Best Golf Bag in 2023 – Golf Bag Reviews and Ratings

Best Golf Bag in 2023 – Golf Bag Reviews and Ratings
We spent over 30 hours researching and testing 20 different types of golf bags and found durability, number of pockets, and weight were most important. The Cleveland Stand Golf Bag scored well above the other golf bags we researched in all categories and is our top pick. The waterproof fleece that line the pockets easily hold all the items you want to carry and protects them from the elements. The bag is very lightweight and easy to carry. The convenient, fold down legs are sturdy and strong and can hold the bag even when loaded with clubs.

1. Cleveland

Best Overall Golf Bag

5/5 Product Rating
This durable golf bag from Cleveland features waterproof fleece lined pockets to hold all your valuables, and aequaflex max air curved revolving double strap system for easy portability. There’s also an insulated cooler pocket to hold a cold can of brew. Customers love this bag because it’s incredibly lightweight, and the fold down legs allow you to prop this bag up even when it’s loaded with clubs. Solidly constructed, the bag features a stylish design, and is an incredible value compared to the competition. Cleveland is the go-to brand when it comes to sports equipment, and their golf bags are some of the best. With a number of colors to choose from, you’re going to find that you can carry your golf clubs in style, and with less discomfort.

No matter the weather conditions, you’re going to see that this bag has got your back. Customers consistently choose this as a top rated golf bag because it will stand the test of time, and has plenty of space to carry everything that you need for a day on the course. There’s nothing worse than carrying a bag that feels too heavy or chafes your skin, and that’s why this product is designed to make the task of hauling your clubs easier and more comfortable than ever.

Jonathan Maxwell


Best Overall Golf Bag – Runner Up

4.7/5 Product Rating
This charming golf bag from OGIO features a 7 way top divider and six handy pockets to carry everything that you need throughout the day. The valuables pocket is lined with fleece, and the stands are built with solid durability in mind. The sophisticated black design is lined with touches of blue, and the bag is designed to hold all your clubs with ease and comfort. All in all, customers love this bag because it is built to withstand the elements, and to withstand very long days out on the course. The rugged construction and handsome design make this a popular men’s bag, and it’s made to carry everything that you need without the strain. This bag is also praised for being reasonable in price.

OGIO is known for manufacturing top rated golf bags, and this model is one of their best. When you’re ready to upgrade your golf bag, or if you’re a first time buyer, then this is an excellent product to choose. You can be guaranteed that it’s going to stand the test of time and give you the performance that you crave. No matter what your skill level, or how many clubs you carry out onto the course, this bag has got you covered.

Jonathan Maxwell

3. TaylorMade

Best Budget Golf Bag

4.5/5 Product Rating
This handy bag from TaylorMade features Purelite technology and 5-way top with handle and full length dividers. The stylish black design with yellow stripe makes this bag distinctive yet discreet, and the anti-split stand system with pen sleeve features 7 total pockets to carry everything that you need for the day such as balls, snacks, phone, and so much more. You also get a handy umbrella sleeve, rain hood, and towel loop built into the design. Customers love this golf bag because it stands in a sturdy fashion, and will carry all your clubs with ease. Also, it’s designed with your comfort in mind, so you never have to worry about shoulder pain when hauling your clubs.

When you’re spending a day out on the course, your comfort is key. When you own a golf bag of this quality, you can be guaranteed that your needs are being met, and you can carry everything in style. Customers praise this golf bag for being affordable, while still providing all the features that they treasure most. When you’re ready to take your golf game to a whole new level then you need to practice your swing, but you also need a golf bag that makes it all seem so easy.

Jonathan Maxwell

Golf Bag Buying Guide

Golf Bag Reviews

What is a Golf Bag?

Golf Bag1Your golf bag is your best friend on the golf course. It’s with you every step of the way, keeping everything safe and intact. This is why it is essential that you know which kind of golf bag is right for you. Consider where, when, and how often you intend to use your bag, and what kind of design you prefer. Functionality is the fundamental component here, so think about whether you’re a walker, a rider, or both. If you like to store extra clothing and accessories in your bag, then take this into account as well. You may also want to carry a GPS and umbrella with you, or perhaps you want to be able to bring a cold beer along for the game.


