Fun, Quirky Office Gift Ideas

Fun, Quirky Office Gift Ideas

If you are a part of an office, chances are there will be some occasions where you would want to purchase gifts for your co workers.  Gift exchanges, secret santas, etc. are all common occurrences in an office where the co workers purchase gifts for each other.

There are tons of office gift ideas available that you could buy for your coworkers. Below, we’ve listed 10 office gift ideas for you to take a look at.  These humorous and functional ideas are perfect for giving to your co workers as a gift.

If none of the suggestions listed appeal to you, use the ideas as a means of sparking your own creativity and imagination to see what great choices you uncover.

Best Office Gift Ideas

Customers love this fun and entertaining way to say NO to all kinds of questions.

The NO button is a fun button for the office and a great gift for a co worker that is always being asked to do things. You get 10 different kinds of NO all with the press of the button.

Batteries are included. You co worker will appreciate this fun and unique way for them to draw the line when they are being overwhelmed with requests.  Looks great sitting on the desk and can lighten the mood of even the most stressful days.

Customers love the tension release and humor these fun cards bring to the office.

Almost everyone loves dogs and these cute doggy moodycards are no exception. These cards are the perfect gift for a coworker with a great sense of humor. Everyone in the office will love these funny cards.

There are 20 different cards with different cute dog pictures and funny messages that will have anyone who sees them laughing.

This inexpensive way to ease office tension will work to put everyone in a better mood. They are perfect for gift exchanges, stocking stuffers, gag gifts and secret santa exchanges. They come with a 100% money back guarantee.

Customers love this novel, quality ceramic mug that is the perfect gift for any medical professional.

If you work in a pharmacy or hospital, this fantastic prescription bottle coffee mug is a perfect gift for one of your coworkers.  It is made from quality ceramic and holds 12 ounces of coffee, hot tea, hot chocolate or any other hot drink.

Hand washing is recommended for this item rather than using the dishwasher which could damage it. The coworker you give this gift to will enjoy having such a unique coffee mug to drink out of.  It looks just like a prescription bottle.

Customers love the soothing and relaxing focus this little beach scene brings to a stressed office worker.

Having a means of relaxing is very important in the office, especially if the office is high stress or fast paced. This mini sandbox is the perfect gift for a coworker or boss that tends to get overstressed.

Included in this little desktop beach break is the plastic tray, white sand, 1 bucket, 1 sand rake, 1 shovel, tiny little sea shells, an umbrella with a stand and 1 comfortable little beach chair as well.

It is the perfect gift for the beach lover in your office. Fits right on the desk and the recipient can use the sand rake to redirect tension and anxiety, as combing the sand can be very soothing.

Customers love the gorgeous colors and benefits that this unit provides.

This is a wonderful way to unwind and de-stress during the day. This makes a perfect gift for a coworker or boss that loves aromatherapy or incense.  This essential oil diffuser will fill the office will a soothing, pleasant fragrance that will get rid of odors.

It can be used in the office or at home as a means of relaxing so they can get a good night’s sleep.  The super quiet operation is not disruptive.  This unit can be used to humidify spaces as well and reduce the incidence of colds, dry chapped skin, and flu symptoms.

In addition to a soothing fragrance and addition of moisture to the air, this diffuser also has LED lighting that can be adjusted from bright to dim. Colors include red, pink, light blue, green, dark blue, yellow and white. This unit has several settings that can be chosen to accommodate your needs and preferences. Unit automatically shuts off when the water runs out.

Customers love this novelty item that is functional as well.

This unique and whimsical gift would look great sitting on a desk or bedside table.  This hands cell phone holder also holds other devices including iPods, electronic games and MP3 players as well as your cell phone.

This item weighs almost 2 ½ pounds so not only is it sturdy and won’t tip over, it makes a terrific paperweight for their desk. It is made from a combination of cement and plastic and painted white.

Customers love the humorous and sturdily made paperweight.

This funny and entertaining metal paperweight is perfect for a legal office.  The construction is metal and features a center than spins on ball bearings.

This is a perfect gag gift for a trial lawyer or any other type of lawyer who has a sense of humor. It would be a perfect choice for the new lawyer just out of school and getting ready to start working.

The paperweight measures 3 ½” in diameter.  It’s a great way to lighten the stress of the day and bring some humor to the office.

Customers appreciate the quality and sturdiness of this stress fighting item.

