Terrific Last Minute Gift Ideas

Terrific Last Minute Gift Ideas

There may be times where you are faced with choosing a last minute gift.  There are a few ways that you can prepare for this inevitable situation.  Some people purchase several last minute gifts to keep on hand in the event that they forget an occasion where buying a gift is usually done. The gifts should be neutral in nature so they work for men or women.

Another method some people use is to have a working list of last minute gift ideas that they can use when there is an occasion to purchase a gift last minute.  They can look at the list and then get whatever item they choose from the list rather than having to search for ideas.

If you truly want last minute gifts ready to go, the best choice and most efficient way of the two methods mentioned above is to have a few last minute gift items on hand. This eliminates having to shop for it, you can just grab it from your closet and you’re ready.   We’ve listed 10 great last minute gift ideas below that work well for those spur of the moment situations where a gift is appropriate.

Best Terrific Last Minute Gift Ideas

Customers love this coffee & espresso maker for its easy use procedure and elegant look.

Anyone who loves coffee and espresso will love receiving this French Press Coffee Maker. You can also make espresso and tea with it.

Users can brew loose leaf tea, whole bean coffee’s essential oils and make a large 34 ounces or 8 cups that provide a smooth coffee that tastes better than anything you’ve ever had.

This coffee maker has a sleek and stylish, unique design that includes an insulated outer shell that protects the glass pitcher from getting any cracks or chips.

This is a great item to take on camping trips, in the RV or when you are traveling for business.  It is very quiet when running and requires no electricity.

The sturdy design is easy to handle and makes pouring into your coffee mugs very simple.  The BPPA and BPS free lid ensure that no plastic comes in contact with the tea or coffee during the steeping/brewing process.

The detachable filter careen system, made of stainless steel and other parts specified in the user manual are dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.

Customers love the health benefits that this lamp provides as well as the warm ambient lighting.

Salt lamps have many health benefits including releasing negative ions into the air which purifies the air in the room.  It is also very soothing and the war m glow has a calming effect that people will love.

This is not just your ordinary lamp. The natural Himalayan crystals that are in the basket were hand mined in the Himalayan Mountains.  The black, polished and coated basket is made of metal and has a 25 watt bulb that heats the salt.

Both the cord and lamp are UL approved.   There is also a dimmer switch that allows users to control the light.

This is a unique gift that many may not think of to purchase for themselves but once they get this gift and try it, they will wish they had gotten one a long time ago.

Customers love the fun this card game pro

This popular party game has gained popularity over the last few years as THE game to play at parties.  There are 550 cards (90 black cards and 460 white cards)

The rules of the game are easy.  For each round a player will ask a question using a black card and then everyone else answers with the funniest white card of their choice.

The game is printed on premium playing cards and there are over 13 different rounds with 6 players playing that is possible.

Included are the game rules, alternate rules, and the cards; all shrink wrapped in a customized box and ready to gift wrap and give.

If you are giving this to someone as a last minute gift make sure it is not someone who would be offended by the inappropriate questions and tone of the game.

The game is simple. Each round, one player asks a question from a Black Card, and everyone else answers with their funniest White Card.

Customers love the tranquil feeling using this executive sand box provides and the stylish look too.

This unique sand tray set is the perfect way to relieve stress in the office. The bamboo sand tray measures 9 ½” x 9 ½” and holds 1 pound of sand.

There are three molds that are included: triangle, inverted square and circle.  The sand is highly moldable and is great for relaxing the mind and using it to clear the stresses going on in the workforce.

It also makes a great coffee table centerpiece and conversation piece when guests come over.  There are other molds available that can be purchased separately.   The sand never dries out and can be used repeatedly to make all kind of shapes.

Mold it into hard squares, circles, and more and then with just a touch it breaks apart and is ready for the next shape.  The sand is safe to use, even for kids, and is 100% non-toxic and anti-bacterial too.  This is a perfect gift for the executive in your life that needs a break from the stresses of work throughout the day.

Customers love the shiny copper beauty and function of these two beautiful copper mugs.

These beautiful hammered copper mugs will thrill the recipient.  This set of 2 copper mugs keep drinks cold longer and come in a satin lined gift box.

They also reduce the rate in which ice melts in the mugs. These leak-free mugs have welded handles that stay comfortable to hold.  They do not contain any tin, nickel, stainless steel or aluminum.

They are pure copper and have the tradition copper /citric acid reaction that make them so popular and sought after. They are perfect as beer mugs, iced coffee, iced tea and also with cocktails.

They are back by a 100% warranty against defects. Be sure to read the warranty instructions that come inside the box.

Customers love the efficient cooking time and fast preparation of delicious sandwiches.

Sandwich makers are convenient and fun to have to create a quick breakfast sandwich for any time of day or night.  This dual sandwich maker makes 1 or 2 sandwiches in only 5 minutes!

There is a time with an easy to hear tone that lets you know when the sandwiches are ready.  There are several quick recipes included that are easy to make and enjoyable to eat.

This is an excellent last minute gift for a college student, single or couple, and even for families.  Breakfast sandwiches are a popular breakfast and snack food, so this Hamilton Beach dual sandwich maker makes having these foods quick and easy.

Have fun creating delicious sandwiches using English Muffins and your own fresh ingredients.  You can create sandwiches like the egg mcmuffin, or change it up and make an incredible grilled cheese, grilled tuna and much more.

