Best Over the Range Microwave in 2023 – Over the Range Microwave Reviews and Ratings

Best Over the Range Microwave in 2023 – Over the Range Microwave Reviews and Ratings
I’m sure you’ll agree that having an over the range microwave is a great way to maximize kitchen space and functionality.

Those considerations were our top criteria for selecting the best model.

If you want to get right to cooking, the GE Stainless Steel Over the Range Microwave Oven is our top pick as it has 1.9 cubic feet of space and 1,100 watts of power.

1. GE Stainless Steel

Best Overall Over the Range Microwave

5/5 Product Rating
This over the range microwave from GE features precise electronic touch controls with a durable 3 speed exhaust fan. The glass turntable is solidly constructed and designed to thoroughly cook your food by supplying 360 degrees of heat. GE is one of the top manufacturers of kitchen appliances and this microwave is a wonderful example of why they stay on top. Elegant in appearance and efficient in performance, this microwave fits perfectly into any kitchen atmosphere and cooks your food beautifully, in less time and with less effort.

When you’re ready to take preparing food to a whole new level of ease and efficiency, you’re ready for this stainless steel microwave. Easy to clean and maintain, the microwave features a number of different settings to cook your food just right. The control panel is easy to operate and food gets cooked to perfection every time. The design of this microwave is simple and user friendly, making it easier than ever to find just the right setting for each kind of food. The simple white color works perfectly for any kitchen decor and installation is easy. See why this is one of the top rated microwaves on the market.

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2. Panasonic 5265

Best Budget Over the Range Microwave

4.8/5 Product Rating
Featuring a fine stainless steel door and silver wrap, this 1200 watt microwave from Panasonic is a convenient and stylish addition to your kitchen. It also offers a contemporary look and feel. This unit is 1.2 cubic feet with a 13-1/2 inch turntable to perfectly cook and evenly heat your breakfast foods, after-school snacks, and so much more. This microwave is perfect for busy professionals and families who are always on the go. This unit is designed to help you with quick and easy meal preparation while also enhancing the decor of your kitchen. This is an inverter style microwave oven and can easily be installed in the wall using the matching trim kit.

Taking you a step beyond just ‘heating things up’, this microwave can make anything from popcorn to delicate shrimp pasta. With the inverter technology, you can get true, variable microwave power which creates even temperatures and consistent textures while the food is being cooked. This consistent delivery of energy allows for delicate food that can simmer properly without the edges and surfaces overcooking. This means that your food will have the look and taste that you might expect from a traditional oven. With this unit you will see how it’s possible to make perfectly-delicious, microwaved food. The delicious results maintain their color, nutrients, and flavor.

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3. Panasonic 651

Best Over the Range Microwave with Inverter

4.7/5 Product Rating
For the best flavor and ease of cooking, this model from Panasonic offers you turbo defrost and inverter technology for easy defrosting. It also offers 1200 watts of high power for the ultimate in cooking speed. With the One Touch Genius Sensor Cook and a reheat feature, you get automatic cooking settings as well as Keep Warm capabilities. There is a 13-1/2 inch turntable within this microwave and other handy features like the delay start and timer, more/less control, quick minute button, popcorn key, and so much more. Also, the upper-left corner of the door has a small indentation that allows the door to be opened smoothly.

Like all the best over the range microwaves on the market, this model features the state of the art inverter technology that allows for even cooking and delivers delicious results and fast defrosting. The stylish design works with any kitchen decor, and you can choose between the handsome black finish or the clean white finish. The control panel is easy to use and easy to clean. You’re going to discover that this microwave delivers delicious results and its cooked food maintains its texture, color, nutrients, and flavor.

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Over the Range Microwave Buying Guide

Over the Range Microwave Reviews

What is an Over the Range Microwave?

Over the range microwaves are fantastic because they save you space in the kitchen after just a bit of installation. When it comes to choosing the right model, it requires a bit of investigation. The goal is to find a model that perfectly marries functionality and aesthetics. You want a microwave that can fit into your overall decor and still provides the features that you need to perfectly cook your food. You should go beyond choosing a microwave just because it fits the color of your kitchen. Consider looking for a unit that has a ‘green’ rating and other features that suit your cooking style. Over the range microwaves serve a dual purpose. Not only can they warm and cook food, but they can also provide you with a exhaust fan to disperse cooking odors from your oven range.

