Fabulous Gift Ideas for Best Friend

Fabulous Gift Ideas for Best Friend

Purchasing a gift for your best friend should be an enjoyable event.  There are a few different occasions where you might buy a gift for them: Christmas, their birthday and maybe to celebrate the birth of a baby.  There are some things that you will want to keep in mind when you start shopping that will help you choose a gift that your best friend will love.

We have listed 10 great gift ideas for best friends that you can take a look at below. These suggestions may be the perfect items for you to choose a gift from.  If none of them strike a chord with you as being a good fit for your best friend, use the ideas to inspire your own suggestions.  The main thing to remember is not to grab the first thing you see.  Taking the time to choose something that your best friend will really love will show them that you care about them.

Best Gift Ideas for Best Friend

Customers love the never-fade lettering on the sides of this sturdy glass mug.

If your best friend is a coffee drinker he or she will appreciate this clear glass mug that has “Best Friend Ever” on the side.

This large, 13 ounce mug is made in the USA and is dishwasher safe and microwave safe too.  The sentiment is printed clearly on both sides of the mug and is guaranteed to never fade or wear off.

It is the perfect gift for your bestie that they will not only appreciate but enjoy using for their regular coffee.

Every time they use it they will be reminded of your great friendship.  It is perfect for a Christmas or birthday present.

Customers love the soothing properties and healing abilities of these bath bombs.

Give her a gift that helps her relax at the end of a stressful day.  This set of 6 bath bombs has 6 different types of scents to provide 6 different experiences:

  • Lavender – Revitalize
  • Vanilla – Warm Vanilla
  • Rose – Rose
  • Sugar – Cotton Candy
  • Geranium/Sandalwood – Mellow Amber
  • Strawberry – Strawberry

The ingredients contained in these fizzy bath bombs are all natural and promote healing. There is shea butter, vitamin A and other soothing ingredients that will help minimize wrinkles and get rid of itchy, dry skin and blemishes too. Using these fizzy bombs will turn her baths into spa experiences.

They are super easy to use; just place the bath bomb into a warm tub when the tub is 1/3 of the way full. It will release little bubbles as it dissolves.  If your best friend is not happy with these bath bombs for any reason, they will replace them or refund the money.

Elegance is something only be achieved with perfect jewelry.

Get your best friend this pretty sterling silver circle pendant to show her how much your friendship means to you.  There is an inscription on the back that says a journey is best measured by friends not miles.

This is a perfect gift for a friend that lives a distance away or that is moving away.

The box chain is secured by a spring ring clasp. It is a simple design but elegant and beautiful as well.  She can wear this with anything regardless of the occasion.  She will be touched by your thoughtful gift.

Customers love this heavy duty chef grilling apron.

If you’re best friend loves to grill, he or she will love this fun and functional BBQ chef apron with amusing saying on the front.  It is made from high quality fabric that is 65% polyester and 35% cotton.  There are two waist ties to keep it securely in place while he or she is grilling.

The stay clean bib style design will keep their clothing from getting splattered or stained with juices or condiments while grilling. It has a heavy duty feel to it that will last a long time with proper care.

This classic looking apron works great for your male or female best friend.  The apron is black with red flames and white lettering along with a spatula and fork.

Customers love the unique quality of these functional whiskey stones.

If your best friend enjoys a good cocktail now and then, he will love these whiskey stones.  These rock and stainless steel “stones” are made of grey basalt and shiny attractive stainless steel.

There are 6 stones in the set and come with a set of mini tongs that have silicone tips for easy gripping that doesn’t slip.  There is also a velvet pouch with a drawstring when the stones are not in use.

This is a terrific idea for the friend that loves making cocktails or that has their own home bar in their house.  It is the perfect cocktail accessory that they may not think to purchase themselves.

They will love how these work.   They are easy to clean and use.  Just put them in the freezer until ready and then pop them into the glass.  They will keep their drink cold without watering it down.  Works great for sodas and other types of cold beverages as well.

Customers love the durable and well made glass and the funny sayings on these beer glasses.

Your best friend will love these great 16 ounce beer glasses that have different funny sayings on each one.

The sayings are printed on each glass in green, orange, purple and blue.  It is recommended that these glasses are hand washed even though they are dishwasher safe.

There are four glasses in this set and they can be stored in the freezer and are restaurant quality glass. They measure 5 ¾” tall.

Quotes that are on the glasses are from notables: W.C. Fields, Henry Youngman, Ben Franklin and Dean Martin.  He will love these glasses.  They can be for a female best friend as well.

Customers love the elegant look and feel of this jeweled keepsake music box.

