Review: Amazon Fire HD 8 (2023)

Load up this Amazon Fire HD 8 tablet with your favorite games, shows and books, and keep occupied when flying or riding.
Review: Amazon Fire HD 8 (2023)

This is a great tablet with a lot of use cases. We love its size and the fact that it comes at that price is quite attractive. Buying this tablet from Amazon is so convenient; you can opt for a cute 7-inch Fire or the 10-inch tablet which could be unwieldy for a lot of people.

This tablet from Amazon comes with a 1,2800 X 800 pixel which is quite robust and makes it the best candidate for watching movies on road trips – through the viewing angles can be a bit awkward. I think the best part of this tablet other than the price is the fact I can hold it with one hand and can type with my thumbs.

Let’s not forget the price, which has got me still hoping this is a dream but it’s not. It’s an unbeatable offer and there’s no gainsaying why this is a best seller even overseas.


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