Gift Ideas for Grandparents to Enjoy

Gift Ideas for Grandparents to Enjoy

Purchasing a gift for your grandparents does not have to be a challenging task.  Just because your grandparents are older, it doesn’t mean that they don’t like the same things they’ve always liked or even have new interests.

To get the perfect gift for your grandparents, whether you are purchasing a gift for both of them or individually, you just have to pay attention and maybe ask some subtle questions.   Your parents could be invaluable resources into what they like and what they would enjoy.

We have gathered 10 great gift ideas for grandparents and listed them below for you to consider.  If you don’t feel that any of these choices would appeal to your grandparents, take the idea behind the suggestions and come up with some great ideas based on what you know about them.

Best Gift Ideas for Grandparents

Customers love the durability and bright colors of this brightly colored mug.

Your grandmother will love this colorful coffee mug that she can use for coffee, tea, hot chocolate or any other kind of hot drink.  The purple background contrasts nicely with the yellow inside and yellow and white striped handle.

There are green spots all over the purple cup that add even more whimsy to the cup.  On the side of the mug, there is a hand painted message that says “I’m a grandma. What’s your super power?”

This adorable mug is FDA approved as well as microwave and dishwasher safe.  It will hold 12 ounces of liquid and comes in a gift box all ready to wrap and give to her.

Customers love this opportunity to preserve their grandparents’ memories for their grandchildren to enjoy.

Give your grandparents something that will show them just how much their memories, influence and opinions mean to you.

There are guided prompts and questions throughout this keepsake that help them tell their children and grandchildren about so many different things including parenthood, family life, being a grandparent and even tons of fun secrets about your childhood.  Your children will love reading what they have to say. The inside back of the cover has a pocket where they can store notes and other keepsakes.  The smooth pages take ink beautifully and add to the beauty of this book.

The acid-free paper will not fade or ruin photos or other keepsakes.  There are 96 pages that are held together by a wire binding.  This keepsake book measures 7 ½” x 9 ¼”.

Customers can’t stop talking about this adorably made sign that illustrates the importance of family, your grandparents, and memories.

This cute sign from Ohio Wholesale  reads “Grandma and Grandpa’s Place – Memories Made Here”   It is the perfect gift for putting up in the kitchen, on the front porch or anywhere else that they want to place it.

This sign is made of screen printed wood and has been created for endurance and quality.  There is a wire hanger on the back that they can hang it from easily.  The 3-D tire swing is an adorable addition to this unique sign.

Customers are raving about the gorgeous construction of this stunning suncatcher.

This beautiful suncatcher will please your grandmother with its elegance and delicate construction.  The word “grandma” is engraved on a heart charm that hangs from the bottom of the butterfly.

Real flowers are integrated into the glass suncatcher and are pressed between the glass.  This suncatcher is 8” long when it is hung up.  This is the perfect gift for hanging in a prominent window to catch the rays of the sun and reflect it into the home.

Customers love this beautifully handcrafted box with sculptured lid.

The Grandmother Keepsake box is a small oval box that she can keep small important things in like her rings, watch or other small things.  This little box will look wonderful on the dresser, bathroom or on a side table.

It is a 3” oval and has a lid with a sculpture of a woman and baby on it.  On the bottom is the sentiment “Love that transcends the years”.

This pretty trinket box comes in a gift box ready to give her, and has a card as well.  This is a great little way to tell your grandparents that they are going to be great grandparents.

Customers rate this sturdy and gorgeously engraved pen one of the best gifts to give.

Your grandpa will love this handsome engraved pen set that comes in an attractive case. This unique pen is made from bamboo with metal and black accents. The twist up ball point has black ink.

The pen measures 5 ½” and has “Grandpa” engraved on the side.  He will be pleased and surprised when he opens this personalized gift that is useful too, and will look for reasons to pull it out and show it off.

Customers love the quality of this photo frame that shows the special relationship between a grandfather and his grandson.

This heartwarming photo frame is a perfect gift for your grandfather.  Made of metal and wood, it holds a 4” x 6” photo of grandpa with his grandson.  This frame will look wonderful on the wall of on a mantle or side table.

“Grandpa and Me” is on the front of the frame in black metal. Put your grandfather’s favorite photo in it and present it to him as a beautiful keepsake gift that will bring a smile to his face.

Customers love this special photo frame that expresses how special the first grandchild is.

A first grandchild is a special event in a way nothing else can be. Parents become grandparents and daughters and sons turn into parents. This 8 x 10 black frame has a beautiful sentiment on it about the first grandchild in a beautiful poem by Teri Harrison.

