Top 10 DIY Women Bloggers

Top 10 DIY Women Bloggers

At Thoroughly Reviewed we have an extensive home improvement section where we review everything from the best cordless drills to jigsaws and wood routers. We wanted to take some time to recognize the women in the DIY space who are creating great content. Take a look at our Top 10 DIY Women Bloggers.


AM Dolce Vita

michelle-shen-am-dolce-vitaMichelle Shen

Michelle lives in Toronto, Canada and by day is a software sales executive as well as a design blogger, serial decorator, avid traveler, photographer and gardener.  She started her blog to document the renovation and redesign of her custom-built home.  Her blog contains before and after photos and Michelle confesses that there might be multiple ‘before’ photos since she is a compulsive redecorator!  Be sure to take a look at her blog to see beautiful photos of her amazing decorating and photography skills. You can also find her on Pinterest and Instagram where she shares additional pictures of her redesigns as well as interesting snippets of her daily life.

Centsational Girl

centsational-girlKate Riley

Kate is a lawyer who quit her practice to become a design blogger and to focus on interior decorating and DIY projects.  Together, with her guy, she’s tackled several remodels over the past ten years including their own home.  Kate shares these DIY adventures on her blog as well as her textile designs, interior decorating ideas, home improvement tips and tricks and stories of her life in California.  She loves repurposing found objects and creating new things and can be often be found in pursuit of diamond-style-items-on-a-dime in thrift store and home improvement centers. She has worked closely with major brands such as DIY Magazine, HGTV Magazine and Better Homes and Gardens to name a few.

DIY Inspired

diy-inspiredDinah Wulf

Dinah is a work-at-home mom who says that she loves being home with her two daughters but that the decision to stay home wasn’t an easy one.  She had worked hard at both schooling and jobs for the previous ten years and wasn’t sure how the transition would go.  However, staying at home with her children and getting to share her ideas on how to get DIY crafty on the cheap has come to be exactly what she loves.  She started her blog to test the waters and challenger herself to start new projects, share inspirations and hopefully inspire others to do the same.  Now she is proud to have been published in magazines, partnered with over 50 brands and has been a brand ambassador to several well-known companies.

DIY Playbook

diy-playbookBridget & Casey

Bridget and Casey are the best friends, Chicago gals, and editors behind the blog, The DIY Playbook. The duo coach their readers through the world of interior design and home décor…one DIY project at a time. Casey and Bridget strive to inspire their readers to inject their personalities into their own spaces with affordable and attainable solutions. Both Bridget & Casey are first time homeowners, so on their blog you’ll find do-it-yourself projects of all sizes. Because they are first time homeowners, they are tackling many of these DIY projects for the first time proving that if they can do these projects, you can too!

Dream Green DIY

dream-green-diyCarrie Waller

Carrie is the go-to girl behind the scenes at her blog, Dream Green DIY, which she founded in 2011.  She has a background in studio art and art history and is a writer, stylist and photographer who is always eager to soak up new home design trends.  She loves patterns, colors, textures and sheen and loves digging through piles of junk at the local thrift and estate shops looking for her next conversation piece.  Her work has been featured by Better Homes and Gardens, HGTV Magazine and Country Living to name a few.  She currently lives in Waynesboro, Virginia with her husband and four pets.

Elizabeth Ave

elizabeth-aveElizabeth Petersen

Elizabeth is the busy mom of two beautiful, wild boys who calls herself the stylish gal of the house.  She has a bachelor’s degree in education which provides her with insight on how people learn.  She loves to teach and share with her readers many ways to find inspiration and provides tutorials helping them to kick their creativity into high gear.  She has successfully used her blog to launch a beginner’s sewing course and she also offers her skills to teach workshops.  When she was little she lived in a house on Elizabeth Ave which she loved. Her fond memories of that house are the inspiration for the name of her blog.

Home Stories A to Z

Beth Hunter

home-stories-a-to-zBeth started her blog in 2008 and named it after her two boys, Asher and Zephan.  Originally it simply started as a means by which to share stories of the family’s life living in the city with two little boys.  However, once she discovered decorating, crafting and design blogs, her world (and her blog!) was forever transformed. She now also loves to share her DIY passion with her readers. She is resourceful and willing to take risks and loves teaching as she learns.  She feels that if she can accomplish a challenging project so can you.  Recently she joined a team of DIY bloggers to help start an annual DIY/Home bloggers conference which meets in Atlanta, Georgia.

Pretty Handy Girl

pretty-handy-girlBrittany Baily

Brittany is a licensed general contractor who says that she is working hard to break down the stereotypes that women can’t be handy.  Her inspiration for her confidence was her mom and dad who let her swing hammers during house renovations while she was growing up in Northern Virginia.  She is also an artist, graphic designer, web designer and photographer and she loves doing everything herself.  Her site is geared towards ANYONE who hopes to be handy and wishes to make their own repairs, upgrades or be a do-it-yourselfer.  Her blog invites you into her home and shares with you her project gallery and even her toolbox!

The Idea Room

the-idea-roomAmy Huntley

Amy is a former High School Science teacher who is the mother of five amazing children.  She grew up working on apartment units with her family and is well equipped with the skills to “Do it Yourself”!   Despite her busy schedule as a stay-at-home-mom she looks forward to projects and having something creative to work on.  Her blog is filled with beautiful photography, amazing recipes and tips and tricks on organization, parenting and photography, which she loves.  Her family is her inspiration and she enjoys working on projects with Mr. Idea Room, who also happens to be her husband!

Thistlewood Farms

thistlewood-farmsKariAnne Wood

Thistlewood Farms’ blog is so much more than the story of a farmhouse; it is the story of KariAnne and her family’s dream fulfilled, as they move from the big city to a place where life is simpler, a place where you can see the stars. Her delightful blog is filled with photos of their renovated farmhouse and it details seasonal projects, recipes and shares their life experiences.  Join KariAnne for some fun with mismatched chairs, chalkboard paint, twirly whirly skirts, pancakes and little pieces of paper.  Join her on her multiple social media platforms too!

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