Retirement Gift Ideas for Women

Retirement Gift Ideas for Women

Retirement can be an exciting time when it is by choice and you choose to look at it the right way.  Even if the retirement isn’t be choice, it should be looked at as just another stage in life; a stage where you get to spend your days and nights doing what you want instead of punching a time clock. The world is laid out in front of you and now you can do those things that you’ve wanted to do but didn’t have time for.

If you know someone who is retiring and there is a party or celebration for them (and there should be) you will want to find a great gift that you can give them to celebrate their retirement and show them that it is a time to celebrate not a time to feel like they are old and “put out to pasture”.  Your thoughtfully chosen gift can spark excitement and anticipation in them.

We have listed 10 fantastic retirement gifts for women below.  These are all gifts that celebrate retirement and give her plenty of reasons to be excited about this time in her life.  If none of the suggestions below appeal to you, use the ideas to spur your own imagination.

Best Retirement Gift Ideas for Women

Customers love this fun and humorous book about what to do after retirement.

If the person you are purchasing a retirement gift for loves to read she will enjoy this book that gives 101 fun things to do once she’s retired.  It is a lighthearted and fun look at enjoying retirement and pushing the envelope.

This enjoyable book isn’t a long read but it is one that will provide plenty of laughter and smiles as well as some fun ideas too.

This book is a part serious, part completely fiction idea book that is sure to bring a smile to their face, and maybe even some ideas too.

It is not a book to be taken literally, so if the person you are purchasing a gift for has a great sense of humor, this is the book for them.

Customers love the encouragement and guidance and inspiration that this book provides.

Another gift for the avid reader is How to Retire Happy, Wild and Free; a book for people who are retiring that offers excellent advice on how to enjoy their life to the fullest.

This international best seller is a wonderful book of encouragement and guidance for a period of her life that she may be feeling unsure about now that she has decided to retire.

All areas of her life will be addressed in this encouraging book including creative pursuits, mental well-being, physical well being, social support and leisure activities. The author uses many different tools and exercises to help her have the retirement and life she has always wanted to have.

Reading this book will give her the information and tools to have an active and happy life and retirement and she won’t have to have 1,000,000 dollars to do it.

Customers always love this wine glass for its unique design and low weight.

If she likes to have a glass of wine with dinner or after dinner, she will be thrilled with this gorgeous Antoni Barcelona wine glass that has been hand painted.

The large size holds plenty of wine and the vibrant colors will appeal to her sense of style as well.  This artisan wine glass is easy to hold and lightweight without feeling cheap.

Around the bottom of the bowl of this glass is a gorgeous swirl of beautiful colors that when held up to the light will delight her with their mesmerizing patterns and colors.

Each glass has been made through glass blowing and is as unique as people are.  The hand painted and hand blown wine glass makes a gorgeous gift to celebrate her retirement.  It comes in a beautiful gift box for its protection and is all ready for gift giving.

Customers love the stress relief and relaxation that this coloring starter pack promotes.

Coloring isn’t just for kids anymore.  It actually hasn’t been just for kids in a long time.

The adult coloring popularity is growing in leaps and bounds as the benefits of coloring are discovered including reduced stress, anxiety and anger.  It is also excellent for artists or writers that are experiencing blocks.

This coloring book starter pack is a great gift to give that will provide her with a means of reducing any stress she may have and it’s just enjoyable to do.

This all inclusive set has everything she needs to get started including:

  • Grown Up Coloring Book with 24 detailed Mandala Coloring Pages
  • 24 Crayola colored pencils
  • Prismacolor Scholar colored pencil sharpener

This gift will take her away from her worries and also give her a break from the TV or computer screen.  It is sure to be a hit and if she has grandchildren it gives her something that they will love doing with her as well. After she has colored all of these pages she will find a ton of other grown up coloring books to use.

Customers are always curious about this mug and its popularity is higher than among others.

If she is a coffee drinker, she will enjoy and appreciate this high quality ceramic coffee mug that is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.

It has a thoughtful and encouraging sentiment about retirement on the side and has a pretty design as well that is calming and appealing.  This is perfect for morning coffee or tea.

You can put this pretty coffee mug in a basket with assorted coffees and teas and some other hot drink related goodies and give her a wonderful, relaxing gift that she will enjoy night after night.  The large mug holds 20 ounces of coffee, tea or whatever drink she wants to put in it.

Customers love the solid construction and sleek look of these stainless steel mugs.

If the person you are purchasing a retirement gift for does a lot of camping or they are RV enthusiasts, this two mug set of stainless steel double-walled coffee mugs will be an excellent addition to their camping, hiking or RV trips.

These mugs are designed to keep hot drinks hot longer than traditional ceramic mugs will.

The double wall construction and design makes them comfortable to hold even when filled with hot liquid.

On the front of the mug there is a lasered color word. There are 3 sets of color words available and there are 2 words in each set.

This sturdy and durable set will last for decades and since it is made from shatter proof 304 100% stainless steel it won’t rust, crack or chip either.  These paint free, BPA free and eco friendly stainless steel mugs are even better for the environment.

Customers love this “bird’s eye” view of different types of birds coming to the feeder and eating seeds as well as drinking water.

Birds are such a pleasure to watch, why not give her something that lets her watch them from a close up view?  This unique bird feeder attaches right to a window via suction cups so when the birds come to the feeder you can watch from the inside and get front row seat.

