Fun and Entertaining Secret Santa Gift Ideas

Fun and Entertaining Secret Santa Gift Ideas

Secret Santa gift exchanges are very popular in the workforce.  Most offices participate in this kind of gift exchange to celebrate the holidays in a fun and enjoyable way.

There are several types of secret Santa exchanges that offices choose to do.  One is where names are drawn and one coworker purchases for another coworker specifically. The names are not revealed until the Christmas party.

Other types of Secret Santa exchanges include everyone who wants to participate will purchase a more generic or generalized gift and then they are all put in a gift pool and passed out at the Christmas party.

Whichever way the Secret Santa gift exchange is going to be handled, one thing remains true and that is you want to choose a great gift to present at the exchange.

We’ve listed 10 suggestions that would work well for this type of gift exchange. If none of these are quite what you’re looking for, use the suggestions to inspire your own creativity.

Best Secret Santa Gift Ideas

Customers are pleased and surprised at the high quality glass that is used to create this amusing wine glass.

This fun and entertaining wine glass is a great gift for a secret Santa gift exchange.  According to the writing on the side of this glass, the kind of night you’re going to have depends on how much wine is poured.  There are three levels printed on the glass:

  • Good night – the lowest amount of wine poured
  • Great Night – about half the glass is poured
  • What Night?- almost to the top

The more wine that is in the glass to drink, the better the night will be.  This glass will put a smile on any wine lovers face.   Even though this is more of a joking gift, the quality of the wine glass is real and that will please anyone who receives this gift.

The long, tapered stem and wide base reduce spilling and tipping and makes the glass easy to grip. It is perfect for any type of wine the recipient likes. Surprisingly enough, this wine glass is durable enough to be safely washed in the dishwasher and will not scratch or fade.  It comes in a gift box for easy wrapping.

Customers love the easy installation and convenience of this unique item.

This is a unique gift that the recipient will really enjoy.  The USB LED clock fan has PVC soft fan blades so there is no worry about fingers getting hurt.  The flexible neck allows them to position the fan any direction they want.

This fan clock is easy to use; just plug it into a free USB port and you’re all set.  This is perfect for offices that tend to be a little warm. There is a real time clock display so you can see the time as well and you don’t need any driver installation to make it work.

The lighted, clock fan is a unique way to keep cool while working.  It comes with a one year warranty against any defects and problems.  This lightweight fan has an on/off switch.

Customers love the solid construction of these Mason jar mugs and the unique chalkboard feature as well.

Another unique and fun gift that is very functional are these Mason jar drinking mugs that have a chalkboard section on the front that can be written on.

This is perfect for helping people not lose track of their drinks at a gathering or holiday party.

They come with chalk which can be used to label the mugs however you want to label them.  Each mug holds 17 ½ ounces and there are 4 mugs per set.

Customers love the health benefits that go along with using the infuser bottle. 

There are many things about this 32 ounce infuser water bottle that the recipient will love.  In addition to holding plenty of delicious infused water, there is a convenient release flip top lid that can be accessed and used with the thumb.

The full length infuser rod inside the mug will ensure that the infusion process does not just stay at the top of the water.  This way it will be infused and delicious from the first drop to the last.

The no slip grip prevents the mug from slipping out of their hands if the outside gets moist from condensation. Everything is dishwasher safe making this infused water bottle easy to clean.  This product is FDA approved as well as being BPA free, leak proof and eco friendly to boot. There is a convenient recipe eBook as well.

Customers love the durability of these mats and the healthier food that can be grilled.

BBQ grill mats allow cooks to grill healthier meals more easily.  With a grill mat on the grill vegetables won’t fall through the grates of the grill into the coals.

These grill mats are FDA approved and are made from food grade material that is extra thick and PFOA-free PTFE fiberglass coated fabric.  They are fire resistant and burn proof too. They are also free from chemicals.

Another benefit to using these efficient grill mats is that they will never retain odors or tastes.  The food is cleaner, healthier and you won’t have to clean up a messy grill either.  There are two mats in this set that can be cut to fit any size grilling space.  The mats are double-sided and nonstick as well.

Customers love the impressive strength and performance of this stainless steel soap dish.

This stainless steel soap dish is unlike any soap dish you’ve ever seen.  The key to this dish, what makes it a luxury soap dish is the powerful suction that keeps it in place and keeps it from slipping or falling off like the majority of suction soap dishes do.

This strong base holds as much as 5 pounds!  The stainless steel and chrome plated finish s rust proof, corrosion proof and will not become discolored.  There is stainless steel covering the suction as well so you will not have unattractive suction scum visible to mess the look of things up.

This item will need to be affixed to the appropriate surface to work the way it is intended. It will not stick to wood, unfinished marble, across grout lines or on painted walls either.

Customers love the antique look and sturdy, acid free paper that is in this journal.