Your best girlfriend will love this beautiful jeweled music box that plays That’s What Friends are For.  The insert that is currently in the lid of the music box can be replaced with her favorite 2 ½” x 4 ¾”.

The insert has an inscription that says You’re an amazing friend who knows how to make my heart smile.

The box is made of wood and glass and has a velvet interior.  It measures 6” x 3 ¾”. It has a Sankyo musical mechanism that is very high quality as well.

This box is the perfect keepsake box for her special jewelry or other things as well.

Customers love the unique and beautiful look this gives their home bar liquor bottles.

If your best friend has a home bar where they have liquor bottles, they will flip over these premium bottle lights.  There are 8 bottle lights in this set that are 12,000 lumens and are 50% brighter than the competition.

It takes 20 minutes to get a full charge using a USB cable and fits most wine and spirits bottles.

The beautiful, striking look this gives their liquor bottles will not be anything they soon forget.

They will love how this makes their bar look. There is a 100% lifetime guarantee on these bottle lights, so if they are not satisfied, they will give your money back.

Customers love the elegant and stylish look of this durable pewter flask.

This gorgeous pewter flask is the perfect gift for your male best friend.  The English flask holds 6 ounces of liquid and is perfect to tuck into your coat pocket.

The smooth hammered bottom gives this flask a sophisticated.  It features a screw down lid to prevent any leaks or spills.

This wonderful flask is made in England and has a shiny, flashy finish that will get a lot of compliments when others see it.  He will be pleased and surprised when he opens this terrific flask.

It also comes with a pewter flask funnel so filling the flask is super easy.  This is the perfect Christmas or birthday gift for him that he will enjoy carrying with him, even if it’s only filled with water or a non alcoholic drink.

Customers love this gorgeous and beneficial electric diffuser.

This unique and beautiful electric diffuser is candle flame free so there is no danger of burning, heating or damage to the essential oils that are so beneficial. There is built in overheating protection for this unit.

All you need to do to add some essential oil drops to the diffuser and that’s it.  There is a low water auto shut off that prevents the diffuser from getting damaged.

This elegant ceramic design looks like a flower vase and emits a white LED light that soothes and calms.  There are two working modes with this diffuser; 3 hours with intermittent mist or 6 hours in the continuous mode.

This will purify the air and get rid of allergens and germs, thereby reducing allergy symptoms and suffering. It also improves sleep quality.  The super quiet whisper mode prevents any disturbance from motor sounds.

Choosing the Right Best Friend Gift

Choosing a gift for your best friend is an important task that doesn’t have to feel like work or be stressful at all.  One of the best ways to ensure this is to think about the things your best friend likes to do and their likes and interests.  By looking at these things, you will choose a gift that is guaranteed to please them.

We have listed some tips for you to keep in mind as you go about finding the perfect gift for your best friend. These tips will help you sort through all of the possibilities and come up with something that they will love and use often.

Dos and Don’ts to Remember


  • Look for gifts that will be enjoyable and useful to them. Not useful in the chore way but something they like using often like the beer glasses or the bath bombs.  Purchasing something that they will like to use makes the gift even more special to them.
  • Try to choose gifts that reflect their personality not yours. When you choose a gift for your best friend make sure that you are choosing something that goes along with their activities, interests, hobbies, and likes.  Aside from guaranteeing that they will like it, it makes the gift much more enjoyable for them and won’t end up in their regift pile.
  • Set a budget and stick to it. Budgets are beneficial because they prevent over spending.  Even though it is easy to get carried away when purchasing a gift, once you buy something outside of your budget, there is usually some regret on the part of the purchaser because they ended up spending more than they wanted to.  The gift suggestions we have listed cover all budgets from the really low to the mid to high range.  Set your budget according to what you are able to spend.


  • Choose gifts that will end up being put in the closet. These gifts are usually ones that have no apparent use and are not something that they use or like. If you’re working from the list of things they like and do as hobbies, this won’t be a problem. Just make sure to give yourself the time to choose something in a relaxed manner so you are not scrambling to choose something last minute.
  • Purchase something too extravagant. Buying for your best friend, even though it is extremely important is not the same as purchasing for a spouse or partner. Purchasing a gift that is super expensive can make them feel weird or obligatory and that is not the purpose of giving them a gift.  The same applies with choosing a gift that is clearly “cheap”.

There are many people and many occasions that you will be purchasing gifts throughout the year. To make the gift buying process enjoyable and stress free, just remember the tips we’ve given you and you will be able to enjoy the process of buying the gift as much as they will enjoy the opening process.

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