How to Remove Lipstick from Clothes

How to Remove Lipstick from Clothes

How to Remove Lipstick from Clothes

Lipstick is one of those stubborn stains that most of us encounter from time to time. A lipstick stain can significantly ruin clothes, especially if you have no idea how to remove it. This article will highlight some of the best methods you can try to remove lipstick from your clothes.

Lipstick Removal Remedies

There are several remedies that are quite effective in removing greasy lipstick from clothing.

  1. Alcohol
  2. Ammonia
  3. Detergents
  4. Hairspray


One of the most effective methods that you can use to get rid of a lipstick stain on your clothes is by using alcohol. Alcohol is an effective lipstick stain remedy that can completely get rid of the stain. In order to use alcohol to get rid of the stain, all you need to do is apply some alcohol on the stain and let it sit in place. Let the alcohol stay for a few minutes, and the stain will lift from the fabric and allow you to wash it away.  Keep in mind that only stronger alcohols will work for this method.  Do not try to use wine or beer as their percentage of alcohol is too low.

How to Remove Lipstick from Clothes


In addition to alcohol, another helpful lipstick stain removal method uses ammonia. Ammonia is one of the most popular stain removal solutions because it is regularly found in many homes. Ammonia can be used to get rid of a lipstick stain in more or less the same manner as alcohol. First and foremost, you need to add some water on the stain and make sure that it is wet before introducing the chemical. After blotting the stain, pour on the ammonia a bit at a time until the stain begins to fade. Once you have successfully removed the stain, wash the fabric thoroughly to get rid of the ammonia.


Ordinary home detergent is another effective solution that can be used to remove lipstick stains. The best detergent to use is a liquid detergent that you use for routine household cleaning – one that is adept at removing greasy stains. In order to get rid of the stain, you need to apply the degreasing detergent on the stain and allow it to stay there for about ten minutes.

Liquid detergent is considered an ideal solution because it is easily found and readily available in many households. Be that as it may, it is very important to make sure that whatever detergent you decide to use, it should not contain any bleaching agents or lighteners as these can interfere with the original color of your clothes. While using detergent, focus first on the outer areas of the lipstick stain then start working your way closer to the center. Do this gradually and remember to make sure that you do not spread the stain during the process since this will translate into more work for you!

How to Remove Lipstick from Clothes


One stain removal trick that has proved successful over the years is the use of hairspray. Hairsprays are effective in the removal of a wide range of stains including lipstick stains. Hairspray is also a relatively cheap option since it does not necessarily require you to purchase a product just for the purpose of getting rid of the stain and you can use a product that you already have at home.

In order to use hairspray as a stain remover, you need first to apply it to the stained fabric then allow it some time to be absorbed. This will take about ten to fifteen minutes. Once this is done, get a wet cloth and rub it on the stain to remove the lipstick stain. It is important to note that hairspray might not be the best solution of these four options since it might leave elements of the stain still intact. In this case, you will have to wash the clothes and concentrate a second time on the stained area in order to completely get rid of the stain.

Whichever lipstick stain removal strategy you go for, it is important to be careful that you do not spread the stain. Furthermore, it is always advisable to work from the outside, in, since this will keep the stain contained and simplify your work.

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