Make Your Bedroom a Place of Relaxation

Make Your Bedroom a Place of Relaxation

In a world of fast paced activity, lots of responsibilities and very little time it is nice to come home to a place that can be a sanctuary of relaxation away from all the stresses that day may have.

bedroom-a-place-of-relaxationThe best root to turn into this haven is your bedroom.  Whether you are single or part of a couple, you can create a bedroom sanctuary that helps the challenges of the day melt away as soon as you walk through the door.

There are many ways to create this room of relaxation and a lot of different items that you can use to create that space that you look forward to retiring to each night.

We have provided you with a detailed list of the items that can transform an ordinary bedroom into something that erases the trials of the day and allows you to fully relax. Your sleep will be better quality sleep and you will have a lot more energy to tackle each day.

The Room’s Foundation – Your Bed

Your bedroom is for sleep, but many people overlook the importance of a high quality bed to ensure that the sleep you get is quality sleep.  There are several things that come together to make a terrific bed.  We’ve listed these elements below.

  • Mattress – Your mattress is one of the most important parts of any bed. It won’t matter how pretty your bedding set is if it is covering a low quality mattress.  Memory foam mattresses are some of the highest quality and best mattresses you can purchase.  Not al memory foam mattresses are created equal though so be sure to understand a few things about them before you start shopping.  There are several factors to consider when you are choosing your mattress.  The sleep position you prefer, whether you sleep alone or with a partner, if you have back problems and more.
  • the-rooms-foundation1Pillow – Having the right pillow is just as important as the mattress you choose. A pillow that is too flat or too thick can put the neck at an unnatural angle and cause a lot of neck and shoulder pain as well as causing the sleeper to wake up with a headache.  There are terrific memory foam pillows that are designed to fit the curve of your neck and shoulder easily. What many don’t like about the memory foam pillow is that they are very heavy and very firm.  If you want to get used to a memory foam pillow, give yourself a couple of weeks and don’t expect a perfect night’s sleep the first night you have it.
  • Sheets – The quality of the sheets that you choose for your bed also play a part in the quality of sleep you get. The higher the thread count a sheet has, the softer the fabric is. On the down side, higher count sheets tend to be a little more fragile which means they can tear easier and wear out faster.  There are so many different kinds of sheets on the market that choosing the right set can feel really overwhelming. This is where looking at reviews will help you.  Customer reviews will tell you how the sheets are performing on the consumers’ beds, how long they are lasting and how comfortable they are.  There are a lot of color and design choices available as well.  You can decide on one particular theme or choose several complementing colors or patterns that give you some variety when you change the sheets on your bed.
  • Comforter Sets – A comforter is the top layer of bedding that is on your bed. A comforter set usually consists of a comforter and one or two pillow shams that match the design of the comforter. The number of pillow shams depends on the size of the comforter set. Twin size will have one and full-king will almost always offer two shams.  Comforter sets can be made in a large array of colors, patterns and materials. It is easy to find something that will match the theme you have chosen for your room.  The price point of comforter sets will range as well from $20-$30 dollars up to a couple of hundred per set.
  • the-rooms-foundation2Mattress Protectors – If you want your mattresses to last longer without stains or discoloration, choose a good quality mattress protector. This fits over the mattress and under the fitted sheet.  The purpose of a mattress protector is to prevent the mattress itself from getting soiled or stained.  Mattress protectors can be removed and washed in the washing machine so you can keep everything clean and sanitary.

Create A Calm Atmosphere

The items you choose to furnish your room with will play a part in whether your bedroom is soothing or whether it is just another room.  Furnishings can include the items you put on the wall, candles, plants, bedside tables, lamps and much more.  The objective you should have is to have the furnishings that you choose all relate to each other so the room has a consistent look and feel.