  • Staff Bags: These are the top of the line bags, and they’re used by professionals when on tour. You’ll find that brand logos are prominently displayed on these bags, because they’re brands that sponsor famous pro athletes, and using these bags conveys a sort of status on the course. Considered to be the luxury sedans of golf bags, the staff bags are big and roomy, and also quite heavy. Most pro golfers don’t worry about the weight of these bags because they have caddies to carry them. If you don’t have your own personal caddy then you may want to consider pushing it in a hand cart during the round or just keep it on the golf cart. Tipping the scale at around 10 pounds, these bags are made from high quality materials, they feature plentiful storage space, and they have tour-worthy aesthetics.
  • Cart Bags: These bags are slightly smaller and definitely lighter than staff bags. They are designed to be carried on a golf riding cart or golf push cart. For this reason, a cart bag is not the best option if you’re going to be walking the course, or carrying the bag on your back. These weigh in at about 6-7 pounds and they’re lighter and easier to carry than staff bags. The greatest thing about these bags is that they’re designed to give you easy access to all the pockets on the bag while still being strapped into the back of the riding cart. They also feature a rubber or non-slip base that keeps the bag from sliding off the cart.
  • Stand Bags: All the above top rated golf bags are stand bags, and they feature two retractable legs. The legs allow the bag to stand upright securely, so that you can place it anywhere you choose on the course without needing to lay it down. Stand bags are ideal for golfers who like to walk the course. This is due to the fact that their retractable legs keep the bag standing up on the turf, whereas cart bags would have to lye flat on the ground. Stand bags come equipped with backpack style shoulder straps to help distribute the weight across your shoulders for the ultimate in comfort. These bags are lightweight, and weigh about 5 pounds in general. There are also those that have ergonomic features like hip pads to prevent the bag from rubbing against you in the wrong way while you walk.
  • Carry Bags: Stand bags are really just a form of carry bag, but if you want to carry the bag and don’t need the leg stands, then you’ll require a plain carry bag. These are sometimes referred to as Sunday bags. You don’t get the retractable legs on these bags, but they’re considered to be the lightest golf bags on the market. A good carry bag tends to weight just 2 pounds, and they’re made from the lightest materials possible. They’re also less structured than staff, cart, and stand bags. Although these bags have fewer pockets, you’ll find there’s still enough storage for golf balls, tees, gloves, and perhaps a beverage. Carry bags are ideal when you really only want to bring the essentials along for the day.


Golf Bag2If you’re an avid golfer, then you probably have numerous clubs that you like to carry on the course. Not only that, but if you’re going for 18 holes, you’re going to be outside most of the day, and you’ll need to bring beverages, snacks, extra balls, and tees. A well-made golf bag helps you to carry everything you need comfortably and safely, and it makes it easier to find whatever it is you need. Golf bags also come with special features that allow you to stand them up, attach them to a golf cart, change the compartment configuration, and so much more. Golf bags are also designed to be ergonomically sound, so that you do less damage to your back and shoulders when you carry your clubs from place to place. Not only is a quality golf bag of great help, but it also looks stylish and professional.


Whether you’re a beginning or advanced golfer, there’s no doubt that the quality of your golf bag is of the utmost importance. Not only is it a symbol of style and sportiness, it’s also the only way you’re going to lug all that equipment around on the course. There are many different kinds of golf bags out there, so the one you choose should be tailor-made for your needs and requirements. Purchasing the right golf bag for you is all about knowing yourself. Are you going to be carrying your bag around by hand? Do you plan to attach your bag to your golf cart? How much stuff do you like to carry around with you throughout the day? These are just some of the important considerations that will lead you to the ideal golf bag.

We highlighted the top rated golf bags, and all of these are favorites due to their durability and accessibility. These bags are all light enough to carry, and they feature leg stands to help keep the bag upright when not in use. You’ll find that all of these bags also provide you with ample storage, and will comfortably house numerous clubs at the same time. When you’re ready to make a day on the golf course more comfortable and stylish, then it’s time to invest in one of these exceptional bags.


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