Best Drill Press in 2023 – Drill Press Reviews and Ratings

Best Drill Press in 2023 – Drill Press Reviews and Ratings
We spent over 30 hours researching and testing 14 different brands of drill presses and found that horsepower, drilling capacity, and warranty were most important. The Jet 12” drill press scored high marks in all categories and is our top pick. This portable drill is perfect for taking on the go to tackle any jobs you encounter. The 1/3 hp motor is strong and powerful. We liked the swivel head and 5/8” drilling capacity. The X-shaped Xacta laser provides accurate and precise drilling. It is long lasting and durable and will last for years with proper care.

1. Jet

Best Overall Drill Press

5/5 Product Rating
When it comes to purchasing a drill press, it’s all about accuracy. This 12 inch press from Jet provides you with that accuracy and speed that you crave, while also being constructed with durable materials that are meant to stand the test of time. Get all the power you desire without a press that takes up too much space, because the JDP 12 features a compact construction that doesn’t take up your entire work area. Cut any hole that you need with the 1/3 horsepower motor, 110 volts, and 530-3 100 rpm. You can also enjoy features such as the 360˚ swivel head and 5/8 inch drilling capacity.

Powerful enough to tackle even the biggest jobs, this drill press is still portable enough to take anywhere. This is consistently a top rated drill press among consumers because it provides maximum depth drilling, and features an innovative X-shaped Xacta laser that provides some of the most accurate drilling that you will find with any tool on the market. Ideal for any shop or job site, you can be sure that you will be able to rely upon this drill press from Jet for years to come.

Designed to take on the go, the compact bench top design allows you to quickly and easily transport the press to different shop locations. Also, the industrial duty 5/8 inch chuck handles accommodate large drill bits, for extra large holes. You are simply going to love the digital readout which displays spindle speed for optimal drilling of each and every hole. The LED work light is also here to increase your visibility when working on a piece. Lastly, the clear linear scale with depth stop gives you accurate, consistent drilling depth. Customers consistently praise this drill press because it provides performance that is professional quality, but in a size that is still portable and convenient.

Darius Spieth

2. Rockwell

Best Overall Drill Press – Runner Up

4.8/5 Product Rating
The perfect addition to your home workshop, the Shop Series 10 inch drill press provides a powerful 6.2 amp, 2/3 HP motor and 5 speed gear box for professional quality performance that still comes at a wonderful value. Enjoy such features as the 45 degree bevel that takes you right and left, along with a 2 inch spindle that adds to the overall convenience and practicality of this drill press. Consistently a top rated press on the market, the Rockwell provides you with an easy reach and pinion table height adjustment, and keyed safety switch that prevents any accidents from occurring. Designed for repetitive, precise cutting in materials such as plastic, metal, and wood, this drill press is guaranteed to provide you with the performance and quality cutting that you crave.

The Rockwell Shop Series has some extra accessories that come with it, such as the allen wrench and chuck key, and you can also enjoy added conveniences like rack and pinion table height adjustment. All in all, this drill press is a crowd pleaser. Over and over again customers rave that it provides accuracy and precision like no other press on the market, and also comes at a reasonable price. With all the features that are built-in, and the elegant design, it’s no wonder that this is one of the most popular presses in shops and work sites around the country. It’s easy to use, and the safety features are really a nice added bonus that make this press a great investment for your work area. Experience what it’s like to enjoy quality cutting with each and every hole you make.

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Best Budget Drill Press

4.5/5 Product Rating
This 10 inch drill press with laser from SKIL is the perfect investment if you’re a weekend woodworker who is looking for an economical drill press that provides greater precision than a handheld drill. This press is a solid choice among consumers because of it’s X2 2-beam laser, which helps to ensure precise hole alignment, while the depth adjustment system lets you drill with absolute consistency every time. There are five speeds that allow you to cut holes cleanly through wood, metal, and various other materials using the 3320 drill press. The press also accepts larger diameter bits for cutting and woodworking. Enjoy the convenience of having a work surface that tilts from zero to 45 degrees, and a limited 3-year warranty that covers you for any manufacturer defects.

All in all, this press is just perfect for those who work on large-scale furniture and building projects, and want all the precision drilling they can get without the enormous price tag. With your purchase you’ll receive the SKIL 3320 10 inch drill press motor unit, a cast iron base and work table, 2 AA batteries, and a chuck key. Built into the unit is the innovative X2 2 Beam laser technology that ensures precise hole alignment each and every time, and the handy 5 speed system that cuts holes cleanly and precisely. Once you begin using this press, it’s going to become abundantly clear why it is a top rated drill press on the market, and you’re going to see a wonderful improvement in your woodwork in your personal shop.

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Drill Press Buying Guide

Drill Press Reviews

What is a Drill Press?

