Teacher Gift Ideas That Make the Grade

Teacher Gift Ideas That Make the Grade

Buying your child’s teacher a gift is a wonderful way to show them how much you appreciate the effort they make to teach your children each day throughout the school year.  There are many different gifts that would make perfect gifts for a teacher.  You can base your decisions on what kind of teacher it is, what their personal interests are if you know them, or on things that he or she may want and need for the classroom.

We have gathered 10 great teacher gift ideas that may be just what you’ve been looking for to give to your child’s teacher. If none of the following suggestions strike a chord with you, use the suggestions to spark your own creativity. The teacher will appreciate the thought that you put into his or her gift and will feel appreciated.

Best Teacher Gift Ideas

Customers love the weighted base and adorable cheerful presence this item brings to the desk.

This adorable and useful post it note holder is in the shape of an apple and colored a bright, cheery red.  It will hold the traditional 3” x 3” pop up notes that can be dispensed easily with one hand.  Included in this sweet item is a pad of bright yellow pop up notes.

Refills can be purchased easily; just look for the accordion icon on the package which will ensure that they are the right kind for the dispenser.  This is the perfect gift to provide the teacher with a means of jotting down important notes when needed.

Customers love the brightly colored mug and gift box. A super great gift to give the teacher.

Coffee or hot tea are favorites with many teachers so what better gift to give them than this colorful coffee mug with #1 Teacher on one side and a beautiful message on the other side that will warm the teacher’s heart.

This ceramic mug has a bright red interior and black exterior with an array of school supplies including rulers, pencils, apples and crayons that are around the bottom of the cup.  It will hold 13 ounces of coffee or hot tea.

This wonderful coffee mug is FDA approved and is conveniently microwave and dishwasher safe.  It comes in a gift box, ready to wrap and give to your child’s teacher.

Customers love the single tone beauty of this chime. Perfect for the classroom or for stress relief.

This is a very unique gift that gives the teacher a way to get the attention of the class without having to yell. All he or she will need to do is tap the chime lightly with the rubber mallet and a single tone will sound that will be a great signal for the children that they need to quiet down and pay attention.

The cherry finish ash wood base holds the single silver rod nicely and measures 7” long.  The teacher can keep it on the desk close by so she can use it as necessary.

Another use for this beautiful sounding chime is meditation.  One tapped, the chime sends out a tone that will sound for a long time, which can be used as a means of releasing stress.  The chime comes with a one year warranty that will cover the item against any defects.

It is a very unique gift that is sure to be appreciated. Even the children will love the gentle, easy way that they are called to order. No more yelling is necessary once the children understand that when they hear the chime, it’s time to immediately quiet down.

Customers love these beautiful stories of inspiration about teachers.

Most teachers love to read and the Chicken Soup for the Soul books has long since provided plenty of heartwarming stories about hundreds of people.

Chicken Soup for the Teacher’s Soul is a beautiful collection of stories about teachers that have made huge impacts in the lives of children and adults everywhere.

This popular, well loved book will provide inspiration for every teacher who reads it. These touching stories have been compiled into a book that was written to be a tribute to all teachers.  Your child’s teacher (or yours) will appreciate this wonderful book and will enjoy reading the different stories.

Customers love giving this beautiful and simply designed teacher’s bracelet.

If your child’s teacher is on the younger side, or they have a favorite teacher that is a teacher’s aide, this great bracelet is the perfect gift to show them how much they are appreciated.

The attractive navy and silver color combination is elegant and accented with silver tone word accents of “teacher” and “love” along with an adorable apple charm.

This will fit wrists 6” to 8” and is adjustable so it fits correctly.  She can wear this bracelet every day and will enjoy being reminded of how much her students appreciate her.

This bracelet is made from zinc alloy.  It is available in other colors as well if navy doesn’t appeal to you.

Customers love the fun this can add to everyday learning by making certain topics like game shows.

These game show style buzzers are an excellent gift for teachers and can give them some great ideas for turning lessons into games that will keep the children engaged and wanting to learn.

Each set has 4 buzzers that have 4 different colors and 4 distinct sounds that include a car horn honk, boxing bell, “boing” sound and a doorbell.

Each of the buzzers measures 3 ½” in diameter and needs 2 AAA batteries to work.  This is a great way to add some variety and fun to every day learning.

Customers love the great coffee and tea flavor that this coffee maker produces.

The majority of teachers love a great cup of coffee in the morning.  This French Press Coffee Maker is sure to start his or her day off with a lot of flavor.  The glass pitcher has a 3 level stainless steel filter that makes great tasting coffee every time.

