First Anniversary Gift Ideas for the Special First Year

First Anniversary Gift Ideas for the Special First Year

First anniversaries are exiting occasions for the newly married couple. It is a celebration of their first year as a married couple and a definite reason to celebrate and reflect over the last year.   Traditionally, first year anniversaries are celebrated with paper gifts of all kinds but nowadays you are not limited to choosing gifts that are made of paper, you can choose any type of gift that you think the couple would enjoy and appreciate.

There are several things you want to keep in mind as you shop for a First anniversary gift for the new couple.  We’ve gathered 10 First anniversary gift suggestions and listed them below.   If none of these gifts appeal to you, you can take the suggestions we’ve given and use them as a means of igniting your creativity so you can choose the perfect gift for the couple that they will appreciate.

Remember not to stress or make the gift buying occasion stressful. Gift purchasing is not supposed to be something that you dread, so just relax and take into consideration what you know about the couple. If you take the time to think about what they would like, you will be certain to find something terrific.

If you are part of the couple celebrating their first anniversary, keep in mind what your spouse would like and choose things that they will enjoy and use.  The main thing is to have fun and use your imagination.

Best First Anniversary Gift Ideas

Customers love this romance based gift that gives the gift of time. 

These romantic vouchers are a unique and romantic gift that you can give your spouse on your first anniversary.  This is not a gift that you would choose if you’re buying for a couple, but if you are part of the couple celebrating, this is something that they will really enjoy.

These vouchers are beautifully designed and tied together with a satin ribbon. They are packed inside a clear wallet that has an English rose sticker on the front, giving them an elegant and special feel.

Ideas that you can choose are Breakfast in Bed, Romantic picnics. Activities of their choice that you will participate in without complaint, a day of pampering, date night in and there are two that you can make up on your own.

This is the perfect gift to add to something else that you’ve purchased that could correlate with one or more of the vouchers.  For example, a day of pampering voucher can have bath salts, lotions, a beautiful plush robe and other beauty products. Let your imagination go and have fun with these vouchers. He or she will appreciate the romance and willingness to give of yourself on this important day.

Customers love this lifelong lasting rose that will never have to be watered and that will never wilt or die.

In keeping with the traditional anniversary gift of paper for the first anniversary, these paper roses that are planted inside a terra cotta pot are going to last forever. (Don’t water them)

This is a great choice to add to another gift such as a dinner out or a gift of jewelry.  She will appreciate the fact that the roses will last indefinitely and will never die.  You can chose from 1-20 years or bigger milestones, with a special rose for design for that milestone.

There are tiny pebbles in the pot that add to the realistic look of the roses. These paper roses will look fantastic on your desk at work, or on a dresser or side table at home.  The entire thing including flowers is about 8” talk.  Pot and flower size will vary according to what year you are celebrating.

A simpler and elegant keepsake that the recipient or recipients will cherish for years to come. High quality and not cheap looking at all.

This sweet sentiment, etched in clear Lucite is great for a paper weight for his or her desk.  The beveled edges and square design is elegant and simple.  A great gift to gift to him or her to go along with another gift or activity.

The paper weight measures 4” square and is 1” thick. This item is made in the USA. It stands on its own and does not need a base to stand up.

This item comes in a glossy gift box along with a fabric bag and is all ready to present to your spouse or the special couple.

Customers love the elegant look and quality design of this keepsake item.

This delicate keepsake is a great gift to the special person in your life.  Measuring 3 ½” tall it looks great on a desk or mantle.  The two delicate hearts have crystals dangling inside each heart.  There is a “Happy Anniversary” banner below the hearts.

It is crafted with 24k gold and uses quality Matashi crystals. It comes in a velvet bag that is inside a luxury gift box. There is an included gift tag for you to write on and present with the gift.

There is an official Matashi serialized warranty card to show the authenticity of the item. It is an excellent gift for the special couple in your life or if you are part of that special couple, it is perfect to give to your spouse.

Customers love the fine detail and sweet way of celebrating the first year of marriage. A great beginning to a new collection.

Precious Moments figurines have been popular collector’s items and keepsakes for decades. This beautiful first anniversary figurine is a beautiful way to commemorate the first year of marriage.

The figurine has the newlywed couple facing each other and holding hands and there is a heart with the number 1 on it to remind the happy couple that they have been together as a married couple for 1 special year so far.

It is the perfect gift to give to your spouse or to a special couple. This figurine is made of high quality fine bisque and has been hand painted for exquisite detail. This figurine measures 5” in height.

Customers love the elegant styling and construction of this gorgeous music box. 

This gorgeous and unique Italian inspired music box that has a beautiful burlwood finish. The box measures 8 ½” x 6 ½” x 3”.  When opened, it plays Unchained Melody.

