Best Electric Shaver in 2023 – Electric Shaver Reviews and Ratings

Best Electric Shaver in 2023 – Electric Shaver Reviews and Ratings
We spent over 28 hours researching and testing 15 different electric shavers and found that performance, charging time, and run time were most important. The Braun Wet/Dry Electric Shaver scored high marks in all categories and is our top pick. This electric shaver can be used with foams and gels or by itself. The Triple Action Free Float System provides excellent performance whether you want a close shave or are trimming your beard. This electric shaver is 100% waterproof so it can be used in the shower. The battery is rechargeable for added convenience.

1. Braun 3

Best Overall Electric Shaver

5/5 Product Rating
This Braun Series 3 is designed for men who like to use electric shavers in AND out of the shower. You can use this electric shaving wonder with foams and gels and it gives you a great shave whether you choose to use it with water and shave gel or by itself. The Triple Action Free Float System gives a great performance on 3 day beards as well as close shaves.

One of the fun fact about this electric shaver that will also attest to its reliability and performance is that it is the Official Electric of the NFL and is also the World’s No. 1 Foil Shaver Brand as well.

The Braun 340s is 100% waterproof so not only can you use it WITH water you can shave with it right in the shower.

The rechargeable battery in this shaver will not be hurt by repeated charges so you can unplug it, shave and then plug it back in to finish charging with no issues or weakening of the battery.
The LED indicates the level of charge the battery has and also the charging status of the shaver as well. It also has a long hair precision trimmer that works great on sideburns, mustache and beards.

Sarah Lytle

2. Philips 2100

Best Overall Electric Shaver – Runner Up

4.7/5 Product Rating
Another Norelco star is the 2100 which gives you a closer shave than you could imagine at an excellent price. The close cut heads will give you a 25% closer shave with the self sharpening blades that don’t go dull. If you have facial hair to trim, you’ll love the pop up trimmer that will give your sideburns, beard and mustache a good trim.

You can use the Norelco 2100 corded or cordless and on a full 8 hour charge you will have 35 minutes of cordless shaving which is plenty of time to get a close shave you’ll love.

You will know that the shaver is charging thanks to the LED charging indicator light and cleaning is super easy with the included cleaning brush. Cleaning your shaver regularly prevents it from becoming rusted, clogged and dirty. The better you take care of your electric shaver, the longer it will last.

You will get 45 days to try out the Norelco Shaver 2100 and a full 2 year warranty as well. If you change the shaver’s batteries every 12 months (HQ56 replacement heads) your shaver will continue to provide the tip top shaving and trimming that you expect from the Norelco name.

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3. Philips 3100

Best Budget Electric Shaver

4.4/5 Product Rating
Phillips Norelco is another long standing name in men’s Shavers. The 3100 with provide a great shave without the irritation that can be present with other electric shavers. The comfort cut heads have rounded edges that move along the skin smoothly for a super comfortable shave that is super close.

The very convenient and integrated popup trimmer will shave your side burns and mustaches easily and the lithium-ion battery that gives you 40 minutes of cordless shaving which is plenty of time to get a full shave done.

A full charge is 8 hours but if you need a quick shave, just charge it for 3 minutes and you have enough power for one cordless shave. Clean up is easy with this great electric shaver. Just rinse under the faucet and let dry.

You get a 45 day risk free trial with the Philips Norelco 3100 and a 2 year warranty. You should replace the HQ8 replacement heads about every 12 months to keep everything in excellent, tiptop shape.

Sarah Lytle

Electric Shaver Buying Guide

Electric Shaver Reviews

What is an Electric Shaver?

Electric Shaver1Many people don’t like using disposable razors due to the skin irritation that can be caused by the usually less than high quality blades. For that reason, many of these people go to electric shavers instead and are extremely happy with the switch. Electric shavers give smooth, irritation free shaves and many of the models can do trimming as well.

There are so many styles of electric shaver on the market, it may be a bit overwhelming to try and decide which one you want to purchase. This buyer’s guide will review the popular features that electric shavers have and help you decide which one meets your needs and preferences.

Men’s Electric Shavers vs. Women’s Electric Shavers

There is a difference between men’s shavers and women’s shavers besides color and aesthetic appeal. Men’s electric shavers are designed for the coarse hair that is present on men’s faces and are made to shave closely with comfort and care since the skin on the face and neck is so prone to getting nicked and cut.

Women’s shavers do not usually have that contouring ability that men’s shavers do, which is why a man shouldn’t use a woman’s electric shaver to shave his face or neck. Women’s shavers offer the same efficiency and are designed to shave around ankles, knees and underarms carefully. Since the skin is usually tougher on these areas, the same shave closeness may not be present from a woman’s shaver that there is from a man’s.

Types of Electric Shavers

When you’re deciding on an electric shaver, there are two basic types that you will be choosing between: rotary and foil.


The basic design of a rotary shaver is a set of round blades that spin and are covered with heads. The heads have openings that allow the hair to slip into where it is cut off. These heads are on top of springs which are what gives it that almost bouncy feel if you push on them. The reason for this springy feel is so the shaver glides over the contours of the face as it is moved around in a circular motion.

