Photo Gift Ideas That Will Brighten the Home

Photo Gift Ideas That Will Brighten the Home

There are all kinds of photo gift ideas available when you are looking to purchase something to give as a gift.  Photo gifts are a great way to add warmth to the recipient’s home.  With all of the choices available, you actually may have a harder time trying to decide which one to choose.

We have listed 10 beautiful photo gifts below that you can consider for gift giving to that special someone.  If none of these gifts appeal to you, use the suggestions as a way to get ideas of your own that will work.

Taking a little bit of time to find just the right gift can make the recipient feel special which is the whole purpose of gift giving. Grabbing the first thing you find can end up with a gift that you don’t like giving and they don’t like receiving.

Best Photo Gift Ideas

Customers love the sturdiness and style of this photo frame.

This gorgeous “Mom” photo frame has a place for a photo that is within the word Mom.  This bronze casted metal frame looks great with most décor.

It has the words “I love you” on it as well, making it a beautiful gift to give mom for her birthday, mother’s day, or some other special occasion.

If you have a special photo that you can put in the frame before you give it to her that will make it even more special, as it will be a photo that both of you can cherish.  This is a beautiful gift to give mom so she can put it on her dresser, the fireplace mantle or some other visible place she will no doubt, want to show off.

Customers love the value and beauty this photo album provides despite the economical price.

Photo albums are still popular ways to hold cherished photos even though there are many that are digital now. This gorgeous album has “Live, Laugh Love” on the front of the black leatherette cover.

This album will hold 200 4” x 6” photos.  It will display two photos per page and also provides a memo area for writing if they choose to.  The pages are acid-free, PVC free and lignin free so the photos will remain protected.  The round spine holds the whole book together.

The person you will be giving this beautiful album to will have a wonderful keepsake in which to keep their photos safe.

This unique way to display a cherished photo will be a favorite of anyone you give this photo snow globe to.  It holds two photos that measure 2” x 2 7/8”. They are inserted on each side of the globe.

The round globe has a black base and soft pliable surface that is plastic and not glass. It is a photo globe that you could gift to a child as well with a picture in it that is special to them.

The bottom of the base comes off easily to insert the photo and then goes back on. If you are looking for an unusual way to frame some special photos, this fits the bill. Perfect for birthdays, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or Christmas.

Customers love this gorgeous way to display photos neatly and organized on the fridge.

If you find that your refrigerator doors resemble a messy desktop, there’s hope with these unique magnetic picture collage frames. Each one is trimmed in black and holds 5 – 4” x 6” photos.  You’ll be able to beautifully display 10 photos on your refrigerator in a way that makes them look professionally set up.

The photos load in the front thanks to the easy, front loading pockets.  You can easily add or charge photos without taking the magnets off the fridge.

It will stick to white, black or sateen fridges, but not stainless steel.  They will also stick to magnetic dry erase boards, filing cabinets, lockers and more. This is an incredible gift top give parents, grandparents and couples for all kinds of occasions.

Customers love the unique style of this cube. It’s a great way to display cherished photos.

This four-sided photo cube provides a gift that will allow them to display photos in a unique eye-catching way.  The sized photos that it fits are 4” x 4”.  You can display 4 photos per cube.

If you are looking for a simple but really nice gift for a co worker, teacher, or other acquaintance, this is an excellent choice.  The acrylic panels around the cube are held in place securely with strong magnets. Changing photos is simple as well.

Any type of photo can go in this cube.  If you don’t have any photos that are 4” x 4”, you can print them off the right size. This cube will look fantastic on the desk, dresser, or book shelf.

Customers love this sentimental and tender keepsake ornament.

This tender and beautiful keepsake pewter ornament is designed to be for a picture of someone no longer part of this world.  It can be a beautiful way to keep the memories of loved ones that have passed on, alive.

The ornament comes in a keepsake box with “Merry Christmas from Heaven” a beautiful poem that is included.  It is 3” long and makes a wonderful and sentimental heirloom.

The purpose of this beautiful ornament is to remind those here, potentially suffering from loss and loneliness that their loved ones are with them even though they may not be here physically.

Customers love the high quality and uniqueness of this sweet photo frame. 

If you are looking for a beautiful, elegant photo frame that would look terrific on the wall of your home, this photo frame is in the shape of a house that has been whitewashed.  The frame is made of 100% solid wood and will last for years with the proper care.

