Satisfyer Pro Review

Getting the perfect oral sex is now possible for all women with the ultimate Satisfyer Pro 2. Read my full review on this site to learn on how to use it
Satisfyer Pro Review
satifyer pro review best masturbation sex toy

The Only Sex Toy You Need As A Woman

Disclaimer: This article contains adult sexual content & themes, and should not be read by those under 18, or considered minors in their country or locale. Some of the links here are affiliate links.

Okay, guys, as you know already, I’m a single mum and my work with my blogs and other professional services that I offer clients makes it harder for me to date. From time to time, when the kids are away and I’m so jaded, I try to recollect some of the best moments I had with my previous partners.

The best part for me was always the oral sex. It can be pretty difficult to remember all that sexual desire and then knowing you’re not going to get any that day. All through my past relationships, the best part of sex for me was when parts of my body were sucked or licked especially my clit.

Sometimes, this was an issue. As a woman, there are times when you want your man to suck but he ends up licking – there are times when you want him to lick but he sucks on your “clit like a little dick”.

Getting pleased the way you want is difficult with men but when I switched to women, it was even more difficult to get my partner to pleasure me. I think this had something to do with the fact that she had never been with a man – so she didn’t know how to give quality head.

“The clitoris is pure in purpose. It is the only organ in the body designed purely for pleasure.” Eve Ensler, The Vagina Monologues

This was my existence for at least 2 years until I was introduced to the one sex toy that has literally changed my world. I was introduced to Satisfyer Pro 2 This product has basically allowed me to simulate oral sex in the way that I want. It’s better than the Trinity Vibes Vibrating Clit Sucker and the Hocrelov 7 Stimulating XINLV Spinning Nipple Stimulators which makes gives you that pleasure you get when someone is sucking your boobs. I love this product.

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Oh. My. Freaking. God. 5 beautiful orgasms within maaaaybe 10 minutes “active” time (though you don’t even have to move an inch!!!) And the sheets are soaked. Best cash ever spent. This is my new best friend. Merry xmas to me! – Whoa

Discreet Packaging

I ordered it and the first thing I was grateful for was the discreet packaging. Similar to the same experience I had when I ordered for Doc Johnson Lucid Dream 14 Vibrator. If you have two kids that are always the first to the door, you don’t want them reaching out and asking “Mommy! Mommy! What is a Satisfyer? Can I get one?”

That was a big concern for me to be honest. It weighs about 3.5 ounces and it came with no obvious markings or logos on the package. It was delivered to my friend’s office (more on this below).

Best Oral Sex Ever

The good thing about the Satisfyer Pro 2 is that it follows your instructions every time. I remember early last year when I got a blended climax while using the LELO INA 2 Luxury Rabbit Style Vibrator which gave me an intense climax.  Like most products that I’ve used, the Satisfyer Pro 2 is well designed and there is a smooth touchy feeling you get with curves that will cradle in your palm and keep it firmly in place as it pleasures you away.

I was visiting my friend at her workplace when I had it delivered because even though they said it had discreet packaging, I was too scared to have any of my kids bump into this and tear it open. I had to use my friend’s office since she introduced me to the device. The delivery guy came early and I had my friend charge it at her desk so it would be fully charged by the time I got home.

Charging and Using It

satifyer pro review best masturbation sex toy

The Satisfyer Pro 2 uses a magnetic charger and this was easy for her to plug it in since she has two in her apartment. Once it was fully charged, we sped home together. I called the nanny to be sure the kids had gotten home from school. I had this same feeling when I used the LELO SORAYA Most Beautiful, Dual-Action, High-Performance Vibrator – which is another great toy for when your partner is not close by and you feel horny.

I went into her guest room and got situated, then I got stuck. I couldn’t tell between the Power button and the Settings button but I was too excited to read the descriptions, so I tried both until it flickered onto life. I logged onto a porn website to get myself into the full experience. The settings determined the speed and intensity of the experience.

First Sensation

The first setting I used was the lowest setting. It was like having your partner place their wet lips on your clit and then breathing down into it gently as you look on. Oh my God! I started getting wet. This was going to be a long night. How did I survive this long without this device?

