Best Tile Saw in 2023 – Tile Saw Reviews and Ratings

Best Tile Saw in 2023 – Tile Saw Reviews and Ratings
We spent over 25 hours researching and testing 12 different types of tile saws and found that depth of cut, horsepower, and warranty were most important. The DEWALT D24000 10” Wet Tile Saw scored high marks in all categories and is our top pick. This saw provided accurate and reliable cuts and was not difficult to use. The motor has 1.5 of horse power and provides plenty of power to handle the projects you want to do. The adjustable, dual water nozzle provides plenty of water control. We were able to handle diagonal cuts and rip tiles efficiently and easily.


Best Overall Tile Saw

5/5 Product Rating

Whether you’re a flooring professional or a do-it-yourselfer, you’re going to find that the Dewalt 10 inch Wet Tile Saw will give you reliable and accurate results so that you can get the job done faster and more efficiently. This saw allows you to rip tiles and handle diagonal cuts in a flash, thanks to the integrated rail system that helps to ensure precision cutting, and an integrated miter that allows for accurate bevel cuts. The powerful 1.5 hp motor will give you all the force that you need to cut through even the toughest materials on the job site.

This saw also features a generous 3-1/8 inch cut depth and 24 inch ripping capacity. The integrated stainless steel rail system adds to the overall precision of this tool, while the adjustable, dual water nozzles give you excellent water control. Backed by a three year limited warranty, and one year free service feature, the tool also comes with a 90 day money back guarantee. Now, it’s finally possible to make accurate tile and stone cuts with the Dewalt 10 inch wet tile saw. The versatile and powerful design make for the fastest cuts. All in all, this is a top rated tile saw because it gives you the performance that you crave at a price that you can afford.

– Darius Spieth

2. Chicago

Best Overall Tile Saw – Runner Up

4.8/5 Product Rating

This tile saw features an oversized steel frame with precision linear bar system for the smoothest operation possible. There’s a high quality dual capacitor motor with sealed bearings and thermal overload protection for professional performance and results, as well as a pivoting heat that allows 22.5 and 45 degree bevel cuts. Also, the adjustable cutting head lets you adjust the blade for standard tiles and bricks of up to 3-1/2 inches in thickness. With the 24 inch cutting capacity, you’re going to see that this tile saw is a serious beast that can get the job done right.

A top rated tile saw, this model features a whopping 2.5 horsepower, and is 10 inches in size. Whether you’re a professional tile installer, or just someone who likes to perform these tasks at home, you’re going to see that this saw will give you all the performance that you crave, and at a price that you can afford. See why so many people agree that this is one of the best tile saws on the market.

– Darius Spieth

3. SKIL 3550

Best Budget Tile Saw

4.7/5 Product Rating

This saw from SKIL features an innovative upper and lower guard design that keeps water contained near the blade and reduces the clean-up time. The innovative sliding side extension gives you support for tiles up to 18 inches in size, while the aluminum table top gives you a durable, rust resistant surface. The adjustable rip fence with miter gauge also provides you with accurate straight and miter cuts. The bevel will assist you in cutting tile at 0, 22.5, and 45 degrees, so that you can make different cut types.

A top rated tile saw, this tool is designed to give you professional results at a price that you can always afford. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a professional or not, when it comes to cutting tiles, you want precision and accuracy. That’s exactly what this tool is designed to provide you with. See why so many tile workers have rated this saw as being one of the best. You’re going to get the results that you crave in a fraction of the time, and with more accuracy than you ever imagined possible.

– Darius Spieth

Tile Saw Comparison



Skil 3550



Skil 3540




24 24 18 18 30 14 22 18 24 12
18 18 12 12 30 14 16 12 18 12
Integrated Miter
45.00, 22.50 45.00, 22.50 45.00, 22.50 15.00, 30.00, 45.00 45.00, 22.50 0.00, 45.00 0.00, 45.00 45.00 45.00, 22.50 45.00
Edge Guide
45 / 90 45 45 45 45 45 45 45 45 45
Water Pan
5 3 3 2 2 2 5 2 2 2
Horsepower 1.50 2.50 2.00 3.50 2.00 2.00 1.40 1.25 1.40 2.00
RPM 4,200 3,800 3,600 3,600 3,600 3,600 7,000 6,000 4,200 3,565
Aluminum Aluminum Aluminum Steel Steel Steel Aluminum Aluminum Steel Steel
Saw Frame
34 x 26 35 x 23 22 x 18 15 x 15 20 x 18 18 x 15 32 x 22 33 x 20 35 x 25 18 x 16
Amperage 15.00 15.00 5.00 3.80 4.80 4.20 9.00 7.40 9.00 5.00
Blade Diameter
10 10 7 7 7 7 7 7 10 7
Blade Thickness
0.06 0.05 0.05 0.06 0.06 0.05 0.05 0.05 0.06 0.05
Depth of Cut
3.12 3.50 0.75 1.31 1.25 1.37 2.25 1.12 3.75 1.00
69.00 79.05 24.00 23.00 15.70 17.70 54.40 33.00 75.00 26.90
34.00 x 26.20 x 20.40 35.00 x 22.40 x 24.00 22.00 x 18.00 x 8.50 15.10 x 15.60 x 9.00 15.70 x 20.10 x 9.90 18.00 x 14.50 x 7.80 31.00 x 21.50 x 14.70 33.00 x 19.00 x 20.00 33.50 x 23.50 x 22.00 18.00 x 16.00 x 10.00
36 3 36 12 12 36 12 12 12 12


Tile Saw Buying Guide

Tile Saw Reviews

What is a Tile Saw

Tile is an interesting material, and you’ll find natural and man-made tile made from such materials as ceramic, porcelain, and stone. The thing about tile is that it breaks easily, and tile saws are designed to precisely cut these materials without creating any damage. Tile saws are safe to use, easy to operate, and they give homeowners the professional results that they crave. Using a diamond carbide blade to cut the hardness and bitterness of tile, tile saws will generate a lot of heat, and that’s why a water reservoir is necessary to continually spray the blade and material to keep them cool and reduce dust.

