Teen Gift Ideas That They Won’t Hide in the Closet

Teen Gift Ideas That They Won’t Hide in the Closet

Teenagers can be really challenging to buy for since their focus tends to be on all the trendy and faddish stuff.  If you want to choose a gift for the teen in your life that they will actually enjoy using, there are a few things you can do.

One of the most important things to remember is that you are not required to buy the latest, most expensive technological gadget on the market.

It is far more rewarding to find gifts that the teen will enjoy that don’t have to do with cell phones or video games.  We have listed 10 teen gift ideas below that could be something you want to purchase for the teen in your life at Christmas or their Birthday.

If none of these appeal to you, use the ideas to spark your imagination so you can choose the perfect teen gift for the teen or teens in your life, whether they are your own kids or someone else’s.

Best Teen Gift Ideas

Customers love the way the authors have made the book personable and interesting to teen readers.

If your teen shows signs of wanting to learn to cook but has NO idea where to start, they will enjoy this informative book written by two teens.  There are 85 recipes in this book that range from comfort foods to appetizers.  The book is broken down into six sections:

  • Breakfast
  • Snacks
  • Soup/Salad
  • Dinner for One
  • Family Meals
  • Desserts

These sections span traditional American foods to German, Mexican and Chinese recipes too.  The book includes the basics and cooking instructions as well.

This is must have for any teen that wants to know how to cook without burning the house down. They will find this book funny, entertaining, and informative too.

Customers will love the quality of construction and realistic look these sweets pillows have.

These pillows are brightly colored and very realistic looking. Fill the bed with these and you’re liable to feel an overwhelming urge to have massive amounts of sweets.

This adorable microbead pillow measures16” in diameter and is made of soft spandex/poly blend.  It is very soft and squishy and very comfortable to lie on or hold.

There is a whole line of different dessert pillows from iscream.  Once she has one, she may want the whole collection!

The pillow features photoreal prints on both sides of the pillow for the ultimate in realism.  She will love showing off her delicious looking pillow to her friends.

Customers love the super waterproof design that can stand up to showers, car washing, rain,  salt mist and sand.

Your teen won’t have to risk ruining their phone by taking it into the shower anymore.  This HD wireless speaker allows people to listen to music in the shower and they won’t miss any calls either.

The device is splash proof and has the ability to be a speaker phone with all of their Bluetooth devices.

The suction cup on the bottom sticks the waterproof speaker to the tile so their shower is filled with their favorite tunes.

It has a range of 10 meters or 30 feet and can quickly and easily pair with tablets, laptops, and smartphones.  The exterior of this cute speaker is shock resistant as well as being waterproof.

It isn’t affected by salt water or sand either.  You can even have it out around your car when you’re washing it.  They will have a lot of fun with this convenient and stylish speaker that they can take anywhere.

Customers are raving about the all in one parachute hammock and the long lasting durability it has.

If you have the means to have the support in your son’s room, you can get him this incredible parachute hammock that he will have a great time relaxing in.

This tent has all the hardware needed to hang it properly including the paracord ropes and carabiners.  Make sure that if this is put up in a teen’s bedroom that it is installed properly or it could pull right out of the wall.

The parachute hammock has a weight capacity of 450 pounds.  The stitching is secure and triple stitched for maximum durability.

Two people can sit side by side in it or one person can recline in it.  It makes a really unique “bed” or lounging place for a teen guy’s room.

Customers love the ultra super soft plush of this sweet panda set.

Teen girls usually love stuffed animals so she will flip over this giant 18” panda that has a baby panda with it.  It is super soft and plush, making it the perfect huggable bear for her room.

The baby panda can be detached and moved around if desired.  The realistic details of this adorable panda set make these bears a truly exquisite gift.

The fur of the panda is softer than velvet. She will have a hard time ever putting it down.  The company, Exceptional Home Zoo, offers a 100% money back guarantee and they will replace the panda set free of charge if there is a defect of any kind.

Customers love the young man geared bible that is written just for boys.

If your son is looking for a bible that he can relate to, he will love this NIV hardcover boy’s bible that has additional things that have been added for the teen young man.  It is a great bible for teen men. They will love the hardcover that resembles the tread of a tire.

Some of the extras that are in this NIV version for boys include:

  • What’s the Big Deal? Need to know biblical stories and people
  • Check it Out – Interesting and funny facts about Bible times and characters
  • Grossology – Gross and gory stuff you never knew was in the Bible
  • Making it Real 0 Help for applying Bible stories to your everyday life.