Customers love the sleek design and the perfect aeration this provides for your wine.

If you’re looking for a last minute gift for anyone who loves wine, this beautiful and sleek wine decanter fits the bill perfectly. This hand blown decanter is made from lead-free crystal.

Pouring the wine into the decanter oxygenates it and releases the rich flavor and aroma that wine is supposed to have.  The wine decanter is designed to provide the best aeration for the wine possible.

Pouring an entire bottle into the decanter will fill it to the widest point of the decanter which ensures maximum aeration and the best taste.  It is perfect for dinner parties, gatherings and even just for wine for one on a quiet night at home.

Pouring is easy and spill proof with the slanted top design.

Customers love the sleek look and health benefits that this attractive LED aromatherapy diffuser offers.

Aromatherapy diffusers are excellent for reducing the symptoms of colds and flu, adding moisture to the air and reducing allergies.

This elegant wood grain look diffuser complements any room in your home and adds not only moisture but scents as well to soothe and calm. It uses no heat and is super quiet so there is no disturbance when it is running.

There are 4 timer setting and an auto shut-off that protects the diffuser when the water runs out.

The color changing LEDs add to the ambience and provide a soft glow that works wonders on relaxing you after a long day.  This makes an excellent last minute gift that can be used in any room in the house.

Customers love the elegance and style of these beautiful gold finish accessories for your electronics.

This unique and very classy gift will take their breath away when they open it.  This is a perfect gift for an executive.

All of the items in this set are gold in color and look very sleek and high end.  They make excellent luxury gifts for a company to give their executives as well.

Included in this high quality gift set is:

  • Powerbank charger with 4 LED indicators to charge Apple products, Android Products, smart watches, laptops, tablets, GoPro and more.
  • USB flash drive 3.0 + OTG that has 32 gb memory. Perfect for storing files.
  • Wireless Mouse with a USB charging system. No batteries or long cables needed. The USB receiver provides exceptional connections. 1600 dpi can change the cursor moving speed.  Blue light indicates the item is charging.  Matt metallic gold surface.
  • Thin Gold Pen for touch screens made of solid stainless metal. This pen is so lightweight and elegant. It has a durable soft head that will protect your computer or phone screen.  It is ultra responsive which makes it great for signatures.  This pen is compatible with all the touchscreen devices.

Customers love the unique 007 quality of this cool pen camera.

This unique gift will thrill any tech lovers you are purchasing a gift for. It features 1080p of true HD quality, crystal clear video recording with vibrant colors and a one click on and off button.

Resolution is 1280 x 720 with a photo resolution is 2560 x 1440.  Recording speed is 30 frames per second, higher than any spy pen camera on the market.

There is an 8 GB SD card that comes with the pen camera for free. Time stamps available as well.  This pen camera can also be used as a regular ball point pen.

Plug it into the USB port of a smart TV for instant viewing of the video you have recorded.

It can also be plugged into your computer.  No drivers or special software is needed.  It comes with a 90 day money back guarantee along with a 12 month warranty.

Choosing the Right Last Minute Gifts

Sometimes occasions are forgotten and you find yourself in need of a fast gift.  Having a few last minute gifts on hand is the best way to be prepared in the event you need a fast gift.

The suggestions we have listed above are gender neutral and work well for most gift giving situations.  If you have several gifts ready to go, you might want to choose a couple that are better for men and a couple that are better for women.

We have listed several tips and pointers to keep in mind as you search for a great last minute gift. Following these pointers can help you get rid of any worry or stress you may have of not having a gift for someone when everyone else does.

Dos and Don’ts to Remember


  • Build a small stockpile of last minute gifts that are wrapped (make sure you label them somewhere outside the wrapping or have a list somewhere so you know what is in each package.) This prevents you from having to do any last minute frantic shopping and end up with something of lesser quality due to time constraints.  You don’t have to have tons of last minute gifts, but have a couple for each gender and maybe even one or two for kids will make you prepared for any last minute gift emergency that comes along.
  • Look for gifts that are not seasonal. This way if the gift is wrapped for a year or so before it is given, it won’t be “out of style”. There are plenty of gifts that you can choose that are kind of evergreen in nature so it won’t matter what occasion or time of year they are given out.
  • Choose gifts that are useful and unique. There are so many options out there to choose from that you can make some really interesting choices that anyone would love to receive.


  • Over think the gift buying process when it comes to last minute gifts. If you shop for last minute gifts early enough you’ll actually be ahead when the time arises that you need one. Take your time finding a few that really stand out to you.  When you’re shopping at leisure, there is no stress so you will actually make better decisions as to what is a good gift and what isn’t.
  • Forget that you have purchased last minutes gifts and purchase more when you run into a gift emergency. Organization is important to run a household, so if you are the type that is organized enough to have last minute gifts on hand to give, make sure that the organization carries over to remembering you have them.  The only time it is fine to purchase a last minute gift when you already have some stashed is if what you have stashed clearly doesn’t work for the person you are gifting.

Everyone has been in a situation where a last minute gift would have been nice to have on hand.  Occasions are forgotten, unexpected company arrives at the holidays, etc.   When you decide to be prepared in the event of a gift emergency it will make you feel very organized and on top of things when you’re not running around scrambling to find something that will work at the last second.

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