Golf Gift Ideas for the Avid Golfer

Golf Gift Ideas for the Avid Golfer

Golf is a very popular sport that scores of people participate in on a regular basis.  Both men and women enjoy golf and play often.  Finding good gifts for a golfer isn’t hard at all with the large selection of golf products on the market.  All you need to do is think about what a golfer needs and uses and look for gifts that match that.

We have 10 suggestions below that are all excellent choices for golf gifts.  If nothing we have listed appeals to you as a gift for the person you are purchasing one for, use the suggestions we have listed as a guideline to coming up with some great ideas on your own.

Best Golf Gift Ideas

Customers love the heft of this mug and the saying is a favorite among Golfers as well.

This attractive and sturdy golf mug will fast become their favorite mug to drink coffee out of.  It is made from hand painted resin and has a porcelain decal on it as well. This mug is microwave and dishwasher safe and FDA approved as well.

It will hold 18 ounces of liquid.  On one side of the mug there is the message “Born to Golf”. On one side and the other side there is a saying that states:

“God grant me the serenity to accept the shots I miss, the courage to never give up and the wisdom not to throw my clubs in the water.”

If you’re buying a present for an avid golfer, they will really enjoy this mug, especially if they are coffee drinkers.

Customers hold this brush in high regard and recommend it as a must have for every golf bag.

It’s not a secret in the golf world that a clean club face performs better than a dirty one. This golf club cleaner brush with groove spike is the perfect tool to keep your clubs faces and golf balls clean.

It is made to be extremely strong and long lasting with an ergonomic handle made of plastic and soft rubber grips that feel better in your hand even when you have to use a lot of scrubbing action.

By keeping the faces of your clubs clean, the right amount of spin can be put on the ball the way you intend. Clean club faces mean more times that you will stick the greens.  The brush is made with two kinds of bristles; nylon and steel.  The metal groove spike and attachment clip, along with a retractable extension cord are extra features that come with the brush.  The person receiving this gift will enjoy the benefits of having clean club faces.  It is offered with a 100% money back guarantee.

Customers love the stay smooth surface and quality of this practice.

This practice green made of 50% poly and 20% foam is a great gift that will help any golfer work on their putting stroke.  This putting practice green measures 9 feet long and 3 feet wide.

It provides 3 different cups to aim at and has a smooth, high quality putting surface that is meant to stay smooth. It even has sand traps built right in that will catch your missed shots.

This is the perfect gift for any golfer who wants to improve their game and wants extra practice.

Customers state that this is an excellent training aid that improves the player’s chipping game.

The Skee Golf pop up game helps to improve players’ chipping game from the comfort of indoors but can be used outdoors as well.  The carry bag is made of durable nylon with carry straps for easy set up.

The nylon netting and spring steel frame makes this chipping practice tool long lasting and durable.  It is the perfect gift for anyone you know that loves golf.

It measures 20” x 25” x 20” and fits easily in the corner of the room or office.  It has three targets that are in place to improve your accuracy. You won’t have to look for the perfect golf gift anymore once you have chosen this.  Any golfer who wants to improve their game will love this shee-golf chipping target.

Customers say this is a perfect training and warm up tool.

Another great tool to improve a golf game is this SKLZ gold flex aid for training and improving strength and tempo.  This tool has been designed to improve the swing of the player as well as provide a core workout.

It has a durable polyurethane head that can stand up to frequent use.  This training tool will fit easily into the golfer’s bag and is legally allowed on the course.

Players will have improved core muscles, less early release or casting, and helps golfers learn to flatten their swing.  It is a terrific gift to give to any golfer who wants to play the best they can.

This is better for golfers that are 5’6” or taller and the original is better suited to those under 5’6”.  If you know a golfer that wants to be a better player, they will appreciate this easy to use and understand golf training aid.

Customers rave about this product’s fine construction, sturdy build and beautiful look.

If you are looking for a birthday or Christmas gift for the golf lover in your life, take a look at this unique and striking golf ball display case that offers UV protection to the balls inside.

It is made from furniture grade beech hardwood and features an elegant finish.  It will hold up to 49 balls that fit into the indentations that are on each shelf.

This attractive golf ball display can be used for many different ball collections. It displays them nicely in a cabinet that will look great on any way in your office or den.

Customers love the easy assembly and sturdy organization this unit provides.

