Star Wars Gift Ideas

Star Wars Gift Ideas

The Star Wars movie franchise is one of the most successful in history.  It has captured the attention of people from all ages, and created an entire subculture of fans.  Diehard fans love anything Star Wars, whether it’s from the first movie or the last, and anything in between.  Many fans identify with a favorite character and can’t get enough to satisfy their love and devotion to the Star Wars universe.

This list of 10 Star Wars gifts has something for any fan, whether they enjoy the movies, models, or special themed gifts.  We are sure you will find something here to please any Star Wars aficionado, young or old, with a range of prices that won’t break your wallet.

If you don’t find what you’re looking for in the following list, use the ideas suggested here to come up with more creative ideas for gifts that you search and find.  With all of the different Star Wars suggestions and products out there, you should be able to come up with a long list to use for a long time.

Best Star Wars Gift Ideas

Customers love the unique heat activated element that makes this mug appear as if it is magic.

This terrific Star Wars mug kills two birds with one stone for the Star Wars lover that loves coffee too.

This unique heat activated mug has light sabers appear when hot liquid is added to the cup. There are 13 light sabers in all.

It holds 12 ounces of liquid and is made from 100% ceramic.  It is also FDA approved and BPA free.

This Star Wars mug is not dishwasher safe so it will need to be hand washed only.

Customers love the unique and efficient, night light quality this lamp provides.

This unusual gift provides a good night light type light for a bedroom, living room, bar, café, and any other place you want to show off this uniquely designed lamp.

It has an automatic light changing mode that will cycle through the different light color choices.  This desk lamp features Darth Vader and looks fantastic set up in a room where there isn’t much light.

This makes a perfect gift for a college student that loves Star Wars.  When nothing else is on in the room, there is a cool, eerie glow of different colored lights that you can cycle through or preset.

Customers love the high quality of this THERMOS that will keep the drinks cold for up to 12 hours.

This Thermos brand thermos offers users its traditional high quality while adding in the whimsical element of R2D2.  It is made of long lasting stainless steel in the interior and exterior.

It is not for use with hot liquids.  The push button lid has a pop up straw.  There is a handle as well that can be used for easy carrying.

It will keep the contents of the cooler cool for up to 12 hours.  It has a 12 ounce capacity and is hand washing recommended.  R2D2 design is on the outside of the thermos which makes it the perfect cold water thermos gift for a student or adult that loves Star Wars.

Pre-chill the thermos before adding your cold liquid to the bottle.

Customers love the softness and design of this Chewbacca stuffed animal. Perfect for the younger Star Wars fan.

If Chewbacca is one of your favorite characters, you will want to get this plush pillow buddy.  It is made from polyester and is the perfect thing for a younger child that loves stuffed animals and the older fan that is looking for unique collectibles to add to his collection.

It is about 22” tall and is recommended for ages 3 and up.  Designed in the traditional Chewbacca style, he can sit on your bed or someone in your home and look out for things.

Customers love the innovative design and performance of this Darth Vader toaster.

You never know how much you are a Star Wars fan until you see someone with Star Wars toast, waffles, or pop tarts.

This cool, 2 slice Darth Vader toaster will provide toast and other foods with Star Wars logo on  them or maybe you could ask a couple of things  when you get a chance.

It has an auto shut off and a removable crumb tray that makes cleaning super easy.  The dial on the side provides temperature adjusting when needed.

This toaster has a cool touch housing and several other functions such as defrost, reheat, defrost and quick stop. All of your Star Wars friends will envy this great toaster.

Customers love this in depth look at a beloved Star Wars movie and much, much more.

A great chance to watch one of the great Star Wars movies. It is an indepth look at the making of The Force Awakens and explains the whole story.

There are interviews, clips, and much more on this DVD that will feed your Star Wars addition.

It even goes into the composition and deleted scenes as well. You will love this major glimpse behind the curtain that you get when you get this as a present.

Customers love the great Star Wars lover arrogant gift left

This adorable clock is in the shape of a storm trooper. Features of this cute little clock include a digital, lighted display, and alarm.  It measures almost 9” tall.  The LCD screen has a backlight that glows brightly and has a snooze function too.

It takes 2 – AAA batteries to run and the storm troopers head moves to activate both the light and the light.  It looks just like a giant lego.

Customers love the original trilogy that this superstar movie began with.

This DVD set is the original Star Wars trilogy and features plenty of extra features. Inside this DVD set, users will get Star Wars I, II, and III.

There is a total of 6 discs with interviews and commentary from George Lucas, the cast of the movies and the crew as well. If it’s been awhile since you watched how it all started, take a look.

Customers love the unique light saber creations that can be made with this toy.

The blade builders are a Star Wars toy that provides older kids with the chance to make up to 100 different combinations of light sabers.

This unique Jedi Master Lightsaber simulates the lights and sounds from the classic Star Wars movies.  It is customizable and comes with accessories as well.

Users will be able to re-create action and scenes from the movies.  Everyone who loves Star Wars needs to have a light saber or two.

Included in this package are 2 light daggers, a dual connector, 2 elbow connectors, expansion hilt, cross connectors and instructions.

Customers love the unique toys and opportunities for kids to recreate the movies and characters.

Kids will have fun playing with this Star Wars remote control droid that can be controlled with their phone.  It is iOS and Android compatible and has a top speed of 4 ½ mph.

The more you interact with the droid the more the attitude and actions evolve and change into its own personality.

It will recognize your own voice and responds to that as well. Users can even record and view any number of holographic videos.

Choosing the Right Star Wars Gift

Star Wars has been around for a long time and it is only continuing to grow in popularity as more and more movies are made.  There are several types of people that you may be in the market to purchase gifts for.  The first kind is the kids, which love to “play” Star Wars and build light sabers and recreate the action scenes.  There are plenty of gift ideas out there that will fulfill that.

The second type is the collector.  These are serious older teens and adults that want to purchase and get anything they can find Star Wares related, but they don’t play with or open anything. Everything that is purchased is done so as a collectible and the packaging isn’t damaged in any way.

There are tons of Star Wars products on the market today from books, to DVDS, to posters and actual figurines.  The list is very long and finding something on that Star Wares list shouldn’t prove to be too difficult.  All it takes to choose the right Star Wars list.

We have some tips and pointers listed below when it comes to purchasing Star Wars toys.

Dos and Don’ts to Remember


  • Understand which type of person you are purchasing a gift for. If it is the child that just wants to play with the toys and have a good time, you will a lot less uptight and upset. If you’re buying for a collector, you will need to know what they’re interested in so you can choose the right type of items.
  • Ask questions about what they want and what they may be looking for.  It is better to give them an idea that there may be some Star Wars toys/collectibles coming and get the right ones rather than don’t say a word and not like what they get.
  • Consider purchasing movie tickets and either taking them to a movie or sending them and someone of their choice to the movies.  Along with the tickets, you can give them something tangible as well such as the mug.


  • Open any packaging when you purchase the Star Wars gifts.  This will ruin a collectible and upset the person you are purchasing a gift for.  Take care of the gifts you’re purchasing to make sure nothing happens to anything.
  • Handle DVDs carelessly once they have been opened. This can cause scratches and other problems that will affect playback.
  • Criticize anyone’s viewpoint. Just because you may not share it does not mean either of you are wrong.  The best thing you can do is simply agree to disagree and let each of you have your own opinions and viewpoints.

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