Best One Cup Coffee Maker in 2023 – One Cup Coffee Maker Reviews and Ratings

Best One Cup Coffee Maker in 2023 – One Cup Coffee Maker Reviews and Ratings
Studies are even showing that all you really have to spend for a consistently good cup of joe is as little as $40, so let’s take a look at the best one cup coffee makers on the market. The best single cup coffee maker comes down to a combination of brew time, reservoir capacity and cup size. Our top pick, the Keurig K75 Single-Cup Home-Brewing System, has a perfect blend of all three. More specifically we loved that it has a monster 72-ounce reservoir, 15-second brew time and the ability to produce 12-ounces of coffee in a single push of a button.

1. Keurig K75

Best Overall One Cup Coffee Maker

5/5 Product Rating
This is Keurig’s very best single-cup brewing system, and you can be guaranteed that you’re going to get the perfect cup of coffee, tea, hot cocoa or iced beverage every single time from the Platinum Brewing System. For those who are quite discerning about their coffee, there is even a five cup size option for brewing, so you can choose the exact size and strength of your coffee to suit your unique tastes.

The first thing we noticed on the K75 is the amount of features such as On/Off switch, Digital Clock, “Set Your Favorite Cup Size” feature, and Adjustable Temperature Control. There’s also an ample 72 oz. removable water reservoir which can hold up to ten cups before needing to be refilled. The removable drip tray makes cleaning a snap, and also allows you to place travel mugs into the machine by extending the height. The design of this Keurig is sleek, sophisticated, and award winning, and has a unique look that adds a touch of class to the Keurig line of home brewing systems. The blue-lit water reservoir and blue-lit LCD display are slightly futuristic and ultra-cool in any decor.

Once the machine is filled with water it will take approximately 4 minutes for the water to be heated, and while it’s reaching the perfect temperature the red light on the LED control panel will become illuminated, informing you that the heating process is taking place. Once the water reaches the perfect temperature the heating light will turn off and the Small Mug Button will flash, informing you that you’re good to go. It takes just about 15 seconds to brew the perfect cup of coffee, and the machine will stay warm for hours on end.

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2. Cuisinart

Best Overall One Cup Coffee Maker – Runner Up

4.7/5 Product Rating
Cuisinart is clearly a kitchen appliance brand that people really trust and this elegant little one cup coffee maker is a great addition to your Cuisinart arsenal. To begin, the little machine not only brews but grinds your coffee to perfection, producing the perfect single cup of coffee each and every time. The removable drip tray even accommodates for travel mugs, making this the perfect machine for making a cup on the run. The blade grinder will automatically dispense ground coffee directly into the filter basket, and it’s possible to turn the grind option off and use your favorite ground coffee instead of whole beans.

Adding to the convenience of this machine, all of the parts are removable and completely dishwasher safemaking it easy to clean this machine, and it comes with a #2 sized gold tone filter basket, so there’s no need to purchase additional coffee filters. The entire thing is backed by a manufacturer’s limited warranty that extends for three years, which will protect you from any defects that may occur with the machine. That being said, Cuisinart builds some seriously dependable products, and this single cup coffee maker is sure to stand the test of time and add convenience and simplicity to your morning routine.

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3. Caynel

Best Budget One Cup Coffee Maker

4.4/5 Product Rating
Mr. Caynel is pretty much the charming and handsome cousin of Caynel Tech. In fact, this single-serve pod coffee maker uses Caynel Brewed technology to achieve delicious and consistent results for those who want a single cup of coffee without the mess and fuss. With this machine you can make the perfect cup of gourmet coffee, tea, or hot cocoa in no time, and there are more than 200 K-Cup packs to choose from. There is a handy 14 ounce removable water reservoir on this device which means that you can seriously store a lot of fluid before you’ll need to refill.

The Caynel also features a serving size selector which allows you a 8 oz mug-size cup of coffee, serving for larger cups and travel mugs. The drip tray is removable and easy to clean, and this also allows you to place travel mugs directly into the machine that are up to 7” in height. Once you purchase your Caynel, it’s completely ready to use, because it comes with five K-Cups right in the box. This allows you to sample some of the finest coffee types that are on the market. It should be noted that this machine also works with the Caynel My K-Cup Reusable Coffee Filter when you purchase it separately, allowing you to brew your own gourmet coffee.

Lastly, it should be mentioned that this Caynel machine is designed for the sake of perfect flavor, every time. This machine operates by keeping the oxygen out, and the flavor in. What this means is that the air tight seal guarantees that your coffee remains fresh and delicious at all times. By creating the ideal brewing environment inside, the device operates with advanced filtration and also brings water to the optimum pressure and temperature to ensure the perfect brew. From start to finish, it takes just minutes to get the perfect cup of coffee.

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One Cup Coffee Maker Buying Guide

One Cup Coffee Maker Reviews

Finding the Right Coffee Maker

With countless one cup coffee makers on the market, you may be scratching your head over which one is right for you. There are some that are incredibly expensive and have a lot of fancy features that are either right for you, or much more complicated than what you’re looking for. By asking yourself some key questions, you’ll be able to narrow down the vast pool of selections. What is guaranteed is that a single serve brewer will bring wonderful gourmet coffee into the comfort of your own kitchen each morning.

