The 10 Most Common Beauty Mistakes You Didn’t Know You Were Making

The 10 Most Common Beauty Mistakes You Didn’t Know You Were Making

The journey to becoming a makeup guru is not complete until you’ve experimented with the wrong lipstick shade, foundation mismatch, constant eyeliner smudge and the all too familiar mistake of sleeping with your makeup on. From knowing the best lipstick for your skin tone, to the best products for cleansing or moisturizing the skin, every woman must know what works for their skin type. There are so many products circulating, but not all will work for you, and this depends solely on how your skin will react to certain products. Beauty geniuses know how to deal with these beauty slip-ups, so if you’re looking to go from “uh-oh” to “flawless,” read on.

1. Stay Moisturized

Moisturizers are a sure way to keep your skin plump and youthful underneath your makeup. The use of moisturizing primers and other skin lotions designed primarily for the face is to allow your makeup to sit properly on your skin without shifting into cracks or looking dry. Water is also key, it keeps the skin hydrated and fights against aging, acne and replenishes the skin’s elasticity, so, chug up.

2. Concealer Overuse

Always use concealer after your foundation is set, this is to avoid cakey concealer which happens when concealer is over-applied to one part of the face without foundation. This causes the concealer to sink into the lines on your face, leading to a cracked rather than smooth finish. Play around with the different colors of concealer available; each is peculiar in its own way. Use a peach toned concealer for dark circles. Use the green toned concealer for red spots such as acne and blemishes and the yellow toned concealer conceals larger areas on the skin.

3. Makeup In Bed

Keeping aside the stain it leaves on your pillows and bedsheets, wearing makeup to bed is bad for the skin. During the day, oil production increases underneath all your makeup and dirt from free radicals stay on the face. Therefore, it is important to wash up and clean the face before hitting the sack. It prevents skin infections and breakouts that occur due to dirt. 

4. Primers before foundations

A primer is a must-have for every woman with a makeup obsession. A good primer preps the skin for the slathering of other makeup products like foundation and powder. It enables your makeup last longer, and creates a smooth and flawless finish. People with oily or combination skin will significantly benefit from this product.

5. Blend it

Makeup is an art and the artist must know that the key technique for a flawless finish is the art of blending. Blending-in makeup products like foundation, concealers, eyeshadows, and eye primers properly is truly an art every woman must learn. This gives your makeup a more natural look rather than a pile-up of makeup. To master this art, you must invest in good makeup brushes and beauty blenders. If you want to be proficient at this in no time, beauty gurus on YouTube beckon.

6. Eye Those Brows

Eyebrows are delicate hairs that sit right above the eyes, they follow the shape of the lower margin of the brow ridges. Eyebrows can make your makeup go from “cringe-worthy” to “Instagram MUA status” depending on how neatly shaped they are. Over-plucked, tadpole or overdrawn brows are usually the first indications that your brows are in a state of disaster. To get your brows right, use light strokes when drawing them in, always follow the natural shape of your brow which always suits your facial structure.

7. Slathering Too Much Foundation

To avoid that cakey finish, opt for lightweight foundation instead of thick, creamier ones. Lightweight foundation allows you to blend properly, which gives the foundation a smooth coverage rather than a cakey one. Always choose a foundation that is for your skin tone, anything darker or lighter will look unnatural, and accentuate the fine lines and blemishes on the skin. Also, make sure to blend all the way to the neck and ears for a natural finish look.

8. Lipstick Shade

Lipsticks are a great deal when working with makeup. Finding the perfect lipstick-to-skin-tone compatibility is usually a pain, so opt for natural looking colors like nudes. These colors give a naturally full, pouty, and youthful definition. Darker shades of lipstick create a goth-ish and shabby makeup look, which ages your look; so, if you’re going to use darker lipsticks make sure the rest of your face is light. Lip-glosses are also suitable alternatives to lipsticks.

9. Entangled Beauty Trends

Makeup has a tendency of becoming clownish, especially when the eyeshadow, foundation, lipstick, concealer, and eyeliner are all not working together. A little bit goes a long way in makeup, a little nude lipstick goes a long way on a glittery eye. Likewise, brighter shades of lipstick go a long way on natural looking eyes.

10. Makeup and Clothes Coordination

Coordinating your makeup to your clothes is so 1987, and tacky. For a more authentic look, match your neutral makeup look with a colorful outfit or your neutral outfit with a vibrant makeup look. This gives a mature and natural finish to an outfit.

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