Gift Ideas for Parents They Will Love

Gift Ideas for Parents They Will Love

It may seem like choosing the right gift for your parents is a difficult task, seeing as they have been around longer than you have and have already acquired a lot of stuff.  The good news is, things wear out over time and interests expand.  There are plenty of things that you can choose that would make an excellent gift choice for your parents.

Since you are purchasing something for both of them, you want to make sure that it doesn’t just appeal to one or the other.   This is a common mistake that people make when purchasing a gift for couple, whether they are your parents or not.  You want to make sure that the gift is something both like, both will use and both will enjoy opening.

Below, we have listed 10 great gift ideas for parents that may appeal to you.  If none of these gift suggestions will work for your parents (or your spouse’s parents if that is who you are buying for) then use the ideas to get your own imagination going.  By taking a little time, you will be able to find just the right gift for them that they will truly enjoy.

Best Gift Ideas for Parents

Customers love the unique way to display treasured photos.

This charming picture frame is in the shape of a family tree and holds 6 mini photo frames on it that can be of the children or grandchildren.

The family tree is made of bronze metal and is measures 20” x 18”.  This is the perfect gift for your parents that will also give them the gift of photos of their children and grandchildren or photos of their children’s families.

The family tree photo frame looks great on the mantle, side table, end table or anywhere else you place knickknacks, etc.  Additional small frames can be purchased if you need more than 6 so the whole family can be on the tree.

Customers love the true advice and elegant design of this sentimental plaque.

If you have always admired your parents’ marriage, let them know with this sweet engraved plaque that provides the recipe for a happy marriage in the form of very useful and true advice.  The plaque measures 7” x 9” x ¾”.  It has attractive beveled edges and is made of quality natural wood.  There is a slot in the back that makes hanging it on the wall in a special place super easy.

Your parents will get to read just how special you think their marriage is and they can also read the recipe for a happy marriage and know that they have been a good example to their kids on what to strive for.  This endearing and romantic plaque comes with a gift box and is all ready to give to your parents.   Add the plaque to a bottle of wine and two glasses for an even nicer gift.

Customers love the anti-bacterial properties and construction of this well made cutting board.

Cutting boards often wear out over time, especially if they are made of wood.  If your parents love salads and cheeses and sausage, this attractive cutting board and three piece wooden utensil set is just the thing to give them.

There are no surface chemicals used on this cutting board that can get onto your food.

The bamboo cutting board measures 14 ½” x 11 ½” x .7” and has a drip groove around the edge to keep drips from just pouring onto the counter.  It also has a serving tray.

The solid wood utensils are also great additions to their kitchen tools.  Included is a 12” long wide spoon, a 12” long flat spatula and versatile tongs that are also 12” long.

The naturally chemical, sealant and toxic material- free wood that is anti-bacterial will make a perfect gift for your parents to enjoy cutting up their favorite vegetables or sliced cheeses and serving them as well.

Customers love the hand-blown glass and quality of these tumblers.

These gorgeous cobalt blue tumblers will please your parents when they open them and see their deep color and smooth glass.  Each tumbler holds 12 ounces of liquid. They come with an official NOVICA card that certifies authenticity and quality.

Because of the hand-blown process that is used to create these beautiful tumblers, there will be slight variances and tiny bubbles in the glass.  These variances are not flaws but examples of the differences in a hand-crafted piece versus a machine created one.

Each of these cobalt tumblers measures 3.9” high and a little over 3” in diameter.  The tumblers are dishwasher safe in the top rack but it is recommended that they be hand washed.

Customers love the super plush feel and extra absorbency these towels offer.

Everyone loves brand new plush towels and your parents will too.  These 100% Egyptian cotton towels will be the perfect gift for their personal use or for the guest room if they prefer.  The set includes 2 – 13” x 13” face towels, 2- 20” x 30” hand towels and 2 – 30” x 55” bath towels.

They are made with 900 GSM two ply constructions which means they are much more absorbent and durable than traditionally constructed towels.  They are plush, comfortable and feel fantastic after a shower.

They are available in a variety of colors so you can choose a set that matches your parent’s décor easily.  The colors will stay true thanks to the colorfast and they are machine washable.  They should be dried on tumble dry low and then removed from the dryer right away.

Customers love the ease of use and microwave ability this hand blown tea pot offers.

If nightly tea is one of your parent’s nightly routines, they will love this beautiful hand-blown glass and stainless steel teapot kettle with a warmer.

This kettle is large enough to hold 3-4 cups of tea.  The glass tea pot is microwavable AFTER the stainless steel parts are removed, do not microwave with them on.

All they will have to do to enjoy delicious cups of hot tea in the evenings is to fill the teapot with water, remove the lid and infuser which are the steel parts, and then put the glass pot in the microwave to boil the water.

The lid locks into place to ensure there are no leaks. The stainless steel infuser is rust free and allows for the steeping of loose tea as well.

After the tea is brewed the custom tea cozy keeps the tea warm as you enjoy your first cup. Just zip it around the teapot and they’ll be all set.  There is a 90 day 100% money back guarantee on this wonderful set.