Measurements and Exhaust Features

Over the Range Microwave1Ranges come in different widths with the most popular being between 30 and 36 inches. You will first need to measure the width of the oven range in your home to properly choose an over the range microwave. Finding the right size is the very first step. If you do a lot of stovetop cooking, you will also want to find a microwave that provides you with over the range exhaust features. Most of these microwaves have the capability to operate as an exhaust hood and they use a charcoal filter to vent cooking fumes. The best styles will provide you with the dual option of both internal and external fan exhaust capabilities. You will also want to compare the cubic feet per minute rating of the fan. The standard is 300 CFM.


It’s important to understand what features you’re looking for in your over the range microwave. Some microwaves will have the ability to provide convection heating as well as microwave heating. It’s best to start by making a list of the microwaves that appeal to you and then compare all their features side by side. Aside from oven size, you’ll want to pay attention to wattage, touch-pad features and capabilities, turntable size, heating cycles, and delay start features. There are some models that also have child-lockout features that provide an extra level of security and safety in your home.

Reading Consumer Reviews

Over the Range Microwave2It’s always a smart idea to read reviews before buying an over the range microwave. Reviews will give you a good idea of customer ratings and which models consistently outperform the rest. These microwaves aren’t expensive and a well-researched appliance purchase will save you both time and hassle in the long run. Something that may look good on paper may not function as well as you hoped in the kitchen. You want to be sure to physically check the oven cavity size to ensure that your largest casserole dish will fit inside. Sometimes manufacturers will measure unusable space and figure this into the oven cavity specifications. Given this, it’s smart to bring one of your larger dishes to the store and check to see if it fits.

Cooking Functionality

It’s incredibly important that you find an over the range microwave that suits your cooking needs. When using the device for meal preparation, performing tasks like melting butter and defrosting meats, you need a microwave that will accommodate your needs. There are some models that will have special buttons that help you easily defrost meats, melt butter, and can provide multifunction cooking options with easily-programmable power changes that you can start with just the touch of a button. You need to make sure before you make a purchase that your over the range microwave will provide all the functions that you require at a price that is reasonable to you. Also, as an added bonus, be sure that the microwave suits your overall kitchen decor.


  1. More Space: Over the range microwaves are installed above your stovetop and into your cabinetry. This will provide you with more counter space and will take the microwave out of the reach of small children.
  2. Larger Models: Larger sized microwaves offer more interior space to cook your food. This is great when cooking for a large group.
  3. Aesthetics: These microwaves feature contemporary designs that add to the overall aesthetics of your kitchen.
  4. Over the Range Microwave3

  5. Added Exhaust: These microwaves offer added exhaust which eliminates odors and can even help to eliminate unsafe fumes from your stovetop.
  6. Ease of Use: Over the range microwaves are incredibly easy to use and can provide features that many countertop models do not. They feature state of the art technology that makes cooking food easier and faster than you ever imagined possible. All in all, these microwaves are designed to maintain the color, flavor, and texture of your food while making your cooking experience faster and more efficient. These devices are also more affordable than ever before. With your purchase you’ll receive instructions that will make the installation process as easy as possible.


Owning an over the range microwave offers you a convenient and out of the way cooking method that prepares meals with precision and efficiency. If your family is constantly on the go and you need to make delicious foods in a fraction of the time, then a state of the art, over the range microwave can help you achieve this goal. There are so many choices on the market which is why our buyer’s guide was written. We want to help you narrow down your options and find a microwave that is just right for you. Superficially it might seem that all microwaves are alike but in reality they’re quite different, mainly in terms of construction, power, and possibilities.

Before purchasing a microwave be sure you know what kinds of foods you’re going to most often prepare. Many microwaves have preset controls that allow you, at the touch of a button, to prepare popcorn, defrost food, bake a potato, and so much more. These special features will save you time and effort while still preparing your favorite foods and keeping their nutrients and flavors fully intact. You can be sure that when you purchase one of the top-rated, over the range microwaves you’re getting a product that you can completely depend upon and one that will last you for years to come.


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