If you are looking for a gift for the golf lover in your life, consider this Suncast golf organizer.  It is the perfect organizer that will keep all of your golf supplies neat and organized and in one place in your garage or storeroom.

The guest of honor that receives this useful golf organizer can fit two sets of golf clubs on it, as well as other supplies like shoes, balls, etc. The feet on the bottom are adjustable to make sure it is level.  The sturdy metal construction is long lasting and durable.

This organizer has three shelves and a bin that is 5” tall that you can store balls, tees and other small pieces in.  It measure 32” x 16” x 37”.

Why carry your golf bag when you don’t have to?  For those golfers that love to play on walking courses, this cart is a must have.  This heavy duty, utility three-wheeled cart carries your bag from place to place easily.

There is a waterproof compartment on board. This utility cart has wide wheels that help maneuver it easily through all different types of terrain, and an extra large handle as well for easy movement.

Your friend or family member will thank you when they don’t have to lug their golf bag around the course on their shoulder.  This makes it super simple to go from hole to hole without breaking their back.

Customers love using the Pivot Pro to help learn the proper weight shift and to get rid of reverse pivot.

Help your golf playing friend build a strong and repetitively good golf swing with the Pivot Pro Golf Pivot training Aid.  Using this training device will help golfers stop bad habits such as swaying and reverse pivoting.

It will also maximize the resistance and power and improves weight transfer as well. There are many things that this golf swing training aid will help.

Included in this package is the rod holder socket that comes with a detachable rod and a bonus DVD. This aid can be used inside or outside with the same great results.

Users will learn to use the muscles in the legs and back during the pivot so they keep the right form. The pivot device has adjustable straps that will help it fit properly. It fits shoe sizes 7 to 14.

Customers love the ease of use and crystal clear optics that this rangefinder offers.

If you are in the market for a golf gift for a good friend or family member, take a look at this quality laser rangefinder that is going to be a gift they are super psyched to get out there are put through its paces.

This 4 x 20mm vertical rangefinder has an accuracy of +/- 1 yard.  It can measure in meters or yards and can handle a 10 to 600 yard range.  The one button operation makes this super easy to use.

Choosing the Right Golf Gift

There are many different golf products on the market that make excellent golf gifts.  The suggestions that we have listed here cover various aspects of golf from range finding to training aides.  With all of these choices available, finding the right gift is a lot more manageable.  Remember to take the person’s skill level and needs into account when you are looking for the right gift.

If they are a relatively new player, training aides can be a lot of fun for them to use and will improve their game.  If they are an experienced player, they made not need the training aides but the indoor putting green and the range finder would fit perfectly. We have listed several things to think about before you start searching for that perfect golf gift.

Dos and Don’ts to Remember


  • Ask a few questions about the person’s golf game and interest if you don’t already know.  Having the answers to a few important questions can steer you in the right direction when it comes to buying them the right gift.
  • Find out how often they play, how long they have been playing, what they want to improve, and any items that they wish they had.  Try to be as subtle as possible when asking or ask someone who knows them well and plays golf with them.
  • Look for gifts that will help them improve their game. Most golfers want to get better every time they play. Training aide gifts are an excellent way to achieve this.  Look for training aides that are fun to use and that help the player work on a specific aspect of their game.
  • Look at reviews and customer comments when looking for the right gifts for the people in your life.  Hearing what other customers have to say about an item you are considering can give you some insight to the product that you are looking at.  The customer comments will let you know how others are feeling while using this in the real world.


  • Look for gag golf gifts. Serious golfers are extremely serious about their game. Even if they have a great sense of humor, that is different than making a joke of the game that they love and want to excel at.  Sometimes a cute gag gift is fine as a lead in to a more serious and quality gift but never JUST get a gag gift.
  •  Focus on buying clubs unless you know exactly what clubs they want.  Golf clubs are a very personal purchase.  Many golfers hand pick their clubs, so buying a set of clubs for someone else can end up leading to disappoint on both sides.  Better choices would be training aides, club covers, towels, golf balls and many other choices.
  •  Disregard the gift of playing on a special course.  A great gift could be a day at a new course they have never played at but have always wanted to.  Along with this gift, you could add golf balls, tees, towels, mugs and more. If you play at all, offer to go with them to the new course and make a day of it.

Golf has been a popular sport for a very long time.  Golf gifts have expanded quite a bit from what was available before.   With all of the new kinds of products, you can have a lot of fun narrowing down your choices so you decide on just the right one for your friend or family member.

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