Most Comfortable Air Mattress in 2023 – Air Mattress Reviews and Ratings

Most Comfortable Air Mattress in 2023 – Air Mattress Reviews and Ratings

Air mattresses have a lot of uses from providing extra sleeping space for guests to giving outdoor lovers a much more comfortable camping experience. These convenient and useful mattresses are easy to inflate and deflate and can be transformed into a comfortable place to sleep or rest in minutes.

Comfortable Air Mattress

1. SoundAsleep

Most Comfortable

5/5 Product Rating

SoundAsleep air mattress features a patented 1-click pump that allows for fast, easy inflation and deflation so you can get things ready quickly. 

The ComfortCoil technology is made up of 40 internal air coils that provide plenty of support and durability which keeps your bed firm and flat.  This means you’ll be able to sleep more soundly without frequent wake-ups.

This air bed can be inflated to full capacity in less than 4 minutes and can be topped off as needed quickly.

 It is perfect for use in your home as a sleeping space for friends or relatives that are staying the night or for a teen having a guest spend the night.

Dimensions on this Queen-sized air mattress are 78 x 58 x 19.  The double height air mattress has dual chambers and the sure-grip bottom prevents the bed from sliding around during use.  The waterproof flocked mattress top is extra thick with puncture-resistant material that is extra durable.  The SoundAsleep air mattress has a 500 pound weight capacity comes with a convenient carry bad for easy transport and a 1 year guarantee as well.

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2. Intex Comfort

Runner Up

4.9/5 Product Rating

Intex is a popular air mattress manufacturer that produces quality mattresses for many uses.

 This home-use air bed is made with Fiber-Tech Construction that includes a high-powered pump that runs on electricity and is built-in to the mattress for maximum convenience.  The Intex air mattress can be inflated in about 4.5 minutes to full firmness.

The top of the mattress is 22” from the floor and features a waterproof flocked top for extra comfort. 

The indented sides keep your fitted sheets in place even during the night while you’re sleeping. The air pump plug can be plugged into any 110-120v and can be switched on with just the touch of a button.

The dimensions of this comfortable air bed are 60 x 22 x 80. It has a 600 pound weight capacity; and comes with a convenient duffel bag for easy storage and transport.

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3. Intex Pillow Rest

4.7/5 Product Rating

Another popular air mattress from Intex is this twin mattress that comes with a pump that is built in and that runs on electricity. 

The top of the air mattress features a waterproof flocked top for extra comfort and the vinyl beams provide additional sturdiness. The built-in pillows ass even more comfort for friends, family, and guests. 

This mattress can be inflated in about 3 minutes easily so you don’t have to wait a long time to have the bed ready for guests. 

This mattress is 16.5” from the floor is double-layered and measures 39 x 16.5 x 75.  The Intex pillow rest air mattress has a weight capacity of 300 pounds. Your guests will love the plush comfort this air mattress provides.

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4. Insta-Bed

4.6/5 Product Rating

The Insta-Bed Raised air mattress features a never flat technology that makes this one of the most comfortable air mattresses available. The pump system keeps the mattress inflated at all times during the night.

This comfortable air mattress has two air pumps; the main pump auto inflates and deflates your mattress in less than four minutes. The second pump keeps track of the air in the mattress and maintains is to the desired levels even while you sleep.

This never-flat technology ensures that the mattress never sags, never loses air pressure, and does all this in a quiet manner thanks to the super quiet pump that won’t disturb your sleep.  Users can choose from three different comfort levels: firm, medium, and plush. The never flat pump will keep your air mattress at whichever comfort level you choose all night long.

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5. SoundAsleep ComfortCoil

4.5/5 Product Rating

This SoundAsleep air mattress features 21 air coils that provide the user with support and durability.  The bed is designed to stay firm and flat throughout the night so you get a sound sleep. 

The one-click built-in pump can inflate the mattress to full capacity in less than three minutes and is easily topped off in minutes.

This is the perfect mattress for guests, friends, and family whenever you need an extra place to sleep. The dimensions of this twin air mattress from SoundAsleep are 73 x 38 x 18. 

The double-height of this air bed with dual chambers features sure-grip on the bottom so it doesn’t slide around during sleep.

The top of the air mattress has a super thick, waterproof top that has a puncture-resistant material for maximum durability and comfort. The motor used in this mattress is super quiet so it does not interrupt any sleep.  The convenient carry bag makes taking the mattress with you easy and simple.  This mattress comes with a 1 year warranty.

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Most Comfortable Air Mattress Buying Guide

Comfortable Air Mattress

There are several things you need to think about before you purchase an air mattress.  Considering these points will help you make the best decision possible on a quality mattress you and your guests will appreciate.

  • How will the air mattress be used? – If you are using the air mattress for yourself or guests as a temporary bed, consider choosing one with a double height. A double-height air mattress will be almost the same height as a regular bed which makes it more comfortable and well as easier to get in and out of.  If you’re using the air mattress for camping, hiking, or other outdoor activities, choose a single height mattress which will fit in your tent easier and will be easier to carry when deflated as well. 
  • Who will be using the mattress? – Is the air mattress going to be primarily used by teens? Kids? Your parents? If adults or elderly guests will be using the mattress, make sure you get one that fully supports, is reinforced, and durable. These characteristics will provide an excellent sleep for any adults using the mattress. The most supportive design will be the double height, raised air mattresses that do not lie directly on the floor; they consist of air coils that provide plenty of support and comfort to the user. These air mattresses are a far cry from the uncomfortable ones of decades past. Now you can get air mattresses that are so comfortable and high end that you will consider replacing your regular bed with them. 
  • How will the air mattress inflate? – If you are purchasing an air mattress for inside use only, you can use a free standing pump that plugs into a wall outlet that will inflate the bed in minutes. If you will be using your air mattress for camping, you will need to choose an air mattress that inflates with a pump that can be powered manually or with a car’s outlet. It is important to choose the mattress that has the kind of pump capability that you will have easy access to. 

