How to Leash-Train Your Dog

How to Leash-Train Your Dog

How to Leash-Train Your Dog


Dogs are one of the most popular pets throughout the world.  They are wonderful companions who love to develop a good relationship with you and are are happiest when properly trained to respond to your instructions. Leash training your dog is one of the most important teachings you can provide them as a dog owner. Not to mention, being leash trained is both rewarding and necessary for their safety.

Importance of Leash Training

It is important to understand how to go about leash training your dog. If a dog knows how to walk on a leash properly, then it becomes much easier for you to walk the dog and to keep them under control while out in public. Furthermore, leash training your dog allows your dog to walk in a straight line which minimizes any chances of an accident occurring on account of your dog straying from its path. If your dog tends to wander all over the place while on a walk, this can be dangerous to both you and the dog – especially if your walk takes you on busy roads.

Steps in Leash Training your Dog

  1. Develop an effective reward system
  2. Teach your dog to calm down before clipping the leash
  3. Use loose-leash training first
  4. Teach your dog to walk in a straight line
  5. Teach the dog to walk without pulling

Several steps are involved when it comes to leash training your dog. It is important to know that the first step when setting out for training is to use a loose leash. This will ensure that the dog is comfortable enough during the training which will increase the chances of your dog warming up to the training process, thus enhancing your chances of success.

It is also important that you start early when training your dog to walk in a straight line. The puppy years are great for this before your “old dog can’t learn new tricks.”

Not only will this enable you to have full control of your dog, but another key objective of leash training is that it enables your dog walk safely. The ability to walk in a straight line is important since it will minimize any chances of unwanted incidences.

Leash training your dog is not an easy task for you or your dog. This is mainly because the training exercise is actually a lengthy and physically demanding activity. In light of this fact, it is important to ensure that you have an effective reward system in place that will act as an incentive to encourage your dog. For instance, you can take your dog to her favorite location every time you engage in the training exercise, and this will encourage your dog to participate in the process every time.

How to Leash-Train Your Dog

One of the most important skills that your dog will have to learn during the training process is walking on the leash without pulling. This is a very vital skill albeit one that is quite difficult to master. You should, therefore, ensure that the ultimate objective of the leash training is teaching your dog to walk without pulling the leash. Doing this will enable the dog to walk much faster even though it is on a leash. This will also minimize any incidences where your dog injures themselves during training.

Many of you might notice that your dog becomes quite unsettled once you try to put it on a leash. This is because leashes limit the freedom of your dog to walk around and most dogs will initially express some hesitation when you try to put it on. Be sure that you are able to calm your dog before trying to clip on the leash.

In summary, leash training your dog is an important exercise that will improve the relationship you have with your dog. Training will enable your pet to learn how to walk properly, and you will be in a better position to take walks with your dog. When the leash training is finished and successful, both of you will enjoy those much-needed walks.

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