How to Stop a Cat from Meowing

How to Stop a Cat from Meowing

How to Stop a Cat from Meowing

If you love cats but happen to have one that loves to meow constantly you might be wondering if there is any possible way to get a break? As we all know, cats are stubborn creatures. They love their “person,” and that’s about it. Cats like to meow for all sorts of reasons and figuring out what they need, or want, can be a bit of a mystery. Maybe you’ve tried everything you could think of and still failed. Maybe you’re ready to go mad because your cute furry baby just won’t be quiet. Below is a guide on how to finally put an end to a cat’s incessant meowing.


Why Cats Meow

There are varying reasons why cats tend to meow. Once you determine why he or she is doing it, then you can try different methods to stop it. Keep in mind that some meowing is related to age and health problems. This can trigger meowing too. Have your local veterinarian give your kitty a thorough examination to rule out any potential health problems that might be causing the meowing.  

  • Food – When your kitty’s hungry he or she will be glad to let you know!
  • Attention – Once your kitty has bonded with you he or she needs to use you for some much-needed attention once in a while.
  • Hello – Some kitties like to meow to greet you. They just want you to know they are there. This however often leads to a subtle way of saying they want attention or a treat. More often than not though it’s simply their way of saying “hi” before running off again.
  • Play Time – Some cats will meow because they want you to play with them. Once they’ve had their fun, they’ll dismiss you.



Age has a lot to do with how often a cat meows. Often, as a cat gets older, their thyroid or kidneys begin to break down and causes them discomfort. When this happens, it can trigger excessive meowing and yowling. If you’ve ruled out health problems with your local veterinarian and you would like to end the issue with his or her meowing, you might have to turn to training your kitty not to do it in the first place. 

How to Stop a Cat from Meowing


Once you’ve determined why your cat is meowing, then you can train him or her to stop doing it. Some suggestions are as follows: 

  • For saying hello – For greetings, there isn’t a whole lot, you can do to change this. Your furry baby is just happy to see you!
  • For attention – Teach him or her that you will only give her attention when she (or he) is quiet. Don’t shout at your kitty and definitely don’t show attention in any form when he or she is meowing. Even negative attention is a bad idea. Be very patient. When your cat is quiet, give her the attention he or she desires. When your kitty meows again, walk away, then come back again when he or she is quiet. Eventually, your furry little friend will get the idea.
  • Loneliness – Hire a pet sitter while you are away at work or school. This way your pet has a buddy to spend time with while you’re gone.
  • Food – Don’t feed her when she cries for food. Only feed her at scheduled times throughout the day. If that fails, invest in a feeder that only opens at scheduled times. While your cat may still meow, it won’t be directed at you.
  • Meowing to let him or her outside or inside – You can always build a cat door to allow your kitty to travel inside and out but it’s not recommended. Keeping your kitty indoors keeps him or her safe from dangers and diseases that could harm your pet. If building a cat door is not an option, you could always build an outdoor cat enclosure. This will allow your cat time outside without anything threatening his or her health.
  • New Diet – Add more high fiber and/or supplements to help your kitty stay fuller longer throughout the day. Be sure to consult your veterinarian first before changing anything up.

How to Stop a Cat from Meowing

Things You Shouldn’t Do

Do not ignore your cat when she meows because it might be something serious. Check to make sure all his or her needs have been met and that he or she is not in any sort of trouble. Ask yourself things like, does she or he have access to the litter box? Is it mealtime? Is he or she hurt or trapped somewhere? Always run through a mental checklist of options before assuming your cat is just meowing at you for no reason. 

It’s best to also not scold or hit your cat for meowing too much. These things will only teach your pet to fear you and more than likely will not teach him or her to stop meowing. 

Although this guide is not inclusive of every reason a cat meows it will serve as a handy guideline to follow for most cat owners. Once you’ve figured out why your cat is meowing, and you stick to a routine, your cat will not be bothering again unless it’s really important.

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