Comfortable Blue Air Mattress

  • What size air mattress do you need? – Air mattresses come in the same sizes that regular mattresses come in but the most common sizes are Twin, Full, and Queen. If adults will be using the mattress you will probably want the Full or Queen so you have plenty of room. The same applies to couples that will be using the mattress. Children can comfortably use the twin size.  Don’t forget to take weight capacity into consideration as well especially if couples will be sleeping on it since there will be the weight of two people and not just one. 
  • Where will you be storing the mattress? – If you are going to be using the mattress only when guests come and the rest of the time it will be deflated, you will need a place to store it. You will not be able to fit the mattress back into the original box once it has been inflated.  Some people leave the mattress up all the time in the guest room but unless the air mattress is replacing a regular bed, they are most often deflated after use and packed away. 


Features of a Quality Air Mattress

Below we have outlined some of the best features an air mattress can and should have to get the most out of using one. When doing your research, make sure to look for these features.

  • Easy set up – You want an air mattress to inflate and deflate easily. No one wants to battle their air mattress every time they need to use it. If you are using the air mattress for camping, look for self-inflating models. Most of the air mattresses on the market today have built in a pump that can deflate and inflate a mattress in less than 4 minutes and that includes a Queen size.  Make sure the pump is easy to use with simple dial controls for the easiest usability. There are three different types of inflation that an air mattress can use: 

1. Self-inflating – This type of inflation is best for those using the mattress for camping and backpacking purposes. 

2. Manual pump – This involves using a separate pump that is plugged into the wall and attached to the air mattress. The key to using a manual pump successfully is making sure the air pump nozzle fits the air mattress properly so inflation is fast and easy. Some manual pumps are foot-operated; others just require plugging in to work. 

3. Built-in pump – Internal or built in pumps are the easiest and most convenient type of pump available with air mattresses. You will need a power source with these types of pumps as well but once you plug it in you don’t have to do anything else and most of them work quickly and easily to get the air mattress to full inflation within minutes. 

  • Does not deflate during use – A common problem when using older style air mattresses was that they would slowly deflate while you were using them. Current, modern air mattresses are designed much differently and slowly deflating during use is a problem of the past. There are even some models that have never-flat technology. This technology usually involves a secondary pump that continually monitors the inflation levels of the mattress and will automatically inflate the mattress more to keep comfort levels where you have selected them to be. 
  • Has plenty of support – A high quality air mattress will provide users a comfortable, supportive sleep that rivals a regular mattress. Air mattresses from years ago had a bad habit of forming bubbles or lumpy areas due to poorly distributed air in the mattress.  Coil counts of 30 coils or more are going to provide the most support for a bed that is queen-sized.  With the advanced designs that air mattresses offer nowadays, finding one with plenty of support is easy. 

Comfortable Brown Air Mattress

  • Has a good warranty – The best air mattresses and air beds on the market will back up their mattress with a good warranty. Not all companies offer warranties on air mattresses so be sure to take the reputation of the company into consideration as well.  If the company is an unknown and they don’t offer warranties on their mattresses, it may be better to skip that particular brand. The best warranty on an air mattress is at least one year. 
  • Easy to store – Storage is an important factor if the mattress is not left in the set up position or you don’t have overnight guests on a regular basis. You also want to look for a mattress that is easy to put away while you are between camping or hiking trips.  If you are using a single air mattress for yourself on hiking trips, keep weight in mind and look for lightweight models that are easy to carry in a backpack. 
  • Comfortable surface – Many air mattresses have flocked surfaces which are soft and offer warmth during cooler seasons. Some have pillow top designs and other ways to provide extra comfort to the user. Some surfaces are even made of velvet or velour for additional comfort during sleep. 
  • Durability – No one wants to purchase an air mattress only to have it pop or get punctured the second it is used. Look for durable, reinforced air mattresses that offer puncture-resistant material and be mindful of where the air mattress is being set up. Don’t let children jump on it with shoes or toys and when using it on camping trips, pay attention to the ground underneath the air mattress and watch out for sharp sticks and rocks.



Purchasing the right air mattress involves some research, knowing what your needs are, and making sure that the company and product is of high quality.  Just going online and randomly choosing an air mattress without taking a close look at the features and reputation of the company could spell disaster and disappointment once you get it home and unpacked.

Because there are so many different types, styles and brands of air mattresses on the market which can make sorting through them challenging.  Knowing exactly what your needs and preferences are can help make the process a little simpler and can prevent you from purchasing an air mattress you are not happy with.

The buying guide we have provided as well as the top ten comparison chart and the five reviews are designed to give you the information and knowledge to sort through all the different options and choices available and narrow it down to the one that will fit your needs and provide the kind of product you will be happy to have and use.

Air mattresses are a useful and convenient way to add extra sleeping space to a home that may not have dedicated guest space as well as giving kids a place to sleep during sleepovers. They are also wonderful for campers who do not like sleeping directly on the hard ground due to back problems or other ailments. 

Whatever your reason is for wanting an air mattress, there are some fantastic ones to choose from that will provide comfort, support, convenience, and great value. This guide will help you find the perfect one for you. 


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