10 Most Popular Gift Ideas for Women

10 Most Popular Gift Ideas for Women

Women can be the easiest people to buy gifts for.  Their interests and likes are usually varied and expansive, so there is a lot to choose from.   When it comes to choosing the perfect gift for the women in your life, you will want to narrow down the options to a more manageable amount so it is not so overwhelming.

We have listed 10 suggestions below that would be excellent choices for giving to the special women in your life.   These gifts are fun, useful and interesting and almost every woman would love to be given one of these gifts.  If the ones listed below do not appeal to you, use them as guidelines and let your imagination go so you come up with your own ideas.

Best Gift Ideas for Women

Customers love the spacious pockets and genuine leather smell.

This cross body bag has tons of storage compartments and measures a compact and easy to manage 9” x 6 ½” x 1”.  The strap drop is 27” and fully adjustable.

There are 4 outer pockets and a front pocket with a zipper that goes around and contains an organizer that also has three card slots and a place for her license.  All pockets are lined so cleaning is easy.

This bag is 100% genuine leather and is available in several colors to choose from: black, light brown, dark brown and burgundy. This is an excellent choice for a woman that loves to carry a bag but doesn’t want anything bulky or cumbersome.

Customers love the craftsmanship and dramatic elegance of this beautiful set.

These breathtaking hurricane lamps come in a set of three assorted sizes.  They are made from fine glass that has a crackle glass design that fades to a rust finish.  These candle holder sets add stunning style and dramatic class to her living room, bedroom, den or office.

Each chocolate hurricane is a different height and three heights are included:  11 ¾”, 13 ¾” and 15 ¾”.  The woman in your life that receives this beautiful set to will be stunned by how gorgeous they are, especially when the candles are lit.  She will be thrilled with this gift every time she lights the candles.

Customers love the lifetime tone guarantee that protects the gorgeous sound of the chimes.

Wind chimes are beautiful to look at and to listen to, especially if they have the right tone.  These chimes have been tuned to Aria, composed by an Italian composer Giuseppe Verdi.

There are 9 tubes in this set of chimes.  Over all measurement is 27” from the top of the ring to the bottom of the wind catcher part of the chime.

The gorgeous burgundy wash ashwood and wood burned grapes that are on the wind catcher will look good outdoors in nature as well as on a back deck or porch.

She will be thrilled with the elegant sound of these chimes and will look how they look hanging up.  They come with a lifetime tuning guarantee that they will not lose their beautiful tone.

Customers love the vibrant colors and quality of this comforter set.

This gorgeous and elegant Chezmoi comforter collection includes 7 pieces to truly transform the bed into something spectacular.  The bedding is made from 100% polyester and includes:

  • Comforter
  • 2 shams
  • 2 cushions
  • 1 neck roll
  • 1 bed skirt

The set is machine washable for easy cleaning and there are matching curtains available as well if someone else wanted to add to the gift you’ve gotten and get her the matching curtains and a coordinating sheet set as well.  The design is elegant yet will appeal to her husband or boyfriend as well because it is not girly.

Customers love the weight and beautiful glow of this beautiful lamp.

A beautiful gift for a special woman in your life doesn’t have to cost a lot.  This beautiful and unique Himalayan Salt Lamp illustrates that.

They are designed to enhance life and provide a natural air purifier and ionizer.  When turned on, the lamp will put off a soothing amber glow and also release negative ions into the air which creates an ionizing effect.

Because it removes all particles in the air that are polluting it, you will be taking breaths of fresh air rather than air filled with dust, pollen, cigarette smoke and more.

Cleaner air means healthier and better breathing.   This gift provides her with a light source that is environmentally friendly and gives her ambience and healthier air too.

Customers love the quality design, scratch resistant dial and other great features this watch offers.

This beautiful watch looks stylish and sleek but it provides excellent every day functionality as well.  The stainless steel bracelet and watch case are durable and long lasting.

The face of the watch measures 22mm and has a beautiful mother of pearl dial that is accented with silver tone hands and silver tone hour markers as well.

The crystal dial window is made from extremely protective and scratch resistant hardlex c crystal.  The Arabic numerals at 12 and 6 and it features a push button clasp closure. There are Swarovski crystals on the bracelet and at the bezel too.

It also has analog display and Japanese-quartz movement.  This beautiful watch is water resistant to 99 feet or 30 meters which means it can handle splashes of water and rain but should not be submerged and showering with it on is out too.

Customers love the easy assembly and sturdy construction of this beautiful vanity.