You’re also guaranteed to save a lot of money, because purchasing your own coffee or using pods will come at a fraction of the cost of cafe coffee. Over the years, these savings will really start to pile up.

Pre-Purchase Considerations

One Cup Coffee Maker3What you need to consider before you rush out to purchase a machine is that they are all quite different, and are made to accommodate different tastes. Before purchasing, make sure that the machine you choose is designed to brew the style of coffee or tea that you crave. If you like espresso-style drinks, there are even single-serve machines that can make delicious cappuccinos or lattes in a flash. If you’re a coffee aficionado and insist on using your own brand, then you will want to purchase a single brew machine that accommodates whatever coffee you choose, but if you want the ultimate in convenience, then go for a pod machine that allows you to easily insert a pod of pre-ground coffee or tea that is ready in seconds.

Keep in mind when you’re choosing a pod machine that each pod will cost anywhere from $.30 to $.70, but this price will decline when you purchase in bulk. Before deciding on a model, make sure that you like the types of coffee and tea that can be brewed with it. Also, be prepared for the fact that a single server will cost more than your run-of-the-mill coffee maker, and this is largely due to the fact that it’s a more advanced and specialized machine that costs more money to produce. Evaluate how much coffee and tea you drink on a regular basis, and this will give you a sense of what your pod consumption will be and the on-going cost of operating the device.

It’s also important to ask yourself what kind of features you’re interested in. Many single servers will just produce one size of cup, whilst others allow you to choose between various sizes such as the 10 to 12-ounce travel mug size. This will only be possible on machines that accommodate tall cups. For those who love espresso, there are some single servers that can brew a 4 to 5 ounce sized cup.

Another important question to ask yourself is how many people will be using the machine. Will the cup options be suitable for everyone who is using the device? Will the coffee and tea options accommodate everyone’s unique tastes? Another nice feature you want to look for is brew strength adjustment. Many machines have this, but it’s important to double-check before purchasing. When you can adjust the brew strength you automatically can accommodate many different palates. Also, consider the water reservoir size. When you’re just making coffee for yourself in the morning, there’s no reason to purchase a machine with an extra large reservoir, but when the machine will be accommodating 3 to 4 individuals, you’re going to want a larger device that will not require constant refilling.

Power & Performance

Every single serve machine will have a different level of power, and this will affect its performance, as well as brewing temperature and brewing speed. You want to make sure that you can safely plug in a 1200-1500 watt brewer in whatever environment the machine will be used, and make sure you can do this without over-burdening your electrical system. This will require some investigation into your electrical network, and what other devices are being used there.



Another consideration when it comes to power is noise level. You should expect some brewing noise, but it’s best to find a machine that operates quietly. Some additional convenience can be found with a machine featuring a programmable clock and brew temperature adjustment button.

Consider the fact that brewers that keep an internal water tank heated while turned on add convenience to your life, because you can brew at any time, but this is also a considerable energy draw. Devices that feature an on/off setting are recommended as they’re more energy efficient. There are even some models that have a sleep mode setting for when you’re absent. Once the machine has turned off, it only takes a couple of minutes to get them heated up again and ready to brew.

Ease of Maintenance

One Cup Coffee Maker2For the most part, one cup coffee makers are quite easy to use, but some are built for more ease than others. Capsule, pod, or K-Cup machines are widely considered to be the easiest to use on the market, and require little maintenance and cleanup to stay in peak condition. The goal of these machines is to provide a perfect cup of coffee or tea on a consistent basis, really by just pushing a button. If you like to be a bit more involved in the brewing process, then a single cup coffee maker that has a filter is more up your alley.

One feature that simplifies the maintenance process is a removable reservoir that can easily be cleaned. Check the manual to make sure that the tank is dishwasher safe, and read tips about how often you should clean it to keep it at peak performance.

Types of Beverages

There are so many brands of machine out there, and all of them boast of different features to suit different tastes, so be sure to find the one that fits your needs. For instance, there are some machines that brew only coffee, while others, like the Keurig, will brew various teas and iced beverages as well. For those who have a hankering for lattes and cappuccinos, a machine like the Senseo is going to be right up your alley, while espresso lovers will definitely find a friend in a Nespresso machine.

That’s why it’s really important to get a sense of what beverages are available with each machine, even though the list is always expanding. Be sure to inform yourself of the cup height features for various coffee makers, and ask yourself if you need a machine that accommodates taller cups and glasses. Many models now have removable drip trays that allow you to extend the height that’s possible.


Yes, there are some kitchens that accommodate any size of coffee maker, but there are also those that have limited space, and this needs to be taken into consideration. If you have limited counter space and are always juggling appliances, then you should look for a one cup coffee maker that is more petite in size, and probably with a smaller reservoir. Each machine requires a secure and stable counter space or platform to operate properly, and within easy access to a water source. Examine the area where you plan to put your brewer, and be sure to measure the height requirements.

