Top 10 Coffee Bloggers

Top 10 Coffee Bloggers

These Top 10 Coffee Bloggers all know how to make a mean Cup of Joe! And because we have quite a few reviews on coffee related items such as coffee makers, coffee grinders, and travel mugs, we wanted to provide additional coffee-related information. Peruse their pages to learn tips and tricks on how to compassionately source beans, how to brew the perfect cup, and which equipment is best.  Each blogger is ethically influenced and driven to help everyone involved in the industry, from the overseas farmers, to the final consumer.  You can’t find a better bunch of coffee lovers than these folks!

Barista Magazine

Author: Sarah Allen

Based in Portland, Oregon, Sarah is the editor and co-founder of Barista Magazine and has also been at the forefront of the international barista movement since its onset.  She loves writing compelling and thoughtful stories about the craft and has also contributed articles to numerous magazines and newspapers.  Barista Magazine contains loads of information on different coffees and coffee happenings all over the world, even lesser-known coffee regions such as Nepal.  Check them out for articles comparing different kinds of coffee, write-ups on various coffee shops and reviews on the latest coffee gear and equipment.

Brewing Coffee Manually

Author: John Giuliano

John is a self-proclaimed coffee enthusiast, husband, father of two, and blogger. His goal with his blog is to help readers enjoy a fantastic cup of coffee.  He loves the entire process from beginning to end of roasting, brewing, and ultimately tasting his coffee!  He especially loves brewing coffee manually as he feels it brings a human element to the experience and takes out the mindless automation of just pushing a button. It can slow down your mind from the fast-paced world around you and bring an artisan quality to your cup.  His blog covers a wide range of topics and he hopes to provide content that connects with both the novice coffee enthusiast as well as the highest coffee connoisseur.

Coffee Beans Delivered

Author: Ryd Jeavons

Ryd introduces himself online, from his home country of Australia, with a warm greeting and welcoming smile.  He soon reveals the fact that he calls himself the Chief Coffee Snob of his company, Coffee Beans Delivered!  He has worked in the professional coffee world for over 17 years and STILL loves his coffee.  In fact, his favorite part of the day is waking up and trying his first cup.  Because he cares so much about coffee flavor and its consistency, he started his own company to ensure that the perfect cup was available to everyone.  At Coffee Beans Delivered he is committed to sourcing and delivering the best coffee he can and not let “good enough” be the norm.  Check out his blog to discover the meaning of new coffee buzzwords like “microlot coffee” and “hocuspoon”.  You’re sure to learn something new!

Coffee Companion

Author: Kevin Sinnott

Kevin Sinnott is known the world round as Coffee Kevin.  He is a nationally recognized coffee brewing expert as well as the author of two popular coffee books and a DVD.  In 1995 he created The Coffee Companion, the first-ever publication dedicated to the world’s best coffee. Today it has grown into a strong, online authority site and Kevin has even talked shop with the likes of Oprah Winfrey, ABC TV’s 20/20, and The Food Network.  He has also been featured in USA TODAY and The Chicago Tribune. He currently is the host of Coffee Con, the world’s largest consumer coffee festival, which takes place across four cities in the USA.

Coffee Detective

Author: Nick Usborne

Nick, aka the Coffee Detective, started his site over 10 years ago as a hobby.  He loves coffee and writes for a living, so starting the Coffee Detective online was the next, natural step.  After a while, his site started to gain increasingly more visitors and even generated a bit of income for him.  He now calls it his “hobby with benefits”!  Today he finds that his site has become popular enough that not a week goes by that the UPS driver doesn’t bring him coffee or coffee equipment to test and review.  He feels blessed that the Coffee Detective has become so influential in the lives of other coffee lovers and he looks forward to continuing along on his own, personal, coffee journey.

Higher Grounds Trading

Author: Chris Treter

Higher Grounds is a true labor of love. It began to take shape in 2001 while Chris was in Mexico during a post-graduate internship, living and working amongst the local coffee farmers. He came to know and love the people and wanted to help them have a better life.  He asked what he could do to help and they said, “you could sell our coffee”.   Chris started by importing 1 bag of green coffee beans to the USA and the rest is history.  Today, Higher Grounds Trading works with countries all over the world per global fair trade standards that dictate a living wage for farmers.  Higher Grounds also goes above and beyond and has formed the Chiapas Water Project which helps bring fresh water to the region.  They are also dedicated to providing workers with access to basic health care and ensuring that children can afford to go to school.  Please check out this inspirational company and all they do for the world of coffee, and the world in general.

Pine Tea and Coffee

Author: Clayton Pine & Lesley Pine

Started in 1996 by Clayton Pine and his sister, Lesley, Pine Tea and Coffee is a family company based in Castle Hill, Australia – 25 kilometers northwest of Sydney.  Clayton is a master tea buyer and taster with over 42 years of experience.  Lesley has been at it for over 20 years. Together they are committed to high-quality tea blending and coffee roasting and love bringing you the best quality product possible.  In fact, they are award winning retail and wholesale suppliers of both tea and coffee. In recent years, they have expanded their product lines to include specialty/gourmet foods, syrups, and accessories. Check out their site to see what all they’re up to.

Tim Wendelboe

Author: Tim Wendelboe

Tim is based in Oslo, Norway, yet his passion bears fruit at the coffee farm he owns in Huila, Columbia, named Finca el Suelo.  It is a biological coffee farm, meaning they work only with nature – making their own compost and using it as the only fertilizer.  They routinely check their soils and add more of whatever natural organism is needed to help their coffee trees thrive.  Tim also works closely with all his producers and is dedicated to the philosophy that quality, innovation, traceability, and social responsibility are the main focus of his business. He is passionate about his work and the people he works with.  His goal is to help others while still being among the best coffee roasters and espresso bars in the world.

Transcend Coffee

Author: Poul Mark

Poul founded Transcend Coffee in 2006, which grew from his passion for great coffee and a desire to build a great coffee community.  He is based in the Edmonton area of Alberta, Canada, and although he was admittedly naïve when starting his adventure, his passion fueled him and today he believes he has brought a better understanding and appreciation for coffee to Edmonton and his readers worldwide.  Over the years, he has built a thriving, multi-faceted business and has established himself as a world expert in coffee.  He has even been invited to judge several international coffee competitions including those held in Panama, El Salvador, and Honduras.  One of his most meaningful trips was a trip to Burundi where he helped the local coffee growers identify strategies to improve quality and production yields.  You can find Poul hosting popular coffee tastings, producing his Transcend Coffee podcast, and speaking at various events on the wonders of coffee!

Water Avenue Coffee

Author: Matt Milletto

Matt grew up influenced by his father, Bruce, who is well-known for his lifetime of work in the specialty coffee industry.  Matt, himself, has worked helping hundreds of small coffee shops as well as large coffee businesses open and succeed all over the world.  His experience gave him the confidence to seize the moment in 2009 and purchase a French-built, vintage Samiac roaster from a Swiss company. He and his father saw this as a great opportunity to develop a roasting and retail business inside the same building that houses the American Barista and Coffee School in Portland, Oregon.  The venture was a success, and today Water Avenue Coffee seeks baristas who want to continue to develop and grow in the coffee industry.  They even offer a program that allows baristas to travel to origin after one year of work to see the importance of direct trade and how it can influence farmers’ lives.

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