Surprise the special woman in your life with this gorgeous “St. Croix” vanity set from Bobkona.   There are several wood finishes available to choose from including:

  • Black
  • Cherry
  • Walnut
  • White

The table features a fold out tri-fold mirror that helps you see the angles you want to see.  There are 5 drawers for storage and a beautiful matching stool that is covered in a plush and attractive fabric.

Some assembly is required so if you give her this beautiful gift, you may want to consider having it shipped to you first so you can present it to her assembled. She will be shocked and thrilled when she sees this gorgeous vanity set and will feel very elegant using it.

Customers love the beautiful music and sturdy, solid construction of this keepsake music box.

Hummingbirds are beautiful creatures that many people love to collect.  This simple yet elegant music box is the perfect thing for to hold keepsakes and also to decorate the top of a dresser or side table.

The bronze feet underneath hold it in place and the velvet lining protects your keepsakes.

The music box measures 2 ¼” x 8 ¼” x 6”.  The music box has a wood finish and plays Wind Beneath my Wings. This sweet and elegant keepsake music box can be personalized with her own photos and messages or she can leave the hummingbird and existing message in place if she prefers.

Customers love this gorgeous jewelry armoire that has plenty of storage.

If the woman in your life that you are purchasing a gift for has a lot of jewelry, she will absolutely love this gorgeous wooden jewelry armoire.

It has tons of storage for all her jewelry plus lingerie and stockings and other small items.  It is made from MDF with different color finishes available.

The measurements of this armoire are 17” x 11.88” x 39.76” and has felt lined drawers. There are two side doors and 8 regular drawers to accommodate all of her jewelry and special belongings.

No assembly is required.  She will love this elegant and stylish piece of furniture to hold all of her valuables in.

Customers love the delicious scents and quality products included in this luxurious spa gift set.

Give her something that she can pamper herself with. This Mango Pear spa gift set includes:

  • Shower gel
  • Bubble bath
  • Body spray
  • Body lotion
  • Bath salt
  • Orange bath fizzer

All of this wonderful smelling decadence comes in a beautiful woven antique basket that is reusable once the items are taken out of it.   The fragrance of this set is a blend of tangy tropical smells that include tart pears and sweet mangos that will make her think of tropical paradises.

Use the basket to display lotions, soaps or other things in the bathroom or any other room you want to put it in. This is a great gift to lift her spirits and make her feel appreciated and loved.

Choosing the Right Woman’s Gift

As you can see from the suggestions we have listed above, there is a large variety of items that make terrific gifts for women.  We haven’t even scratched the surface.  The best way to choose the perfect gift is to understand a few things about the woman you are buying for.

Another factor in choosing the perfect gift is being clear what the relationship is between her and yourself.  Who she is to you will have a bearing on the type of gift you choose as well as the amount you choose to spend.

We have provided some tips and information for you to keep in mind when you start shopping for gift ideas for women.  It’s not as hard as you may be thinking it is. It can even be a lot of fun if you allow yourself plenty of time to get the right gift.

Dos and Don’ts to Remember


  • Take into account the relationship you have with the woman you are purchasing a gift for. Is it your spouse? Mother? Daughter? Sister? Friend?  The reason this matters is because there are things you may purchase for your spouse that you definitely would not purchase for your mother or sister.
  • Consider the habits, hobbies, and likes of the person you are purchasing a gift for.  These things can give you a great direction to head off into when it comes time to start shopping. Many gifts are out there that will enhance or complement their personalities and match their hobbies and likes.  These types of gifts are the best to give because you know for sure before she even opens it, that she is going to love it and more importantly, use it.
  • Allow plenty of time to get the kind of gift you want to get. You know ahead of time what occasion you are purchasing a gift for.  So with that in mind, be sure to order the gift you have chosen in plenty of time to get it and wrap it beautifully as well.


  • Purchase things that are too personal in nature unless you are purchasing a gift for your wife.  Examples of things that are personal in nature include lingerie, anything with sexual content, anything related to weight loss or a personal problem the person might have.  These are not things that should be purchased for her unless it is her husband. (and even then, do not purchase weight loss related items or anything that focuses on something she doesn’t like about herself)
  • Purchase clothing unless you know exactly what the RIGHT size is and the exact type of clothing she likes.   Otherwise the gift could turn into something that she is embarrassed or disappointed by.   If you DO know these pieces of information and want to purchase pieces of clothing, then she will be assured that the pieces you choose will be something she will and can wear.

With all of the wonderful gift ideas for women that are available nowadays, there is no shortage for good gifts regardless of who the woman is to you and what the occasion is.  Finding that perfect gift that she will still be thanking you for years later, is a great feeling.  Show her how important she is to you, no matter who she is to you, is priceless.

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