Customers love the different varieties of teas offered to try and the foil wrapped bags that ensure the freshest tea possible.

Another great gift for tea loving parents is this huge 60 tea bag sampler that provides plenty of opportunity for them to try delicious new flavors of tea.  It is the perfect complement to the teapot and warmer above or can be given to them as a standalone gift.

Each bag is foil wrapped for the maximum freshness.  There are three famous brand names of tea in this collection, all made from 100% natural ingredients.

Included are full bodied teas, green teas, decaf teas, fruit teas and regular teas as well.  This is the perfect gift to pair with a set of mugs for a wonderfully soothing gift that they will cherish night after night.

Customers love the unique look and effects this wind spinner provides for the yard or garden.

If your parents take pride in their yard and they love looking at the flowers and decorations that they have accumulated, add this incredible decoration to the mix.  This multi-colored tulip spinner is powered by the wind and sun.

There are two tiers of metal petals that spin in opposite directions and a 3” diameter ball that sits in the center that is solar powered and puts off different colored lights at night.

When the spinner is fully assembled (and some assembly is required) is measures 25” in diameter and a full 75” tall for a truly spectacular display that they will love and their neighbors will envy.

Customers love the well made tools and convenient garden tote and accessories this set has.

If your parents are always out in their yard gardening and planting, they will absolutely love this 9 piece garden tools set that includes 6 ergonomic tools that are easy to grip and use.

Each tool has a hole in the end of the handle to hang them up easily in the garage or garden shed.

The heads of the tools are made from cast aluminum so they are strong and durable.  Tools included in this set are 1 weeder, 1 trowel, 1 rake, 1 pruning shears, 1 cultivator, and 1 transplanter.

Also included in this set is a set of cotton gardening gloves, a 25 ounce sprayer bottle for watering plants and flowers or spraying plant food on them and a multi-pocket garden tote in a neutral earth tone color.  They will use this gift often and appreciate all that it comes with to help them make their yard what they want it to be.

Customers love the beauty and durability of this steel garden bench.

If your parents have a beautiful yard with flower gardens or a big front porch, they will love this steel frame garden bench to add to the visual beauty of their home or lawn.

The powder coating protects the bench from rust or corrosion. The back of the bench is designed in a floral scroll pattern, making it stand out beautifully wherever they choose to put it.

The bench measures 50” and is easy to assemble.  Instructions are included.  The black color of this bench goes well with any home décor.  The durability of this bench will allow it to last for years.  The bench has a capacity of 400 pounds.

Choosing the Right Gift for Parents

One of the best things to remember when it comes to purchasing a gift for your parents is to choose something that they both will enjoy and use.  Choosing a mixer for “them” when your mom is the only one who bakes isn’t really a gift that your dad will enjoy, although he may enjoy the results of what she cooks.

We have put together some tips and information for you to keep in mind as you begin your search for the perfect parent gift.  Following these tips and pointers will ensure that the experience is good and non-stressful for you and enjoyable for them when they open your gift.

Dos and Don’ts to Remember


  • Have an idea of your parent’s activities and hobbies that they enjoy together. Do they both love coffee?  Enjoy watching The Carol Burnett Show?  LOVE specialty cheeses and sausage?  Make sure that the list you jot down includes ONLY things that both enjoy and do.
  • Set a budget according to the occasion. The only time that you would really be in the market to purchase a gift for your parents would be their anniversary, Christmas and a housewarming if they have recently purchased a new home.  Set a budget that you are comfortable with that allows you to have a good selection of gifts to choose from and that doesn’t leave you financially strapped afterward.
  • Look for gifts that will last a long time. Food and drink gifts are always enjoyable but finding something that they will have for a long time is a gift that keeps giving long after they open it.  Every time they look at it or use it they will remember your wonderful gift.


  • Purchase gifts that have to do with aging or poor health. Giving your parents a “gift” of a medical alarm or something that reminds them of their age is not something that is recommended for a gift.  While these things are important, they do not make good gifts. Save those things for non gift giving occasions.  Opening a present should be something enjoyed not a reminder they are older.
  • Purchase something technologically out of their realm of understanding. If they have asked for cell phones, do the research and find good phones that are not overly complicated to use. Find out what they want the phones for and look for simple phones that will have those capabilities.  Purchasing something they have to struggle to understand to use will only frustrate them and will likely end up in the closet, unused.
  • Criticize their likes or hobbies even if you don’t like them. Receiving a gift along with a dose of criticism or negativity is not an enjoyable situation.  Even if you don’t like that particular thing, the gift giving occasion is not about you and your likes, it is about them so keep the personal opinions out of it.  If you are concerned for their health and they want gardening tools, there is nothing wrong with offering your own time to come over and help them do the gardening where you can keep an eye on them, bring them water to stay hydrated and make sure they rest when they should.  Those who engage in hobbies and likes live longer lives and that quality of life is much better as well.

Buying your parents a gift should be a fun, joyous occasion for you and for them.  Keep these pointers in mind as you shop and you are sure to choose something that they will love for many years to come.

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