Best Teeth Whitening in 2023 – Teeth Whitening Reviews and Ratings

Best Teeth Whitening in 2023 – Teeth Whitening Reviews and Ratings
We spent over 21 days researching and testing 15 different kinds of teeth whitening products and found that usage time, ingredients, and number of treatments were most important.Crest 3D White Luxe Teeth Whitening Kit scored high marks in every category and is our top pick. It provides 20 treatments and is a well-known and trusted brand in teeth whitening products. The strips are easy to apply and only have to be left on for 30 minutes a day. Results were noticeable after about 3 days and continued to get more noticeable the longer we used it.

1. Crest

Best Overall Teeth Whitening

5/5 Product Rating
A great white smile is something that everyone notices. It is attractive and shows you care about your appearance.

Crest is a common household name when it comes to toothbrushes and toothpaste and they are also known for their teeth whitening products as well.
These Crest 3D White Luxe Whitestrips Professional Effects are just the thing you need to get a white smile you can be proud to show off.
The ingredients used in this product are the same safe ingredients that are used in dentist’s offices.

They work by getting below the enamel surface of the tooth to get rid of teeth stains. In just 30 minutes a day you can remove up to 14 years of stains from your teeth which will make quite a difference in your appearance.

Users will notice a difference after only 3 days of using this teeth whitening product and the full results will be noticeable in 20 days of proper use. You will get professional looking results without having to take time off from work or pay the professional price that can go along with dentist office whitening.

They feature a no slip grip which means you can talk and even drink water while you’re whitening your teeth with no worry of the strips sliding off. Each strip molds to the natural shape of your teeth and all you will need to do is spend 30 minutes a day with them on.

Sarah Lytle

2. Brilliant

Best Overall Teeth Whitening – Runner Up

4.7/5 Product Rating
Brilliant HD Pro Teeth Whitening Kit provides a professional dentist’s grade result for your teeth that can remove year’s worth of stains from all kinds of sources in as little as one simple treatment.

You won’t have to worry about sensitivity issues or a high cost which makes this product even more appealing to customers.

The Brilliant HD uses the same exact gel that Hollywood Cosmetic dentists use on celebrities but you will pay a tiny percentage of the cost that they pay and reap the same great results. The comfortable, heated trays will fit your teeth perfectly for the best results and that means an easy teeth whitening experience for you right in your own home.

There is nothing to worry about when using this product because it is made in a GMP certified facility right here in the United States and has had professional supervision by licensed dentists throughout the manufacturing process. If you’re looking for a great product that is both a customer favorite and proven to work, this is the one for you.

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3. Shine Zero Peroxide

4.5/5 Product Rating
Just because you like coffee and soda that shouldn’t mean you have to put up with stained teeth. The great news is you don’t!

This excellent teeth whitening product from Smartsmile contains 35% Carbamide Peroxide Gel that provides heavy duty results and whitening. You will get a very high quality and effective method of whitening your smile without having to spend tons of money.

You will enjoy the benefits of a professional grade whitening session for a much lower amount of money.

Your kit will contain a whitening gel, applicator syringes and mouth trays to make your teeth whitening session easy and comfortable, right in your own home. All you have to do is spend 15 minutes a day with the gel applied to the trays and the trays inserted into your mouth.

You will get an easy custom fit by submerging the trays in warm water and then fitting them to your teeth. You will notice a difference immediately, even after the first application and it will whiten you teeth by a few shades with just a few days if using the tray and gel every day for 15 minutes. The gel has a fresh winter mint taste and the company gives you a 30 day no questions asked money back guarantee.

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Teeth Whitening Buying Guide

Teeth Whitening Reviews

A White Smile is an Impression Maker

Teeth Whitening1One of the first things people notice about you is your smile. If you enjoy drinking wine, soda, coffee or smoking, you may find that keeping your teeth white and bright can become quite a challenge. Over time, the teeth will lose their brilliance and shine and can start to look dingy and unattractive.

Nowadays there is no reason for you to have to suffer with less than a beautiful smile. Teeth whitening products are all over the place and they give users the ability to whiten their teeth in their own homes at a much lower cost than it would be if they went to the dentist to have it done.

What to Consider When Whitening your Teeth?

If you want to whiten your own teeth, there are a few things you need to consider before you purchase a teeth whitening product. We will go over some of the major things to consider before you start your research.

Which method do you prefer?Are you looking for strips? Gels? Whitening toothpastes? There are many different methods of teeth whitening available so knowing what you prefer ahead of time will enable you to only look at those products that use that preferred method.

Personal Pain Tolerance Some people have a high level of sensitivity when it comes to their teeth. Certain methods could irritate that sensitivity so make sure that you know what is involved in each method to see which ones will be the easiest on your teeth.

