Simple & Elegant Hostess Gift Ideas

Simple & Elegant Hostess Gift Ideas

Purchasing a hostess gift doesn’t need to be difficult at all if you think creatively.  If you have attended a party or gathering or you are going to in the future, purchasing a small hostess gift is a really nice gesture that shows her you appreciate the invitation and the effort she made to provide a nice time for everyone.

We have listed 10 hostess gift ideas below that would all be great choices to give the hostess of your next get together or gathering.  If none of the suggestions we’ve provided appeal to you, take the ideas we’ve listed and use them to spur your own imagination and creativity.

Best Hostess Gift Ideas

Customers love the durable, convenient and long lasting grill charms to cook all their grilled food.

Grill charms are an excellent hostess gift to give the person that loves to have you and others over for cookouts.

These grill charms are made from chromed zinc and have serrated tips so they stay in place like they should even when flipping the meat over.

Grill charms are the perfect solution to keeping track of different cooking temperatures, spices and allergies.  There are 6 charms in this set:

  • 1 – rare
  • 1 medium rare
  • 1 medium well
  • 1 well
  • 2 – medium

No need to worry about the grill charms preventing the item from cooking; the food cooks right around the charm.  These are an excellent gift that will please the hostess who receives them.  She’ll never grill again without using them.

Customers love the clear and easy to read ink that washes off easily.

If you’re purchasing something for someone who entertains a lot, think about these metallic wine glass pens.   These allow the hostess to elegantly mark the wine glasses so there is no confusion as to whose is whose.

She can write names, put numbers or even symbols on the glass in easy to see and read metallic marker for a temporary personalization that washes off when the party is over.

This set of 4 wine glass markers has 4 popular colors: red, silver, gold and blue. They will label glasses, jars, plates and any other glass surface.

Customers love the all natural; no chemical based soaps that will make everything smell good.

Here’s a beautiful gift for the hostess that she can use in her guest bathroom every time she entertains.

This natural soap gift set has 9 different soaps all in one box. This sampler gives her a chance to test out new scents to see which ones she prefers.

Each bar is 25 grams in weight and square in shape.  With their being 9 of them, she can keep a few in the bathroom and put a couple of others in her lingerie drawer or the clothes drawer as well.

Fragrances include:

  • Lavender
  • White gardenia
  • Rose
  • Linden
  • Green tea
  • Sage
  • Honey almond
  • Coconut

None of the soaps contain any chemicals including no parabens, ethyl, alcohol, DEA or phenoxyethanol.

Customers love the absorbency of these towels and they look beautiful too.

Another very useful gift for the active hostess is kitchen towels. These basic kitchen towels have a unique jacquard design on them and earth tone colors.

Each towel measures 18” x 28”.  There are three in each set in different colors with contrasting patterned colors as well.

These towels are perfect for a hostess gift that she will enjoy. These hand towels are machine washable and are 100% cotton. They will match most kitchen décor and are absorbent and useful too.

Customers love this unique and interaction guest book that gets people talking.

A great gift for the ultimate hostess is this couch guest book.  The hardcover is padded and flocked for a soft, velvet feel. The metallic foil stamped lettering looks great on the cover along with the embossed designs and words.

This is a fun gift that will have people laughing as they fill it out. There are prompts and doodle space on the pages that encourage guests to record their visit on your couch. It’s a fun book that makes visits from your guests something to remember.

Customers love the sturdy little markers and attractive storage box they come in.

Her next party will be something to remember and have extra class and style with these unique cheese markers.  This is the perfect hostess gift that will give her something to use every time she has a party where she serves cheeses.

There are 4 reusable cheese markers that can be written on, wiped clean after using and used again for the next party.  This set also comes with two pieces of soapstone chalk as well that is kept in a little bag.

This unique gift is something that won’t be seen at every party.  She will love having this set and will use it every chance she gets.  There is no cheese that comes in this set but you could certainly add it to make a great gift even better.

Customers are raving about the beautiful photography, great recipes and history this special cookbook offers.

This special cookbook will give the hostess you give it to, something special to plan all kinds of parties with.

There are recipes for teatime, picnics, desserts, brunches and much more. The recipes contained inside are beautifully displayed and explained so she will know exactly what to do.

This wonderful gift also includes cultural history, making it much more than just another cookbook.  If you’re looking for the perfect hostess gift, this is it.

Customers enjoy the ice breaking questions and ability to help people interact more comfortably with this item.

If you want to find a special gift for the hostess that is a step away from the traditional gifts, take a look at these table topics.  This 10th anniversary edition has 135 questions that get people thinking and talking.

It is a great ice breaker for parties and gatherings and makes it much easier for people to get comfortable with each other.  Even if they are shy.  Appropriate for ages 12 and up, although it is designed for adults.

