Parental Control Apps for Smartphones – What are They?

Parental Control Apps for Smartphones – What are They?

Parental Control Apps for Smartphones - What are They

Parental control apps are one of the most effective ways to monitor what children are doing – especially when they spend so much time on their mobile phones. The world is becoming a global village meaning that people can access anything they want to read or see through the internet.

The internet has both positive and negative information that children have free access to. This fact has compelled parents to look for ways in which they can prevent their children from viewing pages that are not appropriate for their child’s age.

Parents use parental control apps to monitor how their children are using their mobile phones, tablets, laptops or any other electronic gadgets. Mobile control apps can be used to monitor any of the following:

  1. Setting Schedules

Parental Control Apps for Smartphones can be used for setting time schedules by allowing you to see how your children are using their time. For example, a parent can use control application to block out internet access during a specific time that their children need to be focusing on something important like doing homework.

  1. Instant Pausing of Your Child’s Device

This is a wonderful option. Parents can use a parental control app to pause their children’s devices when they want to get their child to stop spending time on their phones. For example, a parent can pause their child’s device so that they come to dinner or while getting ready for school.

  1. Approving Applications Downloaded by Your Child

It can be very tricky to pick up your child’s device to start checking the apps they have installed and deleting the unnecessary ones. But there is a better solution that is provided by parental control applications. You can easily check what apps your child has downloaded or is about to download and delete them before the download is completed.

  1. Accessing Web History

It is very important to know what your child is browsing through while using their phone. Web history contains everything your child browsed through on the internet. A parental control app can help parents access their child’s phone to see what they are browsing or surfing. If you find something inappropriate, then you can talk to your child about what they saw.

  1. Setting Time Limits

There is a time for everything. A parental control application helps you set time limits that control when your children should be using their mobile phones. This helps to avoid excess data usage as well and creates time for other important things that need to be done.

Parental Control Apps for Smartphones - What are They

How Can a Mobile Tracker be Used for Parental Control?

There is also an application called a mobile tracker which can be used to let you know what is happening on a certain device. A mobile tracker can be used to check, and control calls made and received, text messages sent and received, to track the GPS location of a person as well as all web activities carried out using that smartphone.

The owner of a smartphone can also install a mobile tracker to help them trace their phone in case it gets lost. This can be done by just looking up the GPS location of the lost smartphone. It is an easy way to trace your lost phone.

Installation and Initialization of the Parental Control App

Mobile Tracker Hoverwatch for smartphones has a very easy process of installation and initialization:

1. Ensure your mobile smartphone is on and that you have enough data (or are on Wi-Fi) to allow you to go through the whole process of installation and initialization.

2. Make sure you enable access to unknown sources so that you can have an easy time when doing the installation.

3. The third step is going to the application in your smartphone. Open the app store on your screen and search the application in the search toolbar.

4. Once you find the application, download it and once the download is complete, install it in your smartphone device.

5. The next step is configuring the app to make sure it is active by creating an account and logging in.

6. After configuration, the final step that ought not to be skipped is protecting the application. This will ensure that you are getting the services that you should be without any interference. However, protection styles depend on the type of phone.

Parental Control Apps for Smartphones - What are They

Web Interface Hoverwatch and how it is used as a Parental Control App

The Hoverwatch app is one of the best parental control apps in the market today. This software is one of the best because of its unique and useful features. The most unique feature of this application is the remote call recording feature.

This feature enables the owner of the phone to listen to all incoming calls and outgoing calls of the targeted mobile device while still at home. It can also track messages being sent via WhatsApp as well as other applications by recording all keystrokes on that device. Later, you can access what was recorded on your Hoverwatch account.

Hoverwatch also has features like tracking the location of your target device. You can also monitor calls and get information about the person who called and the duration of the call. Finally, you can access contacts saved in the targeted device.

All these features make this app recommended for parents as a parental control application. Parents will be able to access calls, texts, contacts, videos and apps downloaded by their children.


In a nutshell, smartphones with parental controls help to make it easier for us to monitor our children. This can help parents as they shape the morals and behaviors of their children for a better future. A parental control app should be designed in a way that parents can manage the app easily and follow the information they need.

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