Best Invisible Dog Fence in 2023 – Invisible Dog Fence Reviews and Ratings

Best Invisible Dog Fence in 2023 – Invisible Dog Fence Reviews and Ratings
We spent over 50 hours researching and testing 10 different types of invisible dog fence and found that ease of installation, cost, and ease of use were most important. The Wireless Pet Containment System by PetSafe scored well above the other brands we tried in all categories and easily made our top pick. We loved the fact that this system uses radio frequencies rather than having to put wires into the ground. It made set up and installation much simpler and faster. We also loved that the system is portable so we could take it on vacation with us and still keep the dogs contained.

1. PetSafe Wireless

Best Overall Invisible Dog Fence

PetSafe Wireless Pet Fence Pet Containment System, Covers up to 1/2 Acre, for Dogs over 8 lb, Waterproof Receiver with Tone / Static Correction - From The Parent Company of INVISIBLE FENCE Brand

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If you’re looking for an alternative to traditional fencing and even the underground fencing, you will like this PetSafe Wireless Pet Containment System. Rather than using actual wire and putting it underground, this system uses radio frequency to keep your dog in the yard.

Another hugely popular feature of this system is the fact that it is portable. This means you can take it to someone else’s house, traveling on vacation and anywhere else you may have your dog with you and want more control over where they can venture.

The PetSafe Wireless Pet Containment System is perfect for pets over 8 pounds in size and over 6 months of age and is super easy to use. Once plugged in, the system will emit a constant signal that is adjustable. The range is up to 90 feet in all directions. When you first get it home, set up will only take you about an hour and a half or so.

Training will be easy as well and instructions on how to train your dog to recognize the warnings are included. This system is for use with 110v only and should not be used with 220v. It is completely waterproof so it is safe to use in all weather conditions.

The pet owner has 5 adjustable levels of correction to use and there is a tone only mode as well. In addition it has a low battery indicator to let you know when it’s time to charge it again. It comes with a safety shut off that kicks in if the dog leaves the designated area. The warning stimulation will run for 30 seconds, stop for 5 minutes and then repeat another 30 seconds.

– Jennifer Abel

2. SportDOG

Best Overall Invisible Dog Fence- Runner Up

SportDog Brand In-Ground Fence Systems – from the Parent Company of Invisible Fence Brand – Underground Wire Electric Fence – Tone, Vibration, & Static – 100 Acre Capability – Remote Trainer Option, Containment System

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Get 1000 feet of wire and 100 flags with the SportDOG 100-acre in ground invisible dog fence system and keep your pet contained the safe and non restrictive way.

It is a great alternative to traditional and very costly regular fencing. This system can be used with multiple dogs by purchasing an additional SDF-R receiver.

The collar is waterproof and safe for use in any weather conditions. You will have 4 levels of correction to choose from along with tone and vibration so you can fit it to each dog’s personality. There is an anti-linger feature that will prevent the dog from wearing the batteries out.

Even though there is some initial set up involved in this invisible fence system, once it is installed and you have trained your dog to know what the flags and the correction tones and stimulations mean, you will not have to worry about your dog leaving your property. It cannot prevent other dogs from coming into your property however, so keep this in mind if you are ever leaving the dog unattended.

It’s a great system for any dog that is 10 pounds and over and should not be used on pups less than 6 months of age. You can use this system, with all 110v outlets but do not use with 220v international voltage. This is a system that is only able to be used in the US.

– Jennifer Abel

3. Elite

Best Budget Invisible Dog Fence

Elite Little Dog In-Ground Fence

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Do you have a little dog that you want to keep in their own yard? Then the Elite Little Dog In-ground Fence is just what you’re looking for.

Instead of having to put them on a leash or fence them in a restrictive run, with the Elite invisible dog fence system, your little dog will have safety AND freedom.

Installation is easy. Simply plant the boundary wire in the ground around the perimeter you want the invisible fence to cover. The fence transmitter will send out a radio signal through that buried wire which is then transmitted to the collar your little dog is wearing.

When the dog gets close to the boundary they will hear a warning tone. If the pet continues towards the boundary, they will receive a low grade electronic pulse correction. This correction is very mild and feels like a tickle.

The boundary flags that are included help the dog visually learn where the boundaries are as they are learning to understand the tons and the corrections. There is enough wire and flags in the Elite Little Dog Invisible Dog Fence System to enclose up to 1/3 of an acre. If you want to expand the area, just purchase extra wire and flags and you can expand the system up to a whopping 25 acres!

The collar is fully waterproof and works on dogs from 6” necks to 26” necks. There is a full operating and training guide included so you know just how to use it and train your dog to understand it as well. As an additional safety measure there is a built in lightning protection to keep your dog safe even in rainy weather.

– Jennifer Abel

Invisible Dog Fence Buying Guide

What is an Invisible Dog Fence?

An invisible dog fence is designed to replace traditional fencing that surrounds a yard. It’s a great alternative to the high cost that fencing has and also allows you to keep your dogs off the leash. Dogs love to run and play and roam and sniff. It’s part of their nature.

It works through different means; one being a wire that is buried underground 1-3 inches deep, in the designated area that you choose and works by sending a tone and/or electronic pulse to the dog via a collar they wear whenever they are outside. Another way invisible fencing is designed is wirelessly. There is no need for wire, but through the use of flags that mark the perimeter and a radio frequency, again, transmitted to the dog via the collar keeps them aware of the boundaries.

When they are on a leash, they don’t get to explore as much as they normally would unless they drag you along to every blade of grass and rock and tree they want to sniff.

