How to Make the Perfect Scrambled Eggs

How to Make the Perfect Scrambled Eggs

How to Make the Perfect Scrambled Eggs


Breakfast is well known as being the most important meal of the day. A good breakfast can set the tone for a perfect day full of activity and healthy eating, while an unhealthy breakfast, or even a lack of breakfast, can lead to sluggishness and poor diet throughout the rest of the day. Nutritionists say that a healthy breakfast should include an adequate amount of protein, fat, and grains to get you through the beginning of the day and get started on the right foot. No food item meets these needs better than scrambled eggs served with a slice of whole grain toast.

Unfortunately, many people lack the ability to make truly delicious scrambled eggs. There is a tendency to overcook, overwork, and under season eggs to the point where they become inedible, or at the very least, unenjoyable. Most people cover their eggs with ketchup to mask their culinary failure. Store-bought ketchup can be loaded with sugar. This will make your previously super-healthy breakfast a giant sugar bomb. What’s worse, a breakfast that is less than enjoyable can set a bad mental tone for the rest of the day.

Have no fear: making perfect scrambled eggs is not actually that difficult. By following a few simple techniques, you can have restaurant-quality scrambled eggs right in your home.

Getting Started

First, gather your ingredients. Obviously, you will need eggs. Free-range eggs taste better than traditional store-bought eggs and are worth the added price. Other than eggs, you will need salt, black pepper, and butter. Some people like to mix some milk into their eggs, but this is completely up to your taste.

Get Crackin’

Now that you are ready, crack your eggs into a bowl. Add black pepper to taste, and just a pinch of sea salt. Using a fork, beat the eggs until the yolks and whites are fully mixed. Heat your pan on low, and add some butter. Let the butter melt slowly and come to a froth. Now would be a good time to throw your bread into the toaster.


Cooking Time

Once the butter has begun to froth up, you can pour your eggs into the pan. Make sure to keep the pan on low heat. Use a wooden spoon or rubber spatula to stir the eggs around the pan slowly. Make sure to scrape any mixture on the sides of the pan into the center.

Are They Done Yet?

You will know that your eggs are finished cooking when they have a smooth, silky appearance. They should still be a little bit runny, as they will continue to cook for a few minutes when you take them off of the pan. This is where many people go wrong: they wait until the eggs do not run at all. This is a major mistake that can lead to rubbery, overcooked eggs.

Finishing Touches

By this time, your toast should be ready. Lightly butter your toast and put it on your plate before you take the eggs out of the pan. Put your eggs on top of the toast, and enjoy!

How to Make the Perfect Scrambled Eggs

Something Extra

Eggs are such a versatile food, especially when scrambled. If you are sick of eating plain scrambled eggs and toast, there are an infinite number of ways to spice them up.

  • Add fresh salsa after cooking for a spike of fresh vegetables and some spice.
  • Before cooking your eggs, saute mushrooms and onions in the pan with butter. Add a bit more butter before adding the eggs right in with the vegetables. This can be done with any number of vegetables.
  • Add meat to your eggs. Cook a few strips of bacon or sausage in a pan, remove it and set it to the side. Add any vegetables directly to the fat left behind by the bacon or sausage. Let the vegetables cook down. In the meantime, chop up the bacon into bite-sized Add the bacon back into the pan, along with the eggs. Cook as you would with plain scrambled eggs.
  • Add cheese to your egg mixture before cooking it. Cheesy scrambled eggs are indulgent and delicious and can be made with any cheese that melts easily. Think mild cheddar, Parmesan, or pepper jack.
  • Hot sauce also adds an exciting kick to scrambled eggs, and there are a wide variety of hot sauce flavors, so it will never get boring.

As you can see, simple scrambled eggs can actually be exciting and delicious.  You just need to know a few tips and tricks!

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