Drill Press1Designed originally for metalworking trades, the drill press today is one of the most versatile tools you can find in the shop, allowing you to use cutting tools, jigs, and attachments that make this device a powerhouse. When you find a high quality drill press, it will not only drill into metal, but also cut into wood and accomplish other woodworking operations like sanding and mortising. Some even say that after a table saw, a drill press is clearly the second most important piece of equipment you can have in the average home workshop.

With all these benefits and features, you can clearly see why it’s time to own a drill press for yourself. However, there are a lot to choose from out there, and you need to be armed with facts before you make your purchase. In this buyer’s guide, we’ll highlight what you want to look for when searching for the perfect drill press, so you can narrow down the competition and find that press that is just right for you.

Construction and Sizes

All conventional drill presses consist of three main parts: a base, column, table and head. The base is designed to support the machine, and usually features pre-drilled holes for fastening the drill press to the floor or to a bench. The column is usually made of steel, and is meant to hold the table and head. It is fastened securely to the base. Keep in mind that the length of the column determines if the drill press is a bench model or a floor model. You’ll find that floor models feature a height range of 66 to 75 inches, while a bench model ranges from 23 to 48 inches.


  • The Table: You’ll find on a drill press that the table is clamped to the column and can be moved to various points between the head and the base. You’ll find on the table there are slots to aid in clamping and holding fixtures for workpieces. There will be a central hole through the table, and some can be even tilted to various angles, or from right to left. There are some models whose tables can only be used in a fixed position. Some models will feature an auxiliary table made of plywood or particleboard which can be fastened to the regular drill press table, and if your press doesn’t come with this, you can easily get one custom made in the shop.
  • The Head: ‘Head’ is the term that is used to designate the entire working mechanism that is attached to the upper part of the column. The most essential component of the head is the spindle, which revolves in a vertical position and is housed at each end of a movable sleeve, which is known as the quill. Since the quill carries the spindle, it is moved downward via a simple rack-and-pinion gearing which is worked by a feed lever. Once the feed handle is released, the quill then returns to its normal up position via a spring. It’s possible to lock the quill and preset the depth to which the quill can travel, dependent upon the kind of hole you’re looking to make. You’ll find that most quills have a stroke of 2 to 3-1/4 inches in the majority of home workshop models.
  • Drill Press2

  • Key Chuck: You’ll find that a typical drill press has a 1/2 inch capacity geared chuck with a key. This is here to provide you with the best grip onto your work. This is an accessory, and not all models have it, but it’s good to look out for. The majority of drill press accessories will fit directly into the geared chuck.
  • The Motor: A stepped-cone pulley or pulley connected by the V-belt will drive the spindle. You’ll find that the motor is bolted to a plate on the head casting in the rear of the column. In terms of average range of speed, you’re looking at 250 to about 3,000 revolutions per minute, or RPMs. The motor shaft of your drill press stands vertically, so a sealed ball-bearing motor is used as a power unit. For your everyday needs, the average 1/4 or 3/4 horsepower motor will get the job done.


You can determine the capacity or size of your drill press by the distance from the center of the chuck to the front of the column. This distance is usually expressed in terms of diameter. Take for example: a 16-1/2 inch drill press will drill you a hole through the center of a round workpiece that is also 16-1/2 inches in diameter. So this means that the distance from the center of the chuck to the very front of the column is exactly half of this, or 8-1/4 inches. Usually drill presses that are designed for home use fall within a range of 8 to 17 inches.

10 Features to Look Out For

You’re going to discover that a drill press is one of the most versatile tools that you can own, and when looking for the right press for you it’s important to find a model that has the qualities and operating features that allow you to get the most out of your power tool. Here are some of the most important features that you can find when seeking to add a drill press to your home workshop.