The Taste of the Whitening Gel – No one wants to use a product that tastes terrible. Looking for a product that customers report to have a good taste makes the whole process more enjoyable instead of something to “get through.”

How much is it? – Price is the major reason most people look for an alternative to going to the dentist. Professional office teeth whitening systems can cost hundreds of dollars. With these top rated teeth whitening products reviewed here you can have the professional results without breaking the bank.

Different Whitening Methods

There are several different methods of teeth whitening available to consumers today. We have outlined the individual methods that you may encounter in your search for the right teeth whitening product for your needs and preferences. Some methods work better than others and some brands are more reliable as well.

Depending on the method, you may need to commit to adding it to your routine daily, weekly or somewhere in between and can expect to be using it for anywhere from 1-4 weeks to get the full results. If you notice that some methods you may have tried, especially toothpastes and rinses don’t seem to make much of a difference In the stains you have, that is because they are meant to get rid of daily stains and not get to the root of the problem and remove stains that have been there for years.

  • Whitening Toothpaste – It seems most toothpaste manufacturers have a teeth whitening toothpaste of some kind. Remember that the toothpastes are not designed to get rid of years of stains. Toothpastes would be a great product to use after using the more intense, deeper whitening methods.
  • Whitening Strips – Whitening strips utilize gel to whiten the teeth and usually are left on your teeth for a minimum of 30 minutes. There are many different brands of strips out there. They are comfortable to wear and can get rid of the stains beneath the surface of the enamel.
  • Whitening Mouth Rinse – This product is great for maintaining the results you have achieved with deeper cleansing method such as whitening strips or trays. Used by itself or even with toothpaste will not result in much of any change in the color of your teeth.
  • Teeth Whitening2

  • Whitening Tray Kits – These kits can be a bit challenging to use correctly but if you take your time and follow the directions, you will get great results from using these trays. You will more than likely be using the trays daily or several times a week for several weeks to see good results but the results are noticeable and long lasting if you follow up with tooth whitening toothpaste and mouth rinse.
  • Bleach with UV Light – This is probably the most expensive of the home methods and the least commonly used, but there are some that still prefer it. It uses bleaching gel that is applied to the teeth and UV light activates the teeth whitening/bleaching properties.

Typical Treatment Time Frames

Each of the teeth whitening methods available needs different times to work. Some are shorter than others. We’ve listed the typical treatment times that each method usually requires. You will need to check the box and instructions for the duration of the method you have chosen. These durations below are approximates.

Toothpastes and Rinses – Used every day, the duration of brushing and rinsing is a minimum of 2 minutes.

Whitening Strips – Used every day for about 2 weeks to get the full effect for 30 minutes each time.

Whitening Gel/Tray Kits – Worn for 30-60 minutes at a time for about 3-7 days.

Bleaching Gel/UV Light – 60 minutes – 1 time use. Can be repeated every 3-6 months if needed.

Some Safety Tips and Other Things to Remember

  • Teeth whitening isn’t for everyone. It definitely is not recommended for children at all and in general, children’s teeth have not had the time to yellow or stain the way adult’s teeth are stained. If you get your child on a great tooth care regimen, chances are they will avoid the yellowing of the teeth, especially if they use some of the whitening toothpastes and rinses on the market. (they need to be over 12 to use those products as well)
  • Teeth Whitening3

  • Don’t have unrealistic expectations. If your teeth haven’t been touched with any kind of whitening products in decades, you can’t, or shouldn’t expect miraculous differences from the teeth whitening products. They will help, they will improve the appearance, and if you try the more in depth ones like the bleaching, trays or strips you will see improvement.
  • Using teeth whitening products can cause a lot of tooth sensitivity so expect that this may happen. Using toothpaste for sensitive teeth can help reduce this discomfort.
  • Don’t overuse the products. In your search for that white smile, you may be in a hurry to see results and think that if you use the product more often or use more of it, there will be bigger and faster results. This is not the case. Stick to the directions and make sure that you follow them closely for the best results as well as for your own health and safety.
  • Teeth whitening products are meant to be used on natural teeth. They should not be used if you have crowns, caps, dentures, white fillings or veneers.


Feeling good about your smile is important and it can give you a lot of confidence. It can also open doors for you in some circumstances, in the work force when the bosses notice your white, bright smile. It shows that you can about your appearance and that is important to many employers along with the qualifications for the job.

There are several different methods available so finding one that you prefer using and like the results of should not be too difficult at all now that you know what methods are out there, how long each of them are typically used and what they can do for you.

Having a white smile is not impossible, even if you haven’t ever tried to make your teeth whiter. They may not be Hollywood white, but if you are diligent in your treatments and follow up with maintenance products like toothpastes and rinses, you will improve the look of your teeth and appearance and get a boost of self confidence as well.


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  2. SmartSmile –

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