zone.  His goal is that his blog will inform, advise and inspire outdoor adventurers to have the courage to discover what their passions are and take the steps necessary to live that life.  Readers will find a lot of motivation and inspiration here.

The Campsite BlogThe Campsite Blog –  The goal that Jen and Alannah of the Campsite have, is that readers will walk away with that feeling that they have been sitting around the campfire after telling stories and getting new ideas.  Readers will find product and book reviews, recipes, deep discussions and outdoor gear reviews as well.  There are plans in the works for a monthly column called Stoke the Fire where readers share their own experiences and lives with photos, articles and videos that are relevant to the Campsite.  There’s a lot to see here, so grab a cup of coffee and sit back for an enjoyable read where you’ll learn valuable tips about outdoor activities as well.

The Gear CasterThe Gear CasterIf you’re looking for the latest news on emerging trends in the outdoors industry, you will want to check out The Gear Caster.  They also have a large array of gear reviews that can be a great resource for choosing your own gear for your adventures.  In addition to these valuable reviews, Blogger, Amy Jurries, shares her adventures to incredible places with her readers so they can be a part of it as well. Whether she is participating in a 10-day bike ride to raise money for wheelchairs for children with Cerebral Palsy or hiking in the Cordillera Blanca, Amy will share it with you in a way that makes you feel like you’re part of the action.

The Hike GuyThe Hike Guy –  Another great blog for hiking enthusiasts, Kolby Kirk promotes the hiking lifestyle by sharing his own trips as well as providing information on how to hike regardless of your skill and experience level. He emphasizes the important of exploring the natural wilderness with respect.  Aside from hiking, the hike guy is interested in photography, international travel, book collecting and more.  Readers can get a lot of inspiration from Kolby and will enjoy reading about his travels and experiences.  Readers can expect to find trip reports, reviews, books and motivation to keep hiking lovers engaged and interested.

The Hiking LifeThe Hiking Life – He’s called the most travelled hiker on earth by Backpacker Magazine (Jan 2015) Cam Honan’s The Hiking Life blog contains a plethora of information for the hiking enthusiast, including his valuable 100 Classic Hikes list that he has compiled from years of his own hikes since 1995.  Readers will find tons of resources, reviews, and how to information on a variety of important hiking related information.   Readers should plan to pull up a chair, grab a cup of Joe and spend some time perusing this site. There is plenty of great stuff here to keep a hiking enthusiast happy for a long time.

The Smoky Mountain Hiking BlogThe Great Smoky Mountains are one of the most beautiful mountain ranges to hike.  This blog is an expansive guide to hiking in the Smokys with detailed information for readers on more than 80 different hiking trails in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.  Readers will have access to key features of the trails, pictures, trail descriptions, difficulty ratings, elevation profiles and trail maps too.  Readers will also be able to read hiking checklists, safety tips, hiking books and gear and much, much more.  Readers have plenty of information to go through, learn from and use for their own hiking adventures in this beautiful territory.

The TrailmarkerThe Trailmarker – Lance Milks grew up playing in the woods of Western New York.  His love for the outdoors has been with him all his life even into the service where he served as a Marine.  His love and interest in fly fishing, hiking and paddling has brought him through many kinds of trails. He is also an avid ultralight backpacker. Readers can learn all about his experiences on the pages of this blog where he shares his knowledge and experiences with his readers.  You’ll be able to find information on many topics from quick tips to gear reviews.  With all of the information and tips that are available on this site, readers will get to learn from someone who has been doing these hikes first hand.

The Wilde BeatThe Wilde BeatThis interesting audio journal provides outdoor enthusiasts with news and features that will encourage and guide outdoor explorations.  Every week readers will enjoy a 10-minute documentary that is geared toward those who love spending time outside enjoying the wilderness. The producer and creator of the show, Steve Sergeant, has over 30 years of experience backpacking, backcountry skiing, rock climbing and more.  He’s been an instructor for the Sierra Club and provides listeners with information that will be of interest to any outdoorsmen.  The focus of the Wilde Beat is not extreme sports, it is to educate and excite listeners about exploring all kinds of new places and teaching them responsible outdoor skills and safety.