If you work in a high stress environment, it’s always nice to have a means of stress relief.  This desktop punching ball is just what you need. This makes a great gift for anyone who works in a high stress environment.

Large suction bottom fits to any flat surface. The heavy duty spring holds the ball secure to withstand any amount of venting.  A pump to pump up the ball is included. This item is great to take frustrations out on.

Your coworkers will appreciate this stress busting item.

Customers give this professional pen and card holder set 5 stars.

This quality business card holder is made from 100% premium leather and features a magnetic strip to keep the holder closed. This gift set also includes a quality signature pen as well.  This is a great gift for a coworker or boss and fits sales companies especially well.

The case measures 4” x 2.67” and holds up to 20 cards. This attractive and professional grade gift set makes a great gift for anyone in the business sector in any way.  They come with a 60 day money back guarantee and a 1 year warranty.

Customers love the beauty and high quality construction of this executive desk set.

This elegant and professional desk set would be an excellent gift for any boss.  It is made from quality mahogany with silver accents and has two pens, a card holder and a clock.

This gorgeous set looks beautiful on any desk and provides a professional place in which to grab a pen for signatures or to grab a business card to handout during a meeting.

The clock is battery operated and located in the center of the desk set which measures 8” long. This makes a great gift for an executive in most any kind of office.  They will be shocked and pleased with the beauty and quality of this gift.

Choosing the Right Office Gift

Choosing the right office gift can be very easy if you keep in mind who you are buying a gift for.  If you’re looking for a gift for coworkers, the gifts can be fun or serious and that applies to bosses as well but make sure that the fun aspect doesn’t cross any professional lines.  Racy or suggestive gifts are not recommended for coworkers unless you are very close friends with them, and even then, caution and discretion is highly suggested.

We have provided some tips below that will help you determine good office gift ideas and will guide you in how to find the best gifts that are good for the office regardless of whether it is for a coworker or a boss.

Dos and Don’ts to Remember


  • Choose gifts that are not excessively personal and that can be used in the office. Office gifts don’t need to be expensive but you do want to choose things that the coworkers and/or boss can use in the office. These might be fun, joke based gifts or they can be more serious, functional and useful gifts.
  • Keep cost in mind. Office gifts are not usually expensive gifts and tend to be more funny or enjoyable in nature.  You do not need to spend a lot of money on office gifts.  There are plenty of choices available that are less than $20.  If you are purchasing a gift for the boss, it would be normal for that gift to be a little more costly, but you still don’t have to spend a lot.
  • Keep gift choices office related if the office is doing a gift exchange or secret santa exchange. This ensures that whoever gets your gift will end up with something they can use at work, even if it is something fun such as the NO button or the doggymoodycards we have listed above.
  • Stick to the parameters that are decided on when the gift exchange is announced. If there is a dollar limit put in place, be sure to stick to it. There are plenty of great low dollar office gifts available that you would not have to choose something higher priced.  In addition, if there is a theme, be mindful of that as well as really use your creativity to choose a great gift that matches the theme perfectly.


  • Look for “cheap” gifts that won’t last or that will break with the first use. There are far too many choices out there to justify wasting money on a cheap, poorly made gift.  Several of the office gift ideas we listed above are inexpensive but they are not cheap.  Make sure you can tell the difference.
  • Buy gifts that only work for one gender or the other. If you are buying a gift for a specific person, then this wouldn’t apply, but if the gift is to be added into a gift exchange pile of gifts, you will want to look for gender neutral gifts that can work well and be enjoyed by either men or women.
  • Purchase food gifts if there is a gift exchange. There are many people that are on specific diets or restrictions and a food gift may end up going to someone that is not able to eat it.  Food gifts are best bought for specific coworkers that you already know can eat what you want to purchase due to having asked prior to purchase.
  • Wait until the last minute to do your shopping. It’s very easy to lose track of time when you are working and taking care of family, etc.  The best way to handle any gifts you need to purchase for your coworkers is that as soon as the announcement is made or the situation arises where you need to purchase a gift, start narrowing down your selection and get it ordered as soon as possible. This will ensure that it arrives in plenty of time.

Buying gifts for coworkers does not have to be stressful, confusing or a hassle at all.  If you follow the tips mentioned above and look for gifts that are in line with the office gift ideas we suggested, it will be easy to find things that you will be happy giving and the coworkers will be happy receiving.  Gift exchanges and other occasions to give presents should be a fun time.  Following what we have taught here will ensure it remains enjoyable for everyone.

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