Many people love traditional journaling or keeping a diary.  This attractive faux leather journal is refillable and perfect for keeping your thoughts and notes organized.  The vintage looking journal has a cord that keeps it closed whenever you are not using it.

Some even use these books as sketch books if they are artists, since he book is small enough to easily carry anywhere they want to go.  It is especially good for a traveler’s journal.

The printed tree of life on the front is simple and elegant.  It comes in its own box for easy wrapping.  There are 160 sheets and 320 pages and refills are available in both lined and unlined varieties.

Customers love the exquisite tasting coffee this French press coffee maker produces.

The majority of people love hot coffee or tea and this French Press Coffee Maker makes enjoying that treasured cup even easier.  This unit, by Savvy Coffee features a borosilicate glass carafe and a 3 level stainless filter that produces delicious coffee.

It can make 3 mugs or 8 demitasse-sized cups at once.  The stainless combination bag clip/coffee scoop is included.  Coffee made in this French press coffee maker tastes much better than regular coffee makers.

Every part of the French Press is BPA free which keeps the plastics or metal taste out of the coffee.  In just four minutes you’ll have a delicious, steaming cup of coffee that will taste better than you ever remember coffee tasting before.

Customers mainly ladies love to have this on their kitchen for making the job really easy.

Make low carb vegetable pasta with this complete spiralizing kit. It has 5 blades that will handle all your cutting needs.  The handle is strong and reinforced and made from heavy duty stainless steel.

The spiralizer is easy to clean and is dishwasher safe as well.  Easy to store away. This item is perfect for anyone who wants to make vegetable noodles from a variety of fruits and vegetables including apples, onions, cucumbers, potatoes, squashes and more.

It’ll eve n work for wide and long vegetables that measure 10” long and 7” wide.  If you want to follow a low carb eating plan and make your own vegetable pasta, this is the way to go.  Blades included:

  • Angel hair blade – 2mm noodles
  • Fine shredding blade – 3mm – noodles – wide
  • Crude – shedding blade – 6mm noodles – wide
  • Flat blade – ribbon noodles
  • Curly-fry blade – 10mm wide and 6mm thick curly fry vegetables.

Customers love the wood construction of this watch and the sturdiness of it as well.

This unique and unusual wood watch is made from natural sandalwood and has no paint.  The genuine leather band is a great accent to the wood grain.

Features include being extremely lightweight, having 100% precision quartz movement, long lift time and is ultra quiet too. Black hour markers and hands contrast beautifully with the wood for a unique look.

The analog display is easy to read. One cool thing about this watch is that it becomes more striking the longer you wear it due to the maturing of the sandalwood.

Choosing the Right Secret Santa Gift

Secret Santa gift exchanges can be a lot of fun. The key to choosing the right gift for this type of exchange is looking for gifts that are more neutral in nature.  Sometimes the secret Santa gifts are split between gifts for men and gifts for women.  Make sure that you let them know which your gift is for when you turn it in, or if it is a gift that could work for either sex.

There are some tips and information to keep in mind when you start looking for your secret Santa gift.  This information is meant to make it easier for you to find the kind of great gift you are looking for.  Even though in some secret Santa exchanges, the gifts’ purchasers are never revealed, you will know that whoever got your gift is really happy with what they opened.

Dos and Don’ts to Remember


  • Do look for gifts that are more generic. This doesn’t mean cheap or poorly made.  It means that the gifts should be gifts that can be given to anyone and still be liked and useful.  They can be gender neutral of you choose, such as a coffee mug,  or they can be specific to one sex or the other such as the wooden men’s watch above.
  • Stick to a dollar limit if there is one placed. Spending more than the dollar amount makes the gift giving uneven and can cause awkwardness if one person gets a gift with 10 dollars and another gets a gift worth 50.  The reason many secret Santa exchanges have dollar amount limits is to keep things as fair and even en as possible.
  • Look for gifts that are enjoyable and useful as well, such as coffee mugs, hand towel sets, salt and pepper shakers and similar items. There are multitudes of gifts that will make good secret Santa gifts.  Don’t stress this because all it takes is choosing something that most everyone likes to get and that they use often.


  • Worry about finding the perfect gift when it is for a secret Santa exchange. This doesn’t mean to look for something substandard, it just means that you don’t need to put the same amount of effort into a gift that is going to someone based on a drawing or random chance as you would if you were buying for one specifically.
  • Buy gag gifts or joke gifts for a secret Santa exchange unless that is the theme. Gag gifts are most often not gifts at all and in many cases they are on the inappropriate side which is fine if that is the theme of the exchange, but if it is just a regular gift exchange, one person could end up with a gag gift while the others get things that are nice.

Secret Santa gift exchanges are meant to be fun above all. Don’t let stress and worry about what to get ruin the fun for yourself.   Look for gifts that you would enjoy receiving at a gift exchange.  They don’t have to be super expensive or super fancy.  What makes people love gift exchange is when they open a gift that they can really use and enjoy. Let this be your objective as you start shopping.

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