He will really relate to this bible that is created just for boys.

Customers love the durability and functionality of these tools that will last a lifetime.

If your daughter is into repairing things or working on cars, she will adore this tool set that is just for her. The pink handled tools look fantastic and help fund breast cancer awareness.  These tools are heat treated and chrome plated, making them corrosion resistant.

This tool set has everything she will need for basic home or car repairs.  This tool set will last a lifetime and is something she can take with her when she is on her own as well.

This tool set includes:

  • 12 ft tape measure
  • 8 SAE hex keys
  • 8 ounce claw hammer
  • 8 inch scissors
  • Precision screwdrivers
  • 8 ounce claw hammer
  • 10- 1 inch bits
  • Bit driver

Customers love the durable construction of this scooter that is for play AND transportation.

This scooter will provide hours of fun and can be a mode of transportation as well.  The teen you give this to will be able to get to school or work or the park much faster than walking.  This scooter is constructed of aircraft grade aluminum.

It will hold up to a lot of wear and tear.  Another feature of this terrific scooter is the springless shock system that helps smooth out the rides over bumpy pavement or concrete.

The enhanced fingerguard, rear fender brake that allows for quick stops and the 98mm inline style wheels are a few more of the features that are a part of the scooter.

Customers love the pre shrunk cotton and all of the color choices that are available too.

This funny T shirt will be one of his favorite ones to wear.  It is available in a large selection of colors and features the saying “ Sarcastic Comment Loading…please wait”.

This comfortable T shirt is made from 100% preshrunk cotton except for some of the grays that have some polyester in them as well.

Sizes range from small all the way to big and tall sizes.  He will enjoy wearing this humorous shirt and others will surely comment on it as well.

Customers are impressed with the vibrant color selection in this huge acrylic paint set.

If your teen is an artist and loves to paint they will be thrilled with this 24 count acrylic paint set.  This complete set provides 24 vibrant colors, 12ml per tube.

This is the perfect gift for the art student for Christmas or Birthday.  These paints are water based and non toxic. They dry quickly and produce a finish that is tough and durable.

These acrylic paints are good for stretched canvas, plaster, craft foam, terra cotta, and many more surfaces.  They will be inspired to paint even more when they open this gift.

Choosing the Right Teen Gift

Teens don’t have to be difficult to buy gifts for. They have a lot of interests and likes, so if you just pay attention to those, you should have no problem at all choosing the perfect gift for the teen or teens in your life.

We have listed some tips below that can make the whole process of shopping for a teen much easier and less stressful.  Be sure to take these tips into consideration when you are shopping for the right teen gift.

Dos and Don’ts to Remember


  • Ask questions if there are things you don’t know about the teen, even if they are not yours. If they are yours, then you should be able to answer these questions with little problem.  Once the questions are answered, it will be much easier to have a good idea of what you will be looking for.
  • Look for things that cater to their interests and hobbies or even towards what they have talked about doing when they get out of high school. This is a great opportunity to encourage any talents they have such as music, art, photography, writing and many others.
  • Purchase gifts that they will use as often as possible. Useful gifts don’t have to mean boring gifts at all. Useful just means that the teen has a need for the item and that it fits into their day to day life well.  It could be a shaver for an older teen that has started shaving, a makeup case for a girl and so on.  Finding things that help them become more organized in a cool way is always a plus.


  • Purchase gifts that involve getting them to do something you want them to do but that is not something they have shown an interest in. Trying to force interests on a teen never works and purchasing a gift for them that really is more about getting them to do what you want.
  • Default automatically to video game related items. There are so many things to get a teen that don’t involve video games at all.  The way to do this successfully is to pay attention to what the teen does with their days.  Do they have hobbies or interest that you have noticed?  Do they like certain kinds of pens or pencils for school work? Do they carry a backpack?  All of these things can equal a great gift that the teen will use on a daily basis.
  • Purchase clothing for a teen unless you have the exact item that they want. Teens have their own style and more than likely a parent or relative isn’t going to understand that style or be able to choose the right items to achieve their style.

There are many Teen gift ideas that will work when it comes to finding the right one to purchase for their birthday or Christmas.  If you think about life from their point of view, purchasing a gift becomes very easy.  If your teen is of dating age, getting them gift cards to restaurants and movie theaters is a great gift because it helps them take their dates out without having to spend a lot of money.

The main thing to remember is to not think “old” when you are looking for gifts for a teenager.  They will appreciate the gift you give them and will use it since it will have been chosen to fit into their life seamlessly.

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