TrailspaceTrailspace –   Trailspace blog is a blog that contains tons of information for the hiker, camper and backpacker.  Readers will reap the benefits from a large selection of reviews on various gear as well as informative articles on many different topics.  All of these articles and reviews are written with the reader in mind; to help educate and prepare them for their own outdoor excursions.  Another gem in the Trailspace blog lineup are the guides that provide information on topics such as lightweight backpacking or how to choose a canoe.  There are several volunteer reviewers that provide readers with detailed reviews on gear as well as these informative articles.  There is a lot of valuable information to be found here.

Troop 483 blogTroop 483 Blog –  Troop 483 blog was started with an objective in mind; to provide information for scouting, provide tips and advice about camping and hiking and to offer some gear reviews as well.  This site is not currently active as of 2016, but there is a wealth of information in the form of links to other sites and previous blog posts that a reader can get a lot out of.  Check out camping tips, gear lists, and information on survival kits and other important topics.

Two Heel DriveTwo Heel Drive –  Tom Mangan first started Two Heel Drive to be a general hiking blog.  It transitioned into a blog that focused on the Bay Area and then changed again to focus on the weekly North Carolina Hikes.   There is a lot to find here at Two Heel Drive, including a very valuable section called “Your First Hike” with great information and tips for the newbie hiker. The Mangan’s 10 Essentials for Happy Hiking is also an excellent read.    Regardless of your skill level, Two Heel Drive is a good blog to check out when you want to put together a hike.

Two Knobby TiresTwo Knobby Tires –  Gorgeous photography is just one of the things readers will find when they go to Two Knobby Tires.  This site is rich with free information about trails that includes pictures, videos, levels of difficulty, directions, camping site suggestions, information about animals and plants, elevation charts and much more.  Readers will have an excellent snapshot of the trails they are curious about.  Along with these great trip guides, readers will enjoy reviews on outdoor gear and tips and advice for living a healthy, eco-friendly lifestyle.



Waterton ScramblingWaterton Scrambling –  If you’re looking for some information on some great climbing and kayaking excursions, Waterton Scrambling blog is a blog to check out.  Each trek that is featured on this blog has some great trip information that can give climbers and kayakers the knowledge they need to be prepared. This blog has been around since 2004 and has all the archives available should readers want to get more information.  Climbers will enjoy the specific trip insights and great photos.

Weekend Hike – If you live in the Pacific Northwest or the San Francisco Bay Area and want to know where the best weekend hikes are, this is the blog for you.  Andrew Weber and Bryce Stevens have written numerous books on the topic and this blog goes hand in hand with those books, providing readers with a great resource on the best weekend hikes to take in this area.  Readers will be able to stay updated on the routes that are available and get an up close and personal view on the hike route itself.   This blog is a great resource for those who live in the Pacific Northwest.  Although they focus on this particular area, as well as the San Francisco Bay area, there is information on the blog for other hikes they’ve taken in Utah, Las Vegas, Hawaii and Australia.

Weekend SherpaWeekend Sherpa Weekend Sherpa, founded by publisher Brad Day concentrates on finding the best outdoor adventures in the Greater Los Angeles Area, The San Francisco Bay Area and all throughout California.  They have a great staff of writers that bring their readers inspiration, information and great ideas for making their own weekend adventures.  The focus of this blog is to provide readers with as many ideas for great adventures as they can. They even have a section that is dedicated to dog friendly adventures for pet lovers.  If you live in California or you’re planning a visit and want to know all about the opportunities for hiking, camping, biking and other activities, this is the blog to follow.

WNC OutdoorsWNC OutdoorsJordan Mitchell, his wife Yve and their newest baby Harper Amelia love to bring readers exciting information about outdoor recreation as they explore the mountains together.  This blog is part of a network of informational websites that feature outdoor activities that are going on in Western NC.   This parent site oversees the Hiking, Mountain Biking and Waterfall network sites.   Categories include trip reports, photo galleries, and other information that outdoor enthusiasts may find interesting and helpful.


Yosemite Blog –  Yosemite is one of the most popular outdoor destinations.  This blog is dedicated to all things Yosemite.  Readers can learn about all of the nature activities that are available here including climbing, hiking, whitewater rafting, tubing, horseback riding and many more. They will also learn about the different important things that a hiker or visitor needs to know when they come to Yosemite.  Last but not least, they will read about where to stay in Yosemite whether they are RV camping or tent camping.  Yosemite National Park is a gorgeous place that needs to be on everyone’s must see list.  This blog will show you the best way to get the most out of your adventures here.

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