Small Gift Ideas with Big Appeal

Small Gift Ideas with Big Appeal

Just because the occasion calls for a small gift doesn’t mean that the gift has to be cheap or something that the recipient wouldn’t like.  There are many different occasions that a small gift is a good choice. With the hundreds of potential ideas out there the hard part isn’t finding a gift it’s choosing from a pool of excellent choices.

We have listed ten excellent small gift ideas below for you to take a look at.  All of these suggestions are great quality items that you will be proud to give to someone.  Some occasions that may call for a small gift could be stocking stuffers at Christmastime, birthday gifts for coworkers, office gift exchanges, secret Santa gifts, hostess gifts, gifts for extended family, teacher gifts and more.

If none of these small gift ideas listed below appeal to you, use the suggestions we’ve chosen to give you ideas of your own.

Best Small Gift Ideas

  Gift Ideas Budget
Nutmeg Photo Album Low
3pcs Novelty Zipper Bookmark Page Marker Low
Officemate Deluxe Rotary Organizer Low
Vlando Small Portable Travel Jewelry Box Low
Contigo SnapSeal Stainless Steel Travel Mug Low
Go Away Funny Glass Coffee Mug Low
BEAUTIFUL WIND CHIMES – Wood Windchimes Deliver Rich Low
Travelambo Leather RFID Blocking Wallet Low
4 Pack Spring Assortment Mini Mason Jar Candles Low
BF Systems Alex Navarre 3 Piece Pen Low

Nutmeg Photo Album

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Customers love the design and quality detailing that this photo album has on the cover.

This small photo album is the perfect gift for a teenager or child, a newly married couple, grandparents, or anyone really.  Who doesn’t like photos and having a place to show them off?

This beautiful embossed nutmeg photo album has 24 sleeves that will hold 48 4” x 6” photos.  This photo album can be topic specific such as for a baby or a wedding, or it can have random photos in it.

The hard cover of the photo album protects the pictures inside and the magnetic closure keeps the album closed and the photos secure.

The whole album is only 7 ¼” x 4 ¾” and is archival quality so the photos will be protected for a long time as long as the album is taken care of properly. There are several different colors available to choose from.

3pcs Novelty Zipper Bookmark Page Marker

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Customers love the sturdiness of these book marks that are functional as well as fun.

Reading is still an enjoyable pastime for many people of all ages.  These unique and novel zipper book marks make a wonderful gift for anyone who looks books and reading no matter what their age is.

There are three different bookmarks; one blue, one orange and one green. Each book mark is made of durable plastic and measures about 5 inches long.  When they are inserted into the book to mark you spot the top of the book looks like a zipper is on the top of the book.  These are terrific stocking stuffers.

Officemate Deluxe Rotary Organizer

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Customers love the organization this provides for a messy desk.

This functional but really cool rotary organizer has room for all of your supplies on your desk. The whole thing swivels so you can keep the organizer in one place and just turn it to reach other items in it has in it.  There are different sized compartments, 16 of them, and two tiers.

The small containers can hold small items like binder clips, tacks, and paper clips.  The larger compartments can hold pens and pencils and there is a bottom tier contains a tape dispenser that is built in.

There is also a spot on the base that holds 3” x 3” post it notes. The holder itself is solid black and made of 30% recycled plastic and measures 10 ¼” x 6 ¾”. This is a perfect gift for an office gift exchange.

Vlando Small Portable Travel Jewelry Box

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Customers love the elegant design and usefulness of this travel-sized jewelry box.

If you know a woman who does a lot of traveling, she will appreciate this wonderful and efficient way to keep track of all the jewelry she normally travels with.

This small jewelry box is perfect for keep rings, earrings, necklaces and more safe and contained during trips.  It is designed to be the perfect size for carrying in the take on bag or in the luggage.

There are two dividers that can be taken out to accommodate the different sized jewelry she needs to carry. It is very small and light and is a good choice for teens and children too.

Contigo SnapSeal Stainless Steel Travel Mug

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Customers love the easy grip, leak-proof design of this stylish travel mug.

Morning commutes will be a lot more enjoyable for the person you give this sleek vacuum-insulated travel mug made of long lasting and durable stainless steel.

This is an excellent small gift for anyone you know who has commutes back and forth to work, or who travels in the car on business.

The one piece lid is leak proof and is easy to take off for quick cleaning.  To drink, the lid is snapped up and then snapped shut to prevent any spills.

The size and slim design of the travel mug makes it easy to hold one handed and it fits in the majority of car cup holders and single serving brewers too.

The lid is dishwasher safe although the mug itself should be hand washed to maintain its excellent condition.  This mug holds 16 ounces of hot liquid and is 100% BPA free.  Beverages will stay hot for up to 6 hours and cold for up to 12.

Go Away Funny Glass Coffee Mug


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Customers rave about the quality of this fun, novel glass coffee mug.

If you are looking for a great small gift for a coworker or boss, this coffee mug is perfect. It is a clear glass mug with a handle and on the side there are several lines with different stages the drinker is at until they will let someone speak to them.