It is double matted on black and white and has a space for a 3 ½ x 5 photo along with the poem next to it. Wrap this up and present it to the new grandparents-to-be as a beautiful way to surprise them with this incredibly wonderful news.

Customers love the quality and ease of use that this ice cream maker provides.

Give your grandparents something to remember from their own childhoods with this old fashioned pine bucket ice cream maker.  It can be used manually or electrically to make some incredible ice cream on the hottest of days or any other time they want fresh, homemade ice cream.

This 6 quart ice cream maker is the perfect gift that they can use for picnics, family get togethers, cookouts and holiday parties.

It’s also a great item for making ice cream with their grandchildren on sleepovers. The pine bucket is made from light colored pine and the crank that has a matching wood handle look fantastic as a display as well, so they may even want to leave it right out in the open to be looked at as well as using it to make delicious ice cream for family and friends.

Customers love this cute apron that is sure to make Grandpa laugh.

If there is grilling to be done, chances are your grandpa will want to do it.  That’s why this apron is the perfect gift for him.

This machine washable apron is made from 65% polyester and 35% poly cotton.  It has an adjustable apron strap so it fits properly.  It measures 27” x 34” long.  Across the front the saying reads “Stand Back, Grandpa is Grillin”

It is just the kind of gift to make him smile and let everyone know who is at the grill.  He will love this apron and look for chances to tie it on and enjoy the jokes and laughter as he grills his family’s food.

Choosing the Right Grandparent’s Gift

Buying gifts for your grandparents can be a challenge if you’re not sure what they like to do or what their preferences are.  In many cases, it may seem like your grandparents already have everything they could possibly want or need. What do you give them for a gift when their kitchen is stocked and their home is filled with furniture, knickknacks and things that they’ve collected all their lives?

If you take a different approach, buying a gift for them will not be the challenge it may seem to be initially. One of the best things you can do before you start your gift search is to take the time to find out what they like to do.

Hobbies and activities are always excellent places to look for gift opportunities. Does your grandfather love to fish? You can get him some excellent fishing gear. Does your grandmother still do a lot of baking? You could purchase a new mixer or baking supplies that she may not have had replaced for decades.

One of the mistakes that people make when gift giving is to not take the time to find out about the people they are buying a gift for.  We have listed some tips below that are good to keep in mind when searching for the perfect grandparent’s gift.

Dos and Don’ts to Remember


  • Ask questions about what your grandparents are interested in. Being elderly doesn’t mean having no interests.  They still have preferences, likes, dislikes and hobbies. Find out what they are and see if there is anything you can purchase for them, together or separately, that would enhance their interests.
  • Pay attention to the décor of their home the next time you visit. What colors do they use? What is the “theme” of their decorating?  Do either of them have any collections you could add to? Find a way to subtly ask if there is anything that they have wanted to purchase for themselves that they may not feel right about purchasing or maybe they just don’t have the funds to spend on extras.  These are the things that you can purchase as a gift that would be perfect.
  • Think outside the box in terms of gift ideas. Maybe they would each love a new throw blanket to toss over their lap when they watch TV together, or maybe they would love a boxed set of the Carol Burnett show or another show that was popular “back in the day”.  Providing them with laughter is one of the best gifts you can give them.


  • Assume that they have anything and everything they could possibly want. Just because they have a lot that they may have accumulated over the years doesn’t mean that there isn’t anything they wouldn’t want. Maybe they want a new bedding set or some fresh new towels.  The best way to find out is ask and listen.
  • Choose trendy or faddish gifts unless they have specifically asked for them. If they have standard older cell phones, don’t purchase an iphone 6 for them. Even though it’s a nice gesture, chances are they will have no idea how to use all of the features that the iphone 6 would have and that would just leave them frustrated.  This is written in stone for all older people, but many of them prefer the simpler items that they are comfortable using.  If they DO want to get one of the trendier items, make helping them navigate the instructions part of the gift and take the time to help them get used to how the new item works.
  • Forget that photos make an excellent gift for grandparents. If you have several children, consider getting the whole family together for some portraits and then purchasing some beautiful frames to put them in. You can separate the photos by family, just do the grandchildren or do a huge spread and include everything. This is a gift that they will truly cherish. There are so many beautiful photo frames out there, that you can come up with an incredible gift they will never tire of looking at.

Your grandparents deserve the same consideration that anyone else does when you are searching for the right gift. With time and a little effort and creativity, you can purchase a gift that they will never forget.

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