There are many tile saws to choose from, and you can get handheld or table models, if you so choose. When it comes to purchasing a tile saw, you want to consider the nature of the project you’ll be doing. This is a highly specialized tool that is best purchased with clear intentions in mind. You need to consider whether your work environment will have running water and electrical power available. While having a good understanding of the nature of the work being performed, you also need to consider many other things.

Keep in mind that handheld saws are great for smaller projects or those times when portability is important. Table-models give you extra stability and surface area so you can handle larger materials, making it easier to uniformly cut multiple tiles. You’re going to see that tile saws vary widely in terms of features and cost, so it’s best to investigate your options and decide whether you want a new or used model.


You’re going to see that there is a great deal of variation from model to model, with differentiation between essential design elements like water source, and in terms of optional features that pertain to safety and convenience.

    • Water Source: A tile saw will either reuse water stored in a pump container or draw it from a continuous source like a garden hose. There will be a drain or a line connection for draining the excess water. Saws that use a pump to recirculate the water supply are the most convenient when you’re working away from a water source or when you’re saving your water usage. A fresh-water or pumpless saw has an attachment for a water hose. In this situation, the water stays cleaner, but you’re going to need to operate the saw near a water supply.
    • Blade Type: You’re going to find that blade types are available for different applications. A wet/dry blade can be used with a handheld wet saw that allows for dry cutting, and these are usually smaller in size. Wet diamond blades are specifically designed to operate while being cooled with water, and these should only be used for wet cutting.
    • Blade Capacity: This feature determines the ability of the cutting head to adjust to hold blades of various sizes. You want to consider buying a tile saw that has this versatile feature, especially if your project involves tiles of different types.
    • Blade Adjustment: You’ll find that most home tile projects require making beveled and mitered cuts. In this situation, you want to look for models with blades that can be adjusted for different cuts. Most table saws will have a mitered attachment.

Tile Saw2

  • Blade Power: The torque that you need to cut heavy and strong tile is provided by motor horsepower. Lighter, handheld units of under 0.5 horsepower will be best suited for smaller, thinner tiles. While larger handheld models and smaller table models are going to have 0.5 horsepower. You want to consider buying the most powerful model suited for the project that you’re working on, while also taking into account what your budget allows for.
  • Overload Protection: Thermal overload protection is going to protect the motor from overheating and potentially burning out. If you have a model with a direct-drive motor then you’re going to be vulnerable to this. Most models will have this feature, but it’s important to check the specifications to be sure.

Handheld Saws

Handheld tile saws are great for giving you portable convenience when it comes to traveling, working outdoors, and cutting large materials. These models will be available in corded and cordless versions, and they’re light enough to carry on the go. This kind of saw is also efficient for touching up tile and other smaller projects. Versatile enough to make special cuts, it’s still recommended that you use a table saw if you want a steadier work surface. But, with a bit of practice, handheld saws are better for making rounded cuts.

With a handheld saw, you can get the same type and quality of cut as a table tile saw can make. But, the results will depend upon the skill level of the user. Handheld models use smaller blades, and that makes them not the best choice for thick tiles that require deeper cuts. When it comes to large tiles that are not too thick, a handheld model is ideal because it requires that your workpiece be securely in place. This will make a precise cut much easier, and you won’t have to push the tile into the blade.

Keep in mind that a handheld model requires more preparation of materials because the tile needs to be clamped in place before the cutting begins. The tile will also need to be manually measured and marked before cutting. It’s possible to use your handheld saw for dry cutting, but this will create a considerable amount of dust, and that’s why it’s important to wear a dust mask as well as eye protection.

Table Saws

A table saw is going to provide you with precision and stability when it comes to cutting large pieces of tile. Instead of manipulating the blade, you will need to push the tile along a guide for the blade to cut. The blade will be mounted in a water tray that will continually wet the tile. Pump models will spray recirculated water on the blade as the material moves under it, whereas fresh water models will draw running water for a cleaner cut.

Tile Saw3Table models are going to support a larger blade, and provide you with more depth capacity, and this is why they’re the best choice for thick and large tiles. Table saws are also ruled for easy sizing of materials. You’re going to find that these models are larger and more expensive than their handheld counterparts, but they provide you with much better cutting consistency between tiles. Since tiles don’t need to be manually clamped, the table saw is great for handling volume. You want to look for those models which have added features that add to the overall precision and convenience of using the saw.


If you’re someone who works with tile professionally, or if you’re just someone who likes tile projects around the house, you’re going to find that owning the perfect tile saw makes the whole task much easier. There are tons of tile saws on the market, and choosing the right one for you comes down to knowing exactly how you’re going to be using the saw. In our buyer’s guide we highlighted the kinds of tile saws that are on the market, and explained the various features that are available to you. This should get you well on your way to finding the perfect saw to suit your unique requirements.


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