An invisible fence allows you to set a specific area that the dog is allowed to run free in and then that’s it. They can explore it to their hearts content. Of course it is better if this space can allow them some real room to play and roam, but even if it’s on the smaller side, they will appreciate and enjoy the freedom of movement and site that an invisible dog fence provides.


Invisible dog fencing was invented in the 70s by a traveling salesman by the name of Richard Peck. Often bothered by dogs than ran loose right out into the streets, he enlisted the help of an electrical engineer with an idea he thought of using an electronic fence. The idea was using boundary wire and a collar that would receive the signals needed to keep the dog in their own yard.

The very first invisible dog fence was called Stay-Put. He sold his patent in the late 70s to John Purtell who turned around and names the invention the invisible fence. When the patent expired in the 90s, other companies began to jump on the invisible band wagon and new brands started cropping up.

Some started manufacturing the DIY kits where pet owners could install the invisible fence themselves and that made the costly brand name systems take a hit. Now it is very easy and common for pet owners to set up and install their own invisible fence and the manufacturers have responded in kind by offering consumers invisible fencing at affordable costs.

Is it the Right Choice for Your Dog?

Invisible dog fence may not be the best solution for every dog. A lot of that will depend on the health and personality of your dog. You don’t want to use a method that will require corrective training if your dog is a fearful or temperamental one. They could end up responding very negatively to the stimulation modes and you wouldn’t accomplish anything but an upset or more fearful dog.

With patient and proper training, your dog could end up learning how to deal with the dollar without a problem, but proper training is the key phrase. You don’t want to rush a dog or try to “train” them by simply strapping on the collar and zapping them when they get close to the barrier. That is cruel and will do nothing to train the dog to use the invisible fence system appropriately.

If you have determined that your dog is a good candidate for using an invisible dog fence, then take the time to properly train them to understand what is expected of them. If you spend even just a few days working with your dog using the tone signal and the flags, you will be amazed at how fast your dog picks up where he can and can’t go and what will happen if he does.


There are many benefits to installing an invisible dog fence. It is these benefits that make them so popular with dog owners everywhere. We’ve outlined many of the potential benefits you can enjoy if you choose to get an invisible dog fence for your dog.

  • They are safer than regular fencing options – Your dog will not be able to dig underneath an invisible dog fence. They can tear through them or jump over them and get cut or caught on anything either. While it is possible for the dog to get an electric pulse warning if they get too close, that is the extent of it. If they stay away from the boundaries, they won’t get any pulses or tones at all.
  • Much easier to keep maintained – Regular fencing can be costly to keep looking nice, especially if you have a dog that loves to dig underneath the fence. With invisible fence, there IS no visible fence so all people see is the beauty of your yard.
  • Much less expensive than regular fence – Putting a fence up around your property is time consuming and very expensive. With invisible dog fence, you would have a substantially lower cost and reap more benefits.
  • Offers more flexibility – Since there is nothing to get in the way of your view with an invisible dog fence, you don’t have to worry about blocking a beautiful view you have or feel like you’ve messed up the curb appeal of your home. In addition to the visual factor, it is much faster to install an invisible dog fence than it is to put up traditional fence.
  • Allows the dog a lot of freedom – Invisible dog fence can cover large amounts of property. Some can cover up to 25 acres or more. This is a lot of room to roam and sniff and cavort around. Since invisible fence is easier to install, even difficult terrain will work, whereas with traditional fence options, the terrain needs to be relatively even.
  • Are more effective than traditional fence – Many pet owners end up trying invisible dog fence as a last resort and quickly find out that they wish they had gotten it first. Many dogs are constant escape artists. They will dig under fences, bust through, chew, and jump over. With invisible dog fence none of these are possible after they have been trained to recognize the signals and what they mean.


There are two basic types of invisible dog fence:

  • Wireless – This type of invisible dog fence uses radio signals to alert the dog to the perimeter boundaries. The dog will need to have the collar on at all times to ensure that they receive the proper tones and stimulations if they try to go out of bounds. There are no wires to bury, although this type of system still uses a dog collar with a receiver and flags to help the dog learn where the boundaries are.
  • Wired Underground – The wired invisible fence is installed by placing a wire string into the ground around the perimeter you want. Typically the depth will be 1” to 3”. The main transmitter connects with the actual metal wire that is underground and then that communicates with the dog’s collar via tones and stimulation pulses.

Things to Remember

    • Always check the wiring of the invisible dog fence above the ground, laid out in the formation and area you want. Don’t bury it and THEN test it only to find out something isn’t working. You will still need to test it again after it’s been buried, but if you are careful and have dug the trench to lay it in beforehand there should be no problems.
    • Always take the time to train your dog. We can’t stress that enough. Invisible dog fences can be terrific but no dog is automatically going to know what they are, and what can happen if they go too close to the boundaries. Take the time needed to teach your dog according to the training instructions and you will have a dog that is not fearful but respectful of the boundaries they have learned they can’t cross.

  • Test the collar batteries often. You don’t want to find out the batteries are dead by watching your dog walk right out of your yard. Checking the batteries ensures that there are no “oops” moments.
  • Be aware that others can get in. This is extremely important to remember. While your dog will not be able to cross the boundaries without correction others can walk right in. For this reason we do not recommend having your dog outside unattended. It is better for someone to be supervising than for your own dog to get hurt on your property because other dogs came into its yard or people came in or stood just outside the perimeter to tease your dog. (unfortunately there are people like this)


Invisible dog fence has so many positives to it that it is surprising that everyone doesn’t get it. Those who know how it works and what it can provide not only you but your dog love it and sing its praises. With all of this information that you have learned about them, you are ready to choose the type of invisible dog fence that will be the best for your needs and be the best for your dog as well.


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