Second Sensation

I increased the setting a notch and the gentle sucking began. I held the device in one hand and my hair with the other. I was wet at this point. This was a sensation like never before. It was super concentrated sucking. No mistake or distraction; just total concentration on my clit.

Third and Fourth Sensation

By the third sensation, I had begun to moan. The distinct sucking on my clit was the best head I had ever received. My grip on the device was harder. I didn’t want to let go.

The sensation was intense. I started mumbling “Oh My God…” repeatedly. I was so wet and my spot was getting hit as I wanted it to but unlike with a person, they could stray away from where you were getting maximum pleasure.
With this device, it stayed at that spot that where the pleasure was intense.

Continuous and consistent pleasure are the only words I can use to describe it. My legs were shaking now and the moaning was louder. I kept cumming and cumming and I didn’t even know how to stop.

I didn’t get past this setting that day and I’m not even sure what happened after that. It’s possible I passed out. There is still that void in my memory for the experience of using this oral sex toy for the first time. I’m happy I passed out because I would have continued to cum non-stop while flailing on the bed because I couldn’t get this device off my clit. My heart rate must have been through the roof – so glad I’m alive to share this review =)

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The good thing about this device is that it knows how to follow directions. It’s a beautiful sleek device, no ugly words or pictures to throw your concentration off. Smooth to the touch with curves in all the right places to be able to cradle it in the palm of your hand and keep it in place. – S.Dan

Bad Part

If you’re not a big fan of having your clit being sucked on – stay away from this device. Also, if you can’t say no to being pleasured continuously, stay away so you don’t die of a heart attack while getting head. No one wants to have the police run through their dead body only to find a sex toy clenched to your palm with your panties in between your feet. Not a good sight.

Married Couples

I have introduced the Satisfyer Pro 2 to different people including those who are married. If you are married, you can still use this with your spouse. It’s not as noisy as some people say and it won’t wake up your kids – trust me. Try to pair it with a water based lube before use like Shibari Lubricant (this link takes you to the product page). Put the lubricant on the soft surface so it gets quiet when it’s placed on your partner’s clit. But if you want a more action-packed lube, you can try the Intimate Personal Moisturizer, Body-Safe Lube with Aloe Vera

Safety, Usage, and Warranties

satisfyer pro 2

When I got mine, it came with discreet packaging. There were no markings or anything of such. I’m still sure the manufacturer sells them without markings today as this is standard for most sex toys. The warranty for this product is 1-year. If it breaks down during that period, you’ll get it changed for free. Mine has broken but I’ll gladly buy another if I have to.

The device is called the Satisfyer Pro 2. You can purchase it on any of the sites below. 

Remember you can return it for free if it doesn’t meet your expectations but if it does, it would mean the world to me if you could come back here and drop a comment. Every lady out there who craves a good head deserves the Satisfyer Pro 2. Stop thinking and buy. You will thank me in a few hours.  You can purchase it from Amazon here (this takes you to the product page).

In order to convince you of how powerful the Satisfyer Pro 2 is, I have gathered some of the best and worst reviews from users who have purchased it on Amazon.

Positive Reviews

1. For Couples too
My wife adores it. Not our first toy in the bedroom but by far the one she has enjoyed the most. Not overly noisy but here are two tips; use a water-based lube on that soft surface and the noise gets quieter when it’s centered on the clitoris. Best of all a great value in cost. To get it back to a slower speed quickly it’s easier to just shut it off then it restarts at the lowest mode. – B
2. The new favorite toy of a Goddess who LOVES her toys. Bought because other reviews indicated it was more intense than other, similar toys. If a woman enjoys clitoral stimulation, this is THE toy for her. – M.A.B
3. Oh. My. Freaking. God. 5 beautiful orgasms within maaaaybe 10 minutes “active” time (though you don’t even have to move an inch!!!) And the sheets are soaked. Best $ ever spent. This is my new best friend. Merry Xmas to me! – Whoa
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