This is perfect for a kitchen table that is right by a window or if her chair is by a window in the living room or den.  You can even put it in the kitchen window that she looks out when she is at the kitchen sink.

The bird feeder is squirrel proof since squirrels can’t climb glass. The acrylic that this feeder is made of is durable and can handle any kind of weather.  The design of the feeder allows for a top piece that protects them from the elements.

There is a removable seed tray that makes filling and cleaning easy.  This feeder allows for seed on one side, water on the other or you can fill both with seeds.

Customers love the elegant look and heirloom quality of this pretty musical box.

This beautiful wood grain keepsake box plays music (Amazing Grace) and makes the perfect gift for a retirement.  She will love the striking trim that surrounds this box and the glass enclosed musical movement.

This music box measures 8 ¼” x 2 ¼”. It has a photo opening on the top that she can personalize with her own photo or just use the one that is already provided.

This keepsake music box makes a great heirloom to pass down and is the perfect item for keeping her special jewelry in.  The lovely sentiment on top about retirement makes the box fitting for the occasion.

Customers love the durable and solid quality of this retirement plaque.

This attractive wooden plaque is just the thing to give to the retiree. It measures 7” x 9” and is ¾” thick.  The top quality natural wood is sturdy with curved edges that are beveled for a finished look that will look terrific on any wall. There is a rounded slot on the back for easy mounting.

The wonderful advice that is present on this sign is engraved into the wood not printed so it will never fade away. It is a lighthearted reminder to enjoy her retirement and reminds her that there are plenty of things she can do with her free time.

The year (2016) is engraved on the plaque to commemorate the year she retired and the advice provided uses the word “retirement” in a unique and creative way.

She will love this positive outlook on retirement and will be proud to display this plaque in her home.

Customers love the large array of products that make up this relaxing and wonderfully smelling gift basket.

This beautiful and large Jasmine Renewal Spa, Bath, and Body Gift Basket will provide her with plenty of ways to pamper herself in this next phase of her life.

The three “R’s” are what this basket is all about:  Renew, Recharge and Rejuvenate.  The wonderful Jasmine scent is soothing and provides a treat for the senses.

Included in her Renewal Gift Basket is:

  • Sisal hand mitt
  • Braided nylon mesh back scrubber
  • Wooden massager that is hand held
  • Sisal bath sponge
  • Body lotion with Jasmine scent
  • Cleansing bath gel
  • Rich body butter
  • Rose petal soaps
  • Body spray with Jasmine scent
  • Exfoliating body scrub
  • Soothing bath crystals
  • Jasmine scented potpourri
  • Two floating Jasmine candles
  • Embossed gift tin
  • Cotton spa towel
  • Pumice stone/nail brush

All of these wonderful pampering products are packaged into a whitewashed spa caddy that has ribbon and flowers on it.  There is a personalized gift message as well.  She will love the look and smell of all of these products and enjoy the relaxation and rejuvenation it provides her.

Choosing the Right Retirement Gift for a Woman

Depending on the person and the situation, retirement can be something that she is looking forward to or something she is dreading and feeling badly about.  If there is a celebration planned, you will want to find just the right retirement gift that will make her feel good and excited about retiring.

This is a chance for her to do some of the things that she has always wanted to do but may not have had the time for while she was working. Look for gifts that will be positive and uplifting in nature. There are so many things to choose from that will be just perfect for someone who is retiring.

We have listed several tips below that you will want to keep in mind when it comes to choosing the right retirement gift.  Keep these pointers in mind as you are searching and you will be sure to find the gift that she will really appreciate receiving.

Dos and Don’ts to Remember


  • Look for retirement gifts that are positive and encouraging in nature. This is not the time to choose gag gifts that are talking about being put out to pasture and being old, etc.  Some people will be fine with jokes, but it is much better to be an encouraging force in this next phase of their life.
  • Consider things they may have talked about doing “once they retire”. Maybe you could find a gift that encourages them to actually go after that activity or thing, whatever it is.  For some it may be taking a trip, for others it may be ‘writing that book, etc.  Their plans after retirement can give you some great ideas for gifts.
  • Remind them with your gift, that in many ways, their lives are just starting not ending. There is so much that they can do with all of their new free time.  Be the one that gets them fired up about what adventures they will have next.


  • Be the person who is joking around about how old they are and how they are being put out to pasture, etc. While there are some that feel every occasion is an occasion for gag gifts and jokes, it is always better to be the one that is getting people excited and fired up about their possibilities.  You never know if someone is sincerely worried about retirement, so an ill-timed joke or gag gift can make things worse, eve n if it wasn’t intentional.
  • Choose gifts that do not reflect any interests or likes that they have. It is not your responsibility to choose what they do with their free time.  Chances are they have voiced some ideas that they have thought about doing. Purchasing things that will support hobbies or activities they want to try is a great way to encourage them.
  • Act like they have something to be sad about. Retiring is a time for celebration, a time for excitement and a time for rediscovery. Another great gift idea as a side gift is an address book with their co workers names and contact information.  There is no reason why a person retiring has to lose touch with people they may have worked with for many years.

Retirements gifts are an excellent way to celebrate the newfound freedom a person has in their lives. They have worked hard for decades and now they get to celebrate and do whatever they want.  Make sure that the gift you choose reflects that celebration and it will be a gift they cherish and remember forever.

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