The mugs hold 13 ounces of liquid and are microwave and dishwasher safe. The text is on both sides and is safe from being washed off or faded from regular use.  It is a cute gift to give anyone who loves coffee or tea and has it frequently.

BEAUTIFUL WIND CHIMES – Wood Windchimes Deliver Rich

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Beautiful melodic tones and excellent construction are two of the many things customers love about these chimes.

Chimes are a wonderful small gift to give that keeps on giving every time the breeze blows.  The clear, rich notes fill your ears with beautiful sounds and tones.

They measure 22” long and are made of polished metal for the chimes and the beech wood finish is long lasting and stands up to harsher winds.

Chimes are wonderful to put outside a baby’s window or on the back porch or deck to catch the wind and fill the air with sounds that inspire all kinds of emotion.

The sound of these chimes are much deeper and lovely sounding, unlike many chimes that can have a tinny or annoying sound.

These wood and metal chimes come with a 100% money back guarantee so if the person you give them to doesn’t like the tones, you can get a refund and purchase something else.

Travelambo Leather RFID Blocking Wallet

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Consumers love this like nothing else as their wallet

This men’s wallet is the perfect small gift that doesn’t seem small at all. This 100% top grain leather wallet has plenty of room for 9 cards and there is a long top slot for cash.

The RFID technology used in this wallet blocks  RFID signals that can be used to scan your wallet for personal, private information. It is a great wallet to keep your credit cards and identity protected. There is a 30 day money back guarantee offered if for any reason you or the person you give the wallet to are not satisfied with the purchase.

4 Pack Spring Assortment Mini Mason Jar Candles

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Customers love the pleasing scents and beautiful packaging these mason jar candles come in.

Candles are a wonderful small gift that can be given for most occasions. These adorable and wonderfully scented mini mason jar candles are the perfect choice for anyone who loves filling their home with delicious scents.

This four pack of 3.5 ounce candles includes 1 each of French vanilla, lemon pound cake, hot apple pie and fresh linen.

These small, mini mason jars look wonderful in the bathroom or as a grouping of four on a side table or dresser. They have lead free wicks that will burn properly every time they are lit. If the person you give this set to loves the scents, they can get the full sized versions from the company as well.  There is 30 hours of burn time per mini candle.

BF Systems Alex Navarre 3 Piece Pen


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Customers are highly pleased with the quality and elegance of this high end pen, pencil and opener set.

Pen sets are always popular small gifts that pack a big punch when it comes to impressing.  This beautiful and elegant pen, pencil and letter opener set will impress anyone who receives it.

The craftsmanship of this set is second to none. The high end quality if this desk accessory set isn’t just for looks, they are fully functional as well.

The striking wood and glass case holds all three implements and shows them off beautifully.  The gorgeous wood tone that each piece has looks distinguished and regal in any office.  It is the perfect gift set for your boss or the executive business man or woman in your life. It is the small gift that will never feel small.  They have a limited lifetime warranty and come in a gift box ready to give.

Choosing the Right Small Gift

Small gifts never have to look cheap and inexpensive.  None of the choices we have selected here will disappoint the gift recipients you give them to.  They are all high quality, unique and interesting small gifts that are useful and attractive.

The key to buying the right small gift is to think about the small things that make life easier for people.  These items may be small in size or even in price but the usefulness that all of them provide makes them some of the most well loved gifts the person could receive.

We have provided some tips that you should keep in mind when it comes to purchasing small gifts.  These tips and suggestions will help you choose small gifts that are not low quality or cheap and that the recipient will be sure to love.

Dos and Don’ts to Remember


  • Think of items that may not be big in size, but that are big in usefulness. There are a lot of small gift ideas you can choose from but if you make sure that the item you choose helps the recipient in some way, that small gift is going to be a huge hit.
  • Concentrate on quality and not price. A small gift can range in price and while you may not spend a lot for one type of small gift, another could have a higher price tag. There are a lot of occasions that lend themselves well to small gift giving. Small gifts are also good choices when you don’t have a large gift buying budget or when there has been a gift price limit put in place which some offices do for gift exchanges.
  • Use small gifts for stocking stuffers. Stocking stuffers are supposed to be full of small, fun things and small gifts fit that bill perfectly.  They usually cost much less too which means you can get several small gifts to fill the stockings with.


  • Think that small gifts equal cheap, poorly made gifts. There are plenty of small gifts that are very high in quality.  If you want to find something higher end, you will pay more but the item will last much longer as well.
  • Rush to buy the first small gift you can find. The same tips for gift buying apply regardless of what size the gift is. A well thought out small gift will mean just as much as a well thought out large one.
  • Think that people won’t like small gifts. If the gift is carefully chosen and has usefulness as well, the recipient will be thrilled.

Small gifts have a definite place in the gift buying world.   Not every gift buying occasion needs to be huge so having a collection of small gift ideas on hand for those times when a small gift is perfect will prevent you from scrambling to find something.

Small gifts can be appropriate for people of all ages from the youngest child to the oldest senior.  Learning to select the gift based on usefulness, appeal and quality rather than size and/or price will be a help to you throughout your whole life.


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