  1. Solid Construction: Be sure that the drill press that you seek is solidly constructed so that you can enjoy a long life and prolonged precision. Solid construction is one of the most important qualities you can have in a drill press.
  2. Ribbing: Be sure that the table and base of your drill press are ribbed for the ultimate in strength and rigidity. You also want to look for a base that is slotted, with slats and ledges on the sides for easily clamping your work. This will ensure the ultimate in safety and convenience.
  3. Flat Table: You want to find a table that is ground flat for the most accuracy in your work. Also look for a base with a flat surface to hold larger workpieces in place. You want to be easily able to adjust your table up and down, left and right, which allows you to adapt to different drilling situations.
  4. Cast Iron Head: When you find a drill press with a cast iron head you’ll enjoy excellent support and protection for all parts of the drill press. This particularly applies to the motor, quill and pinion shaft.
  5. Key Chuck: You absolutely want to find a drill press that has a chuck that can either be tightened by a wrench or key instead of by hand. This chuck should have a 1/2 inch capacity to accommodate various sized bits and accessories. There are some drills that have a taper-mounted chuck, and this practically eliminates run-out so you can be guaranteed accurate drilling. There are some chucks that will also have a self-ejecting key to ensure the key will not be left in the chuck by accident.
  6. Depth-Adjustment Gauge: This will allow you to drill many holes at the same depth as your original hole. If you want to eliminate the guesswork, then this is a good feature to have, allowing you precise, accurate drilling.
  7. Adjustable Motor Bracket Support: Your motor bracket support should definitely be adjustable, and it should also be sturdily constructed to best support the motor, and at the same time easily movable for proper belt tension.
  8. Various Speeds: Look for a press that has various speeds to choose from for drilling metal, wood, plastic, glass, and ceramics. You can even find a triple pulley arrangement to easily select 12 different speeds ranging from 250 rpm to 3,000 rpm.
  9. Replacement and Services: It’s always important to find a drill press that will provide you with proper replacement parts and services should you need it.
  10. Accessories: Look for a manufacturer that offers a full selection of accessories that work in conjunction with your drill press. This will mean that you won’t have to use makeshift arrangements to get the most out of your tool. The manufacturer should include a complete list of the possible accessories that you can have.


When you purchase proper accessories for your drill press, it allows you to do more jobs, and make these jobs easier and faster. Below are listed some of the most common accessories available for drill presses.

  • Sanding Drums and Abrasive Sleeves: It’s possible to sand on curved surfaces with a drill press when you have a sanding drum. You’ll find various sizes of sanding drums on the market, as well as aluminum oxide-coated sleeves for metal and garnet-coated sanding sleeves that are designed for wood. All of these can be found in different grits and sizes to accommodate various drums.
  • Disk Sanding: It’s also possible to achieve disk sanding with your drill press. This is designed mostly for portable drill work, and the typical 1/4 inch shank-arbor adapter will fit a standard drill press geared chuck, while the 5 inch rubber backing pad can easily be attached to the adapter with the use of a screw and washer. There are various grades of sanding paper that you can install on the pad. It should be noted that you should not use a backing pad that is larger than 5 inches on any standard drill press.
  • Buffing Wheels and Polishing Bonnets: Look for buffing wheels and polishing bonnets that are 5 inches or less. Some other accessories that can also be used include rotary rasps, rotary files, and a chuck with a flexible shaft. You’ll find that the rotary rasps are beneficial for fast wood removal, shaping, and slotting. It’s also possible to use rotary files for filing metals, removing burrs and scale, elongating slots and holes, light milling, and various other metal finishing operations. A flexible shaft will allow you to use the drill press as a power source to sand, drill, and shape anywhere within reach of the shaft. Flexible shafts are usually about 40 inches in length.
  • Vises and Hold Downs: When you’re wanting to drill small workpieces with your drill press, you can either hold the piece in the press vise or clamp the work to the table. This is the more secure option. C-clamps are wonderful for holding-down small, flat pieces, and often for securing long and unwieldy pieces to the table.
  • Lamp Attachment: You’ll find that a lamp attachment is convenient for providing sufficient light on your work at all times. This enhances safety and ease of use.


Drill Press3It’s important to have a brief discussion about the drill press table, as this is important for the overall performance of your drill press. Most home shop presses made today will have a tilting work table. These tables can often be tilted by loosening a nut located under the table. There will also be a pin fitting through corresponding holes to provide a good stop at horizontal and vertical angles.

If you’re looking for a floor drill press, you’ll find that it allows you to adjust to the height of your workpiece. In this case, you want a table that can quickly be setup for your drilling work. When you want to speed table setup, you definitely want to find a rack and pinion table assembly. Simply unlock the table bracket lock and turn the handle until you get the table into the proper position, and then tighten the table bracket lock.

Lastly, an important table characteristic is being able to swing left or right, and around, for the proper drilling alignment. Sometimes you’ll have to completely swing the table out of the way and you should be able to do this with ease by loosening the table bracket lock and rotating the table.


Most people don’t realize that a drill press is one of the most versatile tools that you can have in your home shop. It performs a number of functions, and with the right accessories, you’re going to be amazed at how much you can accomplish by owning one of these amazing power tools. When you’re ready to take your home woodworking to a whole new level, then it is time for you to purchase a drill press. It can be slightly overwhelming when you’re on the market for a drill press, as there are so many out there to choose from. The above buyer’s guide is intended to give you a head start on the road to finding the right press for you. Once you’re armed with knowledge, you’ll be much better equipped to find a press that is just perfect.

Consider what size of press you want, how much you want to spend, and what you will be using your press for. Answering these questions will guide you on the path. It’s always suggested that after you purchase a drill press you fully read all the instructions so you know how to properly use and maintain the tool. Whether you choose one of the top rated drill presses above, or if you find another one that better suits your needs, you’re going to see that work in your home shop is easier and more efficient than ever.


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