They’ll be able to put 4 photos in this unique frame.  The wood frame gives you a unique, modern look.   Each photo space holds a 4” x 6”.

There are two ways you can hang this photo frame; on the wall or hanging on the included stand that allows it to be put on a mantle, table or dresser.

Customers love the space saving design of this photo frame.

This unusual metal family tree measures 20” x 18” and holds 10 photo frames with 2” x 3” photos in them.  It is a truly cute way to display the family photos in a literal sense.

This item is made from fine metal and will not break, rust or bend unless it is not being taken care of.  If you are looking for a unique gift for a mother or grandmother or even a father or grandfather, this is it.

It would look beautiful on the desk in the office where they can show off their kids or grandkids.  The person you give this beautiful photo frame to will be thrilled.

Customers love this gorgeous locket necklace in sterling silver.

Lockets are not as popular as they once were, but they are still show stoppers when someone receives one.  This beautiful sterling silver, engraved locket has a filigreed heart locket that can display 4 tiny pictures.

There is a curb chain that has a spring clasp on it for a secure fit.  This pretty and delicate necklace will looks so nice and is perfect for a sweet 16 gift or even a middle school graduation.  The heart locket measures 1 ¼”.

Customers love the simple setup and crisp, beautiful photos this digital frame provides.

Digital photo frames have become a lot more popular as a means of showing off photos of family and friends.  This digital frame is easy to use and can have pictures add and deleted via the internet.

It has a high quality display with gorgeous color and clarity.  The LED backlight enables you to see even in lowlight conditions. This frame measures 10.4”.

The digital frame shows 800 x 600 resolution photos.  There is a 4 GB internal memory and can store up to 20,000 photos.   Some of the features that are available with this device are the ability to perform in normal mode, repeat the recent picture, only the latest pictures, and a variety of transitions including horizontal sliding, rotations, flip, Ken Burns effect, Wedge, Multi 2, Multi 1, Vertical Sliding, and more.

This makes a beautiful gift that they will enjoy for years to come.

Choosing the Right Photo Gift

As you can see from the selections above, there are some gorgeous photo gift ideas available.  These are some of the best available but there are tons more too.  People love to take pictures and they love to show others those pictures even more.  Choosing a really nice photo gift enables whoever the recipient is to enjoy all of the memories they have had. Sometimes people need to remember that the good times existed and still exist.  This digital frame can be a great reminder.

Dos and Don’ts to Remember


  •  Look for unique and interesting frames and photo displays.  With so many different choices available, you have a large selection to comb through to find that perfect gift.
  • Include actual photos if you can.  Opening a gift with a beautiful photo frame is wonderful, but that is made even better when it’s opened and a gorgeous photo of them is front and center.
  • Look for styles and designs that fit with the type of home they have.  There are so many different styles of photo frames that finding one in their size and décor will be easy.
  • Take photos of the grandchildren and then display them in a beautiful photo frame and wrap that up. She will not be expecting to open anything of the kind. It will be a great surprise that they will remember for a long time.


  • Frame photos that are of a private or personal nature to give as a gift.  It’s one thing to do a private lingerie session for your spouse and then present them to him privately, but it’s another thing to have something like that opened publically.  Always use discretion.
  • Use photos that you know the person doesn’t like.  If there is a photo that you love but the person you are gifting the frame to doesn’t like those particular photos, then don’t use them. Even if everyone thinks they are good, if the recipient doesn’t like them, it will ruin the whole gift.  Use their favorite photos.
  • Forget about photo albums. Even though this is a digital age with a lot advanced technology, there is still a place for regular photo albums. People, especially kids, still love flipping through old photos and there are some beautiful albums available nowadays as well.

In this day and age of “the selfie” taking photos of things including yourselves has become commonplace.   Beautiful photo frames arranged on a fireplace mantle or across a piano top is still a gorgeous sight.   If you are looking to purchase a special someone a beautiful way for them to display their important photos and memories, you have a ton of choices out there that will fit every decorating taste.

One thing to remember before choosing the photo gift you want to purchase and gift, is to know a little about how the person you are giving the photo frame  or frames to likes to display their photos the best.  Do they like to hang photos on the wall?  Use a digital frame?  A photo album?

By knowing the answers to these questions you are certain to choose a photo gift that will thrill them.


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