Rotary electric shavers do not require daily cleaning which many people prefer. They are strong enough to cut through the coarse hair of the face and neck and make cutting the hair on these sensitive areas much easier. The drawback to a rotary shaver is that it doesn’t give as close of a shave as metal or foil shavers. If they’re used too often, they can cause a bit of irritation, especially if too much force is used.

If you don’t usually shave every day a rotary shaver may be a great choice for you since you will not need to worry about over taxing your skin with daily shaving. They are perfect for those who like the 5 o’clock shadow look and who want to shave maybe once or twice a week.


A foil electric shaver has a thin layer of foil that is placed over the blades. The foil grabs the hair and holds it as it is cut by the blades. A shave with a foil shaver is typically much closer and smoother than that of rotary shaver. They also cut straight edges well and are commonly used to not only shave the face and neck but to trim beards, side burns, and mustaches and to keep them looking great.

Electric Shaver2If you have fine hair and want to shave every day, foil shavers are a great choice. You will need to clean a foil shaver every day and if you are shaving coarse or thick hair, you will end up with a jammed shaver if you do not keep up with cleaning it every day after your shave. Once you get into the habit of doing this, it will become second nature, and cleaning is not hard, but if you are not used to it, you may need to write yourself a note for the bathroom window to remind yourself until you have gotten into the routine of cleaning your foil shaver each time you finish with it.

Electric Shaver Features

Electric shavers for both men and women have different features that they offer. We’ve outlined some of the features that you want to look for when you start researching which models appeal to you.

Battery/Charging Time – Battery life is an important thing to look at when choosing an electric shaver. If you leave the shaver plugged in all the time, then having a short running time will not really be an issue since it is plugged in most of the time anyway. If you travel or need the shaver on the spur of the moment, you will want to look for an electric shaver that has a lithium battery which is the strongest battery you can get. Lithium batteries can be specially designed where they can get a charge enough for a full shave in a matter of 2-3 minutes which is great for those who are on the go all the time.

Wet/Dry Capable – Some electric shavers are waterproof and can be used right in the shower with you with no danger whatsoever. The electric shavers that can do this will state clearly that they are able to be used wet or dry so don’t do this with one unless you are sure. For the shavers that can be used either wet or dry, this is a very convenient feature and can give the user a very close shave. The shavers that are wet/dry capable can also be used with shave gel or cream but they will need to be rinsed out after every use.

Carrying Case – Many of the electric shavers on the market today have carry cases which makes them very easy to travel with. Pack everything up in the carry case and tuck it into your suitcase with no problem at all. Don’t forget to take along the charging/power cord or it could be useless when you get to your destination and the charge runs down.

Battery Indicator – Many models will have an LED indicator light that can let you know when the battery is low and needs recharging. Some even have charging indicators which let you know that the shaver is either charging or already at full charge. Most have no issues with being hooked up to the charger randomly and you do not have to wait until the battery is completely dead before you plug it into the charger. Many people leave their electric shavers on the charger all the time unless they are using it.

Cleaning Accessories – Most electric shavers will come with a cleaning brush and if they require lubricating oil, they will include a small bottle of that as well. These are handy features to have since taking care of your electric shaver means you will keep it longer. There will also be directions on how to clean your shaver as well in the owner’s manual that should be very easy to follow.

Noise Level – If you’re getting up and getting ready in the morning, you do not want to turn on an electric shaver that sounds like a mower has been turned on. Look for models that state they are quiet run and look at the comments customers are making about the noise or lack of noise as well. While it won’t be silent, it can be very unobtrusive so it can be used anytime of morning without disturbing those still sleeping.

Cleaning your Electric Shaver

Electric Shaver3Keeping your electric shaver clean is important to keep it running smoothly and cutting well. Wet/Dry electric shavers can be rinsed off with no issues since they are waterproof. For those that are not waterproof, use the included cleaning brush that came with your shaver and use it to brush the shaver according to the manufacturer’s instructions. It’s important to look at that manual and make sure you know exactly how your specific electric shaver is cleaned so you don’t damage anything.

Make sure that cleaning is a regular part of your routine. If you have a foil shaver, clean them every day and if you prefer the rotary style, cleaning them several times a week is sufficient unless you just want to clean them more often.


Looking for the right electric shaver can be an enjoyable experience when you have the knowledge and information you need to make the right decision. Make sure you are reading the reviews, reading the buyer’s guide we have provided for you here and thinking about what you need when it comes to an electric shaver.

With all the choices on the market today you have a ton to choose from but that just means even more chances to get an excellent product that you will get a lot of use from and you will look great too!

Remember to take your preferences into consideration. If you like to shave in the shower, get a wet/dry electric shaver you can take into the shower with you. If you don’t like batteries, be sure to get an electric shaver that has a docking station you can hook up right in your bathroom for your convenience. Once you use an electric razor you won’t want to go back to disposable!


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