The box has room inside for small items of importance such as jewelry or other things.  The movement of the music box is encased in glass for protection and luxury.

The photo opening can have a special wedding photo added to it for even more personalization.

Customers love the positivity and love this shares with that special someone.

This unique, romantic gift has 31 love inspired messages that can be opened each day of the month or once a week. You decide how often the messages are accessed.  It is a wonderful way to brighten up your special person’s day.

The messages are inside an attractive keepsake jar.  The messages are on decorative cardstock envelopes and can be displayed at home or in the office.

Some examples of the messages included in this jar are: “To the World you might be one person, but to one person you are the world” and “I love you just the way you are”

Included in this gift is the jar, 31 messages, ribbon and a kind notes charm.  It is a wonderful way to share your love and positivity with the person you love.

Customers love the authentic copper design of these special mugs.

This gorgeous set of copper Moscow mugs makes the perfect gift for a happy couple. The solid copper mugs have no lining. You can taste the authentic  copper reaction that makes these mugs so popular and famous.

Drinks will stay cold a lot longer in these mugs with a reduction in the amount of ice that melts.  These leak free mugs make beautiful displays as well as functional mugs.

The leak free design and construction show the quality of this unique gift.  The mugs come in a satin lined presentation display box.

These copper mugs are perfect for anniversary gifts for the special couple.  They contain no aluminum, nickel or stainless steel. There is a 100% warranty for any manufacturer’s defects. These mugs are perfect for iced coffee, iced tea or any cocktail as well. Mugs are not for the microwave or dishwasher. This set comes with a maintenance guide so the mugs stay beautiful and shiny for a long time.

Customers love the elegance and romance of this special first anniversary photo frame with sentimental poem.

A great way to celebrate a first anniversary is with this attractive picture frame that has a beautiful first anniversary poem below a space for a 4” x 6” photo of the happy couple.  The poem is surrounded bouquets of flowers that have blue and purple on them.

The frame is black and elegant in design with a glass front and easel back so it can be set on a desk or table or it can be hung up on the wall as well.

The entire frame is 8 x 10 in size.  The off-white mat with black center shows off whatever photo you choose and the romantic poem as well.

Customers love this sweet way to honor the traditional gift choices that go along with each anniversary.

Another perfect first anniversary paper gift is this sweet plush teddy bear that is holding a paper rose and wearing a T shirt that says Happy Paper anniversary.

It is the perfect gift for those who want to stick to traditional anniversary choices.

The teddy bear measures 11” high and has super soft, mink like fur.  It is a perfect addition to a piece of stunning jewelry or some other gift if you don’t only want to give the sweet teddy bear.

Choosing the Right First Anniversary Gift

The collection of potential First Anniversary gifts able are all romantic and designed to be a symbol of this first special year together.  There are several things that you should keep in mind when choosing a First Anniversary gift for your spouse or for a special couple that is celebrating this milestone.

We have listed several tips to remember as you go about shopping for that perfect gift.  Many of these gifts make great lead-ins to a larger gift or as part of a combination gift and they do great as standalone gifts as well.

 Dos and Don’ts to Remember


  • Take into consideration who you are buying for. If you’re purchasing a gift for your spouse, any one of the above suggestions or something like it is the perfect way to show them how much you have loved being married to them for the last year. If it is for a special couple, they will certainly know that you celebrate their marriage as well and that is a very special feeling.
  • Decide if you want to adhere to the traditional gift selection suggestions that have been around for decades. It is a fun way to go along with the different suggestions for each year. It can be the start of a new tradition that the two of you follow together.
  • Think about the likes and dislikes of the special couple. If you are purchasing for a couple, knowing what they like to do and what they enjoy are important things to know.  You will be able to find the perfect gift for the happy couple.  Taking the time to consider the individual couple rather than just grabbing anything ensures that the gift you choose will be cherished even more.


  • Worry or stress over the perfect first anniversary gift. Buying for an anniversary, especially the first one should be a reason to have fun and use your imagination, not stress. If you’ve given yourself plenty of time to research and think about potential ideas, you will choose something great with plenty of time to spare.
  • Forget to purchase something that works for both sides of the couple. This is easily done if you choose a gift that is for both of them to enjoy such as a photo album where they can “document” the first year of their activities or something else more functional.
  • Grab generic gifts. It’s easy to find the perfect gift for a specific couple or for your spouse if you simply think about them and not worry about outdoing another gift giver or worry about hurrying up and getting the shopping done.

The first anniversary is a great occasion to celebrate. It is the first of many anniversary celebrations and should be regarded with excitement and special attention.  The suggestions above are just the beginning.  Use your imagination to come up with some truly special and unique gifts that the special couple, or your spouse if you are the one purchasing for your own first anniversary, will really love.

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