The hostess you present this to will enjoy having her gatherings be the talk of the town because of how much fun they are. It’s a gift that will continue to give every time she takes it out to use.

Customers love the delicious tea blends this set offers.

Tea time is a wonderful way to relax and unwind and enjoy time with friends and family. This luxurious collection of teas that comes in a presentation box would be an excellent gift for a hostess who loves to entertain.

This set comes with an assortment of five delicious tea blends.  There is a detailed menu on the inside of the lid that gives important information about blending the different teas.

There are five season blends:

  • Rum raisin biscotti
  • Sweet orange spice
  • Winter chai
  • Spiced ginger rum
  • Harvest apple spice

There are 20 infusers, 5 of each delicious flavor and all are certified Kosher.  This is a beautiful set for any hostess who loves to have tea.

Customers always come with excitement for this product.

This unusual and elegant tea light holder will look beautiful as a table centerpiece, on the mantle or a side table. This makes a great gift for a hostess that loves to surround the friends and family she entertains with beauty and serenity.

The 5” diameter candle holder has a message on it that says “Good Friends are like Stars, you don’t always see them, but you know they are there.”  There are stars all around this round sphere that allow the glow of the candle to come through, casting a warm light wherever it is.

There is a stand and tea lights that come with this elegant holder.  The hostess you give this to will be thrilled with its elegance and beauty.  It comes in a gift box, ready to wrap and give to the hostess.

Choosing the Right Hostess Gift

Giving the hostess of a dinner party or gathering a gift of appreciation is something that many don’t know to do.  While it isn’t a requirement, it is something that certainly makes the hostess feel appreciated and will show her that you truly enjoy her efforts.

The 10 Hostess gift suggestions we have listed above are all things that she can use at her dinner parties and events and will make throwing parties even more enjoyable for her.  These gifts are unique and are of good quality as well.

We have listed several tips that you should keep in mind when looking for the right hostess gift. These tips will make finding the right hostess gift much easier and you can rest assured that she will love what you choose.

Dos and Don’ts to Remember


  • Take into consideration the kind of parties and get togethers she usually hosts. If she has parties often, what does she like to do at those parties?  Does she like games? Certain kinds of foods?  Does she like fancier gatherings or is she more laid back? The answers to these questions will help you find the perfect gift that will add to her enjoyment the next time she has a party or gathering.
  • Consider gifts that are just for her enjoyment. Usually someone who hosts frequent get togethers and gatherings likes to spend some time recharging.  Gifts that are for her relaxation such as a beautiful lighted aromatherapy diffuser or candles in beautiful holders are gifts she can enjoy whether she is having a party or not.  Many people forget that a hostess, even if she loves having company, likes to rest and rejuvenate by herself sometimes too.
  • Take time to show your appreciation by finding a nice gift, wrapping it elegantly and writing a small note letting her know how much you enjoyed the party or gathering. This goes a long way in making someone feel appreciated.
  • Ask her if there is anything that she would love to have, whether it is for her parties or not. Finding out what her interests, likes and hobbies are is also a great way to get some great hostess ideas.  Many people think that the hostess gift should only be something that can be used at the party or gathering they are attending but this is not the case at all.   If you know a little bit about her and what she likes to do, you will be able to get her a gift that she will be able to use whenever she wants, not just when others are visiting.  If it isn’t someone you know well, make sure to ask someone who does know her. They can give you a lot of insight as well.
  • Get something small for the hostess of any party or gathering you attend. This doesn’t mean that every time someone invites you over to the house that you bring a gift, although, in some circles, that is considered appropriate as well. Bringing a bottle of wine or flowers when invited over for dinner is a sign of gratitude that people really appreciate.  Take into consideration what kind of gathering it is.  If it’s dinner, definitely bring something for the hostess.  If it is just an informal visit, a gift is not necessary.


  • Feel like you have to choose a large expensive gift. Hostess gifts are normally smaller things that she can enjoy or use for the dinner parties or gatherings she has. The suggestions we listed above are all excellent gifts but none of them are super expensive.  A hostess gift doesn’t have to cost a lot to be of good quality or to be enjoyable.
  • Try and compete with others to have the best gift. The idea is to concentrate on what the hostess will enjoy and be happy with when she opens your gift. Trying to outdo other guests only creates stress and takes away the special meaning of the gift.

Gift buying is never supposed to be stressful or frustrating. It is the thought processes that are chosen that can change a joyful situation to one of frustration.  Remember to keep the right thought process of buying a gift for someone that they will enjoy using and that will show them appreciation and you will be surprised at all the great hostess gift ideas that come flooding in.

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