They will be able to make 8 demitasse cups or 3 mugs and can be adjusted to what they need at the time. The construction and materials used in this coffee maker add to the great flavor it produces with none of the aftertaste or problems that regular coffee makes can sometimes have.

Every piece of the coffee maker is BPA free so he or she will never get a metal taste or leeched plastic taste when they drink coffee.  Brewing is completed in only 4 minutes! In addition to coffee they will be able to make espresso, loose leaf teas, and other delicious hot drinks too.

Customers love this stunning necklace that is sure to please the recipient that receives it.

This beautiful twisted circle pendant is sure to bring a tear to her eye when she opens it.  It is engraved with the wonderful inscription “A Teacher Takes a Hand, Opens a Mind and Touches a Heart”.

This beautiful necklace is made from .925 sterling silver and hangs from a pretty silver chain that is 18” long. The adorable apple and heart charms hang from inside the circle. This pendant is the perfect Christmas gift for any teacher and will make them proud to wear it.

Customers love the construction and saying that is on this versatile bag.

Teachers are always carrying papers and grade books home to take care of work even when they have left the school. This great teacher’s tote bag is the perfect item to give the teacher so he or she has a means of carrying those papers and books home easily.

This bag is made of black microfiber and has gray and white trim. It has a zippered closure and has a printed message on the side that says  “Yes. I Teach. So, I inspire, manage coach, engage, solve problems, listen, detect, believe, care, worry and always make time to laugh with my kids.”

This convenient tote bag measures 21” x 15” x 6”.  The adjustable strap makes it easy for anyone of any height to carry comfortably.  The outer compartments and zippered inside pockets can hold all kinds of items that the teacher needs to carry.

Customers love this fantastic planner that helps them get all that they want to accomplish, done.

This great planner runs from July 2020 to June 2021 and is the perfect planner for the teacher to write down and keep track of appointments, goals and other important dates.

Planners are always a great gift to give anyone but a teacher can appreciate this means of staying focused and organized even more.

The design of this planner uses question driven planning. Each page will serve as a directional made to do and accomplish more of what she or he wants to each day.   There are 7 different designs that you can choose from to present to the teacher.

Choosing the Right Teacher Gift

Purchasing a gift for your child’s teacher, or even your own if you are in school, is a great way to show how much they mean to you.  A teacher’s job isn’t always easy and sometimes appreciation isn’t shown as much as it should be.  Taking the time to choose a gift that you feel will be perfect for the teacher or teachers in your life will make them feel important, valued and appreciated.

We have listed some important things to remember when it comes to choosing the right gift for the teacher or teachers in your life. These tips will help you choose the perfect gift for your child’s teacher or your own so they know just how much they are appreciated.

Dos and Don’ts to Remember


  • Remember that a teacher isn’t JUST a teacher. While finding things for the classroom and her “teacher” self is great, she also has a life outside of the classroom and likes and interests that are not just being a teacher. Take the time to find out a little about what she likes and what her hobbies are so you can look at gifts that will match with these things as well.
  • Plan on shopping for your teacher or child’s teacher at least 3 times throughout the school year: Christmas time, his or her birthday and then the end of the year.  The gifts don’t have to be expensive, just make sure that you put thought into them and choose something that he or she will really like and enjoy.
  • Let your child be a part of the choosing process, but make sure that you guide them in the choosing. Children learn how to choose the right gifts by watching their parents.  By teaching them how to shop properly for gifts early on, you are providing them with a lifelong skill that will serve them well throughout their lives.
  • Wrap the gift you choose attractively and let your child help. Receiving a beautifully wrapped gift is always exciting.  Seeing that you took the time to wrap the gift nicely will show that you didn’t just grab the fastest thing you could find and toss it into a gift bag.


  • Buy the first school supply you see. There are some wonderful school supplies for the teacher that she may love, but take the time to find out if there is anything she is wishing for or wanting for her classroom and then see about getting that.
  • Buy any gifts that are too personal in nature. While it is okay and even nice to purchase a gift that matches the teacher’s interests, hobbies or likes, you don’t want to get personal by purchasing clothing or other intimate choices such as rings, watches, etc.
  • Go overboard with the gift size or amount. There is a line that can be crossed when it comes to the size of the gift you choose for the teacher.  You want to look for smaller items that don’t cost as much. Buying an expensive gift can make the teacher uncomfortable as well as the other teachers and even the other children’s’ parents.  The idea is to make her feel appreciated not appear as if you’re trying to score points.

It is not difficult to find the perfect gift for the teachers in your life.  There are so many different things that will make perfect gifts, from school supplies and things she or he can put in their classroom, to something nice and neutral for their home.  Take the time to find out their interests and don’t get too personal and you will choose a gift that the teacher will really love.

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