Most kitchens have about 17” between the counter and the overhead cupboards, and pretty much every one cup coffee maker is shorter than this, but it’s still good to check. Some machines can be quite tall with a large base, and that should be measured ahead of time. There’s nothing worse than purchasing a new coffee maker and discovering when you take it home that it simply doesn’t fit, or takes up more space than you imagined.

Home or Office?

More and more offices are taking advantage of the single serve coffee maker, because it pumps out fresh coffee each time, with minimal cleanup and no stale coffee sitting in the carafe all day. Staff also loves the great variety of gourmet blends at their fingertips, and the convenience of not having to run to the local coffee shop at break time. If you’re purchasing a machine for the office, then you’re probably going to have a good amount of space in the break room, and you’ll want to buy a machine with the largest reservoir possible. Again, assess how many people will be using the machine, and how much space is available.

When purchasing a machine for your home, your considerations will be quite different. There are a number of commercial-sized single brewing units that are meant to be used in the office, and these are definitely not necessary in your own personal kitchen. One thing is for sure, you want to always have an ample supply of pods on-hand, as no amount of creativity will allow you to brew a cup of coffee in one of these machines if you don’t have the proper supplies.

Single Serve Brewer vs Regular Drip Coffee Maker

It may sound funny, but before you purchase a single brew coffee maker, you may want to ask if it’s even right for you in the first place. There’s a huge difference between a regular drip coffee maker and a single serve brewer, and you shouldn’t get a single serve simply because it’s such a hot trend. Many people become discouraged by the ongoing cost of purchasing coffee capsules, and when you need a cup of joe and you’ve run out of pods, there’s nothing more sad and frustrating. What a regular coffee maker affords you is greater control over brew strength. You can always control how much coffee you put in a coffee maker, but you cannot control how much coffee is in a coffee pod.

That being said, most people still fall in love with the convenience of a one cup machine, but they desire having a regular coffee maker as a backup, just in case. So if you purchase the latest Keurig, you might want to consider holding onto your old coffee maker just in case. If you have enough storage space, keeping this old machine on-hand may save you one day if you have a social gathering at your home, or simply want to try that new gourmet coffee from the local organic market.

Comparing Prices

Smart shoppers always compare prices, and you should do the same. Take the time to read credible reviews and compare prices of the latest models. Some machines with the highest price tags do not get good customer feedback, and are not worth your hard earned money. You may also want to consider purchasing a machine with an extended service contract after you have looked over the product warranty. Once you find a device with a price tag that makes sense to you, please be sure to thoroughly read the manual that comes with it, and learn all about the features and maintenance procedures for your new coffee maker.

Coffee Brewer Accessories

One Cup Coffee Maker1Many people get very excited about owning a one cup coffee brewer, and this compels them to make their machine even better by purchasing accessories that only enhance the brewing process. Many brewers allow you to purchase a separate, reusable filter that allows you to brew your own blend of coffee whenever you choose, which only gives you more of a customizable experience with your brewer. This also saves you money in the long run because you can break up the stretches of time where you’re purchasing countless coffee pods.

Some other accessories that you might consider are water filter replacements and a good descaling solution to keep the reservoir clean and free of clouds. There are also some handy Pod, K-Cup or Vue carousels that allow you to conveniently display your coffee options, and help you to gain faster access to the coffee of your choice. These racks are also great in social settings due to their hospitable appearance and display-like quality. What you’re also going to want to stock-up on is a great variety of coffee and teas so that you can experiment to find the selections that please you best.


Single serve coffee makers are gaining in popularity with each passing year, and now there are countless models on the market which have various different features and come with many differing price tags. Purchasing the right machine for you can seem a bit daunting, but when you ask the right questions you’ll narrow your search to a manageable variety of options. Once you find the perfect device for you, you’ll be well on your way to more convenience and speed in the morning when you’re brewing your personal eye-opener.

The misconception about one cup brewers is that they’re only for those who live in dorms or simply desire a single cup in the morning. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Single brewers are a great addition to any office environment, because you’re guaranteed a fresh cup right on demand, and don’t have to deal with stale carafes of coffee that have been sitting on the burner for way too long. And, with an ever-increasing array of pods and cups that you can purchase, there are endless options when it comes to finding your perfect beverage. With everything from espresso pods, plain coffee and various teas, to more complex beverages like lattes, vanilla cappuccinos, chai lattes, and even cold drinks like iced tea, iced mochas, and so much more, your experience with your single brew machine will only become more satisfying with time.

Lastly, something to consider is that the technology and performance of these machines is improving as the demand for these devices increases. That means that what seems like the most awesome machine today will be overshadowed by something in the years to come. Like with any piece of technology that experiences constant upgrades, be sure you purchase today something that makes sense financially, but may be updated in the future. Decide how long you want this machine to last, and take care of it accordingly so that you get the optimal shelf-life and performance from your one cup coffee maker.


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