  • Candles and Scent Improvers – Candles always provide great ambience regardless of what room they are in. Nowadays there are LED candles that are flameless which eliminate the dangers that open flame candles can cause, especially when it comes to being unsupervised.  These LED candles come in a variety of designs and can be purchased one at a time or in sets with different colors and sizes.  They are truly beautiful and add a lot to the room.  Adding scent to your room through incense or an oil diffuser is another great addition to your room. Oil diffusers add scent to the room that will add to the ambience and relaxation.
  • Wall Hangings – There are many different types of wall hangings that you can choose from for your bedroom sanctuary. You can choose landscape or nature paintings for the wall, decorative wall sconces, mirrors and many other type of items.  It is recommended to keep family portraits out of the bedroom since seeing these can cause the brain to focus on issues surrounding whoever is in the photo, or can even cause more stress if there has been an argument or illness.  Keep the family photos in the main part of the house and office and save the bedroom for neutral photos or paintings of things you like that will aide in the relaxation process.
  • create-a-calmItems for Better HealthThere are several things you can put in your bedroom that will actually improve the quality of the air and your health as a result of this. One of the best things you can add to your room is a humidifier, especially in the wintertime when the heat is running regularly and the air becomes so dry. Humidifiers are not the large, unattractive items they were decades ago.  Now they are much smaller, quieter and have a lot of features including beautiful lighting, auto off features, and choices between cool air and warm air humidifying. Another item that can be added to the room is a salt lamp.  Not only will this unique item provide a low, soothing light it will also provide many health benefits. Salt Lamps are relatively new to people’s awareness but there are a lot of positive things to say about them and they do a lot to clean the air, calm anxiety and other positive benefits as well.
  • Clocks Your bedroom is a great place to put a beautiful mantle or shelf clock. These are so pretty and depending on the model, you can choose styles that have musical chimes, alarms and other features that enhance the calmness and serenity of the bedroom.  This clock doesn’t have to replace a traditional alarm clock when you need to get up for work but as an additional way to tell time, it provides class, serenity and style.
  • Lighting Lighting for your room can come from many sources. You can purchase table lamps for your bedside tables, beautiful floor lamp to set in the corner of the room, overhead ceiling fans with lights or track lighting.  You want the lighting to be bright enough that you can see what you want to see but yet low enough that it doesn’t feel like you switched commercial lighting on.  There are tons of different styles of both floor lamps and table lamps to choose from. Look for styles that have different levels of brightness available so you can customize the lighting you need.
  • Electric FireplacesAn incredible way to really add tons of relaxation energy and soothing vibes to your bedroom is to add an electric fireplace. It may sound cheesy at first but electric fireplaces are truly beautiful and provide the experience of having a fireplace in the room. Electric fireplaces can go in any room as long as there is a power source. You don’t need to worry about wood, propane or gas or any other things that come along with a regular style fireplace.  There are many different sizes and styles available.
  • create-a-calm2Television – There are a couple of different viewpoints when it comes to having a television in the bedroom. Some people believe that having a television in the bedroom goes against the whole idea of relaxation. This is largely a personal preference. For some, TV is a great way to relax and unwind and they look forward to sitting in bed and watching their favorite shows.  Whichever you choose is the right thing for your bedroom.  If you do decide to get a television, you can wall mount it or set it on the dresser or a stand if that is more convenient.  A 40” television is a great size for most bedrooms.  Make sure that you don’t make the TV the focal point of the room and add other things that you can do to relax and unwind as well if you don’t feel like watching TV.
  • White Noise MachineA white noise machine is terrific for those who like to have sounds to go to sleep by. White noise machines can play ocean sounds, rain, heartbeat sounds and many others. If you find that you have a hard time going to sleep with silence, a white noise machine may be just what you’ve been looking for. It will definitely add to the relaxation of the room and help you get rid of the anxiety that surrounds having a hard time falling asleep.  White noise machines have been around for a very long time. They used to be called sound conditioners or sound maskers. Their popularity has grown over the years and they still play a huge part in helping people of all ages relax.

Designing a room that inspires relaxation is not difficult if you include the elements that we have listed above for you.   Each of these items come together to create a room that you just feel good walking into.  Whether you spend a lot of time in there or you just go in your bedroom to sleep at night, having a room that is decorated to encourage you to relax and unwind will go a long way toward sleeping better, waking up more refreshed and being able to handle the demands of the day with more energy and patience.

Helpful Tips To Keep Your Bedroom Relaxing

  1. helpful-tipsDon’t let others sleep in your room – Your bedroom should be a place that is just yours. Rather than allowing kids to camp out there and guests to take over, it should belong to you or you and your spouse ONLY. 
  2. Keep it Clean – A cluttered bedroom is not relaxing. Make it a priority to keep your room clean which will increase the relaxation factor. This is especially true if the rest of the house is cluttered and the only room in the house you can get away from chores and clutter is your bedroom.  A good vacuuming and dusting is easy to incorporate into your weekly routine.  Dirty clothes can be tossed into the hamper before you wash them rather than being strewn on the floor or tossed over furniture.  Make the effort to keep your bedroom clean and you will always enough walking in there and enjoying your private space.
  3. Try some fresh flowers – Fresh flowers can add so much to a room. Consider getting yourself a  bouquet of flowers to put somewhere in your room, in a beautiful vase and then change them out regularly, as needed.  They are excellent mood boosters and give the room elegance as well.

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